Saturday Bullet Points: September 19, 2020

Here we go — buckle down! The 900-pound political gorilla is NOW in the room: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. Her death was announced Friday evening, and with it came the expected chaos surrounding the timing of her death.

Today, we will look a bit closer at what is certainly going to happen during the next few weeks.

Here we go!

Bullet Points

  • With Ginsburg’s death, the big question is what will happen now? Will President Trump send his nominee immediately to the Senate or will he bow to political pressure to wait until after the election? NBC News weighed-in as expected:
  • What will the battle look like regarding all to do with Ginsburg’s replacement? Will Trump push to make this happen before the election? Will Republicans act in sufficient number to confirm a Trump nominee during this election cycle? The Associated Press (AP) takes a look at what might be ahead:
  • While the leaders of both parties and the President will be forced to take a position on whether to proceed on a replacement on the Supreme Court for Ginsburg before the next administration takes control, there is NO doubt on the position Justice Ginsburg wanted to see happen. For complete details click on this link:
  • Ginsburg was a champion for women’s rights and fought hard to push gender issues and policies that could help women in every aspect of life. Let’s take a look at her history before and after her confirmation to the Court:
  • Very few Americans know much about Ruth Bader Ginsburg before her confirmation in 1993 to the Court. She left an extensive and very public life supporting numerous causes. Much of that work escaped public eye because of the shroud of silence regarding Justices. Let’s take a look:
  • NEWS BULLETIN: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell late Friday evening cleared the air about a nomination to replace Ginsburg happening before this election. For complete details click on this link:
  • Weather has been front and center far too often this year for the comfort of Americans. Besides the horrendous fires in the West and Northwest, hurricanes and other storms in the East have resulted in horrible damage, especially in the Southeast and the Gulf Coast. There have been so many hurricanes and tropical storms that officials have run out of names for more expected named storms. What to do? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Our social media giants have come under intense fire for picking and choosing what content to allow to be posted on their sites. Many feel their doing violates the Freedom of Speech. Now Facebook faces another egregious allegation: spying on Facebook users. For complete details click on this link:
  • For decades scientists have scoured the world of medicine to find a cure for cancer. Many through the years have pointed to the benefits of coffee to our bodies and even to the possibility of cancer cures. Now it seems that coffee can effectively take-on colorectal cancer! For complete details click on this link:
  • A mystery surrounding the disappearance of a famous Russian ballerina feared to have been murdered six years ago may be resolved. WARNING: the details are shocking:

The Social “Thought Police”

We at TruthNewsNetwork (TNN) are outwardly very demonstrative that we are a Conservative news source — not conservative because we or our policies are Republican or even Libertarian, but that we concentrate on finding facts about everything that pertains to this left-right world that is consuming us all.

To that end, we sometimes find journalists who, though not affiliated with (TNN), share the ideals and perspectives of our staff. It certainly comforts us when we discover that we’re not the only journalistic organization that seeks to find and always subsequently share our findings with you. Thankfully there are more than most of realize.

We found and are bringing one of those offerings to you today.

Jon Schweppe is the Director of Policy and Government Affairs for American Principles Project (APP) and a 2020 alumnus of the Claremont Institute’s Lincoln Fellowship. He is bringing you his thoughts on one segment of today’s political mass of uncertainty to illustrate just how vile and monstrous is the attack that our style and structure of government is experiencing.

You’ve seen and heard much of the background of his story here at (TNN). But his twists, turns, and conclusions are as stark as most you see here daily. Please enjoy his story today: Biden’s Thought Police — The American Mind.

Biden’s Thought Police

The American mind is disorientated. It is in the midst of a regime crisis and the most contentious election in living memory. Which means precisely now is the time when the republican form of government, if it is to survive, requires free political speech directed at the most controversial issues threatening to tear our country apart. But the elites in charge of our largest corporations providing us the platforms we use to communicate are doubling down on politically motivated censorship. They clearly seek to influence the results of the presidential election in 2020 such that the Democrat Party wins.

Will Republicans continue to let them?

At the beginning of September, the affiliated PAC for my organization, American Principles Project (APP), launched a $4 million digital ad campaign highlighting the extremism of Joe Biden on the issue of gender ideology. One of the ads cites Biden’s support for the Equality Act, which would create a new protected class for “gender identity” that supersedes existing legal protections on the basis of biological sex—essentially applying the principles of the Bostock ruling beyond Title VII to all aspects of civil rights law.

This interpretation of the Equality Act is not controversial. The Left openly claims that gender is a self-actualized identity which should indeed supersede biological sex.

Our ad specifically focuses on how the Equality Act would impact Title IX and women’s sports. Give it a listen and you will hear the following:

All female athletes want is a fair shot at competition. At a scholarship. At a title. At victory. But what if that shot was taken away by a competitor who claims to be a girl but was born a boy? Senator Gary Peters and Joe Biden support legislation that would destroy girls’ sports. They call it Equality. Really? That’s not fair. Not fair at all. Vote against Gary Peters and Joe Biden. They’re too extreme for Michigan.

Following our release, two left-wing activist groups—the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD—condemned the ad and called on Facebook to remove it from their platform, labeling it “deceitful” “misinformation.” Media Matters also threw a fit. But rather than trot out the “misinformation” trope, they opted for a different tactic from the well-worn Stalinist playbook: they called our ad “hate speech” and proceeded to lament the fact that it had “earned more than one million impressions in just one week.”

We at APP suspect it was not a coincidence that shortly after the Media Matters tweet, we started hearing from the so-called “fact checkers.” On Tuesday morning, PolitiFact published one of these “fact checks.” In it, the author stated:

[APP PAC’s] specific criticism is that allowing transgender girls and women to compete on the basis of their gender identity would create an uneven playing field for student athletes and ultimately end girls’ and women’s sports. That’s a prediction we can’t fact-check ” (emphasis added).

Unfortunately for the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Media Matters, and all the other activists of our censorious ruling class, PolitiFact wasn’t able to rate the ad as “false” or “mostly false.” In fact, they didn’t rate the ad at all.

So we’re done here, right?

Not So Fast

Oh, no. That’s not how this works. Despite PolitiFact’s inability to identify factual problems with the ad or ways in which it was misleading, Facebook decided to take matters into their own hands. On Tuesday morning, Facebook slapped a warning label on our ad, urging our target audience that the ad wasn’t providing enough context. By Tuesday night, Facebook had removed the ad entirely.

The justification? Previously, Facebook had indicated they would take down ads that failed to pass a fact check from one of their “independent” fact checkers. Obviously APP’s ad passed the fact check, which PolitiFact admits. So Facebook added a brand new category to justify taking down demonstrably truthful political ads like ours: “Missing Context.” This newly invented rating seems to suggest we didn’t do enough to explain our opponent’s point of view. Objectively, of course, that could be said of every single campaign advertisement in the history of American politics. It certainly could be applied to every campaign advertisement being run by Joe Biden this cycle.

Will Facebook take down this ad, where the Biden campaign slams Donald Trump for concerns over mail-in voting but fails to provide the important context that some states, like New Jersey, are planning to send mail-in ballots to every voter on their voter rolls, whether or not they have applied for absentee ballots? Or what about this ad, where Biden accuses Donald Trump of “purposely downplaying” COVID-19 early on in the pandemic, without providing obvious context—that the president was trying to avoid creating a panic, and that he was far from the only one to undersell the virus’s potential to cause havoc?

A fair application of Facebook’s new policy regarding ads “Missing Context” would seem to disqualify both of these Biden ads. When can we expect the mass takedown to happen? Would love to hear from you, Andy Stone.

This is Not a Drill

But let’s get real. We all know that’s not going to happen. Biden’s ads are up. Ours are down. And there’s a reason for that.

This new “Missing Context” label is a way for Facebook to interfere directly in our elections with yet another thin pretense of “objectivity.” The arguments of favored activists and the woke ideology of the ruling class are redefined as needed “context,” toward which political advertisements are forced to bow in order to be deemed truthful.

This wasn’t a fact check. This was an ideology check. Are we to start airing our opponents’ arguments in full in our paid advertising? “The Equality Act would destroy women’s sports—yes—but also, some people say that women can have penises.”

And let’s be honest: there’s a more pressing reason for Facebook to remove our advertisement. The Left was absolutely terrified of it, and for good reason: it was working. As Media Matters pointed out, we were getting millions of impressions. We were targeting key swing voters in Michigan, perhaps the most important state for President Trump to win in November.

