DNC Platform for 2018 Midterms: What’s In It?

Many have questioned what Democrat Party candidates are going to use to court voters this fall to choose them over their Republican opponents. Besides the fact that no one knows who is the “Face” of the Democrat Party now that Barack Obama is out of office, Americans are struggling to know what issues Democrats can use in upcoming elections. Listen to today’s podcast for complete details. Thanks for joining in!

The DNC: Who’s In Charge?

A sitting President is always considered to be the head of his/her political party. In the last Administration the Democrat Party leader was obviously President Obama. Hillary Clinton was by most expected to receive the mantle of DNC leadership with her 2016 presidential victory. Of course that did not happen and the DNC leadership mantle did NOT fall to HRC.

Where did it go and to whom?

Conventional wisdom was that former labor secretary Thomas Perez who was elected the first Latino chair of the Democratic National Committee in February of 2017 as “chair” is that leader. In that election Perez narrowly defeating Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.). In his acceptance speech, Perez gave Ellison the symbolic role of deputy party chair, and the Minnesota congressman gave a short speech asking his supporters to stay with the party. But since that day, neither Perez or Ellison has been accepted as the Democrat Party leader by rank and file Democrats.

After considering those two, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) would be the obvious “go-to’s” for that role. But neither has even attempted to pick up that responisibility though both are still very active in the Party in every way.

We are very close to the run-up to the 2018 mid-term elections — a critical time for any political party in any election. These mid-terms are critical for the Democrat Party. Almost always, the mid-terms under any new President result in control changes in Congress. Most of the time, the opposition party to that President picks up a bunch of House seats and usually some Senate seats — even if control of either House does not always change. 2018 is seen as the most critical mid-term election in many years for the Democrat Party. With the White House departure of Obama and the 2016 election loss by Hillary, the Democrat Party is facing a must-win election to keep the party alive.

Doing so takes a unifying message among party members. But what messaging is the DNC today sending to American voters?

What is the DNC 2018 Mid-term Message to Voters?

The DNC message to Americans is simple: “Dump Trump!” Never in my lifetime have I seen such animus for a U.S. President. Substance of any of his accomplishments is left in the “other room” when there are political discussions among Democrats. We see non-stop venom spewed by almost every Democrat win the world of entertainment, professional sports, the media, political class at local, state, and national level — all echoed  overseas by socialist heads of several foreign governments.

The reason for this non-stop vitriol from Democrats is certain AND obvious: they still have not recovered from Middle Americans sending the message in November 2016 that Democrats no longer represent the ideals that Middle Americans still embrace, even though Democrats for generations wore that badge of being the political party of average Americans.

The Democrat Party has always excelled at messaging. Their ability to reach the hearts and minds of Americans and make them believe in those messages has been lost on the GOP for decades. But in this election cycle and this presidential administration, Democrats AND Republicans have been taken to “messaging school” by former Candidate and now President Donald Trump. And Democrats are scrambling.

The best way I can illustrate this destructive slide by Dems into purely negative messaging is by telling you a story:

I’m from south Louisiana where crabbing is an art. If you’ve never been crabbing you probably have no idea how this applies to a political messaging story. But in this case they are the same.

A crab trap is a wire box with 6 sides and a hole in the top. To crab one drops bait through that hole — chicken necks or some other type of raw meat works best. Then put that crab trap down in the water below the surface several feet and wait. After a while, take that crab trap out of the water and set it on the ground (or in your boat if you’re off the southern coast of Louisiana). If your crabbing attempt is successful, there will be several crabs that crawled into that trap through the hole on top to get a fine chicken meal.

If you set that crab trap there and watch it long enough, you will almost always see several of the crabs trying to find a way out of the trap. Pretty soon you’ll probably see one of the crabs ascertain he (or she) can climb up the side of the wire crab trap, across the top to the hole, all to escape the trap. BUT THE CRAB NEVER MAKES THE ESCAPE GOOD! Why? Before the crab completes the “Great Escape,” one of the crabs still on the floor of the trap reaches up and with a claw pulls that crab back down into the trap with the others.

