Can The Woke Mob And Their “Critical Race Theory” be Stopped?

Wokeness has infiltrated every industry, from the military to media to philanthropy. It has succeeded despite a lack of public support. But, according to Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson, there is a way to stop it.

The word was first printed in a 1962 New York Times essay and traditionally has meant “conscious” and “aware.” The Oxford Dictionary notes that the term originally meant well-informed or up-to-date, but now chiefly means “alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.”

Hanson told Fox News that wokeness, as we think of it today, has its roots in decades of critical theory coming from universities.

Today, it’s intertwined with cancel culture, critical race theory, and progressive activism – and it’s everywhere you look.

The U.S. military has offered personal development classes focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defended the teaching of critical race theory, and other woke curriculum in military academies before the House Armed Services Committee.

The media has similarly come under fire for their activism, with New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones declaring that “all journalism is activism,” and CBS News reporter Kate Smith leaving the network and immediately declaring her advocacy for abortion rights.

School districts have faced public outcry over their teaching of critical race theory, leading many states to go so far as to ban the curriculum.

Even generosity is not immune. Naomi Schaefer Riley noted in an opinion in the Wall Street Journal that “nonprofits big and small have shifted their missions toward combatting “inequity” and “systematic racism,” and according to Elise Westhoff, president of the Philanthropy Roundtable, “donors have faced intimidation and threats of violence simply for supporting causes they believe in.”

Hanson said the push toward wokeness picked up speed during the Obama administration when there was a “separation of race from class” and a movement to lump all non-White ethnicities into one homogenous identity called “diversity.”

But it wasn’t until the last 18 months that wokeness reached a fever pitch.

                                    Victor David Hanson
“I think the perfect storm of COVID fears, locking down two-thirds of the population for 15 months, the self-induced recession, the Trump derangement syndrome, the George Floyd death, the 120 days of riots, the inactivity and inability to get people to meet one another, the crazy election, all of that was the spark or the fuse that lit the preexisting problems,” Hanson said.

For opponents of the societal push toward wokeness, Hanson said not all hope is lost – the majority of American’s don’t support it either.

“Whatever aspect that we look at in wokeness, whether it’s gender or race or immigration, transgenderism, it doesn’t have public support,” Hanson said.

Sixty-eight percent of American adults disapprove of the current administration’s handling of the southern border, where an open-door policy has led to a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the country, according to Pew Research.

A Fox News poll further showed that, despite a raging debate in many communities over critical race theory being taught in school, nearly half of voters say they have never heard of it. Only a quarter of Americans are in favor of teaching it to U.S. students.

Another Pew Research study showed 73% of Americans say college admissions should not be based on race.

One thing is clear about the trend that has dominated much of academia, media, and corporate America: it does not stem from overwhelming grassroots support.

Hanson said that is because proponents of woke ideology are now in positions of leadership.

“Unlike the ’60s revolution, which were protesting outside the corporation or outside the New York Times or Hollywood, these people are inside,” said Hanson. “They’ve taken over. So they run Hollywood, they run the NBA, they run the Major League Baseball, they run the NFL, they run Wall Street, they run Silicon Valley, they run the universities, they run the media.”

“They infiltrated these institutions and took them over,” he continued. “So that’s what explains why an agenda that has very little popular support continues to thrive.”

Mainstream media, Hanson noted, has fully bought into this ideology and can’t be counted on to report on it fairly.

Outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post are now “fused with the woke mob,” he said.

“They pick left-wing reporters, so you can’t count on the media to stop the wokeness or to report on its setbacks. They won’t do it.”

The left has succeeded in pushing this ideology into every facet of American life because they are organized, he continued, and opponents need to learn to fight fire with fire.

The Woke Mob And Critical Race Theory (CRT)

A Minnesota fourth-grade student and her mother expressed concern to their local school board after her class was given an “equity survey.” Students were told not to tell their parents about the activity.

Sitting alongside her mother Kelsey, fourth-grader Hayley Yasgar in a Monday interview said that the questions were confusing, and it made her “very nervous and uncomfortable” when the students were told not to tell their parents.

According to a video uploaded by Alphanews, when students didn’t understand some of the survey questions, they were told by a teacher in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District to not repeat the survey questions to their parents.

“The survey asked questions that some students didn’t understand. Even after hearing an explanation from their teacher, some still couldn’t comprehend the survey questions,” The Center Square reported.

The George Floyd incident sparked a nationwide conversation on race and the role of policing. School districts across America are pushing critical race theory on students to attempt to contextualize current events on matters of race.

CRT curriculum has sparked a national conversation about the role of race and racism in school districts across the country. Compared to actual racism, CRT is often a school of thought that generally focuses on how power structures and institutions impact racial minorities. 

Kelsey Yasgar said that although parents were “informed that the equity audit was taking place, they were not informed on the date of the activity and not given other details.” She explained further that due to the lack of transparency from the school district and from Equity Alliance Minnesota, the third party that administered the survey, parents were not informed of the questions being asked to the students.

Yasgar was “very upset” when her daughter told her that teachers instructed her not to repeat any of the questions being asked of them.

“I do want to say, though; I believe that this wasn’t a single case that her teacher made this decision. We had been informed that this came down from the administration and Equity Alliance of Minnesota instructed them to make sure the children did not share this information with their parents, and that should pose a great concern in any parents’ eyes,” Hayley said.


Victor David Hanson closed one interview in discussion Wokeness and Critical Race Theory (CRT) with these thoughts:

“[Republicans] are very polite, they don’t cancel people out, they don’t boycott, they don’t get angry and noisy. And I think that has to end,” Hanson said.

The people who oppose woke ideology are “half the country,” he continued. But they aren’t “organized like the left is.”

“So I think they have to use the same methodology to fight back. Otherwise, they’re going to be steamrolled by a minority that doesn’t have popular support, that’s very much better organized and funded.”

Hanson said he could already see the public backlash against wokeism – the most notable examples being school board protests and Eric Adams, a pro-law enforcement candidate, winning the Democratic mayoral primary in New York.

But on a larger scale, he said, it will take a “charismatic, effective candidate who doesn’t polarize people and says, ‘Look, we’re not going to throw away the traditions of the United States because of a bad year or a bankrupt theory.'” 

“I think the Republicans are going to have a big midterm election,” Hanson predicted. “That’s what destroyed the Obama administration was the Tea Party pickup of 63 seats in 2010.”

“So, I think it can be stopped because there’s no public support for it.”

It seems like there is hope to stop this insanity. But we all must awaken and understand that good things don’t always “just happen.” Evil dominates the process of instigating “bad things.” Let’s hope Americans will come to life and cancel Cancel Culture, Wokeness, and CRT.

We MUST make this happen!

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COVID-19 and Critical Race Theory Make Strange Bedfellows

A coordinated effort by the far-left and their media accomplices is in full swing as they scramble to paint the narrative that parent concern about public education is a manufactured fairy tale by right-wing loony-toon activists, conspirators, and extremists. The elephant in the room is that it was COVID-19 that opened the eyes of parents, exposing the corrupt teacher union/educrat monopoly plaguing public education. I call it the “education cartel.” It’s comprised of teachers, union activists, administrators, school boards, and their cohorts in the liberal media.

The education cartel flew largely under the radar prior to COVID and it was blindsided. Sunlight really is the best disinfectant and the pandemic exposed these ringleaders operating under the veil of “educating” our kids as nothing more than a bunch of tyrants. Their jig is up.

No greater example of this can be found than in Northern Virginia’s Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, where liberals outnumber conservatives and, until recently, most people couldn’t name a single member of their school board. Now the board members are household names. As COVID upended normal life, parents got their own education, and one by one the shoes dropped.

Shoe 1: Unions dug in their heels, opposing school reopenings. Their power and influence had been established for so long they thought they were invincible and never imagined they were overplaying their hand. The longer they insisted on keeping kids locked out of school, the angrier parents became, and the more the spotlight shone on what their kids were learning.

Shoe 2: Critical race theory. Parents got an education on the indoctrination of their kids with radical concepts that had infiltrated school curricula. Courtesy of the Zoom classroom, they witnessed teachers injecting racial division into their lesson plans.

Shoe 3: Gender policies and First Amendment rights. Increasingly packed school board meetings became media circuses, and when a Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) teacher offered his opinion on a controversial proposed policy regarding transgenderism, the school board went woke and suspended him. Even after they were inundated with support from parents for the teacher, Tanner Cross, LCPS announced they’re appealing a court order requiring them to give him his job back. Rather than call a truce with parents, the board is doubling down. Parents can go stick it.

Now enlightened, parents (who, in many cases are paying substantial amounts of money in property taxes) are now packing school board meetings across the country to push back on the severe overreach of tyrannical school boards and power-drunk teacher unions. But instead of answers, compassion, or respectful dialogue, they’re getting their mics cut.

While it’s absolutely arrogant, condescending, abhorrent – insert any number of adjectives – that they would treat parents like second-class citizens, complete with all the discrimination they rail against, these education cartels have been free-ranging it with our kids’ “education” for years. They’ve just now been exposed thanks to COVID-19. Their reaction is typical of political activists, not public servants. Instead of working with the parents they supposedly serve, they’ve launched a political smear campaign against those very parents.

In Loudoun County, they set up a Facebook group targeting parents who dare disagree with the education cartel, including on issues like CRT. Group members created a list of names, addresses, employers, etc. of parents who don’t walk the line. Patti Hidalgo Menders, a parent from Loudoun County, was one of those targeted. “They put three pictures of me in there, and they called me a racist. They had my first and last name, the name of my husband, where my son goes to high school, what town I live in, and they called me disgusting,” she said.

