Democrat Tax Plan Devised by Robin Hood

Taxes, taxes, taxes: nothing but taxes.

More than once in World history nations have struggled with the diversity of income classes. There have always been within every society different levels of “class.” That applies to income, social standing, leadership/political standing, and religious standing. And all seem to be intermingled. That has not changed into today’s United States of America.

Much of the reason for there even being a U.S. is based on this: Western Europeans fled a culture of overwhelming class warfare that brutally maintained a socioeconomic rift between the rich and commoners. That culture bled through each of the classes listed above and dominated every aspect of human life. Human life itself became intolerable for many. They headed west.

American forefathers carefully in the 1780’s and 90’s crafted a gameplan to break these class barriers as best as possible, knowing that human nature will always create social classes on some levels. The founding documents of the U.S. and supporting data show their fundamental purpose was to create and maintain a united country built on one fundamental foundation: “Freedom and Justice for all.” The Declaration of Independence started that ball rolling. And the Constitution was the resulting “Bible of Freedom.”


Taxes (along with religion) are historically the most contentious elements in most societies: who is responsible for paying portions of their income to the government, how much do they pay, who decides who pays what….? In America it quickly became obvious that in the Free Market system, entrepreneurs would have greater economic opportunity than working class Americans. Of course entrepreneurs have never been guaranteed success and often fail in their ventures. But often in their successes they achieve greater wealth than working class Americans. With that comes “Class Warfare.”

Those who politically consider themselves the chief benefactors of what is and what is NOT good for Americans — Liberals, Socialists, Democrats or Progressives — are driven by one law: economic and social equality for every American, but as those Liberals, Socialists, Democrats or Progressives define. Their definition of success? Anyone who has more money, a better education, a better job, or is esteemed for any reason by others in their class is successful. And anyone who is NOT successful by their measure must be so because of the unfairness and ruthlessness of those who have a greater margin of success. The wealthy in America are demonized, often compared to the brutal landowners and Robber-barons who controlled life in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. They give little regard to true entrepreneurship that in most cases has created almost all the wealth in America and also the representative republic political system that has made the U.S. the greatest democracy in World history. Almost universally they feel ANY wealth is created on the backs of the working class in America. That encompasses anything and everything they believe and fight against or fight for. Then here comes “Tax Reform.” Look out Wealthy America!

The top 10% of the American wealthy pay 75% of the taxes paid in America. No doubt the last decade or so has seen minimal economic growth in the nation: stagnant income for the Middle Class, rising costs of living, the decline of productivity, jobs leaving for overseas. But no doubt the wealthy in the U.S. have seen their wealth rise. Along with that income increase has come tax increases. i.e. 39% tax rate paid on $2 million means more taxes paid than on 39% of $1.5 million. Although most Americans have seen their economic lives stagnate or at best slightly improve, tax revenues for the federal government have soared. But those who are self-appointed arbiters of all that is right and just cry for more taxes FROM the wealthy and more FOR the government. But in all this “tax noise,” remember this: those crying the loudest about the rich not paying their fair share do not want any additional taxes paid by the rich to go to any other class of Americans. They want that money paid to the government so bureaucrats can spend that money as they see fit. Those tax dollars and ALL tax dollars belong to American citizens — NOT the federal government. Yet the government does not look at tax dollars that way.

Tax Reform

Campaign promises being what they are, every election cycle Americans are inundated with promises of lower taxes and greater and continuing social funding BY the government. The 2016 campaign brought us constant and loud promises by many national candidates to overhaul the tax structure to give Middle Class Americans lower taxes. In the midst of all these promises stands one negative that Conservatives have always championed: any tax cuts must NOT increase the budget deficit. The irony of these cries is they emanate from the very ones are the ONLY ones who can authorize the spending of tax dollars: members of Congress.

Enter the G.O.P. Tax Plan. And let the Leftist cries begin, long before details of the plan were even released for anyone outside of G.O.P. House members prepared even a draft. And the Left parroted their constant cries anytime Republicans discuss taking any money in the form of tax cuts away from government spending. Their cry? “That will increase the deficit and raise taxes on the Middle Class,” both of which Democrats did with reckless abandon over the last 8 years. The deficit actually doubled.

Just imagine if Americans operated their households like Congress operates government spending. Forget about how much is in our paychecks. Simply spend all that every two weeks and then use our credit card to spend 25-30% MORE than was in the paycheck. And when the credit card bill comes due just pay the minimum payment from ANOTHER credit card. That is exactly what Congress does — year after year, Congress after Congress. Simply forget about a federal balanced budget. Congress has literally piled trillions of dollars on the heads of our children and grandchildren that we cannot pay off now and the next generation or two will probably not be able to pay either.

So How Should Realistic Tax Reform Be?

Just as in a company financial structure, there are two ways to increase (or create a positive) bottom line: cut expenses and/or increase revenue. Congress has never realistically cut expenses and will not do so as long as Americans allow them to raise the debt limit, which allows them to borrow another credit card to giveaway some more American tax dollars. It must stop. This cycle of “tax, spend, and borrow” is unsustainable.

Real tax reform must address the U.S. bottom line. The Leftists look at only one way to impact the American bottom line: tax increases to raise more money. The problem is that they NEVER take any of the added federal tax revenue to pay on national debt. They are simply spenders.

So how can we cut taxes without making it worse? Cutting taxes means reducing federal money which means they need to cut spending…period. And they should start with significant cuts to the glut of dollars to simply run the government. It is too large, to fat, and too expensive. Cut federal spending and give that money back to Americans who paid it!

Cutting taxes on Middle Class Americans means the people who employ more workers in America than are employed by large companies means those people will have money to hire more people, (which means more workers to produce more income) grow companies, and let THAT increase new revenues. Example? Since the Trump inauguration, $5 Trillion in “new” money has been created through stock values skyrocketing. That “new” revenue.