Democrats are scrambling for a message for the 2018 mid-term elections that they can use to tickle the fancy of American voters that will recapture Dems previous long control of the American political narrative. Their quest for the right message for voters is eerily similar to those crabs I just told you about. There are some crabs (Democrats) who see that meat in the trap, crawled in to get it, and see the way out of the trap. They struggle to get out, but seem to always get stuck in the trap because those below instead of following those up the side, across the top and out of the trap, reach up to pull those almost-successful crabs back into the trap with them.

The Democrat Party 2018 Platform

As Dems have scrambled since the 2016 election of Donald Trump, they have (for the first time in recent political history) failed to strike a happy medium within their party for their party platform. Without real leadership, there has been no one willing or capable to devise and implement a plan that the party can sell to the American people. However, Nancy Pelosi DID step forward after the election with a scenario in which she believes Americans will abandon the Make America Great Again mantra that successfully resulted in Trump’s election, and come home to the Democrat Party. What is it? THE REVERSE OF EVERYTHING DONALD TRUMP!

Think about it: Dems despise the tax cuts for individuals, saying again and again that those tax cuts favor the rich, even though the cuts made immediate impact on the pay checks of ALL Americans. Dems scream to America that Trump’s slashing of onerous regulations to benefit businesses are attacks on American individuals by giving corporations a free ride. Pelosi called the billions of dollars in bonuses passed out by corporations nothing more than “Crumbs,” even though it gave millions of Americans extra dollars for their households, and did so immediately. Democrats honestly think this President is incapable of having a meaningful and intelligent conversation with anyone, especially foreign leaders. They in horror screamed to America that President Trump was starting a nuclear war as a result of his verbal sparring with Kim Jong Un; Trump is incapable of negotiating trade deals with other countries and would lead America into an international trade holocaust; the leaders of foreign countries would no longer respect the U.S. nor would their citizens because of the buffoon in our White House. The news media — that is dominated by Democrats — laughed, screamed, demeaned, and constantly ridiculed the President for everything from his personal appearance, the way he talks, the things he says, his wife, his children, his intellect, integrity, and even his weight.

The Democrat 2018 Party Platform has no substance other than “All Things Not Trump.” And it’s not working. Americans — to the chagrin of Democrats and other Leftists — see through the attempted bait-and-switch by the Donkey Party. Democrats have for decades successfully fooled Americans — especially those who they have falsely championed, like Hispanics, lower income citizens, immigrants, and African Americans — into believing Democrats are the political party that has those peoples’ best interests at heart. Democrats have pandered to those people for one reason and only one: power that has allowed Democrats to “own” those Americans’ votes.

Democrats: Just Imagine “If”………

What would your party look like “IF” you simply in objective ways analyzed just the “results” of this Administration’s policies implemented in its short life:

(Here are some of those economic results. They are links to details for each if you care to look at them)

That’s just a few. That’s just economic successes that do not include education progress, foreign policy, trade, and political world stability.

Let’s be honest: how could any reasonable, duly elected Congressional leader denigrate in any way the progress so far of this presidential administration? The answer is simple: it’s for one purpose only — to diminish this President and each of his policy actions. The Democrat Party thinks their doing so creates a political platform. And it has!


Here’s a message to Pelosi-Schumer and Company: Go ahead and stay in the bottom of that crab trap with the chicken necks. Yep, you found some food….not enough to survive for long, but it will take care of hunger for a while. You can refuse to follow the other crab that realizes staying there will eventually result in your demise and works to get out of the trap.

Of course you’d be wise to look for ways to make things better — in this case find food for later. But if you decide to stay in the trap, why not just leave the crab alone that DOESN’T want to stay there, sees a way out and chooses to take. Instead of pulling him back down to your level, just let him go live his life to the best of his ability. He just might find some food he’d be willing to share with you.


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