Among the who’s who in this group doing the targeting: LCPS staff – as in taxpayer-funded government employees – school board members, and a prosecutor in Loudoun County whose salary is also paid for by these parents.

Maybe next time we revisit bullying in schools, we should circle back to the grownups in charge.

The education cartel is imploding and they need a better PR strategy because attacking parents isn’t working. Nevertheless, they persist. Their cavalry of reinforcements is working overtime. Virginia Democrat State Delegate Marcus Simon chose the White supremacy route, saying many of the parents advocating for open schools are part of the KKK. Referencing a substantial group of parents in Fairfax County who’ve organized and tirelessly advocated to open schools he said, “we know who is an ally of this movement…I’m not saying everybody who supports Open FCPS is a member of the KKK, but when the KKK is on your side, you need to rethink your priorities.”

If you want your kids to have a respectable education in the classroom, you’re a racist. You almost can’t make this stuff up.

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia, arrogantly brushed off concerns of thousands of parents storming Virginia school board meetings furious over the indoctrination of CRT being pushed in their schools as just another “right-wing conspiracy.”  If McAuliffe wants to take a break from counting his campaign cash from the teachers’ union, he might be interested to know that many parents who are part of this so-called “right-wing conspiracy” are Democrats. It turns out that when it comes to CRT and indoctrinating our kids, parents are politically colorblind.

Kids trump politics. Every. Single. Time.

These terror tactics are all part of their effort to shut up and shut down parents. There is no tolerance for debate and dialogue. Parents will not be intimidated, bullied, or silenced by the tyrants running our public education system. COVID-19 unleashed a giant spotlight on the education monopoly and it turns out it has very little to do with educating our kids.

Parents, now armed with facts on their side, aren’t going away.

Here Come the Power Brokers: Teachers’ Unions

As the debate over critical race theory and schools reaches a fever pitch, the two national teachers’ unions are entering the fray, vowing to defend their members against any backlash over how they teach about the nation’s complicated history with race and racism.

Both unions have presented a single underlying message: Teachers must be honest about racial injustices so that students learn to think critically about how the country’s problematic past has shaped its present. Any efforts to restrict those conversations in the classroom, the unions say, are akin to censorship.

“The backlash [to teaching about race] that you see in these radicalized circles is going to hurt kids,” said American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten in an interview. “I felt the need to make it crystal clear to teachers … that I honor their professional responsibilities and that their union will have their back.”

Already, 26 states have introduced bills or taken other steps to limit how teachers can discuss racism in the classroom, and nine states have enacted restrictions. Many right-leaning policymakers have said they’re trying to keep critical race theory out of K-12 schools. Critical race theory has become highly politicized, and experts say that any efforts by the unions to support its use in the classroom will be met by attacks from conservative groups.

Weingarten has already taken steps to distance her union from the divisive rhetoric, telling her members Tuesday that critical race theory isn’t taught in K-12 schools, but that “culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism, or discrimination as CRT to try to make it toxic.”

National Education Association President Becky Pringle has avoided using the term critical race theory in interviews, instead calling for educators to teach the truth about the most painful parts of American history. But at the NEA’s representative assembly, union delegates passed several measures that explicitly support the use of critical race theory in curriculum and allocated tens of thousands of dollars to those efforts.

One such measure, introduced by the NEA’s board of directors, said the nation’s largest teachers’ union will support and lead campaigns that “result in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education, critical race theory, and ethnic studies curriculum in pre-K-12 and higher education.” The measure is part of a larger $675,000 effort to “eradicate institutional racism” in public schools.

The national unions are now starting to organize their legal responses to protect educators who might be punished for how they discuss racism with their students.

Some of the state laws specify consequences for teachers who break them: New Hampshire says that anybody, including the attorney general, can sue a school or district for violating new guidelines on how teachers can discuss race, gender, and other identifying characteristics in the classroom. Also, a teacher who is found to have violated the law could receive a disciplinary sanction by the state board of education. (An Arizona bill would have gone one step further and fined individual teachers $5,000 for promoting only one side of a controversial issue, but that bill failed to pass the state senate.)

“Mark my words: Our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history,” Weingarten said in a speech Tuesday. “Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong. Distorting history and threatening educators for telling the truth is what is truly radical and wrong.”

In an interview, Weingarten said some of the laws are so broad that they undermine the required state standards for instruction. The union plans to seek some clarification there, possibly in court. AFT has also put additional resources in its legal defense fund. “There are constitutional scholars that are looking at these laws,” Weingarten said. “I’m just trying to make sure that teachers can teach the constitution.”

How fiery is Randi Weingarten about teachers pushing CRT on kids? She’s so fiery, listen to her speech to her union members Tuesday as she grossly misrepresents the facts that thousands of parents have verified regarding which kids are being taught Critical Race Theory and at what age:

Union Pres Weingarten on CRT


Let’s be clear about several things:

  • Teachers Unions have become TOO powerful, TOO politically partisan, and TOO arrogant for parents to continue benign trust of children to their care;
  • Leaders of Teachers Unions are rejecting the belief that parents when entrusting their children to public school teachers do so believing that these teachers know better than parents everything that is best for the children;
  • Many teachers are “in the tank” for Critical Race Theory even though believing it obliterates American history and justifies all to see the world through a lens that sees only the skin color of people. And they teach children to use that to determine the worth of EVERYONE.

My wife and I were each educated in public schools. Our three children all were educated in public schools. We ALL graduated high school with a well-rounded view of pretty much everything in life we needed at the time to cope. We all knew while growing up the horrors of racism and identity politics. But we weren’t taught that by public school teachers. We were taught that by our parents!

I’ll close with this question: Is it fair to say that Big Government and Big Public Education feel unilateral authorization to assume the nurturing of America’s children on everything in life? Did Hillary Clinton really mean when she published her book “It Takes a Village” that the “Village” was comprised of public school teachers and administrators?

I’m just one guy with my opinion on the matter. I would NEVER give the responsibility to teach my children in any unilateral fashion without my knowing it in advance. And if I disagreed with what comprised that teaching, my kids would NOT attend such a school.

Let’s face it: these educators are afraid — afraid of what will happen now that parents have awakened and they understand kids are no longer receiving education in public schools. Their horror is that they have discovered their children are instead attending school and are being indoctrinated with the political hackery promoted by Democrat Socialist politicians who have accepted millions of dollars in campaign dollars from Teachers Unions!

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Dividing America: The Racist Plot of Communism, Part II

Yesterday in Part I of this story, Kelleigh Nelson identified who all Americans — individually and as a nation — are fighting in a decades-old battle that surprisingly operated below the radar screen of years: a slide toward Totalitarianism. And anyone who intimated such a slide was actual was quickly and loudly labeled a Conspiracy Theorist. Everything they pointed us to to give us facts was deemed “conspiracies” and nothing else. So, all this factual information remained hidden for most of us.

Thankfully, “real” journalists like Kelleigh refused to be quiet and continuously put facts before the American people. They fought hard in their quests — not for their own sakes, but for ALL Americans.

Today we publish Part II of this plot to destroy our nation by first dividing us. (And we’re well on the way to total division) It begins with legislation that appeared when passed to be exactly what individuals and companies in the private sector needed to actuate that “Liberty and Justice for all” thing promised to us by our forefathers. Affirmative Action always sounded good for members of minorities, giving them a better chance to make better lives for themselves, their families, and the businesses they started.

Kelleigh today finishes this offering by breaking down the egregious elements of Affirmative Action.

Affirmative Action

The following statistics come mostly from a booklet by David Horowitz and John Perazzo entitled Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream.

Rather than being institutionally oppressed, American blacks have been accorded a whole array of institutional advantages over whites for nearly 60 years.  This stands as the only known instance in history whereby a racial majority in power has voluntarily agreed to relinquish its standing and allow discrimination against themselves in favor of a racial minority when that racial minority has been the object of discrimination throughout thousands of centuries and never created an issue of it.

Affirmative Action (AA) was signed into law in 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson issued E.O. 11246, requiring all government contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action to expand job opportunities for minorities.  Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall told his fellow justice, William O. Douglas, “You (white) guys have been practicing discrimination for years.  Now it’s our turn.”

AA has spread throughout every government and private organization via tax dollars. In the 1970s, AA was successfully redefined to mean racial preference for non-whites, and a new standard was set for admissions policies at universities across the US.  Though black students’ median SAT scores in any given year were at least 200 points lower than the median for white students’, blacks were admitted at much higher rates to nearly all academically competitive schools. (Deliberate dumbing down of minorities was the earliest experiment.)

At the University of Michigan Medical School, the odds favoring the admission of black over white applicants with the same background and academic credentials have ranged between 21-to-1 and 38-to-1.  The University of Nebraska College of Law’s admission of black over white ratio was 442-to-1, and at Arizona State University Law School, 1,115 to 1.  Even if those black students do not excel, they are kept within the schools because dropout rates jeopardize the school’s reputation among advocates of racial preferences and its formal accreditation. Affirmative grading is done on black students to allow them to graduate.

Maintaining racially “diverse” student bodies is now a legal obligation, so schools have provided monetary incentives to black students who meet normal standards. Still, this privilege is not offered to whites or Asians. In 2011, Yale announced that it would provide free tuition to black public high school graduates with a GPA of 3.0 and a good attendance record.  Of course, no white with a 3.0 GPA need bother to apply.