Robin Hood Attacks

Here’s the rub: who creates most of the wealth through starting companies, producing and selling goods and services, hires people, and makes money? Working class Americans who own companies that pay taxes, hire people that pay taxes and spend money on growth, new employees, create new and more goods and services that they sale that generates more tax revenues.

Here’s where the Left miss it all: Give tax breaks to those who first pay almost all of the taxes in the first place. Don’t be deceived thinking that they will just pocket the profits — entrepreneurs don’t do that. The invest it to generate more profits which generates more tax revenue.

Robin Hood IS the federal government. Robin wants to steal from the rich to give to the poor. The fallacy of that thought: the rich are the ones who create new wealth that creates more profits and more revenue.


House and Senate members: don’t ratchet down the tax relief for ANY Americans, including the wealthy. First, they pay far more of the taxes in the first place. Secondly, with tax cut revenues they always generate more revenue. Refusing to give them tax reductions will definitely result in lower tax revenues because they will find ways to keep their funds out of play for the government — like keep trillions of dollars offshore.

My final thought: there are many in the Middle Class that actually play little or NO taxes at all. Why do those need a tax break? How do you possibly lower their taxes? It ISN’T possible!

Trump’s positive economic outlook, regulations on business slashing, and proposed tax plan have already made a $5 Trillion difference for Americans. Why not give it a greater boost by cutting taxes on everyone?




Gun Control

The Texas church massacre has stirred the cries for gun control again — is it just noise?

Gun Laws

The very first cry heard after each mass shooting is “We need more and tougher gun laws to stop these senseless killings.” No doubt we need to stop the senseless killings. But whatever we do needs to stop the killings, not just pacify Americans that something is being done. If those things put in place do not achieve the objective, we do not need to do them. And we have — over and over again with little if any results.

Form 4473 must be completed and submitted to the ATF when purchasing a gun.  Those applications are processed by the ATF which includes a national search for information about applicants that might disqualify them from gun ownership. It sounds like a good idea and probably is. But as is the case by many programs implemented and managed by government, it has produced woeful results in many cases, and often no results at all.

The Texas church shooter — Devin Patrick Kelley — certainly was NOT an individual qualified to purchase a gun. He had a horrible past that included domestic and child abuse, threats to authorities while serving in the military, a stint in a mental institution from which he escaped, and a dishonorable discharge from the military. You would think all of that would have prevented his legal purchase of a gun. It did not. Why? It was not in the ATF database when his form 4473 was submitted.

The ATF gun purchase online qualification program is a total failure. That system is no different than any other IT system on Earth: the information you can retrieve from it can only be the information that is put into the system. The system is far from accurate and void of complete criminal information of millions of those who are felons. In fact, last year 38 states failed to report to the ATF 80% of their felony convictions. That comprises approximately 8 million criminal records today not in the system allowing those felons to legally purchase a firearm if they so choose.

Politicians rant and rave to the press, on the floors of the House and Senate, and in townhall meetings that real gun control is absolutely necessary. We need to outlaw assault weapons, high capacity gun clips, bump stocks, and restrict the amount of ammunition a person can own. That sounds good, doesn’t it? If you take away the ability to have the necessary hardware to perpetrate a mass killing, a killer is halfway there.

A California Democrat lawmaker — Ted Lieu — walked out of Congress as House members on Monday began a moment of silence for the Texas massacre victims. His reason? “My colleagues right now are doing a moment of silence,” he said. “I respect their right to do that and I myself have participated in many of them. But I can’t do this again. I’ve been to too many moments of silences. Just in my short career in Congress, three of the worst mass shootings in US history have occurred. I will not be silent. What we need is action. We need to pass gun safety legislation now.” Again that makes a good point — a political point. And political points have done nothing to stop mass shootings.

The city of Chicago has long been called the U.S. city with the strictest gun laws. That actually is not true. Personal gun ownership IS a Constitutional right Chicago citizens have that same right as every other American. Conceal carry currently is a state and local regulatory issue. But ANY gun laws in place nationally, on a state level, and the Chicago city level are NOT working. The city saw a surge in gun violence in 2016: 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents, and 4,331 shooting victims, according to a statement released by the City several days ago. There were 480 murders in 2015, the most in the city since 1997. In 2016 there were 721 murders, and 559 so far in 2017. Why has Chicago become the poster child for the failure of gun control? It is simply another example of how politicians who cry for more government control simply want government control but refuse to accept the responsibility of using that control to stop senseless killings and to thereby protect its citizens. Rahm Emmanuel — Chicago mayor — has taken Chicago law enforcement so far away from attacking gun violence that local law enforcement officers do not know what to do. If they enact and use traditional law enforcement tactics that have been effective in the past — like “stop and search” — they violate the Mayor’s mandate to stand down. Additionally in cases of violence and life threatening altercations, police are hesitant to follow long standing police violence incident protocols for fear of legal repercussions for those actions. To add to Chicago’s issue is that 47% of African-American males who live in Chicago are unemployed and not working. Black-on-black murder in astronomical. It accounted for 83% of total 2016 murders.

Is There a Solution?