But that’s all for naught now. We’ll produce a new ad, and Facebook will reject that one, too. Maybe Politifact can write it for us. But then, of course, the goalposts will move again. Big Tech has appointed itself the sole arbiter of our elections, and American Principles Project PAC is not allowed to participate. Social conservatives are not allowed to participate. Anodyne Republicans will soon not be allowed to participate.

The only way out is through: with robust policy and political leadership. A free and honest public square can’t long survive living in Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket, or that of any Big Tech overlord. We need a political solution, and we need one fast. Is it Section 230 reform? Is it Antitrust? Is it something more radical? Maybe. The gatekeepers of speech are already willing to choke out certain arguments on their platforms to protect their social standing. We know what they will do with political arguments that threaten their actual power.

But until that power is threatened by a countervailing power—say, of politicians willing to use the force of law—the American Right can forget about making arguments in the public square.

This incident and many others like it which will follow as the election season unfolds are ultimately about the future of America—about whether or not we as a people can keep a representative form of government. As Abraham Lincoln once said:

With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed. Consequently he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed.

Those who are not allowed to mold public sentiment by means of political speech are thereby not allowed to participate in the lawmaking or political decision-making process. They are effectively no longer citizens, but serfs living their lives according to the whim of overlords who alone can dictate the boundaries of governmental policy.

Those who think they are practicing the political virtues of prudence and moderation by refusing to acknowledge the political seriousness of the problem are, in truth, leading us down a path in which political speech no longer matters. Whenever citizens are prevented from attempting to persuade and debate one another, force and violence will be all they have left to stave off complete subjection and servitude.

The most dangerous efforts of “collusion” and the most subversive operations to exert undue “influence” on the 2020 election come not from foreign nations, but from within America itself. Americans do not want to be governed by oligarchs. Americans do not want the public square policed by woke cultists with credentials from elite colleges. But if political leaders on the American Right do not take action to protect political speech, what little political power they yet possess will soon be rendered meaningless.

What Would a Biden Presidency Look Like?

Boy, that’s a loaded question!

One can only hypothesize, but I think a group of “careful” assumptions probably will be an accurate depiction of a Biden Administration. After all, as Joe has told us again and again, he has 50 years of political history to which he can point us to track his “probables” that likely will appear in his administration should it happen.

Let’s take a stab. I remind you, these are all assumptions! Don’t get scared, don’t get angry: these are opinions — MY opinions! We’ll start at the top and extrapolate our predictions in a Biden presidency:

A Biden White House

First, a Biden win almost certainly portends the Democrat Party’s majority retained in the House. It could also mean a retake of the Senate by Democrats. If those two things occur linked to a Biden victory, one can be assured massive changes will happen in the structure of our government and will happen quickly.

Just imagine the power a one-party government will have! “Wait, Dan. We had a one-party government in the first two years of Trump’s presidency. Things were not turned upside down.” That’s true. Remember that Obama also had a unified Democrat Party-controlled government for two years. Thankfully, in both cases, the World was not changed dramatically due to partisanship. But the World DID change under Obama. And if Clinton was President today instead of Trump, those Obama changes that were initiated would be continuing today and ramping up dramatically under Clinton. You’ll see why in a moment.

The GOP Is Done

♦♦There is no doubt the Republican Party will be toast if the Democrats take over and have a one-party governing system. Don’t get me wrong: Republicans and their party will still exist. But it will have NO power. There will be NO discussion on any legislative or other types of governing concerns. There will be NO realistic floor debates in the House or Senate, NO bi-partisan committee assignments. With a Democrat-controlled House, Senate, and White House, what need will there be to “reach consensus with the opposing party” on issues? Answer: there won’t be! 

♦♦There certainly will still be a Republican Party. The difference is the Republican Party nor any other party will have any power to initiate or even negotiate any legislation. It will be just as if the GOP is no longer in existence. The US Congress will look virtually just as do the states of California and New York. Though there ARE Republicans in both states and government, their number is minuscule. That illustrates exactly what Democrat Party leadership today is planning for the entire country. If you think our country has problems now; if you feel blue states have issues now; if you believe that the US has extreme national debt now and that government spending is out of control: just wait until there is no buffer in Congress between a runaway train called the Democrat Party and commonsense government theory.

What Specifically Will Change in a Biden Presidency?

♦♦After dismantling the Republican Party, there will be a quick move to make Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. states. The impact of that will be devastating for any type of balance of power in Washington. Both D.C. and Puerto Rico would each have two US Senators and the applicable number of House members. Certainly they would be Democrats and will cement Democrat Party control. Congress, according to Article IV, Section III of the Constitution, can add new states without any consensus of the American people. There may be a problem with Washington, D.C. The Constitution prohibits the “nation’s capital” from being a part of any state. That probably would not stop Democrats from making a mad run at doing. And if they did, there would be a mad dash to the federal courts to block the action. Such a move would be instantly pushed forward to the US Supreme Court. And the Court would intervene to prevent it from happening in the absence of a Constitutional Amendment, unless…

♦♦Here’s where it will get dicey: Democrats will immediately move to add more Justices to the Supreme Court. (There is no Constitutional limit on the number of Justices to serve on the Court) Of course, they, with control of both Houses of Congress, will have the unfettered ability to confirm Justices as they choose. They will pack the Court with activist Justices that will immediately provide a green light on every piece of activist legislation Congress passes. That will apply to each of those Justices nominated and confirmed by the Senate. With that Court in power, Congress will be able to get anything they want virtually unanimously.

♦♦The “new” Democrat Congress will begin a fundamental dismantling of the Military. Why would they do that? There are several reasons: first, they will need all the money they can throw together to implement their multi-trillion-dollar spending proposals with which we already are familiar. Then, indeed, they will initially add new spending for whatever projects they want. The cancellation of student debt, free college for all, Single-Payer Healthcare are just a drop in the bucket. The most restrictive and costly Green New Deal version will immediately be put in place.

Regarding the removal of the Military, the second reason is to restore comfort among foreign nations (some of which are currently adversaries) that the US is intent to push forward with a unified government in mind. Our foreign policy would immediately morph into a World view. The message sent to the nations will be that the US policy of “America First” is dead and that every US foreign policy in place is “subject to review, cancellation, or renegotiation.”

♦♦There will be an immediate announcement that all illegal immigrants will be given immediate citizenship: to those here and to those who come. That citizenship will entitle all to every benefit that currently belongs to citizens. It will include an economic plan to “transition” these illegals from their existing lives into “more American” lifestyles. That will include a guaranteed minimum income, free (or substantially subsidized) housing, free education for all children, guaranteed jobs for all who want to work, and free healthcare. This act by Congress will completely open our borders to any who wish to come to the US.

♦♦This powerful “new” Administration will swiftly move to demand the restructuring of our Capitalist system, putting “workers” in positions of authority within heretofore private enterprises using the “for the better and common good” as their justification. This ploy will be nothing more than the nationalization of private companies in the same way as happened in Venezuela when their Communist leader did the same thing and took over multi-billion-dollar US oil companies in the name of Socialism. Purportedly it was in Venezuela (and will be here) to put “the people in power” and remove the “oppressive private enterprise system” from controlling the economy of our nation. Private corporate ownership in the US as it exists today will be history, although the Government will still phrase it that way. But nothing in the private sector will operate without direct control of those who will be appointed to “oversee” our economy.

♦♦This new “Single-Payer Healthcare System” will look very little like our Healthcare System today. It will be sold to the nation as the only way to make Healthcare equally available to everyone without any consideration for the economic or social status of any American. The elimination of the free market in healthcare will drive more and more doctors out of the practice of medicine, which will mean an extreme shortage of doctors. Of course, that will mean conditions identical to those today in countries with socialized medicine: long waits for necessary medical tests, treatments, and surgeries. But the most egregious inevitability that will undoubtedly occur is what was scoffed at during the 2012 presidential race: “Death Panels.” Because of unsustainable expenses, there will be some authorized to make life and death decisions about the needed health treatment of critically ill or elderly patients. Things like hip and knee replacements, joint surgeries, MRI and CT scans, other types of testing, Cancer treatments, and numerous other conditions will no longer be “automatic” as they pretty much are today. Someone will determine, as an example, an age at which those who desperately need heart bypass surgery will be denied that surgery. Why? Because they’re too old!


This is just a start, folks! There will be much more piled on without us even knowing about it. But here’s the scariest part: if Biden and Harris win the election in November AND Democrats take control of Congress, all of the above AND MORE will happen with lightning speed!

They’ll move fast first to eliminate their opposition. What’s the hurry? Democrats were thwarted at the certainty they would be able to begin this in 2016 by Donald Trump’s victory. They will NEVER allow the opportunity to start this process to be lost in an election! They will guarantee no political party will ever take unilateral power away from Democrats.