In 2008, Harvard professor Roland Fryer spearheaded an initiative of paying fourth-graders in New York up to $250 to improve their grades and $500 for seventh-graders.  This doesn’t even account for the thousands of scholarships, grants, and rewards for nonwhite students, and many of these black students come from privileged backgrounds…

Schools aren’t the only areas of privilege for black Americans.  Since the 1970s, most major corporations and smaller ones have implemented wide-ranging, race-specific strategies to recruit minorities.  Financial bonuses are given to managers for successfully recruiting or promoting a significant number of black employees.  With BLM and Critical Race Theory at the fore, airlines are now stating half the pilots they recruit, and train will be women or minorities.

Government is another place where blacks excel over whites and Asians.  Should black applicants fail the qualifying exams in police and fire departments, standards are lowered, or passing grades are reevaluated.

When a 2009 Quinnipiac University poll asked respondents, “Do you think AA programs that give preferences to black and minorities in hiring, promotions, and college admissions should continue or be abolished?”  Discriminated against whites wanted AA abolished by a 64% to 27% margin, while the black beneficiaries favored continuing by 78% to 14%.

Think about Barack Obama and black skin privilege.  What candidate could go through an election and win easily without any vetting whatsoever by the press?  And what white celebrity who shot his brother as a juvenile, dealt cocaine as an adult, and stabbed a rival business executive with a five-inch blade could count an American president among his friends and be invited to his political fund-raisers?  Rapper Jay-Z.

And as mentioned in Part Two of this series, racist behavior isn’t even a disqualifier for civil rights leaders if they’re black.  Think of Louis Farrakhan, who has called for the murder of whites and especially of Jewish Americans.  Al Sharpton was lauded by Obama as “a voice for the voiceless and dispossessed” and hired as a TV anchor by NBC and now MSNBC despite being a racial arsonist and convicted liar whose incitements led directly to the incineration of seven people.

This racial injustice enforced on behalf of black Americans damages them as well as white Americans.  It empowers incompetence, and it has sown resentment.

The Great Society

Thomas Sowell commented, “The black family, which had survived slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life.”

President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” which resembled the New Deal domestic agenda of Franklin D. Roosevelt, didn’t really help black Americans; rather, it promoted dependence upon the government and included Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, and Head Start, among others intended to win what Johnson called a War on Poverty. The failure was stark.

Statistics showing black and white families were approximately the same in out-of-wedlock children and high school dropouts before the War on Poverty exponentially accelerated in black families, and whites followed shortly thereafter.  Like LBJ’s Great Society, Marxist BLM phrases such as “dismantle the patriarchal practice,” “disrupt the nuclear family structure,” and “collectively care for the children” are communist goals focused on destroying the family unit. LBJ was successful in that endeavor.

The rage and violence that draws police to minority communities is not the result of racism but family destruction.  Youth deprived of a strong father figure end up homeless, in gangs, drug abuse, and ultimately in divorce court if they even marry the women who bear their children.  Many end up incarcerated for various crimes.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, 84% of black Americans feel that the justice system mistreats them.  Blacks are arrested in numbers greater than 13% of the population would warrant.  Unfortunately, they account for 38.9% of all violent crime arrests, including 32.5% of all rapes, 55.5% of all robberies, and 33.9% of all aggravated assaults.  And these statistics are nearly 10 years old.

In 2010, black perpetrators were responsible for 80% of all violence against blacks (including 94% of homicides), while white perpetrators accounted for just 9% of all violence against blacks.  One must remember the inconvenient fact that promoters of the racial “injustice system” myth is that black chiefs run numerous high-crime cities with majority black populations and high black arrest rates. Link Chicago’s south side is a perfect example. The mayor of Chicago is a black married lesbian who has done nothing to stop the murders of blacks, especially children, and she rejected President Trump’s offer of help to curb the violence.


White has become the new black. Centuries of white slavery are ignored, never taught in universities, and we are targeted with the Marxist label of “White Skin Privilege.”

Really?  We’re privileged because we were born with white skin?  That’s the propaganda being sold today by communists like South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, who promoted the apartheid murder of all whites.

Black American elitists are screaming for reparations, for whom?  No one alive today was a slave or a slave owner.  Where do white Americans who suffered slavery throughout past centuries go for reparations?

Over 60 years ago, racism vs. black people was tolerated, even codified into law, and black and white Americans marched together to put an end to it. Yes, we stood with our black brothers and sisters to stop this evil, and whites died to ensure our brother’s freedoms. Today, racism vs. white people has become more tolerated, and even some of our laws reflect that.

Despite over half a century of aiding our black brothers and sisters with Affirmative Action, we are being divided once again by the communist desire to shred the cloth of freedom that binds us as Americans.

Communism wants our division.  We stand together, arm in arm, or we lose it all.

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What Is Our Real Inheritance?

Many Americans born since the early 1950s remember the 4th of July as a wondrous time of year. It wasn’t just ONE day: it was a full week in which we raised our flags and banners, attended Independence Day parades complete with high school and elementary bands and dance teams marching. Many cities, towns, and villages even celebrated the event with fairs and circuses. It always lasted a week or so, and it was a time we drew together as a nation. We were NOT divided, we were NOT different from others, we were NOT black or white or straight or gay or Christian or Jew or Muslim: we were Americans!

My how times have changed. And it’s really sad to watch the greatest nation in World history implode before our very eyes. And it’s happening not because things are bad. It’s not happening because we’re out of work, can’t buy food, can’t enjoy the “good things” of life. In fact, those things have never been better since World War II! So why is there so much anger and divisiveness? What has changed so dramatically in just twelve short years?

Does Independence Day 2021 Mark the End of America?

As Independence Day dawned again, the United States seems disoriented and on edge. The one-two punch of COVID-19 and urban riots, coupled with a sense of economic fragility and impending inflation, has left many feeling drained and nervous about the future. Institutions that once served as the ballast for national well-being have shown themselves to be untrustworthy. Americans brace for the next wave of disruption.

When Twitter, Facebook, and cable news frame the issues of the day, it’s hard not to be discouraged. We are polarized and angry, and the radical Left is to blame — or maybe it’s the fascist Right. The despair is often accompanied by a self-righteous assurance that things would be better if only our political opponents would disappear.

But another America still exists, beyond the sound and fury of Twitter and the Beltway. It lives quietly in homes, where parents try to raise their children well. It exists in schools, where dedicated teachers show up day after day to teach. It flourishes in neighborhoods, community centers, and diners, where neighbors gather for conversation and a shared story. It pervades churches, synagogues, and mosques, where families pause from their busy lives to return thanks to God. Indeed, despite the turmoil and uncertainty, we have much to be grateful for.

If citizenship, properly understood, begins with gratitude, gratitude begins when we recognize that we are the beneficiaries of a great and multifaceted inheritance, as Edmund Burke understood. Writing at the outset of the French Revolution, Burke anticipated with remarkable clarity the disorder and devastation that was coming. Today, American society flirts with revolutionary sentiments that recall the attitudes that motivated the Jacobins. We would do well to listen to Burke’s warnings, for we risk squandering our inheritance — a fateful civilizational move.

Burke criticizes those revolutionaries who have learned “to despise all their predecessors.” Such despising led to “a great departure from the ancient course.” This wholesale rejection of the past represents, for Burke, the height of carelessness mixed with naïveté about the nature of human beings and human societies. He levels his attack at those who willingly ignore what they have inherited: “You began ill because you began by despising everything that belonged to you.” For Burke, common possessions — our social and political institutions — flow from an inheritance. To reject that inheritance is to reject the very ideas, forms, customs, practices, and institutions that constitute a people. It is a kind of social and political suicide. Ironically, such a rejection of the past in the name of a better future represents a serious threat to the future in whose name the rejection is made, for “people will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.”

If we truly wish to secure a good, stable, and just future, we should begin with our inheritance: recognizing the good therein; lovingly improving upon that which has been received; and, in due time, passing that improved inheritance on to the next generation. In this way, “the idea of inheritance furnishes a sure principle of conservation, and a sure principle of transmission; without at all excluding a principle of improvement.”

What Burke describes is stewardship. When we understand ourselves as stewards, we see that we are inheritors of cultural and political goods that must be cultivated if they are to survive. Civilization is not automatic; a free society is not natural. In fact, political freedom is a remarkable achievement that required generations of sacrifice, experimentation, discipline, and practice. In America, we inherited an English tradition in self-government that developed over centuries. The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights — not to mention the Bible — stand behind the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. America’s founding documents are unimaginable apart from the principles and practices articulated and fostered by the Founders’ predecessors.

Today, we enjoy the blessings of freedom won by the sacrifices of our forebears, who hoped that their offspring would live free. When we take these things for granted, when we act as if political freedom is a natural occurrence or a right that can simply be demanded; and when we believe that life in a free society entails only benefits to be enjoyed and no responsibilities to be shouldered, we are consuming finite cultural capital.

Stewardship of this cultural and political inheritance means living gratefully and responsibly in such a way that we strengthen our institutions and pass them along to the next generation. We must seek to cement in ourselves and our children the habits and practices necessary for sustaining and improving what we have been given, like knowing, abiding by, and advocating the Rule of Law once more. It’s a difficult task to do since political leadership over the last decade has pointed Americans away from that bastion of freedom that makes America different — makes us better. Ignoring this task means squandering the very things that make a free society possible.

Are we finished? Is the United States of America doomed to fall apart?

It certainly looks that way. But if we set aside the temptations that have been normalized by many in our society who are committed to banishing our own history and those who came before us; if we refuse to embrace the same tired and disastrous Big Government policies that have failed every time enacted in any nation in the World, we can stop this rapid race to destruction.

We CAN do that. But WILL we do that?

During this Independence Week, set aside some time to remember and celebrate America’s founding principles. Let us recommit ourselves to the responsibility of upholding those principles with fidelity and steadfastness born of gratitude. Let us take seriously the responsibilities, and not just the rights, of citizenship Americans, are inheritors of great but fragile gifts; gratitude should foster a commitment to steward them well.

