Do Marxists Now Dominate the U.S. Judiciary?

Jewish law was based on the Ten Commandments and other sacred writings, which we find in the Hebrew Bible.  Jewish law influenced Roman law, English law, and our own Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  These laws are contained in the Torah (teaching) which became the first five books of the Bible.  It is why we are called a Judeo-Christian nation.

When a liberal higher-critic sort of attitude rules the day, the wisdom of man rules the day.  Man wants to be on the throne, but God is on the throne.  Thus, man elevates himself above God, and seeks to destroy the sacred writings of the Holy Scriptures, along with those who believe in Him.  When leaders are willing to throw out the expressed truth claims of God, it’s a simple next step to throw out the moral claims of God.  This is today’s “cancel culture.”

When political leaders and pulpits dismiss the authority of the scriptures and dismiss the authority of the God of the scriptures, freedom is rejected, liberty is crushed, law becomes perverted and justice is denied.

Communists and socialists are evil proponents of big government who would willingly sacrifice human liberty and freedom to advance their concept of “social justice.”  From the beginning of time, this evil has paved the way and devolved into what we’re seeing today.  The hatred of God and the elevation of man is the very core of communism.

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) expressed these sentiments perfectly when he accused Democrats of trying to define what it means to be male or female. “The gender confusion that exists in our culture today is a clear rejection of God’s good design. Whenever a nation’s laws no longer reflect the standards of God that nation is in rebellion against him and will inevitably bear the consequences,” the congressman said. “We are seeing the consequences of rejecting God here in our country today.”

That comment drew a fiery response from Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).  “What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress,” added Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

There you have it; God’s will and the Holy Scriptures are no concern of America’s Congress.  For nearly a century, the country has been turned over to godless men and women who care nothing for the rule of law.  Yes, a century and longer.

FDR’s Supreme Court

The elimination of true Constitutional originalists began and was solidified with Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1933.  Prior to his election, three republicans preceded him, Warren Harding from 1921-1923. When Harding passed from a heart attack, Vice President Calvin Coolidge became the 30th President of the United States for six years.  President Herbert Hoover followed with one term from 1929 to 1933.  FDR was President from 1933 to 1945; he had three vice presidents, the last being Harry Truman who succeeded him as president until 1953.

In the late 1930s, FDR had a plan to pack the court so as to legislate into law everything he wanted in his New Deal.  Sound familiar?  Congress and the people viewed FDR’s ill-considered proposal as an undemocratic power grab.  Nevertheless, FDR succeeded in putting eight members on the court the old-fashioned way, through attrition.  His administration was filled with communists, particularly Harry Hopkins who lived in the Lincoln bedroom and ran the Lend Lease program.

FDR appointed eight new members of the Supreme Court: Associate Justices Hugo BlackStanley F. ReedFelix FrankfurterWilliam O. DouglasFrank MurphyJames F. ByrnesRobert H. Jackson, and Wiley Blount Rutledge. Additionally, he elevated sitting Justice Harlan F. Stone to Chief Justice.  All were progressive democrats except Republican Harlan F. Stone.

Felix Frankfurter helped to found the American Civil Liberties Union. In a 1917 letter by former President Teddy Roosevelt to Frankfurter, he criticized Frankfurter for supporting “traitors,” “Bolsheviks” and “murderers.” This was exposed in Manning Johnson’s book, Color, Communism and Common Sense.

SCOTUS Election Cases

The Supreme Court has refused to hear any 2020 general election cases involving voter fraud.  On December 11, 2021, the Supreme Court denied a Texas effort that would have essentially nullified the presidential elections in Pennsylvania, Michigan,Georgia and Wisconsin.  Seventeen other states joined in the suit brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Justices Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch dissented.

On February 22, the Supreme Court rejected three GOP elections-related lawsuits regarding the state of Pennsylvania.  The same three justices dissented.  The fact that states did not follow their own state legislatively set laws is the issue millions of people still are not happy with.  The Roberts led Supreme Court has declined to hear any of the cases brought challenging the procedures of how the election was conducted.

Congressman Mike Kelly of the 16th District of Pennsylvania also had his case rejected by SCOTUS.  Kelly v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania case was filed in Pennsylvania and disputed the state’s greater allowances for mail-in ballots amid the pandemic.

The high court had no intention to intervene in the cases because it did not act before Congress certified Biden’s victory on January 6th.  The dates were set by the court, purposely being stretched past the 6th.  Sidney Powell reacted to the rulings on election integrity.

Justice Clarence Thomas issued a scathing dissent to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to decline to hear the merits of lawsuits challenging the 2020 election in Pennsylvania and by so doing, detailed what he described as the “inexplicable” avoidance of cases with critical implications for future elections.

He stated, “These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority non-legislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle.  The refusal to do so is inexplicable.  We failed to settle this dispute before the election and thus provide clear rules.  Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections.  The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling.  By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence.  Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us.”

Amazon Prime dropped Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, an acclaimed and popular PBS documentary on Justice Clarence Thomas, making it unavailable to stream during Black History Month. Justice Thomas is our only black justice, yet Amazon, during Black History Month removed this great documentary.  Any conservative, regardless of skin color or position is censored by big tech… that’s the communist way!

Trump Tax Case

Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., has been seeking Trump’s tax records since 2019 as part of an investigation. On February 22, 2021, SCOTUS ruled for Vance.  There were no comments or dissents noted.  Vance immediately subpoenaed the records from the Mazars accounting firm that has long done work for Trump and his businesses. Trump had asked for a delay to rehear lower court decisions, but was denied by the court and Vance received the records in three days.

The Supreme Court waited months to act in this case. The last of the written briefs in the case was filed Oct. 19. But a court that includes three Trump appointees waited through the election, Trump’s challenge to his defeat and a month after Trump left office before issuing its order.

President Trump said the Democrat inspired case is politically motivated and he’s absolutely right.

Trump’s Justices

In my last article, and in previous articles regarding the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, I documented their funding by Koch family organizations. These two organizations created the lists of potential Supreme Court candidates.  Federalist “picks” were not simply vetted by the Federalist Society; the nominees were Federalist Society loyalists.

The Koch brothers supported and subsidized Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway, but detested Donald Trump.  Pence worked in the early 90s for the Indiana State Policy Network, a satellite of Heritage Foundation who he has joined once again. Kellyanne Conway and her Trump hating husband, George, are long time members of the Federalist Society.  George is a member of the Lincoln Project, republicans dedicated to defeating Trump.

Since the confirmation of Trump’s three justices, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, they’ve often chosen to side with Chief Justice Roberts and the politically liberal justices.  Election fraud is not new…it’s been here for decades.

Election Fraud 1948

Frank Hamer was the legendary Texas Ranger who trapped and killed notorious outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde.  R. Cort Kirkwood wrote the entire story for the February 1st, 2021 New American Magazine.  Frank Hamer was shot 17 times and killed 53 men during his illustrious career.  He also saved 15 black men from death at the hands of lynch mobs in various towns and cities in east Texas, where he led an unpopular fight against the Ku Klux Klan.

It was July, 1948 when beloved Texas Governor, Coke Stevenson ran for the Senate and won, but victory was stolen by election thief Lyndon Baines Johnson.  In the Democratic primary of 1948, Stevenson bested Johnson by more than 70,000 votes, but neither candidate received a majority of the more than one million cast.  Three men were in the running, but the most votes went to Stevenson with 477,077 and to Johnson with 405,617.  The two met again in a runoff on Saturday, August 28th.

Mr. Kirkwood writes, “Though polling put Stevenson ahead, 53-47 percent, Johnson turned that deficit around.  As more precincts reported results, Stevenson’s lead dwindled to less than 1,000 votes, and while more uncounted votes magically appeared, by Tuesday, election officials had declared Stevenson the victor by a slim 349.  Yet the counting still wasn’t finished. More and more counties in the Rio Grande Valley reported “new votes” for Johnson, which cut his deficit to 157.  That still wasn’t enough to defeat Stevenson.  At 12:30 p.m. on Friday, September 3, Jim Wells County called in a 200-vote change that gave Johnson 494,191 to Stevenson’s 484,104.”

Cork Stevenson knew there was fraud, so with his friend Frank Hamer and two lawyers, they traveled to Corpus Christi to check the votes.  Hamer and Stevenson went to the bank where election records for Precinct 13 were kept. “Git,” Hamer told one band of five. “Fall back!” he ordered the second larger group blocking the bank’s door. He was ready to draw the gun holstered at his side.  The other men had removed their jackets and none were armed except Frank.

They proved the votes had been rigged and a “7” had obviously been changed to a “9.”  A Mexican American in the precinct told the two lawyers that “people live longer down here if they keep their mouths shut.”

Even though they had the proof of vote fraud, the Democrats did the same thing they always do and just did on January 6th, 2020, they declared Johnson the winner by one vote.