Is this some conspiracy theory? No way. They have hinted for this utopian environment for years. Why do you think that under Obama, the fundamental dismantling of the US economy was so quietly initiated? “Manufacturing that has left the US is never coming back again,” Obama told us. He told us, “I am going to bring fundamental change to this nation.” The original plan was to use 2016-2024 as “Stage II” of that plan, with Hillary Clinton being the captain of the “Fundamental Change” ship.

Let me pile on one more point of desperation: if Donald Trump wins the election in any way, there is going to be guaranteed violence in our city streets that will pour out into our smaller states and cities. I cannot imagine how far and wide it will span nor how militant it will be. They have told us over the past few months, that is what will happen! It’s as if they are holding guns to the heads of American voters and blackmailing us all: “If you don’t elect a Democrat President, House, and Senate, we will burn this nation down. You better elect Joe Biden, or else!”

My advice is for all to take these warnings seriously. Be ever watchful: we never know what twists and turns there will be. I hate to admit this, but no matter how many Republicans vote in this election, there may not be enough votes to give President Trump a second term. Democrats are powerful, and they are planners. And they have planned for all contingencies in this election.

Pray, spread the word as best as you can, and make sure everyone you know exercises that Constitutional right that we may see slip away: the right to Vote.

In it all, refuse to be afraid. Fear will do nothing but drain your strength and well being. This election system has worked seamlessly for 260 years. If we all do our part, it will work just as seamlessly in November as ever.

How Legitimate is the Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for President Trump?

Here’s another certainty: regarding President Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, Americans are all 100% positive that he should win or 100% positive he is NOT worthy of the award. I think it’s safe to say that there is nothing in the United States today more polarizing than Donald Trump!

Trump supporters have as justification for such a reward the fantastic accomplishments on the part of the President despite the nonstop onslaught by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and, don’t forget, the Democrat Party messaging arm, the “Lamestream Media.” Just imagine if he had even modest support and even a tidbit of recognition for his accomplishments. I cannot find any comparison regarding specific, verifiable, and positive results in four years by any of his predecessors. Yet, none of those above have given Trump credit for even one of the hundreds of positives for Americans on his watch!

Trump detractors are quick to say, “It’s a prize for accomplishments in World peace. Donald Trump is destroying the opinion of the United States among citizens from every other country on Earth!” Nay: that’s where their allegations lose all semblance of credibility. Donald Trump has diligently and effectively set much of the chaos on Earth from the last decade on its ear. In fact, despite the turmoil on U.S. streets, many foreign leaders look jealously at Trump’s accomplishments, especially BECAUSE of the tortuous non-stop flood of untruthful news and almost daily allegations of “new” wrongdoing by this President uncovered by those bastions of honesty and integrity: the American Media.

So far, the President has notched up two nominations. How can that even be possible? Americans heard NOTHING about each other than a CNN-MSNBC-ABC-CBS-NBC news anchor snicker or two. Yet, the Middle East is seeing a quiet but sure calming of the constant war of words leveled at the nation of Israel. How is it even possible that any U.S. president — especially Donald Trump — could broker not one but two peace deals between Muslim countries and Netanyahu’s dominion? We appear to be witnessing a memorable moment in the Middle East, a region that has left successive U.S. presidents battered, bruised, and bitter. Now, in the space of two months, Trump has secured agreements from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to normalize relations with Israel, with more Arab and Muslim states expected to follow.

It is fair for Trump’s detractors to point out these alliances have developed over time and are, in part, driven by the common threat of a nuclear Iran. But if we recognize that Trump disregarded decades of bipartisan “wisdom” about the Middle East, is that not THE reason we are seeing the most positive outcomes in the Middle East for decades? The dreaded question, then, is: what if, somehow, Trump was right? Come on, Man! Trump is the guy who has laughed nonstop in the face of conventionalism in pretty every historical “wisdom” not just about the Middle East, but with countries from every section on the globe. And, in many cases, it has worked.

Of course, Trump can’t be right because the “smart people’ — the foreign policy establishment, the academics, the political hacks, the globalists “we know everything” crowd — said at every juncture that his foreign policy would lead to catastrophe. When Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Iran deal, the smart people called it an act of betrayal on a global scale and said: “Few recent presidential decisions have been proved to be so spectacularly wrong in such a short period of time.” When he took out Iranian terror chief Qasem Soleimani, the smart people called it “extreme” and part of “an increasingly dangerous game of chicken.” When he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the U.S. embassy there, the smart people called it “an act of diplomatic vandalism.” They said the President had “lit the fuse” on “a ticking time bomb” and predicted that “no one will benefit from it, or at least no one interested in peace.”

When he recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, the smart people said: “This is utterly irresponsible, and risks stoking more extremism and instability in the region.” When his administration recognized Israeli settlements as “not inconsistent with international law,” the smart people called it an “indefensible decision” which had “recklessly sacrificed, at least as long as Trump remains president, the last shreds of the U.S.’s claim to be a broker of peace.” When he brought forward his peace plan, the smart people termed it “a framework that may well have hung a closed-for-the-season sign both on a viable peace process and America’s credibility as a fair and effective broker.”

Why are we still listening to all these responsive tidbits of wisdom from the smart people? Trump broke with their consensus, even though in an erratic and conflicting “Trumpian” way, and now the AK-47’s are leaning against the wall in the closet. Kosovo and Serbia are normalizing economic relations, the Kosovo is recognizing Israel, Serbia is designating Hezbollah a terrorist group; Malawi is opening a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem and Chad is reportedly planning on doing the same. Iran, which Barack Obama sought to appease with the failed JCPOA, looks increasingly isolated. Don’t even think about $150 billion dollars, the last of which Obama loaded on a plane in cash and slipped it to Iran during the night.

Not bad for a reality TV star.

Even if these achievements hold up, Trump will likely fall victim to the foreign policy termed a “Reaganism.” When Ronald Reagan spoke of defeating the “Evil Empire,” the smart people said it was impossible; when the Evil Empire fell within a decade, they said it was inevitable and Reagan had nothing to do with it. Trump is not Reagan. Trump does not exist in the same universe as Reagan. Trumpism lacks the moral foundation and intellectual understanding of Reaganism. It took a drastic worldview to guide the 40th president. For Reagan, American greatness was fateful and optimistic; for Trump, it is backward-looking and resentful.

This enrages the American Left: a Queens builder and developer with no formal political training, has stumbled upon answers to questions that have stumped the smart people for years. The Council on Foreign Relations, American international political experts, even the previous Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama all got it wrong while a vulgar nationalist got it right. A Nobel Peace Prize might seem not only in order but positively poetic.

The Nobel Committee has a history of passing out the prize as a political downpayment, expecting some quid pro quo will keep the recipient in line with the Committee’s policy preferences. This doesn’t always work out. Eight months into his presidency, the Committee awarded Obama the Nobel for his “vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.” How’d that work out for those Nobel folks? Five years later, Obama cut the non-proliferation budget by 20 percent and increased spending on nukes by 6 percent. Trump seems even less likely to be influenced once the initial bragging rights wear off. Besides, the Nobel Peace Prize lost its luster when they gave one to the terrorist Yasser Arafat.

Whether Trump gets the prize matters less than whether the smart people can bring themselves to learn the lessons of his presidency: that the United States can be a steady, constant, and unswerving friend of Israel and an honest broker for peace in the Middle East. Sometimes the running-charge of a Donald Trump gets better results than a dozen peace meetings with a dozen foreign leaders at Camp David. Now it seems that a foreign policy elite committed to doing NOTHING, unwilling to relent on any foreign policy failure, and are consistently reluctant to make any “new” foreign suggestions fail in the shadows of a Queens Television Cowboy. Smart people are essential to foreign policy-making but they need leadership, decisiveness, and, every now and then, a spot of dangerous non-conventionalism.

Who knows what will be the longer-term consequences of a reorienting Middle East. The United States under this President’s foreign policy might be earning itself more and better allies, or it could be making itself less relevant to a new diplomatic bloc. But regarding peace in the World TODAY, cooperation, and strengthening the anti-Iran forces, this president has achieved what the previous one could not and perhaps did not really want to. It sticks in the craw to admit it, but Trump outsmarted the smart people.

How’s that making those Foreign Policy elites feel?

Does “Cuties” Signal The Normalization of Pedophilia?