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When is Enough “Too Much?”

I’ve heard my entire life — especially when I was a kid, went to the grocery store with Mom, and drove her crazy by asking for everything — my Mom, in exasperation, asked me, “When is Enough Enough?” Be honest: you’ve heard that numerous times yourself. That’s probably a universal “Mom” — “Kid” thing. But I must tell you, I’m at a point that has to be close where Mom found herself during these arduous trips to the store with me. Almost every day and all day, we are all confronted with some ridiculous charade that is thrust in our faces by some nutcase (or nutcases) preaching about some “ism,” “ist,” or “phobia.” Most of the time, I don’t have any idea what these charades are really about!

I’m at the point that’s far past my Mom’s frustration with me in the store. I quit thinking, “When is enough enough” a long time ago. I’m into the “When is enough ‘TOO MUCH?'”

Am I alone in this or is there somebody out there who identifies with me? Honestly, I no longer care about the ideas, perspectives, beliefs, biological and psychological identities, likes, loves, and hates that people personally adopt for themselves. (The operative word in the previous sentence for this conversation is “themselves”)

In this societal revolution, there are so many moving parts that this old man is incapable of wrapping my brain around their names, let alone their meanings! And what the heck are their purposes?

I’ve Had TOO MUCH!

Let’s break down some of this insanity and see if I’m the only one who struggles with some or all of these things. Of course, when reading these, you’ll probably nod at a few, shake your head at some, and reading some will cause you to spit your teeth out from laughing so hard!

There will be some folks who think these (and our even calling them out in this story) are irreverent, off-limits, hateful, and, OMG, “racist, xenophobe, Islamaphobe, sexist…” or fill-in-the-blank on your own.


Let’s be honest: Americans have always labeled themselves and others. It’s a “human” thing and NOT just an “American” thing. People worldwide have labeled each other since there have been people. But that doesn’t mean doing so is OK.

It doesn’t matter what the label says, the process of labeling others denigrates one person (and every other person in society that wears the same label) while lifting the person placing the label and all others with who this person identifies as “just like Me.”

Such labels are used for those of different nations of origin, skin color, political perspective, sex, sexual preference, language spoken, religion, place of birth, and on and on. The list of possible labels is so long it’s exhaustive.

But one thing about this process is universal: it diminishes one while elevating the other. And purveyors of this process assume unilateral authority to determine each label and characteristics those labels must have to be included in each group.

Political Perspectives

In the U.S., for generations, we adopted one of just a handful of possible political perspectives, better known as “political parties.” (Have you ever wondered why these political “hate” groups were titled “parties?” “Parties are supposed to be fun!)

In a perfect world, this process would be benign and just so others could recognize one’s political affiliation. But beginning midway in the 20th Century, it took on a weaponization characteristic that has only grown viler through the years. Now, instead of using political labels as little more than to understand differences, we use political differences as a weapon to make certain everyone knows which people the enemies are. In most cases, verbal and written words are the ammunition used for each political skirmish. Still, in the last 20 years, the weapons have only grown in warfare capability, and ammunition has evolved into nuclear hatred.

In all of these political skirmishes, a single outcome is desired from all who battle: domination. Nothing less than that is acceptable. No wonder Thomas Jefferson said, “If achieving Heaven required political party affiliation, I’d certainly choose Hell.”

It was not long until political parties began to choose sides and place labels on others within their own parties. Democrats became known as”Far Left, Moderate or Conservative” Dems. Republicans were “Moderate, Mainstream, or Far Right.” And it was imperative for everyone not only to wear such a title but also to denigrate others of different labels.

Religious Tags

This process was purposely installed way back in the late 1700s by those who did not support the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion. Differences between those of different faiths were necessary to paint others “less” and “unworthy” just because of religious beliefs.

That became more and more prevalent as immigrants flooded U.S. shores. People from close to 200 different nations were welcomed into the New World, bringing a myriad of religions with them. Though our Declaration of Independence codified that “Freedom and Justice for All” extended to those of different faiths, human nature took control, and groups were formed based on religion.

This practice became most obvious after the 911 attack on New York. Islamist radicals flew those planes in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and crashed one in Pennsylvania. Three thousand dead Americans awakened the nation to the differences between Islam and Christianity. Let the labeling begin! Just think about the numbers of Muslims who have legally immigrated to the U.S. through the years and how many native-born American Muslims live here today that daily fight the so-called “label” of Muslim in the context of terrorism watched around the World.

Today’s #1 Labelers

Who else but the Mainstream Media. So, of course, the Democrat Party over the past 10-15 years picked up the mantle of “Dividers-in-Chief” and not very subtly began their task to split the nation right down the middle. They don’t do that by reporting only news that fits their Leftist perspectives. They ALWAYS include Leftist explanations for every story covered.

The content of this reaps obvious results. Many Americans don’t even question any of the content they see and hear from the Media Mob. And that’s the source of the feeding frenzy on the Left to label, attack using media and the manufactured weapons mentioned above along with others to “teach” the “truths” of their propaganda to a generation of Americans who were raised dependent on electronics and satellite transmissions and social media for all their information. It couldn’t have been any easier to take over the information consumed by these young minds of muck for the indoctrination using totalitarianism as their curricula.

We could continue for hours giving comparisons ad nauseam that we all see and hear in perpetuity preaching this divisive doctrine. Let’s don’t go there. We’ve gone far enough down that rabbit hole. Let’s get to the limits Americans can and will tolerate.


“Critical Race Theory (CRT),” “Your Truth-My Truth,” “BLM, Antifa, White Supremacy,” “Wokeness,” “Cancel Culture,” are each murderous in their own ways. None operate in a vacuum, and none work alone. Saddest of all is that each has been purposely weaponized to attack people of difference — every difference listed above and plenty more we haven’t seen yet.


The Washington Post has promoted global opinions editor Karen Attiah to the role of an opinion columnist despite a now-deleted tweet in which she warned White women that they are “lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s'” and “not calling for revenge.”

“The lies & tears of White women hath wrought: -The 1921 Tulsa Massacre – Murder of Emmet Till – Exclusion of Black women from feminist movements – 53% of white women voting for Trump. White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s.’ And not calling for revenge,” Attiah, who is Black, wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

This story and the actions and words in this piece written by Attiah illustrate just how far we have gone in the communication war. The Left weaponizes everything! If they see no possibility of using any incident, a thing said or posted, news article, or some action of someone with whom they disagree, they’ll ignore it. But give them a slim shot at using one or several of these against one they consider a foe, and they’re all-in! And there’s no consideration at all for the possible damage their words and actions may initiate. Oh, they know there surely will be hurt feelings, destroyed careers, marriages, and families obliterated, and even suicides as results of their attacks. But these are all justified!  Nasty things almost always result from battles. And folks not directly involved who get in the middle of a fire-fight often are injured or even killed: “Collateral Damage” is expected and accepted.


Do you remember that old saying, “Payback fire with fire?” I’m not sure who authored that. But even if that literally is something that reaches a good solution, I can’t think of one good example it fits. What I DO know for certain are these things: hatred never destroys hatred; lies never correct other lies; infidelity never fixes infidelity; anger never resolves anger; theft never justifies theft; hatred never obliterates hatred; racism NEVER fixes racism.

These are the weapons — along with dozens of others — being used by millions in play 24/7 in our public lives today. Many of us shake our heads when we see and hear these around the clock, not believing they use them to hurt others. Additionally, it’s uncanny how many people who are targets of these attacks don’t even bother to defend themselves!

The benignly targeting allowing these attacks to go unanswered is the desire of the perpetrators. They expect pushback, and they’re prepared for it. But when there’s NO response, they gleefully put another notch in their belts to mark victory and move on to find their next victim.

Wake up! Say something. Defend yourself and the weakest among us against these hypocritical yet deadly attackers and the attackers.

If our nation is going to maintain its reality of being the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” we are all going to have to draw lines with those who confront and attack us using weapons of numerous types. And when those lines are encroached by anyone, we must push back!

If the young adults and teens who are more and more buying into this faux philosophy don’t see mature Americans en mass pushing back and getting vocal, they will see that as quiet acceptance of all they are seeing and hearing. Once their generation normalizes this process, IT becomes their average. And it’s really tough to change young minds who have been inundated with lies, misrepresentations, and personal attacks so long with no objection, they might never change.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to let the nation in which I have spent 67 years investing in others, numerous times expecting nothing in return, fade away into totalitarianism which will destroy my grandchildren and their kids.

At TruthNewsNetwork, we push back. We encourage you to stop sitting quietly while the U.S. crumbles. Stop allowing the propaganda of the Left to permeate the hearts and minds of our young people. How to fix it? Speak the Truth continually and as loud as you can!

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Why are “Equity” and “Equality” in the U.S. Political Spotlight?

Yes, it certainly “seems” that a bunch of Democrats in Congress and the mainstream media are racist. After all, they’ve become experts at putting us all in their various “baskets,” giving us characteristics and personalities which they deem “appropriate.” And with the addition of the word “equity” in our political talking points immediately made one question the differences between “equality” and “equity.” “Equality” is guaranteed to us all in the Constitution. But what about “equity?” What the heck IS “equity!

For months now, privately, we’ve been searching for a meaningful definition of the word “equity.” We’ve consulted linguists, dusted off moldering reference books, we scoured the four corners of God’s own internet, all in an effort to figure out what it means. We’ve done this, not for pleasure, but because it’s our duty as Americans: “Find the Truth!” Equity is now the organizing principle of the United States of America.