The evidence from Hamer and Stevenson didn’t matter.  Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black halted the trial just minutes before the vote boxes were to be opened in court.  Johnson’s attorney, future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, successfully argued to Associate Justice Hugo Black, then in charge of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, that primaries were “irrevocably and incontestably vested” in Texas law.

Black agreed, and the Supreme Court upheld his ruling. Fraud was discounted out of hand, just like it was in our 2020 general election and the runoff in Georgia in January.

Hugo Black was one of the liberal democrats nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In 1921, Hugo Black defended E. R. Stephenson, a minister of the now defunct Methodist Episcopal Church South in his trial for the murder of a Catholic priest, Father James E. Coyle.  Stephenson’s daughter had converted to Catholicism and married a man of Puerto Rican descent, and Coyle had conducted the wedding.

Hugo Black got Stephenson acquitted in part by arguing to the jury that Puerto Ricans should be considered black under part of the South’s one drop rule.  Black, a Democrat, joined the Ku Klux Klan shortly afterwards, in order to gain votes from the anti-Catholic element in Alabama. He built his winning Senate campaign around multiple appearances at KKK meetings across Alabama.

Allegedly he left the Klan in 1925.  Black later said that joining the Klan was a mistake, but he went on to say, “I would have joined any group if it helped get me votes.”

Many Americans also know of the 1946 Battle of Athens in McMinn County, Tennessee regarding Democratic vote fraud by Paul Cantrell, the candidate for sheriff who tied his campaign closely to the popularity of the Roosevelt administration and rode FDR’s coattails to victory over his Republican opponent.  He ruled until 1946 when returning WWII veterans stopped the deceit.


Vote fraud has existed in America for eons; and America’s judiciary is fraught with corruption…a corruption that has all but collapsed our rule of law.  The judges are the ones who have elevated themselves above God and who will willingly sacrifice our freedom and liberty.

  Kelleigh Nelson






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CPAC: 2009 Keynote Address by Rush Limbaugh

Yesterday, we paid tribute to the #1 talk show host in American history: Rush Limbaugh. We will not today dig deeper into his legacy for us all, nor will we talk about the positive things thousands who took to the airways in the last 24 hours shared about their hero. We also will not give the light of day to the horrific slams made by mostly Leftists against Rush Limbaugh. What we WILL do today is give you the opportunity to listen to one of the greatest speeches ever given by any conservative in our history. And that’s saying a bunch! After all, Limbaugh’s idol was President Ronald Reagan. Rush often played segments of Reagan’s speeches on his show. Most know that in his “first life,” Ronald Reagan was an actor, and was very successful. He knew well how to speak to a crowd. Rush, in my opinion, took that marvelous Reagan art to another level.

CPAC is an annual event at which conservatives from all over the U.S. congregate to listen to great speeches from great people, (not all politicians) and to interface with like-minded individuals to share new ideas about Conservatism and methods of spreading its ideologies outside of the mainstream media.

In 2009, Rush was invited to be their keynote speaker. He was in his element. It was a speech for the ages.

We are bringing it to you in total in a video just below today. I warn you, it is lengthy. But it is well worth your time. Additionally, after the video, we have attached an audio file of the speech as well. I encourage you to download and save the audio file. It will be a speech that you will refer to again and again in your life, especially in times where the political landscape and all that happens discourages you.

NOTE: You may want to start this video today and finish it after our “Saturday Bullet Points” compilation tomorrow!

Here’s the link to the audio version of this same speech by Rush:


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“Mega Dittos, Rush…”

In 1989, I moved my family from Louisiana to Indianapolis and become the PM Drive host at WTPI-FM. I loved radio. I fell in love with it at age 16 when my high school Speech teacher — who was a part-time radio News Announcer — suggested I drop by his station in Franklin, Louisiana. I needed a part-time job and he said he thought they “had something.” I assumed I would be doing janitorial work and thought it would be cool to hang out at a real radio station.

I went to interview with the station GM. Imagine my surprise when he walked me down the hall into a production studio, sat me behind a microphone, and handed me a news story to read as they recorded it. Two days after that interview I became an afternoon DJ playing Top-40 hits at KFRA!

I “used” radio throughout my teenage years. It gave me part-time income and some prestige as a “Radio Announcer” with many of my friends. I worked my way through college working full time in Radio while going to school full time, too.

Eventually, after dabbling in a couple of other professions I went back to radio. Thus WTPI called and gave me a dream job. And one of the best parts of that job is an introduction to Rush Limbaugh and his conservative radio talk show. He’s been my “friend” since — until Wednesday. My “friend” and radio hero lost his battle with lung cancer. Rush Limbaugh, dead at 70.

My Parting Memories of Rush Limbaugh You May Have Missed

Rush Limbaugh, the radio host who ripped into liberals, foretold the rise of Donald Trump and laid waste to political correctness with a merry brand of malice that made him one of the most powerful voices on the American right, died Wednesday.

Limbaugh, an outspoken lover of cigars, had been diagnosed with lung cancer. His death was announced on his website.

President Trump, during a State of the Union speech, awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

Unflinchingly conservative, wildly partisan, bombastically self-promoting, and larger than life, Limbaugh galvanized listeners for more than 30 years with his talent for vituperation and sarcasm.

He called himself an entertainer, but his rants during his three-hour weekday radio show broadcast on nearly 600 U.S. stations shaped the national political conversation, swaying ordinary Republicans and the direction of their party.

Blessed with a made-for-broadcasting voice, he delivered his opinions with such certainty that his followers, or “Ditto-heads,” as he dubbed them, took his words as sacred truth.

“In my heart and soul, I know I have become the intellectual engine of the conservative movement,” Limbaugh, with typical immodesty, told author Zev Chafets in the 2010 book “Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One.”

Forbes magazine estimated his 2018 income at $84 million, ranking him behind only Howard Stern among radio personalities.

Limbaugh took as a badge of honor the title “most dangerous man in America.” He said he was the “truth detector,” the “doctor of democracy,” a “lover of mankind,” a “harmless, lovable little fuzz ball” and an “all-around good guy.” He daily stated he had “talent on loan from God.”

Long before Trump’s rise in politics, Limbaugh was pinning insulting names on his enemies and raging against the mainstream media, accusing it of feeding the public lies. He called Democrats and others on the left communists, wackos, feminazis, liberal extremists, faggots and radicals.

Limbaugh often enunciated the Republican platform better and more entertainingly than any party leader, becoming a GOP kingmaker whose endorsement and friendship were sought. Polls consistently found he was regarded as the voice of the party.

His idol, Ronald Reagan, wrote a letter of praise that Limbaugh proudly read on the air in 1992: “You’ve become the number one voice for conservatism.” In 1994, Limbaugh was so widely credited with the first Republican takeover of Congress in 40 years that the GOP made him an honorary member of the new class.

During the 2016 presidential primaries, Limbaugh said he realized early on that Trump would be the nominee, and he likened the candidate’s deep connection with his supporters to his own. In a 2018 interview, he conceded Trump is sometimes rude but said that is because he is “fearless and willing to fight against the things that no Republican has been willing to fight against.”

Trump, for his part, heaped praise on Limbaugh, and they golfed together. (The president’s Mar-a-Lago estate is eight miles down the same Palm Beach boulevard as Limbaugh’s beachfront expanse.) In honoring Limbaugh at the State of the Union, Trump called his friend “a special man beloved by millions.”

Limbaugh influenced the likes of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and countless other conservative commentators who pushed the boundaries of “acceptable public discourse.”

His brand of blunt, no-gray-area debate spread to cable TV, town hall meetings, political rallies, and Congress itself, emerging during the battles over health care and the ascent of the tea party movement.

“What he did was to bring a paranoia and really mean, nasty rhetoric and hyperpartisanship into the mainstream,” said Martin Kaplan, a University of Southern California professor who is an expert on the intersection of politics and entertainment and a frequent critic of Limbaugh. “The kind of antagonism that characterized him instantly became acceptable everywhere.”

His foes accused him of trafficking in half-truths, bias, and outright lies — the very tactics he decried in others. Al Franken, the comedian, and one-time senator came out with a book in 1996 called “Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations.”

In 2003, Limbaugh admitted to an addiction to painkillers and went into rehab.

He lost his hearing around that time. He said it was from an autoimmune disorder, while his critics said hearing loss is a known side effect of painkiller abuse. He received cochlear implants, which restored his hearing and saved his career.

A portly, round-faced figure, Limbaugh was divorced three times, after marrying Roxy Maxine McNeely in 1977, Michelle Sixta in 1983, and Marta Fitzgerald in 1994. He married his fourth wife, Kathryn Rogers, in a lavish 2010 ceremony featuring Elton John. He had no children.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was born Jan. 12, 1951, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. His mother was the former Mildred Armstrong, and his father, Rush Limbaugh Jr., was a lawyer.

