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2020 Election Voting Issues Discovered by Associated Press: In Dominion Voting Machines!

The 2020 election was allegedly the most secure in history with then-candidate Joe Biden obtaining the highest recorded tally of votes of any nominee ever, but ahead of a predicted shellacking for Democrats in November, a new report issued by a federal agency is cautioning that there may be some security concerns with a well-known voting machine vendor.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) is set to release an advisory Friday explaining through “testing by a prominent computer scientist” that nine vulnerabilities were identified in equipment provided by none other than Dominion Voting Systems. The Associated Press obtained an advanced copy of the advisory and they assure that “there is no evidence the flaws…have been exploited to alter election results.”

In fact, with J. Alex Halderman, a University of Michigan computer scientist and the cited expert witness, involved in a lawsuit filed in 2017, CISA wants to be entirely clear that everything is on the up and up despite the fact that Halderman’s findings were sealed by a federal court in July 2021.

“CISA wants to be careful not to alarm the public (by providing ammo to irresponsible pro-Trump conspiracy theorists) as it informs election officials of serious issues with Dominion machines that plaintiffs in a Georgia federal lawsuit claim never should have been purchased,” the AP’s tech editor Frank Bajak tweeted out.

He went on to share another article from the AP discussing the need for sweeping reforms to election security measures and noted, “The discovery of these flaws — in a report placed under seal, underscoring their seriousness — supports the longtime argument of cybersecurity experts that hand-marked paper ballots should be the default voting method in the U.S.”

The timing of this report and the manner in which it was presented were not lost on the general public despite the overwhelming assurances from CISA that there was nothing to worry about five years past the original cause for concern with the equipment that was used in states all around the country.

Dominion offered a statement in defense of their machines contending that they are “accurate and secure.” The AP added, “Dominion’s systems have been unjustifiably maligned by people pushing the false narrative that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Incorrect and sometimes outrageous claims by high-profile Trump allies prompted the company to file defamation lawsuits. State and federal officials have repeatedly said there’s no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election — and no evidence that Dominion equipment was manipulated to alter results.”

And if the sealed records aren’t enough to reignite doubts about the security of the 2020 election, the AP also reported, “Dominion has told CISA that the vulnerabilities have been addressed in subsequent software versions, and the advisory says election officials should contact the company to determine which updates are needed. Halderman tested machines used in Georgia, and he said it’s not clear whether machines running other versions of the software share the same vulnerabilities.”


“Biden’s Department of Justice launched a dozen “deep” investigations into the voting irregularities in the voting process and ballot counting in at least a dozen or so states.”

Of course, that didn’t happen! Why would a Democrat President instruct his DOJ to go find cheating in election processes — cheating that would have probably prevented him from becoming President? Besides that, Democrats across the board feel AG Merrick Garland, while serving on the federal court in Washington D.C., should have gotten Amy Coney Barrett’s seat as a Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. If I was a wagering man, I would wager that Biden promised Garland that if he would accept an appointment to Attorney General, if and when a second seat on the SCOTUS happened, he would give it to Garland. (Biden while campaigning guaranteed that he would nominate an African American woman to the first seat that was vacated on the Court)

None of the above is relevant to this latest bombshell, other than that the DOJ “should” aggressively investigate serious reports of rampant voter fraud in ANY election. “2000 Mules” along with the other state investigations that revealed voting irregularity should be a trigger for action from the DOJ in every case. To my knowledge, I know of NO investigation of any 2020 voting irregularity.

That should alarm EVERY American.

The inactions to this serious matter by this administration make tens of millions of Americans wonder if U.S. citizens can trust the Biden Administration to secure the upcoming midterm elections. There is plenty of available proof to justify the assertion of voter irregularity at least and voter fraud at most with subsequent prosecution of wrongdoers if found to be so involved.

The lack of interest in this on the part of this administration sadly appears to be for a lack of commitment to protecting the U.S. voting process.

Further, if there are those who purposely cheat in any part of the voting process, this President swore an oath to the Rule of Law that must be honored and used. If Biden does NOT do so it will be clear to all that cheating in voting in the United States IS happening and the U.S. Government does not care.

I wasn’t born nor raised in a banana republic. President Biden and other Democrat Party leaders appear to be fine with our system paralleling that in some of the most evil countries on the planet.


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