It would be asinine to say any one thing would stop mass shootings in America or anywhere else, for that matter. There is one thing for certain that will NOT stop them: more government regulations or more gun laws. There are today more than 20,000 federal, state, and local gun laws in the U.S. What would one or two more added do? Nothing but maybe soothe the consciences of those legislators who need to make voters feel they are really doing something to help. But there are several things that in combination could quickly make a difference and begin a process of REAL gun control:

  1. Enforce the LawThat’s a novel idea. And I’m not speaking about gun ownership laws. I am referring to local, state, and federal laws violated daily with impunity by offenders. Violent criminals in Chicago know what they can get away with when it comes to illegal gun use. Honest people do not as a rule take advantage of the law. They do, however, expect their law enforcement professionals to make sure ALL people keep the law and that offenders are punished accordingly. Strict law enforcement with stiff, certain, and quick penalty enforcement against those who break gun laws is definitely a deterrent. Without that, American criminals become a President Bashar al-Assad of Syria when Obama made his famous “red line” threat to al-Asaad about his use of chemical weapons. Al-Asaad continue to use them….Obama did nothing. Asaad used chemicals against Syrian citizens again and again. Criminals know what they can get away with and always test the “red line.” They take what they are given. Leftist judges and politicians have opened the door to allow criminal behavior never before seen in my lifetime. On the federal level, Obama accomplished his promise to “fundamentally change America” in part with his appointments of several hundred liberal judges. Many states followed that lead. Law enforcement in the past 8 years has been watered down. Enforcement of laws — not just arrests — are critical to curb these mass shootings and shootings in general.
  2. Either Abide by Regulations or Abolish Them. The ATF gun purchase online application system on the surface is a good one. But it is ineffective because it is not being used as it should. It is a process in name only. The U.S. Justice Department needs to immediately create stiff penalties for all those who do not closely adhere to the process of verification of the legal status of every applicant who buys a gun based on complete and accurate background information. It is pure insanity to have such a program, yet 38 states thumb their noses at it. Make it mandatory — OR ELSE!
  3. Education. Almost half of African American males in Chicago don’t attend school and don’t work. Obviously the education system there is failing Chicago residents. But Chicago is not alone. The high school dropout rate in America is skyrocketing. The social acceptance of mediocrity has initiated a precipitous drop in the educational levels among Millenials. Historically nations with intense concentration on the education of their youth have achieved remarkably superior societal results, not just in education, but in business, education, the Arts, and much less crime. College no longer is a cookie-cutter necessity for teenager, and rightfully so. The U.S. job market as it has grown is experiencing increasing demand for skilled blue collar welders. Trade schools and junior colleges are in many cases more relative to the Nation’s job needs than colleges and universities. And the rapidly increasing costs of college make these alternatives much more attractive as does the fact that higher demand for skilled laborers means much meatier compensation packages for those choosing this option. But success in education is totally dependent upon a positive perception of higher education being instilled in the minds of our youth. Unfortunately in many cases that painted picture has been anything but positive. While education by itself is no sure cure for mass gun shootings, it is definitely a critical building block for doing so.
  4. “Real” Home Environment. This is to say nothing derogatory or racial, but U.S. economics because of welfare and social benefits dependency has created a social environment that penalizes low income two-parent families while benefiting single parent homes. In most cases that single parent is a single Mom –Dad is either not around much or not around at all. The lack of two parent nurturing, caring, and teaching literally leaves children to fend for themselves regarding growth, learning, and coping with life as it unfolds for them. Lessons of life and how to live do NOT just happen. They must be taught. And children who daily receive life input from two different parents each with a different perspective actually instills in children values and morals that otherwise are learned on the street. And “street values” are not what our children should learn. We MUST revise this system to encourage two-parent homes. Sociologists, psychologists and psychiatrists universally concur that children who are products of two-parent homes have far fewer problems coping in society with its rules, regulations, and requirements than those from single-parent homes.


We MUST stop mass shootings. It will not be easy. In fact we must find ways to curtail its growth in number immediately. Such shootings have become far too common in the past few years and their numbers are growing. We MUST assure our children and grandchildren that they will be able to live in a peaceful environment free from the fear of violence. Without that assurance they will love in the same civil environment as many third-world countries. We owe the next generation that.

Politicians need to acknowledge their failures not to create laws, but to see to it that those laws are implemented, maintained, and honored at every level of government nationwide. For far too long politicians have used law creation as a tool to garner votes: at election time fishing for votes using the “bait of the day” to attract voter fish into their boat.

But this is not about law enforcement or the political system or schools or families. This is about our Nation, everything in it, and everyone in it. Implementing a bunch of new rules and laws will not change a thing. Our leaders need to find ways in small and large settings to have honest and open conversations with other Americans about society’s issues and problems and find ways to solve those together. That will not be easy and it will not be quickly accomplished. But what about our future is too difficult for us to put our personal agendas to the side and take up the agendas of those who must assume our roles in a few years and make sure we leave them in a good place?

Our Nation deserves that. Our families deserve that. The next generation of Americans deserves that too.

“Anything worth having is worth working for.”


What’s Mueller Up To?

The Special Counsel investigating Russian interference in the election as it pertains to Donald Trump and his campaign has been perfectly quiet hasn’t he? I wonder why….

First, know this one thing for certain: he and his prodigious staff have been and are really busy in investigations. It looks like we’re not far from knowing at least a significant part of what they have been preparing. You can bet there is a pile of historical information about to flood America like a tsunami that will change what most Americans think about politics in general and Washington politics specifically. Mueller’s three indictments and arrests last week are just the tip of the iceberg. That iceberg may appear small and insignificant, but just like the “real” iceberg, what of it we see on top is far smaller than what lies beneath. Manaforte et al arrests are just the beginning. And it appears that what is beginning is NOT a Trump associates purging for Russian collusion. Remember this: if there WAS Trump Campaign collusion with the Russians, there is no law that makes collusion of any type illegal. However, while investigating one specific issue, it is very common to find other wrongdoings that result in criminal action. Remember, Bill Clinton had never heard about Monica Lewinsky when the Kenneth Starr Whitewater Investigation was initiated that resulted in his his impeachment.

As of close of business yesterday, there have been 17 sealed indictments issued in U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. in addition to the 3 that resulted in arrests last week. This is the court where Mueller’s grand jury is empaneled. That means a grand jury has examined a pile of evidence that — along with associated testimony — confirms crimes sufficient to issue indictments were committed. Who are these 17 people that have been indicted and for what? Just as in the case of Manaforte, the public will not know until those indictments are unsealed and arrests are made.