Rusty, as the younger Limbaugh was known, was chubby and shy, with little interest in school but a passion for broadcasting. He would turn down the radio during St. Louis Cardinals baseball games, offering play-by-play, and gave a running commentary during the evening news. By high school, he had snagged a radio job.

Limbaugh dropped out of Southeast Missouri State University for a string of DJ gigs, from his hometown to McKeesport, Pennsylvania, to Pittsburgh, and then Kansas City. Known as Rusty Sharpe and then Jeff Christie on the air, he mostly spun Top 40 hits and sprinkled in glimpses of his wit and conservatism.

“One of the early reasons radio interested me was that I thought it would make me popular,” he once wrote.

But he didn’t gain the following he craved and gave up on the radio for several years, beginning in 1979, becoming promotions director for baseball’s Kansas City Royals. He ultimately returned to broadcasting, again in Kansas City and then Sacramento, California.

It was there in the early 1980s that Limbaugh really garnered an audience, broadcasting shows dripping with sarcasm and bravado. The stage name was gone.

Limbaugh began broadcasting nationally in 1988 from WABC in New York. While his know-it-all commentary quickly gained traction, he was dismayed by his reception in the big city. He thought he would be welcomed by Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, and Dan Rather.

“I came to New York,” he wrote, “and I immediately became a nothing, a zero.”

Ultimately, Limbaugh moved his radio show to Palm Beach and bought his massive estate. Talkers Magazine, which covers the industry, said Limbaugh had the nation’s largest audience in 2019, with 15 million unique listeners each week.

“When Rush wants to talk to America, all he has to do is grab his microphone. He attracts more listeners with just his voice than the rest of us could ever imagine,” Beck wrote in Time magazine in 2009. “He is simply on another level.”

Limbaugh expounded on his world view in the best-selling books “The Way Things Ought to Be” and “See, I Told You So.”

He had a late-night TV show in the 1990s that got decent ratings but lackluster advertising because of his divisive message. When he guest-hosted “The Pat Sajak Show” in 1990, audience members called him a Nazi and repeatedly shouted at him.

He was fired from a short-lived job as an NFL commentator on ESPN in 2003 after he said the media had made a star out of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb because it was “very desirous that a black quarterback do well.” His racial remarks also derailed a 2009 bid to become one of the owners of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.

“Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just think to yourself, `I am just full of hot gas?’” David Letterman asked him in 1993 on “The Late Show.”

“I am a servant of humanity,” Limbaugh replied. “I am in the relentless pursuit of the truth. I actually sit back and think that I’m just so fortunate to have this opportunity to tell people what’s really going on.”


I never met Rush, but I knew him: every one of his listeners felt they knew him. He was that kind of communicator.

He seldom discussed religion, although it was easy to tell he held a personal relationship with God. Not long after his announcement to the nation he was diagnosed with and fighting lung cancer, Rush began to speak on air about his faith. For me, he just dotted an “i” by talking about his God. I already knew he was a Christian.

Wednesday, my wife met me as I finished my daily talk show, “TNN Live,” with the news of Rush’s passing. I failed to hold back the tears.

I could not control my sadness or the tears as I thought through my 31-year relationship with the nation’s ONLY real Talk Show host. It was as if I lost my biological sibling.

Rush meant much to many people. And in each of us ditto-heads, he filled a different role. But for all those who dared listen objectively to his opinions that were primarily about politics, they each learned much about politics in the U.S. and the World. But they learned much about themselves. Rush forced his listeners to think through numerous principles and ideas that most had never considered. He helped numerous of us to find a grounding in the truth. That was Rush’s gift to us all.

Rush is why this website is named He challenged me deeper than almost all others in my life to research, investigate, and dig hard about everything that I deemed important in my life. I learned to never just accept the easy path on fact-finding missions. I learned to hunger to discover “what’s really going on.” More often than not, I DID discover those truths. I never gave up until I “got it.”

I tried a few times to get through on his studio line: _1-800-282-2882.” I never got through because of the millions of ditto-heads that shared Rush with me. That’s OK. The good I received from him and his show wasn’t meant to be from a personal conversation, rather from a charge to me that I heard often from him that gave me a hunger to find facts. Those facts AND the journey to unearth them was what he would have spoken to me about anyway!

Who can take his place? That is really a stupid question — No one ever will. There will be those who try. But anyone who thinks they can equal or beat him had better understand that’s something that no one has ever accomplished. He is gone, but even in his absence, I can honestly say this: Rush Limbaugh is STILL the Number One Talk Show Host in the United States.

So long, my friend. We’ll meet again. I can’t wait to see you face-to-face in the “Heavenly” EIB Studios where I hope to share another golden EIB microphone beside you for a show or two.


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Consumed by Lust

My Dad was a fiery preacher that pastored a small church in a small town in south Louisiana. We moved to that town — Franklin — the Summer before my freshman year in high school. What a horrible time for a family to move! We all know how fragile are our psyches and emotions at that age. I left my old friends with which I had grownup to move to a small town where no one knew me. Worst was I had to find a way to “fit in.” That wasn’t so easy to do back in 1967. And to make matters worse, I was a teenage boy who had just discovered girls.

I cannot today describe the roller coaster that I rode everyday because of my personal feelings and my self-condemnation. Think about it: a fourteen-year-old boy whose father was a pastor, just moved to a new town where no one knew him or anything about him, and his hormones suddenly showed up! What a conundrum that I faced everyday with NO guidance, NO direction, and lots of condemnation.

My problem was lust — I discovered girls. And did my hormones kick into high gear! I never knew girls were like “that.” “That,” of course, was the fact that girls’ hormones changed them in the same way as mine changed me. And I LIKED their changes!

Church each Sunday became a place for me to both feel guilty for “thinking” bad things — which I later discovered were simply natural thoughts — repenting for my horrible sins, and starting over by getting “clean” for the next week.

That cycle was perpetual and always brought the same results.

Thankfully my lust for the opposite sex did not destroy me. And several years later I found my soulmate. Yesterday — Valentines Day — we celebrated 46 years of wedded bliss that produced three children, six grandchildren, and a bunch of memories.

That lust with which I struggled was soon replaced by an understanding of life as a fourteen year old and a respect and love that has endured for almost half a century.

Is Lust Just About Sex?

The short answer is “No.”

Lust is “a psychological force producing intense desire for an object, or circumstance while already having a significant other or amount of the desired object.”

Can you imagine an adult example in which lust drives people insane in a quest for  something or someone which they want but don’t have? Of course there are  multiple examples of people burning in desire for a love interest. Close to half the marriages in the U.S. struggle with (and often end with) lust harbored by one party to the marriage who act on that lust that tragically destroys the marriage. But there are OTHER examples of lust that create equal or sometimes even nastier results for those involved. What lust could there be that might be nastier?

Political Power

It’s not a reach to compare an example of sexual lust to one of lust for political might and power. And lust for power is rampant in the nation’s Capital and is growing stronger by the day. Most people don’t even recognize its existence let alone pin its deadliness on politicians that consumes so many while leaving its victims’ bodies strewn along the streets of D.C.

Political Lust

Back in the 60s and 70s, Washington political power craved by every politician was for money. It began innocently enough: Congressional pay was not equal to the pay in similar positions in the private sector and living in D.C. was very costly. Those government “servants” were driven to make ends meet. And D.C. political financial creativity was born.

“Lobbying” became the big “go-to” for money. Big law firms hired former legislators who all had open doors to their counterparts who still served in Congress. If your firm has corporate clients who need access to Congress for anything, who better to hire to provide that access than a former member of Congress? They can put your client’s hopes, wishes, and agenda items in the faces of any number of the 535 lawmakers on a daily basis.

“How does that turn into dollars?” Huge salaries, benefits, and opportunities for the ex-lawmakers (now lobbyists) along with their family members. And the financial benefits are mind-boggling: “Quid Pro Quo.”

How many pieces of legislation are passed each year as a result of lobbyist paid-for junkets to exotic locations or cush positions in law firms or D.C. offices for extended family members of those lawmakers? How many endowed scholarships are funded in the name of members of Congress paid for with generous donations from a major corporation who saw a billion dollar bill passed out of committee to the floor of the House, something nobody in Congress thought could happen?

And then there are always tips and “heads-ups” of pending corporate revelations passed along in secret just prior to that big news hitting the press which runs that corporate stock prices through the roof? This practice is so prevalent, the House even passed a bill several years ago that was signed into law named “The Pelosi Bill” because Nancy Pelosi cashed in on numerous such opportunities giving insider information to her husband Paul and others to make millions. (By the way: insider trading is and has been illegal for many years. Martha Stewart went to jail for it. And nothing happened to Nancy.)

Where Does Lust For Political Power Come In?

Think about it: just because there are rampant under-the-table financial opportunities doesn’t automatically turn into big money for legislators. They must be careful not to be detected. But there are pitfalls that befall those who step over the line and get caught. That news makes trouble with voting constituents. And there’s no way to perpetuate the Gravy Train without returning to Washington again and again — constituents determine who goes back and who doesn’t. The way to control this and everything else in the process is to control everything and everybody in the government process in every way!