On the very day he was inaugurated, Joe Biden signed Executive Order 13985. That order makes “equity” mandatory across the federal government. Yet strangely, neither Joe Biden nor anyone else in the administration ever defined the word. So what is “equity?”

“Equity,” it turns out, is racism. It’s as simple as that. Equity is racism. And to be clear, we don’t mean racism in the sense that ice cream and Shakespeare and math are all now supposedly racist, or that Dr. Seuss is now considered an “Exalted Cyclops” in the Ku Klux Klan. We’re not talking about the Ilhan Omar/Atlantic magazine definition — which by the way, isn’t actually language, but just another blunt political weapon. No. We mean racism in the literal sense, in the way that Martin Luther King defined the term: the act of hurting some people and helping others, purely on the basis of their respective races. Bigotry, in other words; Prejudice; Hatred. That’s what equity is.

We know this, thanks to Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago. Lightfoot released a two-page manifesto defining equity. “Equity and inclusion are the north stars of this administration,” Lightfoot explained. And then she got specific about it.

“On the occasion of the two-year anniversary of my inauguration as Mayor of this great City, I will be exclusively providing one-on-one interviews with journalists of color.” In the name of equity, Lori Lightfoot is refusing to grant interviews to white people.

Lightfoot took pains to explain that she doesn’t mean any of this personally. In fact, she conceded that some of the White reporters who cover city hall in Chicago are talented and hardworking. But unfortunately, they are, Lightfoot said, “White, nonetheless.” So there it is, as plainly as anyone’s ever said it out loud. White people are disqualified because they are white. Not because of anything they’ve done or said or think. Lori Lightfoot doesn’t care about that: she says so. Lightfoot isn’t interested in what these white people might be like as individuals, as people. She doesn’t even care what kind of white they are. Their ancestors could be from Italy or Luxembourg or Finland or Spain. They could be members of the British royal family. They could be penniless Romanian immigrants living in a box on the sidewalk on Michigan Avenue. Rich or poor, it doesn’t matter to Lori Lightfoot.

To Lori Lightfoot, all that matters is the fact they’re white because white people are all the same. They are entirely defined by the color of their skin. You can see how this makes life easier for Lori Lightfoot. She knows who to hate, just by looking at them. If someday the Chicago police rounded up the entire population of the city, Lori Lightfoot would have no trouble pulling the right ones out of line for punishment. By the way, in case you’re wondering, yes, that was a Nazi reference. It was deserved. Lori Lightfoot is a monster. Any society that allows politicians to talk like this has a very ugly future ahead — VERY ugly.

But of course, no one’s said much at all about what Lori Lightfoot said in her manifesto. Even Chicago reporters — some of whom can no longer do their jobs, purely because of how they were born — offered only tepid complaints. Like this person from NBC.

Mary Ann Ahern of NBC News: “Another reporter called and said ‘Hey, I’m hearing they’re only talking to black and brown journalists.’ I said “What?’ It didn’t even sound real. So I reached out to the communications director Kate Lefurgy and she texted me back and said ‘Yeah, that’s true.’ She said white reporters have been in the room for the majority of the year and it’s time to hear from other people.”

That’s confusion, not outrage. “Can it be real?” But there’s nothing confusing about who Lori Lightfoot is. Lori Lightfoot is a dangerous bigot. She’s hurting other people because of their race. That’s the crime, but it’s the one thing nobody wants to say out loud. Here’s the response from a reporter at the Chicago Tribune.

“I am a Latino reporter whose interview request was granted for today. However, I asked the mayor’s office to lift its condition on others, and when they said no, we respectfully canceled. Politicians don’t get to choose who covers them.”

Talk about missing the point completely. Of course, politicians can choose who they talk to. All of us have that right, thank God. What politicians can’t do under any circumstance is attack an entire group of citizens on the basis of their skin color.

Again, to restate the obvious, that is racism. It’s immoral. It is also illegal under countless state and federal laws. We’re not supposed to allow behavior like that from the government. We’re all equal in the eyes of the law. We’re all citizens. We’ve got an entire granite monument on the National Mall in Washington promising that we will never behave that way again, we will never allow it. But, because we’ve embraced equity, we’re not just allowing it, we’re encouraging it.

Meanwhile, how’s Chicago? The city of Chicago under Lori Lightfoot continues to crumble. Murders last year jumped 50 percent. Hundreds more are dead, many of them young people and children, most of them black. Is that social justice? No, it’s not. That’s nobody’s definition of social justice.

Not surprisingly, Lori Lightfoot doesn’t want to talk about it. There are 50 members of the Chicago city council. One of them, an alderman named Raymond Lopez, has repeatedly pressed Lightfoot to explain what she’s doing to the city. Lopez isn’t a right-winger. He’s a Democrat. He represents the 15th ward, which is overwhelmingly non-White, and in some places, impoverished.

But, Raymond Lopez cares about his constituents, so in January, he raised an obvious point with the mayor: maybe crime is up in Chicago because Chicago isn’t enforcing federal law. How did Lori Lightfoot respond to this? She called him a racist.

Lori Lightfoot:  “Being an immigrant or a refugee is not a crime. Alderman Napolitano and Alderman Ray Lopez I just have to say, shame on you.” Spirited debate, which is at the heart of our democracy, is not the same as using racist tropes and xenophobic rhetoric to promote yourself on the backs of others and demonize them.

Calling on a federal official to follow the law is now a racist trope.

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When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty

If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.  Thomas Jefferson

We should consider the benefits and the risks of vaccination. Unfortunately, our public health officials haven’t gotten to that point. And they keep repeating that the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks. But they don’t really have the studies to prove that. – Eva Vanamee, a researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital

We are currently ruled under Medical Tyranny, expressing itself as either communism or fascism, two heads of the same coin, because both end up with the same result, which is to destroy liberty and make us all slaves to them. Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News

Thomas Jefferson spoke a great deal about tyranny and rebellion, which he knew only too well.  He also said, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”  Good government has long been gone, and the care of human life and happiness was thrown out the window over 160 years ago, again in 1973 with the murder of our unborn and in 2020 with a worldwide COVID-19 that decimated America’s small businesses.

Franklin Roosevelt’s statement comes to mind, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Government stakeholders have been selling fear and lies to Americans for over a year.  The Gates Foundation, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the World Health Organization (WHO), Big Pharma, and our Democrat-controlled propaganda media and their flip-flopping hero, Dr. Anthony Fauci, have promoted and encouraged tyrannical actions nationwide.  The twisted facts and lies fed to us by media were planned and executed brilliantly.

Medical tyranny in America meant lockdowns, quarantines, masks, and constant temperature taking.  Gone are our God-given first amendment rights of free speech, free exercise of religion, right of assembly, petitioning the government, all nullified by despotic dictators.  Big Pharma’s injections and massive depopulation are the ultimate goals of the totalitarians.

Predicted Plandemic

The Covid Plandemic was predicted over a decade ago by the Rockefeller Foundation. Their intention was clear: to use the opportunity of the scenario or crisis to shape a “better future” or transform the world into their likeness – a New World Order global totalitarian dictatorship. The Lock Step scenario is described as “a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” It is based on a pandemic of a virus (an influenza strain) that infects nearly 20% of the world population and kills 8 million people in 7 months.  Thus far, we have seen little pushback.  People were growing weary and hateful about-face diapers, so the stakeholders decided to lift that requirement.

For months, an evil injection causing countless worldwide deaths and disastrous side effects has been promoted to stem the plandemic.  A commitment has been made to promote mass vaccination for the coronavirus.  We may well be witnessing the largest number of unnecessary vaccine-induced deaths in American history, despite the 99.75% overall recovery from the virus.

Vaccine Tyranny

CDC Senior scientist whistleblower Dr. William Thompson clearly exposed the tyranny and dangers of all vaccinations.

Dr. Thompson explained in an affidavit provided in 2014 to a member of a U.S. Congressional committee on science, “The co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. (We) all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room, and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard, and put them into a huge garbage can.”

“I have waited a long time to tell my story, and I want to tell it truthfully. I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings. The CDC can no longer be trusted to do vaccine safety work. It can’t be trusted to be transparent. The CDC can’t be trusted to police itself.” –Dr. William Thompson from a Financial Post article published on June 17, 2016.

“It’s all there–this is the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism because I have been part of the problem.” Link

Vaccines and Drugs

Brandy Vaughn, the former sales rep for Merck, said that vaccines are held to a lower safety testing standard than pharmaceutical drugs. The safety science behind vaccines is totally shady.

She was right about vaccines, and pharmaceutical drugs aren’t much better; they’re recalled by the hundreds every year.  As a whistleblower, Brandy started, but in December 2020, she was found unresponsive by her nine-year-old son.  She was one American who was truly in rebellion against tyranny.

Moms Across America told Brandy’s story.  She was a VIOXX sales rep, letting her audience know that she knew the tactics used and how vaccines were being pushed and sold without safety testing, just like VIOXX was. She knew that the drive to make a profit for Merck and Big Pharma far surpassed their commitment to testing and safety. And she was vocal about it.

Brandy was a 47-year-old single mom, apparently healthy, and had been very clear that she no reason to commit suicide.  She was harassed and threatened for telling the truth. She knew she was at risk. A year ago, she made a video recording of how her home had been repeatedly broken into, items moved, and she suspected that her home had been bugged. Incidents occurred to demonstrate that someone had been listening to her conversations or watching her by camera.

No one knows what Brandy Vaughn died of, whether natural causes or murder. Like Brandy, physicians, scientists, and others who are telling the truth regarding this plandemic nightmare of death and destruction are also targets, and they’ve already been massively censored.