I am not certain any or all of those 17 indictments pertain to people caught up in the Mueller investigation nor am I certain the indictments are actually Mueller’s. But the timing is too ironic for 17 “sealed” indictments to be handed down in the same court that Mueller’s grand jury is attached to and NOT be a product of Mueller’s grand jury. Who are the lucky ones to be in Mueller’s gun sights? Let’s speculate.

  1. The Flynns  General Michael Flynn and his son — Michael Flynn, Jr. — are the most likely to be targets of two of those indictments. Both while doing work for foreign companies and political entities did so without registering as foreign agents with the State Department. That is a felony. I doubt, however, that Mueller would be content with just that charge against the two, especially in light of General Flynn’s high profile interactions with the President and senior members of the Trump Campaign. Both are perfect candidates for Mueller to indict, arrest, and then offer them a way out for flipping on others who are higher profile and closer to the President. Have you noticed: we haven’t seen or heard from or about Flynn in months? For that you can be certain they are in Mueller’s cross-hairs.
  2. Jared Kushner The Trump son-in-law is an obvious target of Mueller’s investigation. He has previous foreign ties and frequently communicated during and after the campaign with agents of foreign governments. While it appears those contacts were all merely part of things necessary to setup a Trump Administration, there might just be some “there” there. Who better if there is a remote possibility of Trump Campaign wrongdoing than the President’s son-in-law to flip for names and information?
  3. Donald Trump, Jr. Trump, Jr. is pretty much in the same spot as Kushner. He is part of the Trump inner circle, close to everything going on during the campaign, and admitted having that now famous meeting to get from Russians dirt on Hillary Clinton. He too would be the perfect candidate for a Mueller indictment to leverage for inside information on others.

Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that after the 4 people listed above, the list of those who likely would be one of those 17 sealed indictments, the list runs dry? Who else could be a Mueller indictment target? Let’s speculate some more.

Saudi Arabia’s future king has tightened his grip on power through an anti-corruption purge by arresting royals, ministers and investors including billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal who is one of the kingdom’s most prominent businessmen. Prince Alwaleed, a nephew of the king and owner of investment firm Kingdom Holding, invests in firms such as Citigroup and Twitter. He was among 11 princes, four ministers and tens of former ministers detained, three senior officials told Reuters on Sunday. The purge against the kingdom’s political and business elite also targeted the head of the National Guard, Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, who was detained and replaced as minister of the powerful National Guard by Prince Khaled bin Ayyaf. The allegations against Prince Alwaleed include money laundering, bribery and extorting officials, one official told Reuters, while Prince Miteb is accused of embezzlement, hiring ghost employees and awarding contracts to his own companies including a $10 billion deal for walkie talkies and bulletproof military gear worth billions of Saudi riyals. Others of the mega-rich royalty of Saudi Arabia caught in this web are Mohammed Al Amoudi, worth $10.1 billion, Saleh Kamel, $3.7 billion, Nasser Al Tayyar, $600 million, and Bakr Binladin son of Osama bin Laden.

Why would any of these billionaire Saudi royals possibly be included in those sealed indictments? 5 of those are close Bill and Hillary confidants and longtime financial supporters of the Clintons individually and the Clinton Foundation. Those 5 have deep ties to and lucrative business interests in various U.S. companies. “IF” Mueller is actually pushing through the false cries from the Left of “Russia, Russia, Russia” and is investigating REAL wrongdoing, wouldn’t it be prudent to look down every rabbit trail he found — Like Uranium1 and Fusion GPS? If that really is a possible reality, then 17 sealed indictments would be easily explainable. We know for certain hundreds of millions of dollars have found their way into the U.S. from foreign entities to influence our election process and to gain control of American uranium. There are those who were deeply involved in irregularities during the 2016 campaign that could easily be caught up in the large net Mueller has cast. Word is the Clinton email abuse case is not only an open investigation, it never stopped.


Let’s tie this all together: Mueller began with the low hanging fruit — Manaforte, his partner Richard Gates, Popodopulous, and soon General Flynn and Flynn, Jr. News that the famous dossier given to Trump by former FBI Director Comey was given to Comey by Senator John McCain. (Doesn’t that seem odd?) Mueller certainly discovered the funding by Fusion GPS, the Clinton Campaign, and the DNC. He could from this find damning information of wrongdoing by Comey, former Attorney Generals Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. Obviously in light of the revelation that the FBI investigation into the Uranium1 sale to Russian interests exposed that millions of dollars were paid out as bribes (that included $140 million to the Clinton Foundation), Mueller had fuel for multiple indictments. There’s plenty of corruption floating around right now. “If” Mueller is as I think sincerely following every lead he finds to conclusion, he’s uncovering in all this evidence of bribery, collusion, money laundering, and probably tax fraud, sufficient evidence to send a bunch of people to jail for a long time.

Sure this is all speculation. But is it easier to believe this or believe that Comey, Mueller, Sessions, Rosenstein, each threw caution and their careers to the wind and decided to create piles of false evidence, in some cases lie under oath, turn on close friends and family members, and do it all just to prove Trump collusion WHICH IS UNACTIONABLE? And, if they did go that way, their end would be inevitable: prison.

President Trump in South Korea told everyone “Tomorrow I am going to share some news — some really big news. And no one is going to believe it.”

This would be “some really big news” for sure.