That takes power. Political power gives the holders control. Control allows a political party or group of big donors or various not-for-profit entities inside opportunities which could NEVER be achieved without Political Power.

All those opportunities most politicians lust for are attainable only under the right conditions. And, of course, the purveyors of power and control determine who is and who is not worthy of receiving any of these D.C. boondoggles. And there are plenty to go around IF you’re in the right clique.

Right now, the Democrat Party controls the clique — AND all the benefits of power.

Is This Legal?

Of course it is! How can this abuse of American voters and taxpayers not be “illegal?”

Who makes all the laws. What other business do you know in which the employees set ALL the rules? In what job in which you were employed were you ever able to determine your compensation, your benefits, and when you get pay raises? At what private company do the employees determine what days they are going to work and how many days-off they are allowed to have “with pay?”

“He who holds all the power makes ALL the rules.” And that is the United States Congress along with the Presidency. Who controls that now? The Democrat Party.


Constitutionally, our government is supposed to be “Of, by, and for the People.” That has not been the case for decades. Whichever political party controls two of the three branches of government wields almost all the power. Their big question from election to election is who they will stick out front to be the face of government.

Who busted their monopoly on power wide open? Donald Trump.

Now you know why James Comey set in motion the Russia Collusion Investigation, why there was a deep dive into Trump violation allegations of the Emoluments Clause, “Ukraine-Gate” that morphed into Impeachment #1, the voting manipulation in the November 3rd election (which really DID happen), and Impeachment #2.

Don’t forget the 24/7 shellacking of all things and all people Trump for 4+ years by the voices of the now-outed mouthpieces of the Democrat Party, the “Lamestream Media.”

This was all because of one thing: Donald Trump promised while campaigning in 2016 (and he followed through after elected) to give the People back the power of the U.S. Government and to “Drain the Swamp.” They could NOT allow that to happen. Their cry in 2020 was, “No More!” They had to stop Trump — no matter the cost.

And because of their “Lust for Power” we today find our nation disjointed, in tatters, writhing in uncertainty, void of real leadership, consumed with fear of the unknown while the federal government has launched a feeding frenzy of all Americans who dare to disagree with the “Power Junkies” that control it all and espouse Conservatism with NO more large government.

Who’s running the show? We call it a “Plutocracy” — a well-defined bundle of two groups of heavyweights: powerful elected officials including appointed bureaucrats along with filthy rich Leftists. They all work for the common good of their “cause,” not the common good of the “People.”

They lust for “Power” and are committed to, at all costs, regain it and keep it in perpetuity.

What do we do? The first step is to open your eyes and recognize what’s before us. There certainly is no quick fix. We didn’t get to this point in a year or two or even several decades. And understanding and accepting the foes we face is a beginning toward taking back our nation, but it’s just the beginning. You can bet the Plutocrats plan to NEVER let Donald Trump or another populist American steal their power again! And they will do anything to maintain it going forward no matter who must be eliminated to facilitate that goal.

There are numerous examples we could share now that would wear your concentration thin. We won’t do that. But one recent thing that occurred illustrates best how this Plutocracy functions. In closing, I’ll point it out:

Surprisingly, this past Saturday morning, House Impeachment Managers announced they were going to call witnesses in Impeachment Trial #2. Democrat Party Leaders went nuts! They circled the wagons and quickly eliminated any witnesses testifying in the Senate trial. Why? One reason only.

If the House Managers allowed witnesses to be called, that would have triggered the same opportunity for the Defense. The House Managers had not thought about the first likely witness the Defense Team would call: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. What could Pelosi say in testimony that might help the Trump cause?

Remember the yet unexplained lack of security on Capitol Hill and even in the Capitol on January 6? Most reasoning Americans know that was a calculated decision made by someone to facilitate rioting and even those evil Trump supporters get into the Capitol itself. The FBI, the White House, and even the Washington Metro Police informed federal government leaders there were planned demonstrations that would become violent on that day. Each of those warnings that came six different times were ignored by the authorities who secure those buildings and grounds: the Capitol Police. And the Capitol Police told the FBI, the Trump Administration Homeland Security, the Nat’l Guard, and even the D.C. police to stand down.

Who gave that stand down order? Nancy Pelosi! 

The Speaker of the House controls all operations in the Capitol — even the Capitol Police. Pelosi made the decision to ignore those warnings and the possible repercussions of not preparing to counter the problems that were planned for that day and to just let it all happen. Why? To facilitate that second impeachment of Trump for his incitement of insurrection that never occurred — it was instigated by Nancy!

Democrat Party Leaders knew that news of Pelosi’s inaction had been circulating around Washington for days and knew if she was called to testify under oath in the trial, Trump’s defense team would ask her what she knew in advance of the craziness and what steps she took to prepare for it all. She’d be forced to tell the truth or lie under oath, which is a felony. And in either case, her actions if revealed to the nation, would destroy the unilateral power held by the Democrat Party. They would be toast! And they could NOT let that happen.

NOTE: Pay attention to matters on the Hill over the next month. Watch closely how rapidly Biden rolls out even more executive orders. Watch how quiet the media are about American domestic policy changes made through those orders and legislation that is rushed through both the House and the Senate. Watch the lust for Power consume even more politicrats in Washington.

That’s what this whole thing has been about. And it’s NOT changing anytime soon.

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“I’m Struggling with My Christianity After Trump”


  If Christianity can convince so many to follow a man like Trump almost worshipfully — or couldn’t at least help millions discern the unique threat Trump represented — what good is it really? I say this as someone who has been Christian all my life, who spent two decades praying in a white evangelical church. How could our faith have allowed this, encouraged it, enabled so much violence, so much death?Of course, they have their excuses. Rev. Franklin Graham of North Carolina, who swiftly dumped his Clinton-era rhetoric about the importance of morality and character in our leaders to embrace Trump, lashed out at the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after a Trump-inspired insurrection and lavished Trump with praise. “We have never had a president like him in my lifetime,” he wrote on Facebook. “He gave us lower taxes, a strong economy, and low unemployment. He made NATO take notice and pay their own way. He had the guts to take on North Korea and meet with their leader personally. He didn’t let China walk all over us. Just his Mideast peace initiatives in the last couple of months deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. He has defended religious liberty like no president before him, which matters to all people of faith. He has worked to bring prison reform and secured our southern border. He defeated the ISIS caliphate in Syria, and he strengthened our military.” And then, the kicker: “He was also the most pro-life president we have ever had.”Really? Pro-life? Trump oversaw a 200% increase in civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria during his first year in office. He presided over more than 460,000 COVID-19 deaths, far outpacing any other industrialized country. He repeatedly demonized a group of men, women, and children seeking refuge in this country from the violence and uncertainty they faced in their own. A man picked up an AR-15-style assault rifle and committed a massacre in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh after becoming convinced Jews were responsible for the despised caravan of vulnerable brown people. He murdered 11 people; how could Christians have supported the man whose conspiracy theory he quoted?

The body count didn’t end there, though. Trump incited an insurrection that resulted in at least five deaths, dozens of injuries, and a stain on America’s reputation so severe it will be harder to get other countries to take us seriously when we demand that they honor life and not commit human rights abuses. Aided by “pro-life” Supreme Court justices, Trump was able to fast-track 13 federal executions during the final months of his presidency, the most by any president in more than a century. Even the abortion rate slightly increased in the middle of Trump’s term, a reversal from major declines during Barack Obama’s two terms in office.

How could 60% of white Catholic voters and 8 and 10 white evangelicals back this man? How could anyone in good faith call him “pro-life”?

What they mean by pro-life is that Trump was anti-abortion. And yet, there is no evidence — none — that putting a pro-life president in the White House drastically affects the abortion rate, which has been falling steadily for most of my life but faster during Democratic administrations. Policies favored by pro-choice candidates — things like a focus on comprehensive health care and contraception coverage — have affected the rate the most by preventing unintended pregnancies. Iowa recently ran a real-life experiment on the issue when it pulled out of a federally-financed family planning program. The abortion rate in that red state promptly jumped by 25%. Internationally, the evidence runs in the same direction. “Unintended pregnancy rates are highest in countries that restrict abortion access and lowest in countries where abortion is broadly legal,” according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Many pro-life Christians have never accepted that complex reality, making them susceptible to a man like Trump. That’s why the death and destruction left in Trump’s wake didn’t horrify them the way it has the rest of us: They could always claim they were saving babies from evil Democrats, even though they weren’t.

Do you know who understands that complex reality? Christian people of color. The embrace of Trump was largely a white Christian phenomenon. Because we don’t have the luxury of seeing things in black and white. When my wife was pregnant with our first child, the doctor asked if we wanted tests to detect potential abnormalities in the womb. “No,” we quickly said, almost in unison. We knew we’d love whatever child we were blessed with. And when we lost another child to a miscarriage, we mourned. It pained us more because we didn’t have a body to bury; it happened early in the pregnancy. We still named that child: Fabrice McKenzie Bailey. We’ve never forgotten her and never will.