Brandy fought California’s SB 277; the bill removed a parent’s religious and personal beliefs regarding the vaccination of their children. It was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on June 30, 2015.  Had Brandy lived, she would be horrified at the reported deaths from the Covid jabs.

In four months, the Covid inoculations have killed more Americans than any other vaccine in the last 20 years, according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Big Pharma states the following:

On average, about 4,500 drugs and devices are pulled from U.S. shelves each year. The recalled products have U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and, in many cases, are widely ingested, injected, or implanted before being recalled. Although the FDA may identify concerns regarding the safety of a drug, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to initiate and execute a recall. On the other hand, the FDA can mandate the recall of a device.

(Although the FDA can order manufacturers to recall vaccines and nicotine products, the agency cannot force a company to recall defective or potentially harmful drugs.)

In 2017 alone, manufacturers recalled 4,402 drug and device products, according to the Center for Devices and Radiological Health and the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Of those recalls, the FDA classified 139 as Class I. Class I recalled products could cause serious harm or death.

A chilling reality.

Medical Countermeasure Goals

Scrolling through the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security report on Technologies to Address Global Catastrophic Biological Risks reveals the total medical surveillance and treatment plan for America’s citizenry.  Following is a revealing portion of the report.

Medical Countermeasures or MCMs, are FDA-regulated products (biologics, drugs, devices) that may be used in the event of a potential public health emergency stemming from a terrorist attack with a biological, chemical, or radiological/nuclear material, or a naturally occurring emerging disease, i.e., Covid-19, which was not a true pandemic.

Drones used for conducting environmental surveillance would be one way to help fill gaps in monitoring of the environment for biological disruption to important ecosystems and bioterrorism events.

Enabling approaches for DNA sequencing, data collection, analysis, and sharing is the goal.  Big data conducted through environmental surveillance would fill gaps in monitoring the environment for biological disruption to important ecosystems and bioterrorism events.

Bill Gates has gone on record saying the U.S. needs disease surveillance and a national tracking system that could involve vaccine records embedded in our bodies. Link

Ahh yes.  More high-tech spying measures to “protect” us.

There’s far more in the 68-page Johns Hopkins document.  Beware, the document may give you nightmares.

Self-Spreading Vaccines: Self-spreading vaccines are genetically engineered to move through populations like communicable diseases, but rather than causing disease, they confer protection.  The vision is that a small number of individuals in a target population could be vaccinated. The vaccine strain would then circulate in the population much like a pathogenic virus, resulting in rapid, widespread immunity.

The five physicians who discussed vaccinated individuals causing health problems for the unvaccinated were not out in left field…they were on target.  Watch their video!

Johns Hopkins has confirmed that self-spreading vaccines are real.  Vaccinated people are the true “super spreaders” who are putting society at risk. Since there is still no real proof that viruses spread through the air, which is actually responsible for spreading disease throughout society? The answer is the vaccinated.

(Self-spreading vaccines have their roots in the Australian effort to create sterilizing vaccines for small mammal control.)

The Johns Hopkins paper explains the two different types of self-spreading vaccines: recombinant vector vaccines and live viral vaccines. It would appear as though COVID-19 injections constitute the former.

Self-disseminating transmissible vaccines are America’s totalitarian and authoritarian medical future, but that’s not all.

Microarray Patches for Vaccine Administration (MAP):  The microarray patch is an emerging vaccine administration technology that can modernize the conduct of mass vaccination campaigns.  The widespread adoption of MAP technology would significantly decrease a population’s time to complete immunization operations by enabling self-administration during emergencies.

A quick cure-all into your bloodstream.

Ingestible Bacteria for Vaccination: Bacteria can be genetically engineered to produce antigens in a human host, acting as a vaccine, which triggers immunity to pathogens of concern.  These bacteria can be placed inside capsules that are temperature stable, and they can be self-administered in the event of a pandemic.

Down the hatch!

Jab Passports

One of my favorite journalists, Daniel Greenfield, wrote about Governor Cuomo’s vaccine passports and the IBM connection.

Daniel writes, “Digital passports are big business and a few weeks ago IBM closed on a multimillion-dollar contract for a German vaccine passport and is in the second phase of a contract with UK’s NIH socialized medicine setup with potentially millions at stake. There’s no official contract in New York, which is just “testing” IBM’s vaccine passport technology. Still, the existence of the trial alone would help the tech giant secure international and national vaccine passport contracts.”

Ever wonder how the Nazis kept such explicit records?  The tattooed numbers on holocaust victim’s arms were ID numbers used in IBM databases (based on punched cards, not full-purpose computers).  Edwin Black’s book, IBM and the Holocaust, is a highly documented account of war profiteering and despicable politicians turning their heads. Sound familiar?

IBM had a strategic alliance with Nazi Germany and worked very hard to maintain their global market dominance in data processing.  One of IBM’s machines has a prominent place in the Holocaust Museum in DC.

And now here comes Governor Cuomo, just like the Nazis, wanting to make sure everyone has a Jab Passport, and he’s hired IBM to help him make sure they document every one.

It gives me chills!


Censorship is not enough for the stakeholders in charge of totalitarian medical control.  They have targeted those who tell the truth, those who are begging our fellow citizens to rebel against the juggernaut of Medical Tyranny.

Brandy Vaughn was just one woman; far more are on the list to be purged. Time for all freedom-loving Americans to stand and be counted.

This Story Authored and Contributed by Kelleigh Nelson

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Who Are the Real Conspiracy-Theory Nut Jobs?

Have you noticed the term “Conspiracy Theory” is being used more and more lately by people targeting OTHER people for stating something with which they disagree? Some people think this rush to do that continually is justified in that “we need to know the truth and stop all purveyors of lies!” Others, however, view the term as nothing more than factual labeling of “possible” actions and/or events until those are proven or disproven.

We have watched and listened to all who weigh in on the noise coming out of Washington and those addressing what goes on there. One of the “lightning rods” among conservative voices is a minister named Mario Murillo.

I’ve known Mario Murillo for 30+ years and watched and listened to him from afar. (He pastors a large church in the hotbed of liberal politics in the Oakland-Berkeley California area) From time to time, we have published a newsletter of his when the newsletter addresses things our readers are looking for. His newsletters ALWAYS contain pertinent and applicable thoughts, ideas and suggest possible actions by us all.

In the current chaos in D.C., Mario wrote a letter to us all. And we share that with you today:

A few days ago, I received an email from, of all people, CNN. They wanted to know if I was still holding on to my ‘conspiracy theories.’ I thought, “Who are the real conspiracy theory nut jobs?”

Remember how the left ridiculed us for predicting disaster once Biden got into the White House? They were quite sincere and convinced that we were wrong. They said with conviction, “Oh no, you are wrong! Biden will be a president for all the people. The world will be relieved at his presence. Peace and security will ensue.”

Now, Biden is overseeing a vast human tragedy at the border, soaring gas prices, racial hatred, and the world on the brink of war.

Not only were we right—we were too right. It has degenerated faster than even we imagined. We emphatically warned that he would rain down calamity after calamity. That he would cause soaring gas prices, inflation, a spike in murder rates, unrest in the Middle East, and war.

You had none of that when Trump was President. In fact, you had the polar opposite. Under Trump, we became a world-class energy exporter. Under Trump, violent crime dropped across the board. Under Trump, the Middle East began an era of peace with the miraculous Abraham Accords. Under Trump, our borders were secure, and America stayed out of wars.

Using the media and Big Tech, evil marketing, and theft, Biden entered the White House. Remember how wicked they made Trump sound? Remember how wrong it was for any decent person to vote for Trump? That Woke-A-Cola was so widespread that even pastors were explaining why they could not vote for Trump. Listen to this doozy, spouted by a man with a Ph.D. from a Pentecostal Denomination:

“As a spiritual leader who believes the Bible is the revealed word of God, I vote for Joe Biden. Some Christian friends may point to the abortion policies espoused by Democrats and question my pro-life convictions. But politics is NOT a single-issue enterprise. And the Bible presents a stark contrast between godly and ungodly behaviors far more extensively than simply about the unborn. Before you write an angry reply to the post, do one simple thing: read any chapter of the Book of Proverbs, and see if you can find a single verse to suggest the current president is someone to follow. In addition to several other passages, I read a Proverbs chapter daily and cringe multiple times about the boastful man-in-office who claimed he would ‘save Christianity.’”

With little effort at all, I was able to find Trump in the book of Proverbs: “He who rebukes a man will find more favor afterward than he who flatters with the tongue” (Proverbs 28:23).

I also found a description of this misguided pastor in Proverbs: “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are righteous who give way to the wicked” (Proverbs 25:26).

And by the way…abortion literally is a single-issue enterprise.

I wonder how his words appear to him now―now that Biden has sold himself to do evil, every bit as much as Ahab in the Bible. I wonder how he, and the other Biden Evangelicals, feel now that every iota of what conservatives and Trump supporters said would happen has indeed happened, and more.

Perhaps, the craziest conspiracy theory of our time was to believe that Biden was going to be good for America.

But the Left called us conspiracy nuts for believing that all of Trump’s wonderful achievements would go down the drain. Every executive order of Biden is as helpful as using leeches on a hemophiliac. Everything he has touched has rained down misery and racial hatred. And, he is pushing the world to the brink of Armageddon.

The cesspool of hatred for Israel, known as the Squad (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC), is boiling over. Democrats own that now.

The leftist progressives that have seen their conspiracy theories coming true now know beyond knowing that the Biden presidency is the most unimaginable horror for America. And now we know that the “Christians,” who were duped into voting for this debauchery, need to repent.  Utterly repent!