Tuesday Bullets

“Tuesday Bullets” is applicable today in light of the worst gun massacre in Texas history yesterday. Let’s start there:

  • A mentally unstable, dishonorably discharged veteran slaughtered 26 innocent churchgoers and injured at least 20 others Sunday at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. No doubt the attack was senseless and horrific. This horror joins those perpetrated by a crazed Islamic terrorist with a rented truck last week in lower Manhattan that killed 8, plus the 58 deaths a few weeks ago in the Mandalay Bay concert area in Las Vegas. Needless to say those on the Left immediately raise the cries of needed gun control to stop these and other similar incidents from happening. However, NO proposed or thought-of gun law or laws would have stopped any of the 3 most recent killings. Let’s be honest: there are thousands of gun laws on the books — federal and state — that if enforced would definitely quell some of the violence we are experiencing. But law enforcement at the federal and state levels have NOT shown any significant success in disarming the perpetrators of the huge majority of such crimes: criminals. Take Chicago for example. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel refuses to release the significant resources of the Chicago police to jumpstart actions long effective at ridding streets of other U.S. cities of criminal killers of all types. Instead, he declared his city a Sanctuary City thus inviting those in the U.S. illegally to come there and be protected. Think about that: many of those illegals are criminals with violent criminal histories. Chicago’s mayor is loosing those on his citizens. California is full of Sanctuary thinkers including their governor who have taken similar actions as Chicago. As their citizens are slaughtered, politicians cry for gun control but turn their backs on the enforcement of existing laws — the height of hypocrisy.
  • After 8 years of promises to repeal and replace Obamacare while promising also to institute massive tax reform and tax reductions, it appears the G.O.P. may be about to give us “strike two.” Believe it or not, it is NOT just the Dems who are screaming about unfairness in the proposed Tax Plan recently released. It seems once again the Republican members of Congress (or at least some of them) are experiencing great heartburn over the plan and are progressively expressing opposition to the plan. Why? It boils down to this: mortgage interest deductions from federal taxes have been a staple in America for sometime. But that practice has been amazingly unfair. Here’s why. Those who live in really highly taxed states — California, New Jersey, Illinois, California, and others — make much higher mortgage payments which means much higher mortgage interest payments. The new plan initially calls for no longer allowing the deduction of mortgage interest from federal tax liability. Honestly, that has been an unfair practice for all these years because Americans who live outside those areas have been picking up a higher percentage of tax payments because of not having the ability to deduct those high amounts as taxpayers in those states. It makes sense to me: you choose to live in one of those states, you pay higher mortgage rates and should not receive any different benefit than Middle Americans. The book is out on what will happen.
  • “Russia, Russia, Russia” is heating up — but not regarding the Trump Campaign. Certainly all have heard by now their seems to have been Russian collusion in the 2016 election, but with the Clinton Campaign. It actually looks like exactly opposite of what Americans were told as factual proof that Trump’s campaign staffers colluded with Russia — it’s Hillary Clinton. Maybe the Left will back off about their Trump — Russia allegations. Today liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein when asked about any proof found by any investigators of Trump Russian conspiracy responded that she had seen no such evidence after nearly one year. It now appears that Fusion GPS may have actually paid journalists in the U.S. to makeup stories confirming the Trump collusion! The House and Senate are furiously digging into piles of evidence regarding Clinton-Russian collusion. It is probably that in the next week or so, we will see real evidence of Clinton wrongdoing in this and also in the Uranium1 deal. Stay tuned.
  • No U.S. President has ever made such a lengthy trip to Asia as is Donald Trump. As he flew west from D.C. to Asia, he dropped by Hawaii to greet, speak to, and thank U.S. military members in Honolulu. First on his Asian trek were meetings with Japan’s leaders, then to South Korea, followed by the all important stop in China to meet with President Xi. Sandwiched between is a stop in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Plans are too for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Needless to say there are a plethora of topics to be discussed with these World leaders, the least of which is NOT North Korea, its nuclear threat to these and other Asian countries, and re-setting the lopsided trade deals in place between these countries and the U.S., thanks to the Obama Administration. A packed nearly two-weeks of intense and critical meetings is underway. Likely there will be plenty of daily news from President Trump’s meetings.
  • It is noteworthy that the Clinton email investigation apparently is alive and kicking. Those implicated in wrongdoing that may have been criminal are scrambling for cover. Former FBI Director James Comey and his predecessor there and current Special Counsel in the Russian investigation Robert Mueller, join Hillary Clinton as key in this investigation. There is so much that occurred on so many different fronts, the Justice Department is likely to appoint at least one more Special Counsel to open a separate investigation from Mueller’s. Why cannot all of these just be added to the current investigation by Mueller? Mueller is probably going to be someone being investigated himself for wrongdoing!


What we are seeing play out right before our eyes is the ultimate illustration of just how hypocritical and arrogant the Deep State members have become. They trampled on any shred of obligation they may have ever felt to be honest with Americans, to uphold the law for which they took an oath, and replaced it with the true personality of Elitism. It mattered not what was done was unethical if not criminal, and certainly disingenuous while running away from any integrity they may have earned at some time in the past. They simply do not care any longer.

The impunity they donned came straight from their assurance of a Hillary Clinton presidency that never materialized. To their horror and disbelief, her loss to Donald Trump set the wheels of coverup in motion with a unified plan to deflect any potential heat from them to Trump because of the false narrative that the Left created and then crammed down the throats of Americans through the tainted media. And it almost worked — almost.

Americans are tiring of the constant real injustices in Washington.  Let’s face it: the political system in the U.S. is corrupt. Certainly there are those who are honest and hardworking public servants. But the mixture of those with everyday politicians is unfortunately skewed dramatically towards politics as usual. I think we are not far from Americans finally standing up and forcing changes in the political process. What will they be? Who knows. But one thing is certain: continuing down the current path of politics is an insane thought. We can do better. We MUST do better — for us, our children, and our grandchildren.

Let’s Play “What If?”

Do you now feel Trump impeachment is likely?

Many people do. Many on the Left can barely wait for the House to vote Articles of Impeachment followed by a Trump impeachment trial by the Senate. Those on the Right watching the obviously tainted investigation by Mueller think the Deep State is out to get the President and are succeeding. But what if both Right and Left are missing some things that will change the entire process? How about some “possibilities?”

What If?