I’d never call myself pro-life, though. I want abortions to be rare but believe the best way to get there is to support women and distressed families in a comprehensive way that will reduce unintended and high-risk pregnancies. We do not get there by turning over a pregnant woman’s body to the state.

This is my Christianity, the Christian faith that sustained my family through the Jim Crow South, poverty, and too many bouts with the criminal justice system. But I’m struggling. I don’t want to be a part of any organization that would support those at the highest levels who demonize and belittle the vulnerable; that would look the other way to hold onto power.

The body count left in Trump’s wake is immense. Add to the list my faith in the white church.

Issac Bailey is a professor of public policy at Davidson College, a 2014 Nieman fellow at Harvard University, and author of Why Didn’t We Riot? A Black Man in Trumpland.


How can one respond to Mr. Bailey? No one can know exactly what is in his heart or why what’s there is actually there. His life experiences are different (at least in totality) than yours or mine or those of anyone else. And Mr. Bailey, as do you and I do, responds to the circumstances he’s faced in his life just as others respond to their own personal circumstances.

So what can any OTHER Christian say to make Isaac Bailey feel better today?

The only solace I can offer him and any others who face the same or similar conundrum: work it out.

Question: “Dan, what the heck does that mean?”

Answer: “There’s not just one singular answer to Mr. Bailey’s questions. And, quite honestly, that’s the beauty of Christianity.” Let’s take a look:

  • Throughout Biblical history, God never asked any people who followed Him to live in a cookie-cutter environment: everybody doing the same things, eating the same things, speaking and thinking identically.
  • God called people from different nations who spoke other languages, had different cultures and ethnicities. No two people have the same natural thoughts and ideas on life itself. They’re different. And that’s OK.
  • God appeared differently to individuals from all parts of the Globe. It was improbable that a native Egyptian in their early 20’s could somehow approach a conversation or relationship with a diety with the same perspective as a native American meeting that diety at the same time.

The summation of that is to illustrate this one critical point that Christians at some point and in some way all must reconcile: Jesus personally instructed all the “brothers” in Phillipians 2:12 this way:

“Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

What did He mean?

He knew we are all different. But He told his disciples that He loves us all the same. He accepted us WITH our differences!

There’s an old Christian saying: “God doesn’t expect us as fish to be cleaned before we were caught by the fishermen. He expects us to be cleaned AFTER we are caught.” In other words, after we become Christians, through guidance and Biblical teaching, we begin to “clean up.”

I don’t know a single person — man or woman — that is perfect. And to be honest, my determination of perfection will probably be a process different than yours. Thankfully there’s no command that I’ve found in the Bible that God gave to Man that requires perfection before beginning a personal relationship with Him.

I could “analyze” Mr. Bailey’s opinion piece line by line and show where he “missed.” But that would also be MY opinion. And opinions are seldom correct, and perfect opinions are minuscule in number. My opinion of Mr. Bailey is as insignificant as his opinion is of me. There’s only ONE opinion that matters: God’s!

To complete this today, I need to say just this one last thing: God loves Isaac, He loves me, He loves you, He loves Franklin Graham, and loves Donald Trump. And all that is required to join with God is the same for us all: acknowledge our failures, ask for God’s forgiveness for our mistakes, and believe what He said in the Bible about being a Christian and embark on a path to live that. That path is probably going to be different for all of us. All that is required to succeed in that journey is to follow His steps and do as He directs.

Mr. Bailey, if I had the opportunity to speak with you, I wouldn’t apologize for Donald Trump’s actions. After all, for Christians, there’s only ONE judge, and it’s not me or anyone else. Jesus Himself to me, you, Franklin, and Donald to work out our OWN salvation in fear and trembling. He didn’t tell me to fix your issues or you to fix mine.

I voted for Donald Trump. I didn’t (and don’t) like his messaging process. I feel he could do a much better job. If he knew me, I’m confident there’d be things he wouldn’t care for in my nature.

I would have loved to vote for Jesus Christ to be my President rather than Donald Trump. But Jesus wasn’t on the ballot. “In my opinion,” Mr. Trump was the best alternative since the Son of God wasn’t available.


Is “Free Speech” Really “Free Speech” in the U.S.?

That’s a great question. One would probably quickly answer by saying “Freedom is NOT free. It comes at a price.” So what price have we paid for Free Speech? Answer: The Revolutionary War. And there were LARGE prices that many paid for Free Speech and our other freedoms we relish to this day:

25,000 Revolutionary Soldiers died during the war
•8,000 Revolutionary Soldiers died from wounds inflicted during battle
•17,000 Revolutionary Soldiers died from disease during the war
•25,000 Revolutionary Soldiers were estimated to have been wounded or maimed

“Free Speech” certainly is NOT free.

To complicate the explanations given to us today by Corporate/Political elites, we are being told that “Free Speech” is actually no longer permissible for just everyone to use. That’s not what our forefathers meant — that not every American has the right to say anything they want. But that ability to determine who really has the right to free speech and who does not; who can say what and who cannot say anything without the permission of someone endowed with the power to make those determinations, you know, that “Big Brother” thing. ‘

Just to clarify that, let’s take a quick look at what the U.S. Constitution says about free speech:

The First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

That’s pretty short and concise. But, yet, it’s thorough. How so? Every right to free speech to say anything is reserved TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The only rights our government has are the ones The People expressly relinquished to the government in the Constitution and its Amendments.

These elitists bark at us daily about shutting up, what we are allowed to say and what not we are not permitted to say, tell us they can do so because they’re not the government. And, of course, the First Amendment prevents our government from doing so. How do these people justify practicing that very thing? They obtained permission to abridge our speech by some notion that someone somewhere created a set of rules and regulations regarding what is and is not acceptable for Americans to say and who can and who cannot. If you want to know all those rules, you’re out of luck. The elitists who create and manage those rules have us all on a “need to know only” basis. And they determine when that “need to know” applies.

Now we have a real conundrum that is playing out daily in Congress. Believe it or not, there are members of the U.S. House and Senate that are being taken to task for actually believing the First Amendment with its Free Speech guarantees do NOT apply to any members of any chambers unless the “appointed ones” so allow. And this is all getting out of hand — quickly.

Rep. Marjorie Greene

When embattled freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to the U.S. House floor Thursday morning in advance of a chamber wide vote to possibly strip her of all committee assignments, she spoke through a face mask embroidered with that most iconic of all American rallying cries: “FREE SPEECH.” Greene with that mask followed in the footsteps of many others on the right who respond to a domineering and increasingly illiberal ruling class with little more than hypocritical appeals to free speech and open discourse — whether in the context of their hypocritical “Cancel Culture” or in the “We are empowered and you are not” situations.

Based on facts and the Constitution, it would be a mistake to strip Greene, who has previously flirted with the QAnon conspiracy theory and has voiced numerous other “different” beliefs, of all House committee assignments. While punishing duly elected congressmen and senators for post-election statements and actions is an issue of case-by-case prudence, punishing congressmen and senators for preelection statements and conduct would set a chilling precedent and undermine fundamental Constitutional rights of republican self-governance. There are other remedies for Greene’s self-appointed foes to pursue, such as a 2022 primary challenge or even congressional redistricting.

But the fact that Greene, who is a QAnon adherent, 9/11 truther, and believer that the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was a “false flag” operation, can so effortlessly retreat to the safe land of “free speech” ought to concern conservatives. It is a reminder that just because someone has a legal right to do something doesn’t necessarily mean they should do it. It would be a big mistake too to paint Greene or others like her as valiant martyrs for the “Free Speech” cause. Every argument that begins and ends with cries of “Free Speech,” whether in opposition to the latest example of “cancel culture” or censorship of Big Tech using another account ban, is automatically to be ammunition against these elitists.

The left’s obsession with having a unilateral right to intellectual gatekeeping and the destruction of conservative participation in the public square does make necessary appeals to free speech. But such a focus on free speech as an ultimate end — like from the Supreme Court’s 1971 example, in Cohen v. California, that “one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric”—seems to legitimize some conservatives demands that the First Amendment is so total in its guarantees that anyone can say anything, anytime and anywhere with no obligations for logistical restraints. Worse, it misinterprets the historical understanding of free speech, which was not that of any good unto itself but instead that of a realistic pursuit of genuine truth and knowledge. Conservatives who are confident in their convictions should not be afraid to defend their beliefs, whether about human sexuality, immigration levels, or any other 2021 issue of public policy, without begging the left for their “enlightened” permission for access to religion or speech.

