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Bullet Points August 17, 2019

This is our regular Saturday feature in which we bring you bullet points of the top happenings of the last few days. Feel free to read the short summary. Following each is a link to a complete story expanding the short summary. Feel free to click on the link if you wish more detailed information.

This is good for a Starbucks Saturday morning with a caramel machiotta. Enjoy!

  • Certainly not the most important happening in the U, S. but definitely one of the top attention grabbers. The latest is that the Medical Examiner issued an official cause of death: “Suicide by strangulation.” But that official notification resolved nothing: speculation on the “real” cause of death has morphed into fake news stories that are abundant along with conspiracy theories that run the full gambit from jail-murder to a secret agent type of assassination. You can take a closer look here:
  • Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) topped the news the last few days regarding her feud with the nation of Israel. A Congressional group is making an official visit to Israel in which Tlaib and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) were both a part of. Both have been very vocal about their personal animus for Israel certainly impacted by the Muslim faith. When their itineraries were delivered to Israeli authorities to make preparations for their various meetings, neither had scheduled any or allotted any time for meetings with Israeli counterparts. They only wanted to go to the West Bank. Their invitations were promptly withdrawn. Tlaib publicly stated her intentions were to visit her ailing grandmother. On “humanitarian” purpose Israel granted her the opportunity to visit her grandmother. Tlaib them promptly denied that invitation. More here:
  • Friday morning rush hour was altogether halted when two pressure cookers were simply left in two different New York subway stations. A third pressure cooker was found moments later in another subway station. The entire system was shut down while NYPD determined none were bomb threats. Speculation abounds. Although Mayor deBlasio said there were no suspicions of any further threats, many recalling the Boston Marathon bombing that resulted in death and maiming of innocent bystanders are ignoring the Mayor’s consolation and are wanted the extensive investigation to find who “lost” their pressure cookers. More here:
  • The stock market jumped on the financial merry-go-round this week. Many cry its 800+ point one-day losses foretells a stock market crash. Others say it was simply a correction. But there are many on the right who feel a coordinated medial messaging plan was to convince the nation IS on the path to a recession so as to favor Trump’s opponent — ANY supporter of his — in the 2020 election. The market in the last couple of days has recovered almost all of its earlier losses and seems to be kicking again. More here:
  • In head to head polling in a FOX News presidential poll, Donald Trump loses to the top four Democrat candidates. This and other polls have spurred much speculation — much of which understandably centers around the 2016 dismal polling that even on the morning of Election Day showed Hillary Clinton soundly defeating the now President Donald Trump. Some believe the current massive angst by the Left Media against Mr. Trump has resulted in probable Trump voters to either avoid polling calls or lying with fear of being branded as being one of those “deplorables.” More here:
  • We pulled almost all of our troops out of Iraq and Syria because “Isis is dead.” Maybe not so. It appears that ISIS is re-tooling in northern Syria. If that’s true, the U.S. and the rest of the West may be in trouble again. More here:

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