  • What if there has been an orchestrated plan going back deep into the 2016 campaign to slay a bunch of political dragons?
  • What if Russia really did impact the outcome of the 2016 election?
  • What if many in the Intelligence Community, both campaigns, and a group of those in Congress knew of the Russian election interference and simply ignored it?
  • What if one of the presidential candidates not only knew about Russian involvement but in part orchestrated it?
  • Remember in the campaign Candidate Trump often talked about Putin and how if elected he would make Russia friendly with the U.S. because of a personal relationship between Trump and Putin?
  • Remember that every time Russia came up during the campaign Hillary chided Trump because Russia would never be a U.S. friend?
  • Remember when Obama chided Trump for his Putin talks, Lynch was aghast, Holder was beside himself?
  • What if everything Trump does or says is really for a calculated reason?
  • What if Trump knew about the Uranium One deal?
  • What if Trump knew about the FBI investigation into that deal that apparently had been covered up?
  • What if during the campaign Trump discovered the $140 million of Russian money that had been funneled into the Clinton Foundation?
  • What if Trump found out about the bribery and deal cutting in the Uranium One deal that involved dozens of high level politicians and federal apppointees?
  • What if Trump purposely appointed Sessions as Attorney General then instructed him to recuse himself from any Clinton election campaign investigation?
  • What if Trump instructed Sessions to appoint Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG?
  • What if Trump inferred in his interview with Mueller for the FBI Director job that he knew of Mueller’s involvement in the Uranium One investigation?
  • What if Mueller reached out to Rosenstein with that information and talked Rosenstein into appointing him as Special Investigator the next day after his Trump interview to find/create evidence that would clear the pair of their illegal involvement in the Uranium One deal?
  • What if Trump knew that would happen before he declined to appoint Mueller but did so anyway?
  • What if the above regarding Rosenstein and Mueller being “the bad guys” really are part of “the good guys” and have been cooperating with Trump and sessions from the start? What if they have known all the players and details of Uranium One from the start?
  • What if Mueller and his team are being so quiet because they know if any in the Deep State get details of Mueller’s investigation are about Clinton and the Clinton Foundation the “bad guys” would find a way to step in and shut it down?
  • What if what the Uranium One/Russian Trump dossier gang have assumed that Trump has really been on his heels, reeling from the realities thrown his way of his Russian collusion and he doesn’t know what to do?
  • What if the reality is that Mueller has been relentlessly digging into the truth about Uranium 1, its players and bribery proponents, and also the truth about the Trump dossier?
  • What if in doing so he found a MASSIVE Russian bribery scheme involving 1 of the Presidential candidates in which she compromised US nat’l security?
  • What if he also found the illegal funding of solicitation of info from Russian government sources to smear Trump as a candidate?
  • What if compounding that offense, he discovered that funding of this dossier was funneled through a law firm, which is illegal?
  • What if indictments for many or all of those who perpetrated these crimes are already issued and sealed while the final investigative pieces are being finalized? (FBI files heretofore hidden about the Clinton email investigation have been released to Congress today)
  • What if the previous administration and those implicated in these various scandals are all brought to justice and indictments followed by trials and guilty verdicts sends Obama cronies to jail?
  • The Media are deeply party to all this. What if it is revealed that they missed this entire historical event because they fell for the Opening Story: “Trump Colluded with Russia?”
  • What if Campaign and then President Trump purposefully pounded in almost every public appearance that the Mainstream Media gives the nation only “Fake News” to keep them on the wrong track while those on the right track completed their business?


This all may seem too wild to believe. But if you take a few minutes and think through the possible answers to all these “What Ifs,” you will discover that each could very well be true. Here is the overshadowing truths to consider while you are answering the “What Ifs:” Donald Trump is far from stupid, far from afraid, and far from gullible. If people think his tweets — each one — are shots from the hip with no thoughtfulness and that they each are not purposeful, they are deceived. Is it actually believable that the Clintons and their cronies could continue down their seemingly life-long trek of cheating, lying, breaking laws while thumbing their noses at authorities without being called to task? By the way, does anyone believe that Jeff Sessions is so soft, so afraid, so intimidated by those in the Clinton Machine that he would back away from pursuing legal confrontation for their wrongdoing? I doubt it.

There’s a new sheriff in town.

As I have told you all for months: “Buckle in. We’re going on a ride and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a fun one!”


I apologize profusely. The blog post that went live — “A Slippery Slope….” — did so accidentally. Research was incomplete and somehow it was scheduled to run.

If you received notification and a link to it, I am very sorry and horribly embarrassed. It is coming down, will be completed, and re-posted as “Part II” later.

Thanks for reading and forgiving!


Radical Tax Cuts

Is there any doubt Pelosi, Schumer, and every other Democrat would characterize anything proposed by this President as “evil” (Pelosi’s word) and “an attack on America’s Middle Class?” (Pelosi AND Schumer’s words)

Thursday details of the Tax Plan were revealed. Reportedly — at least according to the President and Congressional GOP leaders — this plan would be the biggest income tax reduction for Americans in U.S. history. But whether or not it is will have to be decided by Americans on their own, for politicians are at odds regarding its results.


Weeks before details were made available to the public, (including members of Congress) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) started beating the drum publicly that this would raise the tax burden on the Middle Class while taking money from that group and giving it to the wealthiest Americans in the form of tax reductions.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that the Republican Party’s proposed plan to cut taxes is “armageddon.” Pelosi, appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” said, “And in any case we have to fight — this tax bill is Armageddon. That is it. This hurts the middle class. It’s an opportunity to cost our investments in our budget. We’re for a better deal and better jobs and better pay, a better future and we must reject the Republican tax plan. That’s our task at hand.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said: “Trump’s plan, by contrast, would slash taxes for the top tax bracket, repeal the estate tax, and create a huge new loophole by reducing the rate on pass-through entities, allowing wealthy law firms and hedge fund managers to circumvent higher tax rates. The Tax Policy Center estimates that the top 1% will enjoy 80% of the benefits from Trump’s plan — while a third of middle-class taxpayers will be paying more in taxes by 2027.