It would also be short-sighted for conservatives to draw Greene’s trials and tribulations as a fight for free speech or a rejection of “cancel culture.” There are plenty of wise reasons to oppose punishing Greene based on information that was readily available at the time the voters of Georgia’s 14th congressional district sent her to Congress. To punish an elected official based on preelection actions would set into motion a very slippery slope; poring over elected officials’ high school newspaper editorials to scour for all traces of “wrongthink” would be fair game. This isn’t a particularly appealing vision of self-rule. But we can avoid it without seizing hold of conspiracy theories under the name of “free speech.” To do so is morally hypocritical, frustrates the defense of conservative beliefs that should be protected and promoted for their worth, and confuses First Amendment-protected speech with ideas of permissible speech. There’s a BIG difference.

Marjorie Taylor Greene should not be formally punished by either the current House Republican minority or Democratic majority for her previous beliefs, no matter how distasteful they may be. But it is imperative that we understand that doing so is to protect the right to free speech and not to necessarily approve of Greene’s (or any others for that matter) blatherings about anything. Put it this way: Constitutionally anyone has a legal right to shout a string of obscenities into a two-year-old’s ear. But having that right does not “require” that person to do so.

Don’t you think we all should get that through our heads? It certainly would prevent a bunch of misunderstandings and hard feelings that invariably do little to defuse any such confrontation.

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Is American Unity Possible?

Is there any way for unity after all that we’ve been through as a nation the last twelve years? “Twelve years? Shouldn’t that be four years?” Nope: remember that Barack Obama actually defined just how wide is the political chasm between people in our nation.

Throughout the Biden campaign, we heard the incessant cries that he wanted to be “the President of all the people, not just Democrats.” He claimed he would “work for the good of ALL the country.” He, as does every presidential candidate, taught us all that ‘“Now is a time for healing.”

Then came the November 3rd election. Chaos erupted. Any hope for unity was dashed on the rocky shores of the sea of “Just ignore the unproven Trump claims of a stolen election and trust us.”

The calls for unity continued and grew deafening: “Stop investigating ballot fraud. What we need now is unity!”

Do you want unity? That’s fair. Do you define unity between the political Left and Right as silencing the cries of one side? Which side should be silent?

What to do. If the Right in this case opted for the Left’s historical examples of unity in the U.S., it would look like this:

In unity with you, we will follow your example of the past four years and…

  • Deny the legitimacy of the 2020 election for the next four years.
  • Investigate the Biden family’s every business dealing at home and abroad.
  • Continually question Biden’s mental fitness to hold office.
  • Continually question Biden’s physical fitness to hold office.
  • Blame Biden for every person who dies from the coronavirus after January 20.
  • Blame Biden personally for every Black person who gets shot anywhere in America.
  • Never stop publicizing that Biden has been accused of grabbing a woman’s crotch against her will.
  • Emphasize that, any time a woman makes a claim of sexual harassment against Biden, she must be believed.
  • Continue publicizing that Kamala Harris slept her way into public office.
  • Remind people that, no less than Stormy Daniels, Kamala Harris was a public figure’s mistress.
  • Accuse Biden of treason for consorting with enemies like the wife of the Moscow mayor, who gave the Bidens $3.5 million, the Chinese who put the Bidens on their payroll, and the Ukrainians of Burisma.
  • Investigate the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and if and when those photos can be released, they will be To the entire nation.
  • Demand that Biden condemns racism, anti-Semitism, and misogyny at least once each month while he’s in office.
  • Work to disrupt and slow the process of confirmation all of Biden’s appointments which require Senate advice and consent.
  • We will make one small exception and will not impeach. Just as Richard Nixon knew precisely what he was doing when he made Spiro Agnew his running mate (aka his life insurance policy), so did Biden by running with his.

Unifying Good Americans and Bad Americans

Empathy and a common cause are imperative for unity. Although, the effort to delegitimize Trump over the past four years also resulted in the de-legitimization of his voters. Clinton set the tone in 2016 when she referred to Trump voters as “deplorables.” The Democrats and the liberal-leaning media have since continued to depict Trump’s voters as stupid racists who supported a fascist committed to destroying America.

Will the Democrats recognize that Trump voters are not bad people, or will unity depend on Republicans first repenting for their sins to rejoin enlightened and civilized America? Michelle Obama pointed to the urgent need to unify America by reaching out to Trump voters as she stated that half the country — the Republican half — voted for “supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division.”

If the Trump voters have supported division and the Biden voters supported unity, the polarization of America has been between bad Americans and good Americans. There does not appear to be any empathy for Trump voters who believe that President Trump made America great again and blamed Democrats for destroying the country. Does unity entail mutual understanding and a common cause, or for the virtuous to emerge victorious over the wicked?

Unity under Identity Politics?

The self-acclaimed role of the Democratic Party as the defenders of minorities has implied that the Republican Party, as the opponent and the “other,” seeks to marginalize minorities. As Biden brazenly told a black voter during the campaign: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” The tendency to view supporters of the opposition as bad people was also exemplified with Biden explaining to an interviewer that around 10-15% of Americans are “not very good people.” Does unity entail giving Trump voters a path to redeem themselves by supporting the right policies and voting the right way?

How will Biden respond to the fact that Trump increased his support with every demographic group except white men? Identity politics explained the Trump phenomenon in 2016 as racist and misogynistic white men unleashing their fury upon marginalized groups. Hannah-Jones, The New York Times’ 1619 Project author, explained that the large vote for Trump among Cuban Americans was because they are not Latino but white – who betrayed people of color by joining the White Supremacist movement. Will identity politics be ended or will the tolerant find common cause with the White Supremacists?

Unity Requires Consensus

There’s just than one way to reach unity: it’s not “I win, you lose.” That will NEVER inspire unity. There must be a recognition of differences with a mutual understanding and agreement that for unity to EVER happen, each party must be willing to concede some things to the other that caused the divisiveness that both claim to be trying to eliminate. Are we seeing ANY of that today?

Democrats are outraged that Trump and his supporters are undermining the legitimacy of the Biden presidency, which is believed to reaffirm the absence of a moral compass among these deplorables and irredeemables.

However, the Democrats did not recognize the legitimacy of the Trump presidency! The Trump presidency was tarnished with four years of Russia-Gate and depicting Trump as a Russian agent. Hillary Clinton just days ago repeated that the 2016 election was “stolen” from her, and in August she advised that “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” Yet the Trump voters are asked to concede the election without any plausible explanations for the obvious vote irregularity in six swing states.

What is the lesson learned for the Trump voters? Voters made excuses for Trump’s unabashed and un-presidential demeanor as a necessary personal trait to take on a biased media, tech-monopolies and the deep state. In the end, they consider Trump to have been deposed by a media that misrepresented Trump and never held Biden accountable, tech-monopolies that manipulated algorithms and imposed politically motivated censorship, and a security state that continuously undermined his presidency. Is the lesson that the next Republican candidate they vote for will have to be even more unapologetic and unabashed in the endeavor to make America great again?

The Divided States of America

One does not need to agree with the Trump voter or share their frustration. But the absolute resistance to recognize and accept how intense are their frustrations and beliefs will prevent unity.

The Biden election campaign consisted of delegitimizing and rejecting everything that Trump stands for, which implies there is not much room for a common cause. Trump aimed to reverse and undo all of Obama’s policies, and Biden has committed himself to reverse everything done by Trump. The Republican challenger to Biden in 2024 will likely seek to undo everything Biden seeks to do.

Let’s be honest: the U.S. has fragmented towards two sets of identities, values, and ambitions that view the other side as an enemy attempting to destroy America. Biden’s ambition to be a president for all Americans is “presidential.” It’s going to be difficult at best for Joe to hold onto the standard Democrat processes of constantly denigrating Republicans, diminishing their value in the World while preaching the need for all to unite.


Remember that old saying: “The proof’s in the pudding.” Americans have heard much lip service from Democrats about seeking unity. But I’m suspicious of there being a Democrat today who genuinely wants to compromise on the policies on which they have marched for four years demanding each and every one of them in “their” administration.

Unity requires compromise. We could list examples ad nauseum that illustrate that Democrat leaders have voiced numerous demands for unity in a Biden presidency. But little if any evidence of willingness to negotiate on any of their demands has  been rumored.

Today on “TNN Live” at 9:00 AM Central, we dive into the “specifics” of the actions Biden Democrats have already announced. We detail specifics. You’re encouraged to join us live by clicking on the blue horizontal banner at the top right of this story. If you cannot join live, any time after 12 noon, a link to today’s completed “TNN Live” show will be posted below on which you can click to get the completed streaming two-hour show. There’s no charge, of course.

In a nutshell, I am suspicious of the Democrat leaders in Congress as well as those already confirmed to be part of the Biden White House. But we all should give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I hope I’m wrong. But sadly, my optimism vanished just hours after the inauguration. Join us for the deep-dive every Monday through Friday as we dig into what’s happening — really happening — in D.C.

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What Has Everyone Forgotten?