Saturday, September 12, a fake news story quickly went viral. It reported the arrest by the FBI of the CEO of NETFLIX, Reed Hastings, for possession of 13,000 pictures of children participating in sex acts. There were supposedly other articles tied to pedophilia, too. Of course, the story was immediately rebuffed. Apparently “Toronto Today” took advantage of the current outrage over the NETFLIX movie “Cuties” that depicts a bunch of 11-year-old girls dancing like 20-something hookers. So the wrote and published the fake story.

That story was fake only in one way: Hastings was NOT part of it. The FBI DID arrest a Utah man who had in his possession 13,000 perverted pictures of children in all types of the sexual perversion of children.

Though the Mainstream Media all but ignore the large number of arrests of those involved in child sex trafficking, child sex abuse and pedophilia during the Trump Administration, make no mistake: Pedophilia is real, it’s widespread, and it’s growing. No doubt, it is becoming just the most recent scourge of sexual atrocities foisted on the World.

Is It Real?

Pedophilia is nothing new: it’s sadly been part of humanity for centuries. Not too long ago, it was unfathomable to think that in the United States the public would ever allow abuse of children of any age. Daily we see now that not only is it here, it’s being “normalized” right before our eyes.

“That could never happen in the U.S.!” Don’t be so sure. Look at how sexualization in all sorts of ways has been normalized here already.

In a few decades, progressives were able to normalize homosexuality in mainstream culture and finally legitimize homosexual relationships in the eyes of the law. In just a few years, progressives have made great strides in their efforts to normalize transgenderism in mainstream culture, and they are currently legitimizing transgenderism in the eyes of the law.

Many non-progressives are concerned that these legal changes are less about guaranteeing the freedoms of gays and transgenders, and more about enforcing the worldview of progressives and punishing dissent. However, there is also a growing concern that the next frontier of legally-enforced moral relativism is pedophilia.

Progressives, of course, scoff at such notions. For progressives, these concerns are merely a cover that gay-hating, transgender-hating religious fanatics want to use to roll back all the “progress” that has been made. And yet, the last few years have made it clear that the slippery slope is real, and we are steadily sliding down it.

Whether the progressives of today want to admit it or not, they are currently laying the groundwork for the legalization of pedophilia. This totally impossible, morally repugnant, never-gonna-happen upheaval in the moral and legal landscape of our society is not really impossible at all. In fact, it’s only three small steps away.

Step One: Establish a legal right for “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy

This step is currently underway. Already progressives are advocating for young “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy to delay the natural changes of puberty, and then to help him or her to become more like whatever their “true” gender is. Young children are already receiving such treatments. Oregon now uses Medicaid funds to pay for puberty-suppressing hormones. It and a handful of other states even require private insurers to pay for “transgender care,” which applies to children.

Of course, a lot of the advocacy for children receiving hormone therapy still comes with a lot of talk about parental consent, about families coming together to decide what is really the best course of action. But, this is only temporary. Members of the transgender lobby already lament that many parents won’t consent to hormone therapy for their children. Others in the transgender lobby argue for the medical necessity of puberty-suppressing hormone therapy in order to convince private insurers to pay for it.

Once puberty-suppressing hormone therapy is deemed medically necessary, parental consent becomes irrelevant. Children who decide they want such treatment will be viewed the same as children who need insulin or blood transfusions. Not only will welfare and private insurers pay for it, but parents resistant to getting their children this treatment will be coerced into doing so by the government. This would establish deciding to receive hormone therapy as a child’s legal right.

Step Two: Destigmatize pedophilia first as a mental disorder, then as a sexual orientation

This step is also underway. SJW’s defense of confessed pedophile Sarah (Nicolas) Nyberg was recently covered by Return of Kings writer Robert Conway, and Salon’s sympathies for confessed pedophile Todd Nickerson were covered by Milo Yiannopoulos. Progressives, as Yiannopoulos points out, have a history of defending pedophilia and challenging claims that it causes harm to children.

The terms “mental disorder” and “sexual orientation” have become loaded with progressivism’s positive attitudes toward victimhood and sexual deviance. However, these terms, by their most basic definition, do apply to pedophilia. After all, the pedophile has a mind that is disordered and unhealthy, and his sexual impulses have a clearly identifiable goal toward which they are oriented. The problem is not with understanding pedophilia as a mental disorder or sexual orientation per se, but with the moral relativism that progressives heap onto madness and perversion.

No doubt there are many non-progressives who can pity someone with a pedophilic disorder or orientation, in the same way that they might pity a rabid dog even as they put it down. For progressives, though, mental disorders and sexual orientations must not just be identified and categorized, but must also be destigmatized. This process has already begun with calls for sympathy and with a few coming-out stories, and soon they’ll push for the outright condoning of pedophilic fantasies and desires.

Step Three: Extend children’s legal rights over their sexuality to allow pedophilic relationships

The final step is just a combination of the first two. After all, a child deciding to receive hormone therapy is a child making sexual decisions about his or her body. If children have a legal right to make sexual decisions about their bodies, and if pedophilic feelings are destigmatized, then progressives will begin to advocate for the legitimization of pedophilic relationships in both culture and law.

No doubt many progressives today find pedophilia undesirable as a goal or outcome. In the near future, however, pedophilia may be able to arise as the culmination of all the progressive ideas, policies, and rhetoric that came before it. Progressives will begin connecting pedophilia to ideas and rhetoric about children being oppressed. They will connect it to sexual liberation. They will connect it to personal development. They will connect it to happiness.

Progressives in the media will try to normalize it with television, perhaps with a drama set in ancient Greece that features “healthy” pedophilic relationships. And when non-progressives decry such propaganda, progressives will defend it by connecting it to multiculturalism. Like in the case of gays and transgenders, progressives will argue that any psychological problems correlating with pedophilia are not due to it being unhealthy or wrong or unnatural, but only because of the social stigma attached to it.

Possible, but not inevitable

Contrary to what many people today would like to believe, legitimized pedophilia is possible. And NETFLIX made it clear that it is really HERE. With their  release of  “Cuties” that spotlights a dance troupe comprised of 11-year-old girls twerking and jerking complete with the sexual gyrations usually seen in a strip club, it is clearer than ever that using our youngsters today to tickle the fancies of “old folks” is real. That begs the obvious question: “To what end?”

Past civilizations functioned with legitimized pedophilia, at least for a time. And in the context of our own civilization, we have seen how progressivism has undermined so many things which were once held sacred, like family, marriage, religion, and national pride. It’s merely wishful thinking to believe that one more part of the innocence of children is invulnerable to the destruction of progressivism.

The good news is that legitimized pedophilia is not inevitable. All three steps are necessary for it to happen, meaning that the failure of any one step would prevent it. Furthermore, feminists have a deep hate for straight male sexuality. While plenty of feminists would be fine with gay and female pedophiles, most would abhor a pedophilic relationship between a man and a little girl.

Perhaps feminist man-hating and shrieking about patriarchy would end up doing the world just a little bit of good, but it’s hard to tell. After all, feminists and progressives in general are fiercely protective of their own, and so they might give a free pass to any straight male pedophile who acts feminine and says all the right things about empowering women, dismantling the patriarchy, etc.

The race is on between the forces of creation and destruction. We have seen in these last few years how the destructive impulse of progressivism has only increased in the face of geopolitical instability and internal decay; even as the temple of our nation begins to burn, the progressive death-cultists seek to knock away the last of its pillars and bring it crashing down upon our heads.

And yet, more and more people are waking up to the lies and broken promises of progressivism. They are looking at the world around them, and they’re beginning to see through all the bullshit. They have been told we’re approaching the summit of progress, but it’s looking more and more like the edge of a cliff.

Whether progressives will succeed in dragging our society to new depths is yet unknown. Sooner than you might think, we’re going to find out.

We MUST aggressively do anything possible to save our children from losing their rights to innocence!

Saturday Bullet Points, September 12, 2020

How busy have you been lately? Even if you did nothing but surf the internet and watch Netflix at home, the World outside kept spinning outside the private world in which you spent your week. And it’s NUTS!

What did you miss while you relaxed? We have the top ten stories of this week in our Bullet Points. Read a line or two describing what happened. If you want more details about any of these stories, click on the link after the description and then read a story with full details.

Grab a latte or a glass of wine and stay informed while enjoying your Saturday!