Non-Partisan Tax Foundation

The non-partisan Tax Foundation has reviewed the proposal to determine how the new rates and deductions could affect single and multiple-income earning households. “Our results indicate a reduction in tax liability for every scenario we modeled, with some of the largest cuts accruing to moderate-income families with children and fixed-income retirees,” the group said in its review.

Do you sense a little partisanship “fudging” on the facts here?

The Trump Administration

President Trump made massive tax relief to primarily benefit the American Middle Class a cornerstone of his campaign which in part prompted voters to elect him. Just as with Healthcare reform, Immigration reform including building a southern wall, rolling back regulations to free-up companies to expand and re-hire employees, his tax relief program is now on the table and becomes the responsibility of Congress. Can they/will they follow through with the legislative process designed and implemented by the first Congress to put the preferences of the People in place to run the government?

The cries from the Left have been deafening since long before terms of the Tax Program were released. those cries apparently have been full of untruths, half truths, and assumptions. Those accusations thrown out by Pelosi, Schumer, the DNC, and other anti-Trump partisans are purposely clouding the picture for Americans. The Middle Class are asking two simple questions: will my taxes be cut? Will I be able to keep more of my money?

The common allegation from the Left is that under this plan, the rich will get tax cuts. Following their reason: those tax cuts for the rich must come from somewhere and someone. Aha! They must come from the Middle Class. In looking for a reasonable and understandable response to that, Trump Press Secretary Sara Huckaby Sanders had the best one and opened a White House press briefing with it. Please watch it as she uses a story to illustrate the impact on different economic classes of Americans. It’s 5 minutes long, but well worth the watch.

Doesn’t that explain why and how ignorant the Left are with their cries of “tax cuts will only benefit the wealthy?” Putting a plan in practice seldom plays out in real life like it does on paper. The example given here makes it very clear.


What is the furor from the Democrats about this plan? Everyone wants their taxes to be reduced, right? The problem is that the money for funding those tax cuts must come from somewhere. And the Left cannot bear to think of losing “their” money. Let’s face it: government exists to find ways to GET money and find better ways to SPEND money. Cutting the dollars taxpayers are now shipping the Washington means somebody is going to have to give up some cash for these tax cuts to work. So they lash out to try and convince Americans of the evil of this tax overhaul. But there’s one truth Americans need to understand:

The great devourer of tax dollars is the Federal Government! Do you realize they take and spend $3.5 Trillion tax dollars annually? Sure a big chunk of that money goes to fund direct costs of the government: military, education, infrastructure, foreign policy, etc. But much of it goes to special interests that seem to always find their way into the Capitol to vacuum our tax dollars away. Pelosi and Schumer are beathing the drum of the horror of increasing our nation’s debt. Give me a break! On their watch, during the last 10 years under the Obama Administration, the past President along with his Congressional bankers piled up more debt than that from the administrations of every president in U.S. history added together! Their “debt” cries are hypocritical and should be ignored.

Yes, our debt will probably rise a bit. But not as much as you may think. Why? Jobs and Gross Domestic Product. Both are racing since the Trump Inauguration. GDP is growing at a record rate through the first 3 quarters of 2017 as is consumer confidence AND employment. Did you know that the value of the stock market has risen over $5 Trillion since January!

Here’s the bottom line: The Left are hollowing about tax cuts. Why? one simple reason: the loss of “their” money. That’s right. Liberals believe it is their right to confiscate the wealth of Americans through taxes and then use that money in whatever manner they so choose in total disregard of those who earned that money. Pelosi and Schumer are petrified to think they may be seeing their power and control are slipping away because of the “New Sheriff in town.” That sheriff understands that Government not only is America’s problem, America is doomed if Americans do not take control of their own way of government and relieve those who do not share as soon as possible.

Here’s the takeaway for you: Isn’t it about time for Americans to stop the confiscation of their wealth by a fat cat bureaucracy that is destroying the nation economically? That happens through massive tax reductions NOT allowing Government to run our lives.

The glaring truth here that is shameful and explanatory at the same time: those in D.C. look at these proposed tax cuts as Donald Trump taking money away from them. Obviously that is NOT what this is all about! THAT MONEY DOES NOT BELONG TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. IT IS OUR MONEY. And if the government gets any, as it must, it will always come FROM Americans who agree taxpayers giving up their wealth and livelihood will only work if the PEOPLE decide on that process.




No Doubt: Terror is Here

Many — including me — think America better get ready for the intensifying of terrorist attacks here.

It is inevitable. What has changed dramatically is that al Qaeda and ISIS no longer have a geographical center from which to initiate organized terror attacks against the West. Their caliphate has seen its borders dissolved by the unified military actions of the U.S. and its foreign allies. ISIS is scattered.

We were advised some time ago by ISIS themselves that they were instituting non-military attacks by their adherents around the world. They even publicly offered up specific plans and ideas for those attacks that should be initiated and carried out: using vehicles to kill in large crowds, homemade bombs in crowded public places, and mass shootings where possible as we saw in Las Vegas (even though authorities have not publicly confirmed that attack was ISIS inspired even after their multiple claims of responsibility). Details are trickling out from authorities that the New York Home Depot truck attack may be one of those “new” ISIS terrorism tools just as in Paris.

Very little about Sayfullo Saipov — the terrorist who drove that truck down the Manhattan bike path — cries of traditional terrorism. Yet he left ISIS paraphernalia and even notes confirming his ties. The Patterson, New Jersey mosque he attended until Bill deBlasio became New York City Mayor was under extensive electronic surveillance as part of a NYPD undercover terrorism intelligence operation. Cameras installed on light poles and hi-tech audio collected information about members of the mosque who had for some time been associated with suspected terrorists. Mayor deBlasio ended that program for “religious racism” purposes.