Has anyone thought much about the travesties that have taken place in the nation over the past two or three years other than the one in Washington D.C. on January 6th? What are those travesties? Have they been addressed by the proper authorities? Do we know the results of the investigations into each? Let’s take a peek at just a few:

Hunter Biden Laptop with Implicating Evidence.  In October, the New York Post published a blockbuster story that quickly morphed into a comprehensive crime novel about Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden, and other Biden Family members and associates. That blockbuster opened the door to a long-suspected history of wrongdoing and suspicious foreign financial dealings of Biden family members. It was so egregious that the NY Post story and subsequent revelations have come to be called a revelation of the “Biden Family Syndicate.” We know from details released from that laptop that Hunter’s involvement with foreign government principals and also large company officials was largely on behalf of “his family.” Fingers point to Hunter, his uncle James Biden, James’s wife, and others of the Biden Family. And in details released publicly, fingers are pointing at Joe Biden’s direct AND indirect involvement.

What’s the status of that investigation, which the FBI stated was “ongoing” in early November? Is there really an ongoing investigation, or is that just an FBI talking point to quell Americans’ concerns about possible illegal activity on the part of an incoming U.S. President? 

Before we move on, just one thought: President-elect Joe Biden has been under indictment for bribery and has an active warrant against him by the government of Ukraine!

Alleged Evidence of Voting “Irregularities” in the November 2020 election. Numerous state and federal officials warned the nation in the run-up to the election that the massive push by Democrats led by Speaker Pelosi for mail-in voting would open the door to massive voter fraud. If such a move were vital, as warned by Pelosi, due to COVID-19, state governments would certainly need time to plan, create, and implement security methods to assure Americans there could be no fraud, testing, and then showing citizens how safe it was. State and federal officials ignored the warnings. The rest is history: or is it?

In at least six states, citizens reported thousands of examples of voter fraud that encompassed every voting precinct in each of those six states. Evidence included the testimony of hundreds of witnesses sworn under the penalty of perjury that confirmed voter fraud.

Numerous technology experts who have examined voting machines and software used in the election have provided mountains of evidence that support allegations of fraud. More than 50 lawsuits were filed across the country contesting election results because of fraud. The mainstream media filled the news world with stories of “every Trump Campaign lawsuit was dismissed quickly by judges. There is NO evidence of voter fraud!” Without exception, even the historically conservative-leaning nation news outlets like FOX News claimed there was no evidence of voter fraud.

“If the courts said there was no evidence to support fraud claims, why do people still believe there was a fraud?” That’s simple: in not a single case in any court was any evidence ever allowed to be presented and put in lawsuit record; none of the evidence was ever presented in court!

Democrats continue to cry, “Fake News! Fraud! Lies!” whenever anyone brings up a question about election fraud. Even Hillary Clinton entered the fray after the Trump impeachment vote by the House demanding that Trump be made to admit publicly there was no voter fraud.

If one asked any of the several hundred thousand people who were in D.C. at the Capitol on January 6 the purpose of their being there, the most likely answer from each would be that they were there to show members of Congress their disgust at the inaction of ANY authorities — state OR federal — to investigate to find confirmation that there WAS voter fraud or that there WAS NOT. It is unconscionable for any American to feel Congress really cares about the nation having free and fair elections each election without proving the November 3rd elections were free from fraud.

Allegations of Billionaires Using Money to Buy Elections.

In the November 3rd election, hundreds of millions of dollars in “dark money” were spent anonymously, mostly by multimillionaires and billionaires, to influence the election results. In the two Georgia U.S. Senate runoff races, $200 million in campaign money was paid to influence election results, most of which came from “unknown sources,” most of which were from out-of-state. Such huge dollars allow onslaughts of negative advertising that easily sways voters’ voter decisions.

This action is certainly not new. The U.S. Supreme Court codified this in the “Citizens United” decision in 2010 that blew open the doors for massive campaign spending from unknown donors. Much of that is expected to be illegal campaign contributions.

In the 2018 election, “dark money” flooded campaign coffers then. Specific allegations were made with examples and even evidence of illegal contributions in the millions. William Barr’s Department of Justice supposedly began investigations into this activity. But the Mueller Investigation just gobbled up all the oxygen in the investigation world. The only campaign finance cases we’ve heard about involved looking into Russian illegal campaign finance dollars. Have you heard anything about this from anyone?

Congressional Slush Fund to Pay for Harassment Claims against Members of Congress

In the past 21 years, Congress members have used at least $17 million in taxpayer money to settle claims brought against them by their staffers, including sexual harassment claims. Recent examples include settlements paid on behalf of then-Reps. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) and John Conyers (D-MI) for separate instances of alleged sexual harassment. Reports during the last four years of this practice continuing continue. But despite formal requests from numerous entities for access to complete details of these payments, Congress has stonewalled every person who has inquired for details. That $17 million already paid from this fund came straight from American taxpayers! According to federal law, Judicial Watch and other watchdog groups have filed Freedom of Information Act requests for the release of that information.

It is especially suspicious to Americans who know about this slush fund that Congress refuses to turn over the records of those payments to taxpayers. Reportedly, the claims made against these Congressional members include harassment and sexual harassment and even the sexual assault of Congressional staff members and interns. Those cases would be criminal!

Why hasn’t Congressional leadership come clean about these matters? What are they hiding, and about whom?

How Do Most Members of Congress Get Wealthy While in Congress?

We’ve heard story after story for decades of “good ole folks” from Congressional districts and states run for office as middle-class citizens who must struggle when elected to afford housing in Washington D.C. while maintaining their residences from which they serve. Then, a few years later, these public servants leave office filthy rich? How does that happen on the salary each makes?

Insider Trading is the most common culprit. Although against the law, Congressional members have been masters at creating plans (and discovering others already used) to obtain financial information regarding pending business transactions, which can reap monstrous and immediate monetary windfalls from those who participate. Numerous leaders in office have been implicated in such activities, including Nancy Pelosi.

It’s simple to access this process while skirting the law. It’s illegal for someone to give such insider information to a member of Congress and for that member to use the information for personal benefit. But that’s not all that happens in these circumstances. Often, legislation is already pending, which would bring bountiful profits to all those involved if passed. These legislators are often approached by folks looking for legislative help — including votes — that will initiate such a quick financial hit for those involved. And it’s happened before that these people “seeding” legislators for favorable legislative assistance actually purchase stock and other financial instruments on behalf of these lawmakers as quid pro quo for favorable treatment in Congressional matters.

Why hasn’t Congress listened to their constituents and outlawed any such transactions in any way at any time while serving in office?


These barely scratch the surface of the corruption that permeates our government. Perpetrators of these and numerous other frauds against the American people know that the public not having easy access to information surrounding these results in extreme difficulty to force the discovery through open investigations details of such wrongdoing with subsequent prosecution of those involved. But it doesn’t stop there.

The members KNOW that the need for comprehensive analysis of numerous of these sometimes criminal actions requires much time and investigatory resources. Those in D.C. charged with monitoring so many public servants and investigating so many of even very credible reports of these happening, time is the enemy of detail discovery and the ally of these wrongdoers getting away with their miscreant activities. The D.C. investigation clock spins slowly, as do the calendar pages. Legislators understand that better than the rest of us. And they use that against us.

Donald Trump as President certainly was a constant threat to these folks, especially when they discovered that he didn’t have much dirt, if any at all, in his history: at least none they were able to weaponize against him. Knowing that certainly must have kept them in a state of fright that the bombastic Queens billionaire would certainly start revealing to the public illegal activities of members of Congress if and when he discovered them. In some part, I feel that was a key that prompted the Pelosi rush to Trump’s impeachment in the House both times. “We must get rid of him to keep our dirt covered!”

Have we forgotten about all this wrongdoing? Is the American public going to continue to allow those who swear an oath to work for us and protect our Constitution from turning our faith for them into dollars and cents? More important to us is what such a process that has embedded itself in the fabric of Washington politics will look like during a Joe Biden Administration is? Is the hiding of illegal activity going to continue? Will it all continue to be purposely hidden?

We know that the only honest “Sheriff” to inhabit the White House during this century appears to be leaving town.

Dear God: are we in for another shellacking by a member of the Obama Administration? Is Joe going to pad his significant wealth, most of which has been accumulated due to “favors” to him since he left Obama’s side, by feeding the “cheat monster” in D.C. the same way others have done so since Joe left town?

God help us!

The Only Thing That Matters: Truth

Slowly, but steadily, more and more Congress members are stepping forward to support the move by legislators to object on January 6th to the acceptance of the electoral college votes that state governors have certified as those that represent the “true” wish of the voters in their states. The most recent and demonstrative is that of Texas Senator Ted Cruz which stated:

“Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. Once completed, individual states would evaluate the commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed.”

American voters in droves (and mounting in number daily) are publicly proclaiming their belief that November 3rd’s election does NOT represent the People’s will and does NOT evidence a true election. Those same voters are expressing their angst at members of Congress NOT doing so. Why is that?