Bullet Points

  • While the protests in Oregon roars — certainly in Portland — the citizens of the state have grown tired of the treatment by the authorities of the violent protestors. After 100+ days in a row of protesting and violence, Oregonians don’t feel authorities have done enough to quell the violence. For complete details click on this link:
  • It was announced this week that President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for Kosovo-Serbia Agreement. The nomination no doubt is a great honor, but several hundred people worldwide are nominated annually for the prestigious award. Might President Trump win? For complete details click on this link:
  • No doubt the nation has been inundated with violence on our streets. While the causes vary, they all revolve around racial injustice, perceived or real. The rioting, looting, and terrorist acts are political hot potatoes for the November Presidential election. Former NFL Star Herschel Walker has advised Democrat Party nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to, while campaigning, aggressive their present plans to eliminate violence in our cities if elected. For complete details click on this link:
  • Suicide among the American youth has steadily risen in recent years. And the isolation and fear that from the COVID-19 pandemic have caused suicides to skyrocket. Medical professionals expect those statistics to continue to soar. For complete details click on this link:
  • Forest fires in California are NOT unusual. But this year, they’ve gotten way out of hand. With forest fires comes smoke. And the rapid increase of the number and intensity of fires in the Los Angeles area has resulted in the worst smoke and smog in L.A. in 30 years. For complete details click on this link:
  • Conventional wisdom is that all of these protestors are simply a bunch of dissident, anarchist-wannabes that simply seek to find anyway possible to takeout their anger against authority. It turns out that some are just privileged kids who look at protesting as something cool to do! For complete details click on this link:
  • The first half of the 2020 Hurricane Season has set a record. It’s been wild for the Southeast, the Gulf Coast, and even the Atlantic Seaboard so far. But you will not believe how many more storms in the Atlantic are being tracked right now that may become big storms! For complete details click on this link:
  • It’s time for football! The NFL took to the gridiron to kickoff the 2020 season in Kansas City Thursday night. Eighteen thousand fans were allowed to attend the game. A large majority of those fans were too NOT excited about the social justice symbolism seen on the field in pre-game. The reigning SuperBowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, were a little shocked at what they heard from their fans. For complete details click on this link:
  • NFL fans who support the two “GOATS” in the game — Tom Brady and Drew Brees — get a chance to see the two go head-to-head Sunday as Tampa Bay (Brady’s new team) takes on the New Orleans Saints. The game will be something brand new for the NFL: there will be NO fans in the stands in New Orleans. How will the fans react? For complete details click on this link:
  • Every nation on Earth is in a rush to get a COVID-19 vaccine created, tested, approved, and on the market, and to be first. Doing so could be worth billions of dollars if not more. China has a vaccine being tested right now. Their testing includes injecting hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens with the vaccine. How scary must that be for Chinese citizens! Will China win the vaccine race? For complete details, click on this link:


Is it Only Past Sins of Republicans Matter in Elections?

It is incredible how the Media, about a year before national elections, always seem to forget about the sins of politicians who run for office under the Democrat Party banner. Do you think that is done on purpose? Ha! This election cycle is NO different.

Don’t get angry because I pointed to only the sins of Democrat candidates and not Republicans. Why would I do such? Probably because the Media never STOP pointing Americans to the sins of Republican candidates: you know the “REAL” sins as well as their “PERCEIVED” sins! Democrat candidates get a free pass. If not a free pass a “get out of jail free” card.

I’m not sure of your religious perspective, but if you are a Christian who holds to the Bible as factual and the guide for Christians, we are taught that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” I’m reasonably sure Democrats who run for office will occasionally blow one of the Ten Commandments, too!

Maybe, though, that is NOT true of Joe Biden. If you watch and listen to any news reports, podcasts, interviews, or analyses of many experts, it appears that Joe Biden stepped off a cloud to begin his formal campaign for President. And, of course, angels in Heaven — where Joe descended from on that cloud — do not commit sins. And if one ever did, it would not have been an “actual” sin, but merely an “honest mistake.” That’s the job of the Mainstream Media during this election cycle: making sure every voter in the U.S. knows in a detailed fashion that former Vice President Joe Biden is not only a good man, a great Dad, a wonderful husband, and a fantastic former U.S. Senator and Vice President.

Painting Joe Biden as a man of honor is a piece of cake for Democrats who have centuries of practice portraying sinners as saints. We don’t even need to go back to Jim Crow-era racists who dominated the party after the Civil War. Or presidents with feet of clay like Woodrow Wilson, who re-segregated the federal workforce in Washington, or even Franklin Roosevelt, who turned away a ship carrying Jews fleeing the Holocaust while allowing Japanese Americans to be placed in internment camps.

Their modern hero, JFK, was a philanderer whose sex partners included a mob boss’s mistress and White House interns not yet out of their teens. Bill Clinton has remained a party hero despite the infamous interludes with his own intern and robust evidence that he committed sexual harassment in Arkansas and multiple felonies – including perjury and suborning perjury – while in office. (Suborning perjury was proven)

Democrats haven’t worked this sliver of history on their own – liberal historians and partisan journalists have diligently twisted the past to create their new cast of heroes. Some of these leaders are now facing a long-overdue confrontation with past evil deeds only accentuates how successfully their past improprieties have been buried.

Now that Biden is their candidate – now that they need him – the propaganda effort to paint this troubling man in a rosy light is in full swing. The glory bestowed incessantly on this cherub from recent political past flows like rivers from the media talking heads. Even a recent smalltown editorial asserted that Biden “is extraordinarily kind, that he is principled in public and private and that he is fundamentally decent.” Their evidence: The video messages extolling Biden at the Democratic National Convention!

The issue is not the Democrats’ hero-worship – the Republicans did the same for Donald Trump during their convention – but the media’s benign acceptance of this spin as fact. (They didn’t accept that of the Republican Convention for Trump) Instead of addressing Biden’s disturbing past regarding areas they repeatedly assail Trump on – race, gender, abuse of office, veracity, and general character – news outlets simply declare his virtue and move on.

They ignore, for example, his troubling history on race. In 1991 Biden pulled the rope in the “high-tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas, leading the cause to derail his Supreme Court nomination in 1991 by promoting racist innuendos about hyper-sexualized black men.

In 2007, Biden asserted that Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Stop for a moment and consider how deep are the lakes of racial stereotypes one must pull from to say that.


The same media outlets that passed along every smear about Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court fight in 2018 quickly dismissed the more credible claims of a Senate aide who said Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. As a candidate, Biden doesn’t just jeer and bully opponents, as Trump does – he does it with one-on-one expletives to ordinary Americans who ask him questions he doesn’t like.


The media has continually ignored clear evidence that Biden stood by while his son Hunter exploited his father’s position as vice president — for hundreds of millions of dollars. While Joe Biden served as the Obama administration’s point man on policy in the Ukraine and China, Hunter received $80,000 per month for a no-show job on the board of a Ukrainian gas company; through another one of his concerns, Hunter cut lucrative deals with the Chinese that included a $1.5 billion cash investment in a newly-formed Hunter Biden investment company.


Perhaps the most troubling examples from Biden’s past were the lies he used to tell about the death of his first wife and daughter in a car accident in 1972. Police reports say she drove into the path of an oncoming truck. For years Biden claimed that the truck driver, who tried to save his family, was drunk. He only stopped when the man’s daughter tearfully complained.


Let’s be honest: political party doesn’t matter; state of resident doesn’t matter; university nor fraternity or sorority doesn’t matter; religion doesn’t matter: all that matters is the status of a person’s heart. NO candidate for any office in the nation has any type of immunity just because they may be a member of one party and not the other. Political affiliation has never given any candidate a single bit of legitimacy based solely on which party may have done so.

Here’s what the majority of Americans want regarding politics and political parties: Truthfulness. This election like in no other in recent memory has exposed the worst in America’s political system. That’s hard to find.

I am not asking for,  nor do I expect, a free pass for Donald Trump for his past transgressions. I AM asking for everyone to handle the personal attacks regarding individual “issues” one has with Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden and any other person running for any office in a purely personal way.

Honestly, expecting any to accept or reject any candidate based on a perception of who that person is that is painted by a political party is a stupid idea. We owe it to each other to — especially for an election this important — put aside our personal opinions about each of these candidates make our election choices based solely on each candidate’s abilities and expectations of performing in specific ways that align with our views. 

That means: forget about political party affiliation!

The insanity of the demands that people of a certain religion, a certain national origin, a certain skin color, a certain economical class has any obligation to vote for any one candidate based solely on these above characteristics has throttled hatred and division between Americans never before seen. It must stop.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every voter put aside all of the partisan hand grenades the Media are throwing at us all day every day and determine for whom we will vote based solely on OUR opinion of who will do the better job.

What a novel idea, right? I wish someone else had thought about that years ago — certainly long before me.

Wait a minute: wasn’t that at least in part the process our forefathers put together when they created the American voting system?

