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How Committed Are Leftist Americans To Keeping the U.S. Shutdown?

We haven’t yet determined the exact desired endgame the Leftists in media, and the government are driving for. But it is certainly clear now that there ARE specific purposes coupled with coordinated plans and particular operations to do just that: shut down the U.S. economy. There are far too many “coincidences” occurring for it to be anything but that. Want some examples?

“Big Daddy” Policeman Digging Enforcement

Leftists love to attack law enforcement and revel when they see police officers abuse their power — especially when those instances are caught by a bystander and published in social media. They want all in the world to know just how supportive of the common man they are and how they always stand between those nasty police officers, Border Patrol agents, state troopers and even the FBI and John American. That was BEFORE COVID-19!

It’s almost as if someone went to Baskin Robbins and brought back gallons of each version of its products.  And when you’ve got would-be tin-pot dictators from New Jersey to California to Virginia to ‘Governor Karen’ ‘saving lives’ by stopping would-be home gardeners from planting seeds up in Michigan, there’s no shortage of THOSE to go around. Pre-COVID, who would have ever dreamed that from a civil liberties standpoint, things could go downhill this fast and in so many ways? People are getting arrested for going to church, taking walks on the beach, picketing abortion clinics, and even protesting the policies of their own government. Sure, it seems sick to us regular folks, but stuff like this is what leftists live for.

“Hey Mister, Want a Dollar?”

Leftists have never seen a dollar, a million dollars, a billion or a trillion dollars that they can’t spend — quickly! They’ve been able to wrestle control of about $3 trillion taxpayer bucks away from Trump’s U.S. Treasury straight into the hands of Americans, all the while taking credit for giving voters money just because they’re breathing. Spending money has never been difficult for Leftists. And through the fear of an economic pandemic together with the COVID-19 infections, they have effectively parlayed their all-consuming objective to control the dollars and cents of ALL Americans to become puppeteers. They knew that when they floated the trial balloon of government shutdowns it would be impossible to sell that concept to Americans without a fistful of dollars. That gave Nancy and Chuck an idea: let’s seed our control doctrine with money: not OUR money, but THEIR money. “Let’s let ’em take a few days off on us!” There’s no way the left doesn’t win long-term when money like that goes out the door that fast.

“Shame on You!”

I watched as a hairdresser who owns a shop in North Dallas stood before a judge for her egregious wrongs: she had determined to — four days ahead of the “state schedule” — re-open her beauty shop. The law came after her with a vengeance! First, with a cease and desist order. She may have messed-up when she tore up that order on live television at a “lockdown” test. The judge was going to pop her for tearing up the cease and desist order but gave her one last chance IF she would apologize. She then told the judge: “Your Honor, I cannot apologize for doing something that was not wrong. I cannot apologize for feeding my kids!” He ordered her to serve seven days in jail and a fine.

This is America! One would expect empathy from a judge, especially for something like this. Nope. She’s going to do the time and pay the fine. If that judge happened to be a Republican, the Left would have by now broadcasted every detail of his life they could find and would probably event an evil thing or two with which to brand him. We’d know anything wrong that he was doing or had ever done, that’s for sure. Leftists WILL stand for someone in tough situations, but only if they can easily find a way to paint the picture that THEY are kind, understanding, giving and sympathetic to average Americans and their plights. Republicans don’t care! And never have more opportunities existed for that than the recent trend of COVID-shaming people for daring to want to keep their children fed and a roof over their heads. If you’ve got to pretend to care about lives, caring about those taken by this virus allows them to look virtuous and still live out their evil dreams, knowing full well that the economic devastation that’s to come will kill far more than coronavirus ever would have.