Tens of millions of Americans have watched as hundreds of firsthand reports have been given, sworn under the penalty of perjury, showing evidence of election fraud that are being ignored by leaders in office and the Mainstream Media. It comes as no surprise that a FOX survey shows at least 30 percent of ALL Americans believe the votes included a vast number of fraudulent ones, 77 percent of Republicans feel that way. Even 10% of Democrats feel that the Biden victory is fraudulent.

It is unconscionable that many Washington leaders ignore this evidence and are pushing forward with what appears to millions to be a fraudulent presidency of a candidate that did NOT win legally. Why is it unconscionable for elected members of our government to do so? Because in doing so, they are ignoring the oath of office they took to serve in Congress.

The Congressional Oath of Office

“I (name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, So help me God.” (Title 5, Section 3331 of the United States Code)

The Constitution states that “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations” (Article I, section 4).

In the November 3rd election and the run-up to that date, there were tens of dozens of changes made to numerous states’ election processes, none of which (if any) were made in the Constitutionally mandated method. The legislatures did NOT make those changes — various hired state executives, elected Secretaries of State, and even governors made those changes in direct violation of the Constitution. Only state legislatures have that authority unless Congress steps in and does so, which did not happen.

“So how does that pertain to United States legislators?” Simple: the legislatures must act on the illegal action taken by these unauthorized individuals. They must right the wrongs committed against their citizens. Didn’t they swear an oath to do that — to defend the Constitution of the United States?

Oh, there’s one additional responsibility of that oath: “and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.” Anyone can rightfully accept that a state’s election laws are upheld, as are the Constitution’s provisions at the same time.

The Maniacal Rumor Mill

Is it any surprise that the conspiracy theorists have been having a field day with this? I’ve seen and heard reports from people I always thought were credible that are alleging as fact all kinds of unverifiable actions committed and/or pending: “Joe Biden will never be inaugurated. He has already been arrested and is headed to Guantanamo Bay;” “Pelosi, Schumer, John Brennan, and Adam Schiff have been notified of their immediate arrest after the January 6th joint session of Congress.” And the craziness goes on and on.

Why not just dismiss all this based on it coming from partisan hacks trying to make a buck from gullible Americans? Because no one can knowingly and honestly say that because the facts that prove the election wasn’t fraudulent have not been investigated for their veracity.

So the rumors continue, as does the fear and havoc across the nation as we enter a new decade — all of which is needless angst perpetrated against Americans by the unholy union of Leftist Media and Democrat Party sycophants and, yes, even some GOP RINO’s.

“Thuggery” Instead of “Representation”

Political thuggery and partisanship bear no particular party name.

Many Americans laughed during the 2016 campaign when candidate Donald Trump began talking about the “Swamp” in D.C. and “draining the Swamp” of all those who were living in the mire of the D.C. swamp.  That Swamp was/is full of bureaucrats and lifetime politicians who were not content to govern solely as  “servants” but chose to build powerful and lucrative careers feeding at the trough of sustenance provided by the American people. Gone were the days when Americans volunteered two years of their lives to leave their farms, towns, and communities to go to Washington to represent their fellow Americans in lawmaking in the U.S. House of Representatives. U.S. Senators that were initially representatives of the states discovered how attractive were those Senate jobs that could make them a lot of money “IF” those Senate state appointments were changed to come from public elections instead. think of it: “campaign in your state, raise a lot of campaign dollars, trade obligations for campaign dollars with donors, and then everyone gets taken care of when they get to Washington and start passing out “deals” and opportunities!”


Don’t be lulled into thinking the 2020 election and its results are over — it’s anything BUT over. Am I saying that Donald Trump will somehow continue as President and serve for four more years? Will these U.S. lawmakers from the House and Senate that are planning to object at the joint session of Congress be successful and force both the House and Senate to move to separate considerations of these objections and vote on who should be President rather than the vote tallies as presented at the electoral college? Will Joe Biden NOT be President? I’m not saying that at all. But I AM saying that all of this is unresolved and will NOT be resolved by January 20th or February 20th or March, April, May, June, July, or any time this year!


The sleeping giant named “The American People” have been rustled from years of slumber. Americans have benignly lived private lives in blind faith that their nation’s leaders have operated the government honestly, legally, ethically, morally, and solely for the good of all Americans. That trust included confidence of their being nothing but adherent to the Rule of Law and that any wrongdoing in the government would be handled by those elected to do so. And “The American People” have rudely awakened to the realization that our government leaders have taken advantage of us while we snoozed and have ripped from us the substance of what our nation has been for 260 years!

This Giant is NOT happy. There are tens of millions of people who Donald Trump activated by exposing bits of the Swamp’s underbelly. Contrary to what Leftist leaders tell their minions, Trump has NEVER demanded anyone from Americans but patriotism, love of country, loyalty to the Constitution, and adherence to the Rule of Law. That has enraged the Left! They cannot deal with it in the ways they have always handled others who have tried. Oh, they tried: again, again, and again. But each time, Truth has been revealed. And when that light has shined, more and more Americans saw the light of Truth.

I have said numerous times that Truth is absolute: there are no “versions” of it. There are no such things as “My Truth and Your Truth.” The Left does not understand that. It was a snippet of mantra which they successfully sold to a marching army of left-leaning political elites. And Leftist leaders cannot find a way to erase the facts Americans have seen in the last four years under this administration!

Want an example? Here is just one of the thousands:

William Cohen, a former Republican senator from Maine and Defense secretary under former President Clinton, blasted GOP lawmakers challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election in a Thursday interview in which he suggested the formation of a new political party.

Cohen made the comments on CNN’s “The Situation Room” while discussing Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) plans to object during Congress’s counting of the Electoral College vote on Wednesday. Cohen called Hawley’s actions “shameful” but warned that Republicans are just following President Trump’s lead, calling him the party’s “ringmaster.”

“We have to remember that the current occupant of the White House is a ringmaster and what he expects to do is snap his whip and all the elephants hop up on chairs,” Cohen said. “What they have to understand is he is going to continue to snap the whip whether he’s in office or out of office. And every time they’re going to have to jump up and sit on that stool to satisfy him and his supporters.”

The days of Leftist leaders talking down to and about Americans who disagree with those leaders are over. The sleeping Giant has awakened!

What’s going to happen? I cannot say, but I can “surmise.” I think that there is still a sliver of opportunity for the truth of the egregious and gargantuan voter fraud from November to be “confirmed” to Americans. Much of it has already been exposed. But even if that happens, it’s uncertain what result we would see.

What I CAN predict is that the Great Awakening that began during the 2016 campaign and continued after the election continues to grow at a rapid pace. Eyes and ears have been opened. Millions of people see and recognize what they first thought was fact, and has been revealed nothing more than partisan drivel has been driving our government for many years. They know and are now committed that it must stop.

Just as I penned this story, I received the following note from a TruthNewsNetwork partner in Australia. (I do not know this person) I thought it was applicable to share with all today:

DearTruth News Network,

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am deeply concerned (and frightened) by the Great Reset, as well as the ‘Plandemic’ and the Covid vaccines. All I want is to return to normal again. Here in Australia we are governed by globalist socialists who support lockdowns, the poison Covid vaccines and the Great Reset. We do not have a ‘Trump’ here. Australia’s politicians have all sold out and are ‘compromised’.

In my heart I do believe that President Trump will win! But the big question I’d love to ask you is: What will happen to us here in Australia when Trump wins? I mean, will Australia, like the USA, be removed from the shackles of the Great Reset/Plandemic/Covid vaccines, etc? In other words, will Trump’s win destroy this evil socialist reset program in JUST the USA, or will Trump’s win destroy this evil reset worldwide, including Australia?

Thank you very much. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and God Bless,
Shane Stephenson,
Melbourne, Australia”

That’s from an Aussie concerned about us who watches our government and our leaders from “Down Under.” Do they see something that we do not?

What’s going to happen? What that will look like is still pending. However, there are two things that I can say are beyond question by anyone:

  • The Son of God said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free;”
  • “The Truth Will Out.”

Those two in tandem will change our nation for the better. Yes, I hope this change will happen this year — and I’m certain it will begin. Will it begin with a different POTUS or the one we have now for four years? I cannot say which will happen. But either way, the Truth is going to drive this nation in a way it hasn’t seen in quite a while.

We’re going to all be all right: “God’s Got This!”

It’s That Time!

Happy New Year!

Our 2021 prayer for you is that this new year will bring you amazing unexpected surprises that far surpass any you have dreamed of.

May you find great joy and success in each of your endeavors. 

We at TruthNewsNetwork pray for you daily. Our hope for 2021 is for the end of strife with consuming calm and peace for all of us. We pray for the end of fear that seems to be driving far too many of us — fear of what we do not understand. The answer to that? The Peace of God!

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