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Woke but not Sleeping

If you’re a “Woke” person, you number among a bunch of folks who feel they are a class cut above most everyday Americans. Any woke person knows what that means. You don’t need to look up the definitions to know what “woke” means. If you ARE “woke,” you’ve opened your eyes and become socially engaged. And if you’re in that self-proclaimed classification, you need to educate yourself on current events and political issues. Being “woke” is being plugged in and actively aware and involved with the world around you.

However, the word holds a partisan undertone that we usually don’t even notice, and if we do, we probably agree with it. The word “woke” implies that to support the liberal viewpoint is to be socially aware — that’s the ONLY way to be socially aware. Woke people are heavily informed and actively involved with liberal social issues. If you’re leading a Black Lives Matter protest, you’re probably “woke.” If you’re calling your congressperson to advocate for Planned Parenthood, you’re probably “woke.” However, if you’re handing out pro-life leaflets, you probably will not wear the “woke” label.

This biased nomenclature is rooted in a belief held by some on the left that people are only conservative because they are uneducated. If only people were smarter, more informed, more “woke,” they would surely see the Democratic light and switch sides. Nevertheless, it is crucial to see the fault in this mindset.

Some of the most “woke” — socially informed and engaged — people I know are “woke” from the right. I know conservatives who watch the news 24/7 and don’t let a single current event slip their notice. I know people who utilize grassroots efforts to engage with their community to raise awareness for an issue that is of the utmost importance to them: anti-abortion legislation. Conservatism is not about being misinformed, and being “woke” is not about liberalism. There are educated, impassioned individuals on all sides of an issue.

I acknowledge that the origins of the word “woke” stem from the black community and its fight for equality. I understand that, historically, racial equality has been primarily driven by liberals, and hence the historical connection between the word and partisanship is natural. However, “woke” is spreading. It is taking on new meaning and new reach. “Woke” is starting to become an umbrella term for all that is just, thus making justice synonymous with Democratic political platforms.

Such usage of language is merely one example of rampant political polarization in the United States. We would rather assume that people on the other side are misinformed or downright idiotic than acknowledge the viability (and the necessity) of different opinions or priorities.

Furthermore, we have reached a point where we often isolate ourselves from people with differing political opinions. This is harmful in the obvious sense: It diminishes open, enriching political discourse. However, even more harmful is the reduction of individuals with whom we disagree to nothing more than their political beliefs. We allow our own self-image to be defined by our political identification. We fail to realize that people are more than their votes for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or Donald Trump. People have families, friends, hobbies, passions, thoughts, and priorities. A Trump voter is not necessarily a raving racist, and a Clinton voter is not necessarily trying to leech off your hard-earned money. They are simply people who have different opinions than you. Those opinions do not make them dumb or evil. Those opinions do not have to mean that they are not “woke.” They are different, but they are not invalid.

A Biden voter: that’s a conversation for another day!

The Flip-side Of the Wokeness Coin

“If you hate wokeness, you should vote for Joe Biden.” So said one writer in the run-up to last November’s elections. It was a sentiment that echoed across what we might call the respectable “anti-woke” world: that Trump is to identity politics what kerosene is to a dumpster fire, so a win for the moderate Joe Biden would calm everyone down.

Unfortunately for the “woke” crowd, Biden’s presidency has done nothing to diffuse racial paranoia. On the contrary, it’s getting more feverish. We’ve seen the New York Times eliminate its star COVID-19 reporter because he once used the “n-word” in a private conversation about racist language. Teen Vogue canned its new editor over jokes she made about Asians on Twitter as a teenager. And six Dr. Seuss books have been withdrawn, never to be printed again, over “racist images.”

No issue can be too silly or too serious to be left unracialized by the “wokesters.” After two horrendous mass shootings in March in Atlanta and Boulder, the bodies were barely cold before they were declared victims of “white supremacist domestic terrorism,” Hollywood’s guru over political extremism, Rosanna Arquette, wrote hours after the Boulder shootings.

The Atlanta shooter targeted Asian-run massage parlors, but the FBI said it did not believe the white, sex-crazed killer was racially motivated. New Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock disagreed: “We all know hate when we see it.” The same story was published about Boulder, where 10 people had been gunned down in a grocery store — until the suspect turned out to be a Syrian American named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. It’s hard to turn that into white supremacy.

Racism has become a kind of theory of everything for the American intellectuals or “woke” folks. This new religion has its roots in “critical race theory,” which holds that little real progress has been made since the Sixties and that racism remains structurally, culturally, and psychologically ingrained in American society. According to this worldview, racism is everywhere. And, of course, if you see otherwise, it’s because you’re blind, not because it isn’t there. Confronting racism’s various intrusions in our lives — real or imagined, historical or contemporary — apparently requires constant, hair-trigger vigilance.

This thinking has been mainstreamed recently by a pack of best-selling authors, led by Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, who have boiled it down to a series of slogans. In Kendi’s words, “There is no such thing as a not-racist idea, only racist ideas, and antiracist ideas.” His type of worldview is a recipe for hysteria. And in this, America’s colleges continue to lead the way.

In January, the UIC John Marshall Law School in Chicago put Professor Jason Kilborn on indefinite leave. It barred him from campus after students claimed to be “incredibly upset” by one of his exam papers. The paper, describing a discrimination case, featured the “n-word,” written, “n_____” for sensitivity’s sake. Kilborn arranged a Zoom meeting with one of the offended students to smooth things over. He joked that the dean might think he (Kilborn) was “homicidal.” According to Kilborn, the student then told the campus authorities that he really was homicidal, thus triggering his expulsion from campus.

The “woke” left used the killing of George Floyd last year to push identity politics out of the colleges and into the streets. In a moment of universal horror at what appeared to be a brutal, racist murder, identity politicians offered straightforward answers.

This was not one horrible incident or even an example of one specific problem. They said: it was just the most extreme end of everyday white racism. This explanation comes, according to a writer in TIME, from white people complimenting black women on “how pretty our hair looks when we wear it straight” to cops “literally suffocating black people.” That’s true — you can’t make this stuff up!

There was an attempt to initiate a sense of white collective guilt for Floyd’s death. “White people, you are the problem,” thundered an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune. Creepy public displays of penance followed this. In Bethesda, Maryland, a group of whites held their arms up and pledged to tackle “racism, anti-blackness or violence” and to “do everything in my power to educate my community.” In North Carolina, white pastors washed the feet of black pastors while begging God for forgiveness.

A guy named David Shor, a progressive data analyst lost his job at a consultancy firm after tweeting the results of a paper claiming to show that race riots might hurt the Democrats in an election. Even expressing allegiance to Black Lives Matter in insufficient detail got some people canceled: the president and board chairman of the Poetry Foundation were forced to resign because their post-Floyd statement of solidarity was deemed too brief to be taken seriously.

All this legitimizes what John McWhorter, a dissident on race issues, has been saying for a while: anti-racism has become a religion — not like a religion but actually a religion, complete with a doctrine of original sin, gospel, and a pretty hard line on heresy. Just as original sin must be reckoned with but cannot be overcome, McWhorter said, nor can the taint of “white privilege.” The anti-racist movement has drifted, he says, “from a commitment to changing society to a narrower commitment to signaling antipathy to racism and leaving it there.”

Then last summer, along came the U.S. company rush to “wokeness.” Corporate America fell spectacularly, with Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, and others pledging their allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement. They all engaged in hollow performances that required them to give up nothing other than their dignity — something summed up by the photo of Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, taking the knee in front of a Chase bank vault.

One of Biden’s first acts as president was to cancel Trump’s ban on critical race theory. He dropped the usual buzzwords, from “systemic racism” to “equity.” And he even joined in the cancellation of Dr. Seuss by removing any mention of him from the presidential proclamation on Read Across America Day, which marks Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

A bunch of folks are looking at identity politics as anything but silly. If you’re one of those people, flush it from your mind. “Wokeness” is the “acceptable” means through which racial thinking is being peddled today. Its high priests see the experiences and interests of blacks and whites as irreconcilably different. As Robin DiAngelo puts it in White Fragility, “I have a white frame of reference and a white worldview, and I move through the world with a white experience.” Meanwhile, black people are portrayed as permanent victims.

Racial stereotypes are being rehabilitated in the politically correct form. Last year the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture released an educational guide to talking about race, in which it said that “hard work,” “politeness,” and “objective, rational linear thinking” were examples of “white culture.” It’s a claim many white racists would enthusiastically agree with.

Slowly but surely, the idea that blacks and whites need to be separated for their own safety or self-fulfillment is once again taking hold. In September, Ibram X. Kendi went on a tear against interracial adoption, suggesting that Amy Coney Barrett was a “white colonizer” who wanted to “civilize” her adopted Haitian children.

Woke politics is ugly and destructive. It does nothing to improve the lives of hard-up minorities because it is obsessed with only language rather than ordinary people’s lives. Its ideas about group-based privilege and victimhood are as likely to hide class inequalities as expose them. All it has achieved is to push America into racial paranoia and to call into question the old civil-rights ideals of color-blindness: the hope that one day people would “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” as Martin Luther King, Jr. so beautifully put it.


If you are shaking your head right now, I urge you to pause for a moment. Can you look at yourself and label one single opinion that comprehensively defines your entire identity? I certainly hope not. We should all acknowledge our complexities as individuals and refuse to be defined by a single term. Then we should extend this same courtesy to others. If Americans en masse refuse to do this, we are headed down a long, dark, and narrow road. We know where the “wokesters” say they want to take us down that road. But I doubt more and more each day that their expressed destination for all this is really where we’re headed.