Watching Everyday “Joe’s” Suffering

Ordinary Americans are nowhere near worthy of being considered valuable in any way to the Left. Their sole worth is wrapped up in one thing only: their vote. Hillary put them all in her basket of deplorables: “deserving censure or contempt.” To them, deplorables deserve any terrible thing that happens to them, just because they are deplorables. Most leftists hate most everyday Americans, especially if they’re conservative. In their eyes, the more bad things that happen to the deplorables, the happier are Leftists. Leftists think deplorables should give no thought to losing their jobs, their homes, their cars because of COVID-19’s requirement that we all just sit down and wait. After all, that’s what good Americans do. Why? Because the elites know more than deplorables and elites maintain that lockdowns are the right thing to do.

They’ll hold on to that concept, but only as long THEY can maintain their standard of living while being locked down themselves in the comfort of their large estate in northern California or their massive townhouse in Washington, D.C. It’s sort of fun to watch the deplorables worry about little unimportant things.

Holding onto Hope to Beat Donald Trump

While Congress is “fighting” this overblown pandemic from the safety of its members’ home offices, they aren’t in session getting things done for the American people, and Trump appointees and judges aren’t being confirmed either. Indeed, the Senate went back in session this week, but little can be done other than confirmation hearings. That plays perfectly into their BIG objective: “Get Rid of Trump!” They have been, can now and will continue to use every element of COVID-19, real or unreal, to discredit Trump and all of his accomplishments as President — few if any for which they gave him credit. If he single-handedly found a cure for cancer tomorrow, by the end of the next day, they would be holding a House vote on impeachment articles against him for inventing cancer so that he could find the cure and take credit for it!

It’s that stupid out there.

They MUST run the ship; they MUST keep the economy shut down as long as possible while brain-washing Americans to believe everything Leftists say about COVID-19 and its numerous ways to sneak into our lives and kill us while we’re asleep.

Sadly, in doing so, they are willing to bankrupt the nation.

Why on earth would the left EVER want to get America back to work? Most of those leftist power brokers are politicians with cush jobs or cush jobs awarded them by politicians. It will not impact them economically at their level. But it will destroy average working-class Americans they KNOW are Trump supporters. That’s all that matters to them: “Dump Trump.”

They don’t care about saving even one life by staying closed. Forget about what they “say.” Concentrate on what they “do.” What they are doing is plotting a path to regain control of the House while keeping the Senate in November. Of course, they want the White House as well.

Their Plan

They’ll do anything to perpetuate all that’s necessary to blind the public to the truths of COVID-19. They’ll even create fake news reports that bolster their claims that “if Americans leave their homes, go back to work or church, venture out into the streets, grocery stores, theaters, or to the dry cleaners someone’s going to die!”

They’ll even go so far is faking COVID-19 drive-in testing for CBS to make it appear that “thousands of Americans are waiting in line just to be tested to make sure they’re still O.K.”

CBS did it in Michigan. One hospital’s workers created a fake scenario for a CBS report that aired, showing several cars in line for the testing. Project Veritas was tipped the charade was happening and documented it for you.


Every day more rabid and desperate news stories attack any thought for any state to abandon conventional wisdom and put their economies back in business. Almost every media source identified as “left” or “leaning-left” are rushing to press to remind Americans of the certain death to everyone who lives in North America “if” we re-open the government and each state’s economy:

(Associated Press) `If this thing boomerangs’: Second wave of infections feared

“We’re risking a backslide that will be intolerable,” said Dr. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University’s Center for Infection and Immunity.

New York City Mayor DeBlasio: “My message to the rest of the country is to learn from how much effort, how much discipline it took to finally bring these numbers down and follow the same path until you’re sure that it’s being beaten back,” he said on CNN, “or else if this thing boomerangs, you’re putting off any kind of restart or recovery a hell of a lot longer.”

“If we relax these measures without having the proper public health safeguards in place, we can expect many more cases and, unfortunately, more deaths,” said Josh Michaud, associate director of global health policy with the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington.

Each of the above headlines came from the same news article!

Isn’t it obvious that the Left are consciously crying loudly to not reopen our states?



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