Author name: Dan Newman


Every schoolboy and girl know what “average” means.  In grades on report cards, average is a “C.”  How do you make a “C?”  Several different ways:  you can make all “C’s,” you can make an equal number of “B’s” and “D’s,” or you can make an equal number of “A’s” and “F’s.”  And of course …

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Sanctuary State Idiocy

California’s top law enforcement officer said his state is “ready” to confront the Trump administration over its funding threats against so-called sanctuary cities.  State Attorney General Xavier Becerra responded in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday to warnings by the Trump administration that it could cut funding to sanctuary cities, which are places that …

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Sharia Law

Please find below an explanation of what Sharia is: Key Tenets of Sharia Law The following are some of the most important—and, particularly for Western non-Muslims, deeply problematic—tenets of sharia, arranged in alphabetical order. The citations for these findings are drawn from the Koran, schools of Islam and other recognized sources are offered as illustrative …

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