For me, I can sum up where I stand on all this is one statement: I don’t want to be “woke!” I don’t want to restrict my definition of activism and intelligence only to include those who agree with me politically. I want to be open-minded and engaged. I want to be informed and passionate. I want to be an advocate and a human being beyond political issues. Maybe we can broaden the definition of “woke” to include these characteristics from both sides of the political spectrum, but until then, I remain happily “un-woke.”

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The United States of “Power”

Declaration of Independence (annotated)

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness That — t to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…”

The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Who can honestly argue that these tenets espoused by all those men and women who fled their native countries to find a “New World” was an attempt to rebuild their World radically? The “New World” they fled to was a long sought-for home in which to establish the utopia described in the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

The 1776 Declaration of Independence put the British on notice of their intentions; the Preamble two decades later that introduced the Rule of Law to this new nation and the rest of the World and enshrined it in a template with which this new nation would operate, “of, by, and for the People.”

Grandios thoughts and plans, don’t you think?

They WERE implemented. Over two centuries plus, these settlers gave their time, their blood, sweat, and tears — and sometimes their lives — to preserve the part of this utopia established and propped up so far. Though difficult at best, pure drudgery at worst, they endured and worked and died to fulfill this pipedream for which they fled Europe. They made their dream a reality! Ten generations later, the fight and struggle continues, and maybe with the same challenges, disagreements, and fights, and even wars, as did they.

We’ve finally arrived!  Or have we?

The U.S. Status Quo

Here we are in 2021. We finally arrived! We fought the British twice, the Germans twice, the Japanese once, and the North Vietnamese along the way to get here. We sustained skirmishes throughout those 260 years with radical Muslims, the Barbary Pirates, and showed our teeth and growled multiple times at the Commies. Oh, don’t forget that we fought ourselves domestically in a bit more than a skirmish that saw 600,000 faithful U.S. servants give their lives. It’s a pretty sure bet that we’ve been through a lot to get where we are. We bear scars — but at least they’re victory scars. Our nation is intact! We’ve prevailed. Yet, today, our compilation of 13 colonies that started this thing, and a bunch more added along the way, is more divided than ever — more so even than when we fought each other in the Civil War.

Sadly, there’s only one universal staple of the United States of America: Politics. It’s existed here since Europeans decided to come. And little about the political system has changed. Certainly, much of which our founders cautioned has happened despite (and sometimes because of) their warnings. After all, Americans have progressed through a couple of centuries, are much smarter, much richer, and more astute to the “things of the world.”

Yes, self-awareness and sanctimonious back-patting have thrived in the “New World.” And, to the chagrin of our forefathers, political parties were established and flourished.

The Founding Fathers were generally uneasy about political parties. For the most part, they believed that parties had the potential to tear the new nation apart. To these men, political parties meant factionalism, which they believed could be fatal to the development of the United States as a unified country. It is no surprise, then, those political parties are entirely omitted from the U.S. Constitution.

America’s founders understood that the republic they were founding requires parties as a means for keeping government accountable to the people. Throughout America’s history, the power of political parties has risen and fallen, reaching their power-peak in the last few decades. Americans today attribute to parties the very maladies from which great parties would save us if only we would restore them. Great political parties of the past put party principles above candidate personalities and institutionalized resources to maintain political relationships based on principle. They moderated politics and provided opportunities for leadership in Congress instead of shifting all power to the executive branch, enabling the republic to enjoy the benefits of checks and balances while avoiding gridlock. Parties also encouraged elected officials to put the national interest ahead of narrow special interests.

Does that sound anything even similar to today’s political parties?

If there is one thing about politics that unites Americans these days, it is their contempt for political parties and partisanship. More Americans today identify as independents than with either of the two major political parties. Citizens boast that they “vote for the person, not for the party,” and denounce fellow citizens or representatives who blindly toe the party line. Party leaders in Congress are held in disrepute, criticized by one side for being too soft and condemned by the other for being too partisan. Insurgent, outsider candidates are increasingly successful against those who are perceived as “the establishment.” Americans are bipartisan in their condemnation of partisanship.

Americans have always viewed political parties with skepticism. The Constitution did not seem to anticipate their emergence. Despite this, however, parties play an essential role in our republican form of government and have done so throughout American history.

If one thinks through the concept of such parties, it is safe to assume that political parties are considered to be essential to our democratic process. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the exact opposite is true. The power to directly impact the federal government and its processes gives political power today to parties that far exceed our founders’ anticipations and their purposes for existence.

Many scholars feel the need for these parties holds a place on the “necessity scale” equal to that held by labor unions. Both were important for our nation at their foundings and through its formative years. The fruit of their operations protected their members while facilitating both government and America’s business operations, respectively. But neither function today in those ways and long ago moved away from foundation principles only to be devoured by political power and its fruits.

Thomas Jefferson best described the feelings toward political parties of many founders from the 1700s and many Americans today:

“If I could not go to heaven but with a political party, I would decline to go.”

That speaks volumes about the substance of political parties then AND now.

What is their purpose today?

There can be only one correct and honest answer to that question: “To amass, maintain, and use the power of the party to establish unilateral, one-party control of the U.S. Government and all of its operations.” Never before in American history has its people seemed so divided. The division is actually the antithesis of the purposes for which the U.S. was established. Though settlers came from many countries, ethnicities, native languages, and even religions, each shared a handful of things that became the glue of commonality that amazingly held the country together despite its citizens’ vast array of oddities. How did it work? Through the personal choice to push through differences with others of every kind and pull together for those common goals spelled out above in the founding statements describing their purposes then and, supposedly, our common purposes today.

Today’s political leaders forgot about that.

No one can reasonably doubt the singular objective of both of today’s political parties. Unfettered power to control every aspect of the nation, its people, and its government has consumed all in its path. The last few presidential elections are evidence of that — if we needed more.

Barack Obama, while campaigning, revealed his purpose in becoming president was to lead the fundamental change of America. Hillary Clinton ran to instigate “Barack Obama Part III,” but Donald Trump spoiled the party. The American populace slipped up and spoiled the power push, keeping Hillary on the sidelines for four years. Why would they do that? They saw in Trump a leader NOT consumed with a lust for political power and a man who the populace felt would do something if elected that few if any presidents in their lifetimes had done: do exactly what was promised while campaigning AFTER being put in office. What a novel idea!

What happened in November of 2020? Without diving into the weeds, let’s say that Donald Trump was sent packing. The victor in that race was NOT the American people. Sadly, it was — on the back of Joe Biden — “Barack Obama Part III” that Hillary could not do.

Democrats on Biden’s watch quickly launched an all-out war against any American who disagreed with their power push. And it was not and is not for Socialism of some sort. We are watching daily as more and more evidence proves their objective looks more like totalitarianism than any socialism seen in other countries. In fact, it can truly be likened to Marxism — TRUE totalitarianism.

Talk about a hunger for power! What political structure in history was built more on seizing power that then is maintained by a small despotic bureaucratic hodge-podge than original Marxism?

What does Marxism look like? What are its purposes in operation?

In a nutshell, Marxism examines the effect of capitalism on labor, productivity, and economic development and argues for a worker revolution to overturn capitalism in favor of communism. In other words, the government gets larger and stronger, seizes power over processes and systems and organizations other than government, and rules the nation unilaterally. Government “of, by, and for the People” disappears in the rearview mirror.

That’s not underway today in the U.S. There are still three co-equal branches of government and two distinct political parties that offer diversity. How can a case be rightly made that Marxism is underway or that is even being contemplated?

Any American that subscribes to that theory is either living under a rock, asleep, or simply not paying attention!

One of the first steps of any totalitarian political operation is to seize control. Isn’t it obvious that in November 2021, that very thing occurred? At best, there were certain election “irregularities.” At worst, there was rampant voter fraud that changed national election outcomes. Either is sufficient to complete the first step in a Marxist movement: seize total control of the government.

Democrats seized control of the House, Senate, and the White House.

The second “must-have” in Marxism is the stifling of dissidence: eliminating opposing views against the controlling government entity.

Leaders in the Democrat Party perfected the Cancel Culture, a new term to divide and conquer America’s political class: Critical Race Theory and the demonization of anyone with any diverse ideology that disagrees with the ideology of the Ruling Class. Our Ruling Class today is the Democrat Party.

  • They don’t need consensus for legislation, restrictions that they choose to implement, taxing, spending, or canceling anyone and anything with which they disagree.
  • With power, they have virtual control of every policy, every law, every interaction with other governments, controlling borders, and virtual control of every aspect of not just the government, but THROUGH the government, every aspect of American life.
  • Why would they even consider eliminating the filibuster if that was not key in their project? They wouldn’t IF they perpetuated their cries to KEEP the filibuster to protect a minority party as they did in years past.
  • Why would they foment daily hatred for “other” Americans — those with whom they disagree if their objective was not to seize power?
  • Why would they rush massive spending projects one after another through Congress, knowing that many Americans disagree?


The bottom line to this all is horrifying but truthful and scary: the political class in power plans to take whatever measures they deem necessary to keep that power in perpetuity, no matter the cost or the personal or professional damage doing so cost American individuals OR the nation as a whole. In their plan and their minds, the “end certainly justifies the means to that end.”

You and I are not the only victims. In fact, we are the least among those victims. They are freedom, justice, the rule of law, government of, by, and for the People, liberty, a guarantee for the unfettered pursuit of happiness, our First and Second Amendment rights, and every individual right we’ve had since the late 1700s. As far as those political party leaders are concerned, Americans never had the right to all that anyway.

Their feelings are justified by this: “Government gave those rights; Government now takes them away.”

What happens next? Why don’t you tell me!

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