Who changed it?!?!

How Bad Is November 3rd Going to Be?

Leftist groups are currently planning to secretly carry out a plan to mobilize in the face of what would be a violent “political apocalypse” should Democratic candidate Joe Biden fail to win over President Donald Trump in the upcoming November election. According to The Daily Beast, the coalition of progressive groups led by the organization Fight Back Table met last week on the Zoom platform to plan a possible scenario if the elections do not reach a precise result.

Fight Back Table is a consortium of MoveOn, Color of Change, and the American Federation of Teachers (with involvement from Transition Integrity). It has founded a Democracy Defense Nerve Center to fight a red-state revolt aimed at illegally keeping Trump in power, according to RedState.

Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown University law professor and co-founder of “Transition Integrity Project,” wrote in her editorial that only a “landslide for Joe Biden” would lead to “a relatively orderly transfer of power.”

During the fall of last year, the Fight Back Table would have planned a smaller-scale meeting to discuss post-election measures. However, the meeting was eventually postponed due to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic (COVID-19). During the meeting, where the coalition of more than 50 leftist organizations met, participants addressed the question of what the progressive political ecosystem can do functionally under a range of electoral scenarios. They reportedly discussed forming a multi-state communications arm to fight misinformation, a training program to implement non-violent civil disobedience, and the rationale for carrying out “mass public riots.” (So much for the “non-violent” disobedience!) They also reportedly reviewed a report on the Transitional Integrity Project (TIP), a bipartisan initiative formed in 2019, which took the time to analyze the various election season scenarios, announcing the potential for chaos and corruption that lay ahead.

If the election results in a win for President Trump, the coalition could take a page from the TIP’s “war games” election report. It urges Biden to pressure the Western states, namely California and Oregon, to “secede from the Union.” That’s unless their potential demands for reform — abolishing the Electoral College, dividing California into five states, and statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C. — are met. A source familiar with the Democracy Defense Nerve Center spoke about the operations to be implemented and said they should keep the mess down and shut down society for weeks.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party legislators would be concerned about the consequences that could be unleashed by the statements of President Donald Trump. The president has pointed out that the mail vote, promoted mainly by the Democrats, could represent a potential danger to democracy, alleging possible frauds. President Trump suggested Wednesday that supporters should try voting twice, by mail and in person, to test electoral systems’ ability to detect fraud, prompting an outcry from state officials who warned that casting more than one vote is illegal.

How Serious Is This Threat?

Short answer: Critically serious.

Just to prove how certain are the members of these various groups preparing for purposeful election-results chaos, here s only one of the potential scenarios they “created” from which to craft their response plans. This idea was penned by Rosa Brooks, who is the founder of “Transition Integrity Project.”

We wanted to know: What’s the worst thing that could happen to our country during the presidential election? President Trump has broken countless norms and ignored countless laws during his time in office, and while my colleagues and I at the Transition Integrity Project didn’t want to lie awake at night contemplating the ways the American experiment could fail, we realized that identifying the most serious risks to our democracy might be the best way to avert a November disaster. So we built a series of war games, sought out some of the most accomplished Republicans, Democrats, civil servants, media experts, pollsters and strategists around, and asked them to imagine what they’d do in a range of election and transition scenarios. A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power. Every other scenario we looked at involved street-level violence and political crisis.

Picture this:

“On the morning of Election Day, false stories appear online claiming that Biden has been hospitalized with a life-threatening heart attack and the election has been delayed. Every mainstream news organization reports that the rumors are unfounded, but many Biden supporters, confused by the bogus claims, stay home. Still, by late that night, most major networks have called the election for Biden: The former vice president has won key states and has a slender lead in the national popular vote, and polling experts predict that his lead will grow substantially as Western states count an unusually high number of mail-in ballots. The electoral college looks secure for Biden, too.

But Trump refuses to concede, alleging on Twitter that “MILLIONS of illegal ALIENS and DEAD PEOPLE” have voted in large numbers and that the uncounted ballots are all “FAKE VOTES!!!” Social media fills with posts from Trump supporters alleging that the election has been “stolen” in a “Deep State coup,” and Trump-friendly pundits on Fox News and OAN echo the message.

Soon, Attorney General William P. Barr opens an investigation into unsubstantiated allegations of massive vote-by-mail fraud and ties between Democratic officials and ANTIFA. In Michigan and Wisconsin, where Biden has won the official vote and Democratic governors have certified slates of pro-Biden electors, the Trump campaign persuades Republican-controlled legislatures to send rival pro-Trump slates to Congress for the electoral college vote.

The next week is chaotic: A list of Michigan and Wisconsin electors for Biden circulates on right-wing social media, including photos, home addresses and false claims that scores of them are in the pay of billionaire George Soros or have been linked to child sex-trafficking rings.

Massive pro-Biden street protests begin, demanding that Trump concede. The president tweets that “REAL PATRIOTS MUST SHOW THESE ANTIFA TERRORISTS THAT CITIZENS WHO LOVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER LET THEM STEAL THIS ELECTION!” Around the nation, violent clashes erupt. Several people are injured and killed in multiple incidents, though reports conflict about their identities and who started the violence.

Meanwhile, Trump declares that “UNLESS THIS CARNAGE ENDS NOW,” he will invoke the Insurrection Act and send “Our INCREDIBLY POWERFUL MILITARY and their OMINOUS WEAPONS” into the streets to “Teach these ANTI-AMERICAN TERRORISTS A LESSON.” At the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff convene a hurried meeting to discuss the crisis.

And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.”

Wow! And picture this: the above scenario they created for the stated purpose of preparing ourselves and other Americans for processes that MUST be initiated to ensure our government will be handed-off to the legally elected President!”

There are three more scenarios that are even wilder. This is James Bond stuff.

How did they prepare for all these contingencies? They could not include people from the Biden or Trump Campaigns, so they decided to use some “stand-ins” of people who are “in the know” about how both of these potential 2021 Presidents would respond. I will NOT go into the other three contingencies for which they created plans. When I heard who the stand-ins were, they lost all credibility. Here they are so you can judge for yourself:

On the GOP side, their “players” included former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, conservative commentator Bill Kristol, and former Kentucky secretary of state Trey Grayson. On the Democratic side, participants included John Podesta, chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and a top White House adviser to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama; Donna Brazile, the campaign chair for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential run; and Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan.

I refuse to analyze the specifics of their choices, but none of the three Republicans they chose are conservative, and each despises President Trump. And any “expert” who wishes to find realistic solutions from realistic possibilities in such a task would NEVER pick John Podesta, Donna Brazile, or Jennifer Granholm to represent Democrats. With those choices, I could predict the possible conclusions without even listening in: Donald Trump lost fairly and would prefer a civil war to voluntarily stepping down!


They missed a few things. First, Democrats are the only ones who have even made noises about possible actions regarding election results. Hillary Clinton still has not accepted that 62 million Americans legitimately chose for her NOT to serve as President. She is still screaming at Joe Biden, “Don’t concede on election night under any circumstances!” She’s screaming about THIS election!

I think I have reached a realistic conclusion of the purpose of this exercise in futility on the Democrats’ part: They’re certain Joe Biden will lose. Because they quietly feel it’s a foregone conclusion Trump will win, they’re preparing their adherents to instigate chaos of every kind that can be thrown at President Trump in a second term beginning with his inauguration!

Think about it: based on just this one possible scenario, can you imagine any way the DNC would not expect their followers to revolt in the vilest of ways if election results show a Trump victory? Without spelling it out, releasing this roadmap to rank-and-file Democrats is a call to war with a Biden loss.

How so? Those left-and-right coastal activists will hear this as a “call-to-arms” with permission to instigate violence. Why? “There’s no way Biden did not win! Trump stole this election. Now we must make him pay!”

The response of those in the “Transition Integrity Project” when confronted by Americans and even those in the Department of Justice will be, “Nothing we ever planned or prepared was in any way violent nor included any indications of any type of actions we recommended or instigated. These Democrats simply feel the election system has cheated them once again.”

I’ll conclude with what Ms. Brooks penned in her plan when asked is there any scenario in which she sees there is no extreme pushback regarding the results of the November 3rd election: “The only scenario in which we saw no pushback from the public in their response to election results is if Joe Biden wins in a landslide.”

If that doesn’t sound like a leftist elitist permitting angry Democrats to express anger and rage for a federal election’s results, I don’t know what else it might be.

“Can’t we just all get along?”

“Die, Atlantic Story! Please Just Die and go Away!”

It won’t! My Labor Day was unusually quiet and restful.