While details of the murders and the murderer  continue to be compiled by state and federal authorities, we know one specific fact that must be addressed, and the sooner the better: ISIS plans to destroy the American government and all those who would stand in the way. We MUST understand who they are, what and why they do what they do, and how to stop the spread of their international terror now in the United States — a monumental yet necessary task.

Terrorists and Terrorism

Muslim leaders are quick to distance themselves from terrorists, calling those “religious radicals,” or “Islamic extremists.” Islamic leaders are adamant that the religion of Islam is one of peace and the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful. I wlll NOT get into a religious discussion here. It is, however, poignant to mention this: all Muslims are not terrorists. But in the last two decades in the Western World, ALL terrorists have been Muslims who proclaimed their acts of terrorism were jihad in the name of Allah.

The primary tool used by these extremists is fear. Their greatest delight is to bathe infidels in the fear of death (or even worse) at the hands of Islamic extremists. Why else would ISIS have for an 18-month period flooded the internet with videos of brutal beheadings, burning people alive, and crucifying Christians in front of their children? Those horrors are perpetrated for one thing and one thing only: to instill fear in the hearts and minds of their enemies. The terrorism they spread comes straight from the pits of Hell where pure Evil gives birth to the vilest and most unspeakable acts ever seen or imagined by men. Their mission: to create a religious society void of any and all people, ideals, and philosophies that do not prop up their perverted reasoning. They feel such a Nirvana must be void of not only Christians, but any and every human who does NOT share their ideals or their version of Islam. They even hate and even kill Muslims if they do not agree with their radicalized ideals.

From this source came the men who plotted and devised the plan to knock down the NY Twin Towers, crash a jetliner into the Pentagon, and would have flown the fourth into either the Capitol or the White House if some brave Americans had not crashed that jet into a Pennsylvania field to prevent a D.C. massacre. That evil has slaughtered thousands of humans from points all over the Globe, all in the name of Islam and their extreme and perverted religious ideals. They have no concept of any of this terror ever being stopped. It is center to their thoughts and their hearts. And it dominates every aspect of their lives.

Feeding the Monster U.S. Style

Terrorism has found a place of quiet comfort in the U.S. aided by the door-keeper of Democracy : Political Correctness. Somehow someway a political class in Washington discovered that in the rush to pile up votes as quickly as possible to turn and perpetuate true socialism in the U.S. that immigrants from war and poverty ravaged Middle Eastern nations were easy marks. Americans awakened to discover Political Correctness had not only made it right to give the jobs of American citizens to immigrants — many of who came here illegally — some of those who came here did so not to make better lives for themselves and their families, but to establish a caliphate to perpetuate their religious zeal. Sadly a few of those brought extremist ideals that turned into the lunacy of terrorist activities America had seen before only on news clips from Europe and the Middle East. September 11, 2001, Americans were horrified to see terrorism living in the U.S.

Before 9/11 to Americans terrorism lived in some distant land and preyed on strangers “over there.” We never thought about it living here. Since then very stealthily and steadily the monster has grown stronger and bolder spreading its poison. Many think we may be past the point of no return in stemming the tide of domestic terrorism in America. It’s here. And it is growing at a pace too fast for those who would take and keep control of its danger.

“PC” has made it easy for terrorism to take hold. Cries of “Islamaphobia,” labeling any who question allowing these immigrants to come en masse without knowing who they are and what they want as “xenophobes,” have quieted much of the normal opposition to evil America has possessed for centuries. That “PC” has been controlled by a class of Americans who built and have perpetuated class warfare that spans the political, social, religious, and educational environments of the nation. Most of us never knew it was happening. Its results is a new generation that have been taught globalism at the expense of nationalism, multi-culturalism at the expense of Americanism, and socialism at the expense of democracy. All for the cause of building a political base with millions of entitled immigrants with one and only one important thing to offer the Political Class: votes.


What played out in southwest Manhattan is just a sample of the “new” jihad underway in America. Terrorists now see attacking as a real army gives their foes an easy front to war against. Attacking in small numbers in scattered locations at random times will still perpetuate their tool of fear, killing the infidel while minimizing their casualties. It makes it harder to stop and easier to grow.

What will it take for Americans to awaken to the fact that each of the Trump travel bans were NOT for religious bigotry? The Politically Correct already know that! But they have the wool pulled over the eyes of most Americans. It is lunacy to allow ANY immigrant into the U.S. unless and until U.S. authorities — not the United Nations — know everything there is to know about each who wish to come here. Why do they want to come? What are their skills? What about their education? Do they have criminal or terrorist ties? Have they committed crimes in their country? It is silly to believe that the government infrastructures of any of the countries listed in the travel bans is capable of producing answers to these questions sufficient to assure that those coming are not terrorists. Currently we are told they are required to participate in rigorous interviews and provide passports or other proofs of identity. Really! Are we that naive? No, we are not naive. The PC class have made it mandatory to look the other way and allow immigrants to come on in regardless of their pasts or their future plans.

Not all are evil. Not all are good. But one thing is certain: our President and those in Government are sworn to protect Americans before anything else. What also is certain many in D.C. STILL have not acknowledged we have a terrorism problem. Too often when we have these terrorist incidents we are told the perpetrators are simply mentally ill or angry people who almost always use guns (that of course should be illegal to possess) to act our their mental deficiencies or anger. Almost never are these attacks officially labeled “Terrorism” or are those who carry them out called “Terrorists.” Terrorism has literally become the king who proudly rides nude in the parade and no one dares to say the King wears no clothes for fear of being labeled “Politically Incorrect.”

Wake up Washington! Terrorists live among us. It is your job to make us safe. We pay trillions annually for you to do so.

“Just Do It”