How Bad is it Really?

With non-stop news 24/7 — conservative and liberal — only one thing is crystal clear: the D.C. corruption is front and center, and a little new “swamp mud” is identified daily. Is there any way to wade through it all to find even a small measure of truth?

Good question. Short answer is, “Maybe.” With so much information being thrown about and all labeled as “fact,” verification is a real chore. But through the process of trial and error with elimination, there may be some facts that stick. Let’s look at a few and those directly involved in each:

The New York Times and the Other National News Organizations

There is insufficient space here to list everyone of the unsubstantiated stories published by The NY Times in the last 18 months that are proven later to be false. The last 48 hours has seen non-stop coverage of the “news” that months ago, President Trump gave an order to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller — which, by the way, he is Constitutionally authorized to do. Of course the stories authors credit “unnamed sources” who gave them this blockbuster story. EVERY news outlet foamed at the mouth reporting and re-reporting and re-reporting this hit piece about the President.

Remember my constant cries for every reputable news outlet to refuse to print or broadcast (or publish in any other way) any story without revealing actual sources? Does anyone but me hate the term “unnamed sources?”

This massive revelation was front page today in the NY Times:

Meanwhile, in Davos, Switzerland the World looked in as President Trump took the Economic Summit by storm. Yesterday he hosted a luncheon with about 15 foreign corporate CEO’s of giant companies who each one at a time told how their company has made decisions to move billions of their corporate operating dollars — primarily through corporate investment, expansion, and growth — into the United States this year. Why? Because of the now friendly corporate tax environment. They pledged TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

This morning to close the Summit, President Trump gave a 15 minute speech that graciously and quietly re-stated his America First policy: we put America first in everything we do. But that does not mean “America Only.” He re-stated America’s commitment to as we continue our rapid economic growth to include every country who wants to come along.

There were published stories in abundance about how President Trump was looked at as a loose cannon and that no one attending the Summit wanted to have anything to do with him. He was a rock star all three days! Everyone wanted to meet him, sit with him, eat with him, and there was a line outside the convention hall of several hundred waiting to get in to hear his closing speech.

Oh, last evening when he walked through the hall, U.S. reporters asked him about his attempt to fire Robert Mueller, he paused, turned towards them, and destroyed 48 hours of international news that dominated the news cycle with four simple words: “Never happened….Fake News.”

My least favorite columnist on the Planet writes for The NY Times: David Leonhardt. Because of my promise to research stories for you, I am forced to read him daily. To illustrate just how far this once bastion of national news in America has slipped into supermarket tabloid “news,” click the following link to Leonhardt’s editorial published this morning (grab a barf bag before you read it):

No source of the “information” in his Op-ed or the original story created by two reporters, but the story AND the editorial head all the “news” in The NY Times today.

The “Swamp”

Who would have believed 100 years ago that Washington would be the Nation’s most corrupt city? Why is it so corrupt? The U.S. Government.

We see and hear non-stop illustrations of its corruption. What is playing out today regarding the Justice Department and the FBI is frightening. No longer are both institutions stellar intelligence and security operations whose leaders and workers continually provide to Americans the assurance that all who live and work within our borders are protected from any who wish to inflict harms of any kind. These two have become the weaponized tools of unscrupulous politicians and their cronies to carry out personal agendas for those to whom FBI and Justice Department administrators and managers have political obligations. Not all FBI and DOJ people fall into this category — but many do.

We obviously have barely scratched the surface of the corruption there and in other Intelligence operations. How much graft and corruption exist in non-intelligence agencies? Who knows. Let’s review a short list of recent political American corruption:

  • Hillary Clinton “Email-Gate”
  • Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch meeting privately while FBI investigation underway
  • CNN collaboration with Clinton Campaign regarding debate questions and answers
  • Hillary rigging Democrat Party nomination process to dump Bernie Sanders
  • “Russia-Gate” and Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign
  • Clinton funding of the Russia dossier to discredit Trump and attempt confirmation of Russian collusion
  • Clinton Foundation receipt of millions in Pay for Play scheme brokered by Hillary’s State Department
  • James Comey’s “fake” investigation findings in Hillary investigation
  • James Comey’s illegal transfer of FBI confidential documents to a Columbia University professor to distribute to the news “anonymously”
  • Clintons’ millions in contributions during the Uranium One scandal
  • The entire tainted Mueller investigation of the Trump Campaign and who Mueller has placed on his team
  • Non-stop attempts by Leftist power brokers to discredit, defame, and slander President Trump, including funding of ANTIFA and other Leftist operations


Here’s the largest, most glaring, and the scariest: while Robert Mueller is investigating Russian attempts to affect the results of the 2016 election, it is now apparent that the Russians did not do so. It appears that the United States Government through efforts of many in the Justice Department and the FBI worked hand in hand with Leftists inside and outside the Democrat Party to do just that: GET HILLARY ELECTED WHILE KEEPING DONALD TRUMP OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

Say what you will about that last statement, but it sadly appears to be factual.

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