Sundays are “regeneration” days at TruthNewsNetwork. Unless D.C. is helter-skelter with scandal, riots, or impeachment, Sunday is a great day to just relax for a few hours and plan the week ahead. The Atlantic story set the World on fire when published last Thursday, and the fire will just NOT burn out! After all, it included some REAL dirt on Donald Trump! All of that ate up my Sunday.

Sunday was a church day with lunch with the Bride that included some amazing Mongolian Beef, rice, and vegetables. I LOVE carryout Chinese food! My plan was simply to bask in the one day this weekend I felt I could just skate through. I had already prepared my story for Labor Day: “Too Good to be True?” It, of course, was about the 2018 Trump trip to France that suddenly resulted in the Atlantic story last week that set the World on fire two years after the alleged atrocity happened! But, as I said, that story just will not die. I knew I was going to be forced to recharge the batteries for a follow-up story. And sure enough, today’s the day.

The Atlantic stunk up an otherwise beautiful Labor Day weekend for a lot of folks — especially President Trump — with a uniquely ugly story. Anti-Trump editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg (pictured above) claims that Donald Trump snubbed a World War One American cemetery in France because “it’s filled with losers,” and the Doughboys buried there are “suckers.” Goldberg also asserted that “Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain” on November 10, 2018. Honestly, I doubt the President would ever even say the word “disheveled!”

President Trump categorically rejected the Atlantic’s tale. He called it a “total lie. It’s fake news. It’s a disgrace.”

“I was ready to go to a ceremony,” Trump told journalists at Joint Air Base Andrews Thursday night. “But the helicopter could not fly…because it was raining about as hard as I’ve ever seen. And, on top of that, it was very, very foggy.” The Secret Service would not transport Trump by motorcade, he added, since “it was a very long drive.”

The Atlantic’s Goldberg wrote: “Neither claim was true.”

Who to believe? Goldberg or Trump?

Goldberg cites “four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day” — all anonymous, of course: my least favorite and most incorrigible journalistic source veracity guarantee process of seeking credibility for a sketchy script.

In contrast, at least 11 named members of Trump’s Paris team to corroborate him. So does an email from an unidentified military aide. So does the weather data. Trump’s next-day agenda also discredits the Atlantic.

President Trump’s most compelling witness is former national security adviser John Bolton. Since sent packing last September 10, Bolton has become a loud but less formidable Trump critic. But, Bolton told Fox News: “I didn’t hear either of those comments or anything resembling them. I was there at the point in time that morning when it was decided that he would not go. It was an entirely weather-related decision and, I thought, the proper thing to do.”

Pages 241-242 of Bolton’s 577-page anti-Trump offering, The Room Where It Happened, published June 23, sinks the Atlantic’s foundering ship.

“The weather was bad, and Kelly and I spoke about whether to travel as planned to the Château-Thierry Belleau Wood monuments and nearby American Cemeteries, where many U.S. World War One dead were buried. Marine One’s crew was saying that bad visibility could make it imprudent to chopper to the cemetery… If a motorcade were necessary, it could take between 90 and 120 minutes each way, along roads that were not exactly freeways, posing an unacceptable risk that we could not get the President out of France quickly enough in case of an emergency. 

‘The press turned canceling-the-cemetery-visit into a story that Trump was afraid of the rain and took glee in pointing out that other world leaders traveled around during the day. Of course, none of them were the President of the United States, but the press didn’t understand that rules for U.S. Presidents are different from the rules for 190 other leaders who don’t command the world’s greatest military forces.”

Others in Trump’s Paris party echoed Bolton’s recollection.

  • “The Atlantic story is not true,” First Lady Melania Trump declared. “It has become a very dangerous time when anonymous sources are believed above all else, and no one knows their motivation.”
  • Former counselor to the President Johnny DeStefano said: “I was on this trip. The Atlantic bit is not true. Period.”
  • “I did not hear POTUS call anyone losers when I told him about the weather,” former deputy White House chief of staff Zach Fuentes revealed to Breitbart Monday. John Kelly’s then-top aide added: “Honestly, do you think Gen. Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?”
  • “These are disgusting, grotesque, reprehensible lies,” wrote former deputy press secretary J. Hogan Gidley. “I was there in Paris and the President never said those things. In fact, he would never even think such vile thoughts because I know from first-hand knowledge that President Trump absolutely loves, respects, and reveres the brave men and women of the United States military.”
  • “Again, this is 100 percent false,” a former personal aide to the President Jordan Karem tweeted. “I was next to POTUS for the whole day! The President was greatly disappointed when told we couldn’t fly there. He was incredibly eager to honor our Fallen Heroes.”
  • “I was with the President the morning after the scheduled visit,” said staff Secretary Derek Lyons. “He was extremely disappointed that arrangements could not be made to get him to the site and that the trip had been canceled. I have worked for the President for his entire administration… I have never heard him utter a disparaging remark, of any kind, about our troops.”
  • Senior adviser Stephen Miller dismissed the Atlantic hit piece as a “despicable lie.” He told the Washington Examiner: “The President deeply wanted to attend the memorial event in question and was deeply displeased by the bad weather call.”
  • “The Atlantic story on Donald Trump is total BS,” said former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “I was actually there and one of the people part of the discussion — this never happened.”
  • “I was with POTUS in France, with Sarah, and have been at his side throughout it all,” said assistant to the President Dan Scavino. “Complete lies by ‘anonymous sources’ that were ‘dropped’ just as he begins to campaign (and surge).’”
  • Former deputy chief of staff Dan Walsh said: “I can attest to the fact that there was a bad weather call in France and that the helicopters were unable to safely make the flight. Overall, the President’s support and respect for our American troops, past and present, is unquestionable.”

An email stamped 5:59 a.m. that day, from a “United States Marine Corps Military Aide to the President,” whose name the White House redacted, reads: “Team, We are BAD WX call for today’s lift. COS Gen. Kelly, will motorcade and replace POTUS for today’s ceremony.”

With NO traffic, Château-Thierry is a roughly 90-minute drive northeast of Paris, partially along two-lane, rural roads. The congested return journey would have taken a presidential a motorcade 15-30 minutes longer. And a presidential motorcade is NOT comprised of a few cars with one leading the pack and several following. It is undoubtedly a small army because, after all, it would have been the President of the United States.

What about the truth of the Weather that day? Here’s the “official” weather report from France:

“During this time period, the ceilings (height of the base of the clouds) were extremely low during the midday hours (600-700 feet),” the Manhattan-based forecasting company reported. “Note that ceiling heights that low can be treacherous for a helicopter when flying over unfamiliar terrain. For reference, during the crash that killed Kobe Bryant earlier this year, ceilings were reported to be around 1,100 feet nearby.”

The next day, November 11, 2018, President Trump’s public schedule placed him at French President Emmanuel Macron’s noon Armistice Day Centennial Commemoration Luncheon at Élysée Palace. Given what the Atlantic calls “Trump’s seeming contempt for military service,” his alleged dismissal of America’s war dead as “losers” and “suckers,” and his purported to keeping his hair dry, President Trump could have sped to Orly Airport at 12:55 p.m., boarded Air Force One, and headed back to Joint Base Andrews.

Instead, Trump stayed in France two-and-a-half hours longer. He ventured to Suresnes American Cemetery and spoke in the rain for 10 minutes — without an umbrella.

“Each of these marble crosses and Stars of David marks the life of an American warrior — great, great warriors they are — who gave everything for family, country, God, and freedom,” the President said of the fallen there, from both world wars. “Through rain, hail, snow, mud, poisonous gas, bullets and mortar, they held the line, and pushed onward to victory…never knowing if they would ever again see their families or ever again hold their loved ones.”

Call me a southern redneck, skinhead, or even an idealist if you like. But putting all of the above in context, I think Atlantic’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg thinking he was going to drop a blockbuster revelation Labor Day Weekend on a President who he despises instead dropped something in the punch bowl. And it wasn’t a bunch of cherries or a chunk of pineapple!

Now can we put this event to bed and move on to a REAL story about something truthful? Do you think Goldberg has any REAL information about that $1.5 Billion Xi Xinping gave to Hunter Biden? A story about that might bring some REAL facts to the table!

The Fallacy of Systemic Racism

We certainly are taking a chance to discuss this the hottest topic during the U.S. racial unrest that is devastating cities from coast to coast. But it is essential to understand the truth about this most divisive term being tossed about by millions of Americans. And they are doing so without understanding the truth about it.

I’ll charge right in: Systemic Racism is a Myth


If we start at the beginning of this, we must begin with the meaning of the term “Systemic.” Definition: “of or relating to systems or a system; relating to or affecting the entire body of a system.”

“The body of a system.” 

This part of the definition is what has captured the attention of those who have taken the term “Systemic Racism” to use as a tool — a political tool. But their doing so is a huge mistake. Why? Let’s examine another definition: “System.”

A System is “A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.”

In the context of the actual constitution of a system, even though a system is comprised of numerous elements, NO system of any kind is a living, breathing human being. And every component within a system must be placed by someone.


This is where this conversation went off the rails decades ago. Follow along with this thought pattern:

  1. Can we see the wind? No, we cannot see the wind. But we know it’s there.
  2. How do we know the wind is there? We see leaves and limbs blowing. We watch as kites are swept to and fro in the sky by the wind. We just saw the devastation by Hurricane Laura of southwest Louisiana.
  3. We NEVER see the wind itself. We see the results of the things that wind impacts.

Let’s change gears for a moment and start with Part II:

  1. Can we see racism? No, we cannot “see” racism. But we know it’s there.
  2. How do we know racism is around us? We see inequities between people of different races. We watch disparity among races permeates almost every area of our lives. We see how racism results in unfairness, anger, hatred, and even violence.
  3. We NEVER see racism itself. We see the results of the things that racism impacts.

Wind and racism are two very different things. They just happen to share these few things in common. Their comparisons here are to simply show that each is controlled, but controlled in different ways.

The wind is NOT controlled by people, though there have been bountiful attempts by many through generations to mitigate the impact that wind makes on all of us and our entire world. Much of its impact is devastating: floods result from wind, property is destroyed by wind, the shapes of land and vegetation are altered by the wind. But wind itself cannot be controlled by humans. The wind is a force of nature.

Racism is vastly different than wind. Racism is NOT a force of nature. While racism’s impact on Earth is undoubtedly devastating, and we see it play out all around every day, racism, unlike wind, IS controlled by people. Just as with wind, racism overwhelms almost all people whom it touches. Some, however, never really recognize it. For those, racism is just another feeling or sense that does not play a large role in their lives. But it positively impacts the lives of millions of people who are daily confronted with racism in their varying lifestyles.

There are people who live in a part of the world that sees very few problems from the wind. The fact that they don’t experience hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods doesn’t change the reality of wind — wind still exists. Wind simply doesn’t impact their lives the same way wind impacts the lives of those who live next to oceans.

The similarities between wind and racism end at this point: For Racism to DO what racism does, there must be a human involved. Wind does its damage as merely being a natural occurrence. Racism to act requires that “Someone.”

The “Human” Element of Racism

If you don’t get anything in this discussion other than this one thing, PLEASE dig deeply into this: racism to exist in action always results from a CHOICE a human makes.

  • Racism is NOT biological;
  • Racism never just “happens;”
  • Racism never “jumps” on anybody;
  • Racism is learned;
  • Racism, in many ways, is created in humans in a similar fashion;
  • Racism MUST be invited and accepted and adopted by people.

So in the context of this discussion that is titled The Fallacy of Systemic Racism,” why is “Systemic Racism” a fallacy?

Racism requires human adoption and acceptance. And Systems have NO human abilities!

Examples of “systems” that are being accused of being racist

  • Institutions of Higher Learning;
  • The Banking System;
  • The Healthcare System;
  • The U.S. Justice Department;
  • The State Department;
  • The Public Primary and Secondary Education systems;
  • Local and state Law Enforcement systems;
  • The Entertainment Industry;
  • Commercial Airlines;

And the list can be added to forever.

Nuts and Bolts of Racism

Racism is solely a human trait and is controlled (and even allowed to exist) by humans. There is NO school — pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, or college that is racist: NOT ONE! But there are certainly people who attend, work at, and teach at each of these that ARE racists. And they are racists because they CHOOSE to be. No one can make another person racist.

Racism is a cousin of numerous other faults: idolatry, hate, anger, bitterness, theft, cheating, even murder.

  • The Daycare to which you take your baby is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • The elementary school your child or grandchild attends is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • The grocery store where you shop is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • Your local police department is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who drive patrol cars and give out tickets which work there;
  • The FBI is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work in the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington and work in FBI field offices around the world;
  • The Commercial Airline Industry is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who are ticket and gate agents, baggage handlers, pilots, and flight attendants who work there;
  • The hospitals and clinics in your city are NOT themselves racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • The church you attend is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who are attendees or who work there;
  • The automobile dealership from which you purchased and services your car is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work in the service, parts, sales, and management there.

Two things must occur in each case of racism: there MUST be a human. And humans MUST voluntarily accept racism and make it part of their mindset for it to do any harm.


Realizing this should make life a bit simpler for you in regards to how to deal with racism. But there’s one element we haven’t touched on yet:

Racism is not unlike any negative occurrence or characteristic which people can grab and use as weapons. And they certainly do!

And creating a foil to use as a racism tool makes it much easier to weaponize. And humanizing institutions makes the use of racism that much easier. Want an example? Listen to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker from a Democrat Presidential debate:

(click on this link)

The weaponization of racism is best illustrated in our political world today by that short debate question answer by Sen. Cory Booker. He called the President a racist and a White Supremacist. He then used a “system:” the “Criminal Justice System” to use as a political weapon to further his political causes.

Booker referenced the “systemic racism” of the criminal justice system that has for nearly thirty years unjustly and in racist fashion tore apart members of the African American community who were abused by U.S. Criminal Justice System’s laws and penalties: laws that were NOT passed or approved by the Criminal Justice System, but by PEOPLE — legislators who craft and pass laws — “HUMANS PASS LAWS THAT CONTAIN RACIST PRINCIPLES AND PENALITIES!

It is quite ironic today to hear former VP Joe Biden and his vice-presidential running mate Sen. Kamala Harris.. They both always call (as did Booker) President Trump a racist and White Supremacist. They have weaponized those terms to use against their political enemy: Donald Trump. The word “racist” has become the “go-to” insult with which to end an argument, especially in a public statement. We see it happen quite often: two politicians began a discussion that becomes an argument about specific political policies. When one feels the other is not performing in a “politically correct manner,” he or she plays the trump card: “You’re racist!” End of conversation.

Folks, racism exists, but NOT in systems or institutions. It certainly shows up there. But its existence and constant appearances are in people who are a part of these entities that have been labeled as being “Systemically Racist,” when no such entity exists. That is simply a lazy way for someone who feels they are losing an argument to simply use a “gotcha” to end it by claiming some type of moral victory over an opponent.

President Trump recently showed the perfect example of how a system cannot be racist. Remember the specific model used by Sen. Booker in that debate question answer: The Criminal Justice System. That system has never itself been racist. But was devised by and operated by many people who held racism as part of their mindset. Isn’t it ironic that the most egregious Crime Bill passed in the U.S. in 1994 was authored and pushed through be Senator Joe Biden? The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act that was called most often the “three strikes you’re out” law, was the result of years of work by Biden, who oversaw the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was to crack down on the escalation in the nation of crimes of all kinds.

Politically, the legislation was also a chance for Democrats to wrestle the issue of crime away from Republicans. Biden has for years bragged continuously about how tough the law is, how it brought back the death penalty, how it incarcerated people for two and three times more jail time than ever before. Tens of thousands of African Americans suffered at the hands of the “three strikes you’re out” provision. That meant that a person who was convicted three times, even for minor drug offenses, would be sentenced to life! Donald Trump changed that with the new Crime Bill passed by Congress that no president or Congress since Bill Clinton could get done!

“Systemic Racism” is nothing more than a term to allow politicians to use another weapon against opponents for which there is no defense. And those on the Left have perfected its use. The sad thing is that their doing so has, in some way, softened the understanding and justifiable angst for TRUE racism in people! Pointing at a system — like the Criminal Justice System — deflects the anger one might have for the fact that humans created racism in that and other systems to weaponize and use against their opponents.

Sadly, most who lose that battle are those who have been targeted by racism for generations and who have done absolutely nothing to deserve what has been used against them.

Can we end racism? If so, how can we?

I never say, “Never.” But simply because of human nature and the fact that racism is a choice that a person must volunteer to hold, I am sad to say I think racism will be with us for another 260 years. What we CAN do is recognize the abuses of labeling companies, institutions, and systems as racist and begin teaching that racism requires humans to make it exist at all. If we can somehow get humans to recognize how it exists and that if they reject racism themselves, it can be eliminated in all those who choose.

Truly, however, I feel the only way that might ever happen is through a “God thing.” And I believe that, with God, anything is possible!