Let Mr. Evil Defend His Defenseless Congressional Actions

IWho? Adam Schiff, of course!

On April 23rd — just two weeks ago — we published this story here at TruthNewsNetwork:

♦♦ How Evil is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)?

In 2018, the House Intelligence Committee “forged a rare bipartisan moment: Its Republican and Democratic members voted to make public the transcripts of 53 witnesses in the Russia collusion investigation”. However, that act of transparency has been aggressively thwarted by “Mr. Evil,”Adam Schiff.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) took over as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) from Republican Devin Nunes in 2019. It was then that Schiff kicked-off his disgraceful strategy. Schiff sent a letter to the office of then-Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

In the letter, Schiff “ordered that the witness transcripts – some of which contained exculpatory evidence for President Trump’s team – not be shared with Trump or White House lawyers even if the declassification process required such sharing.” The letter, dated March 26, 2019, stated:

Under no circumstances shall ODNI, or any other element of the Intelligence Community (IC), share any HPSCI transcripts with the White House, President Trump or any persons associated with the White House or the President…Such transcripts remain the sole property of HPSCI, and were transmitted to ODNI for the limited purpose of enabling a classification review by IC elements and the Department of Justice.

What’s Happened?

The “new” Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has told House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that transcripts from the panel’s Russia probe are cleared for public release, as House Republicans demand access to the materials.

Grenell sent a letter this week to Schiff (D-CA) notifying him that transcripts of all 53 interviews — which add up to more than 6,000 pages in total — related to foreign interference in the 2016 election can be released. As noted in the letter from Schiff shown above, Schiff forbid the DNI to release any of those 53 interviews because they are the sole property of his committee. As you probably know, they are NOT the property of Schiff or his or any other Congressional committee. They are the property of the People. Further, they have been declassified officially and should be publicly released with classified segments redacted.

A New Wrinkle

I can just imagine how frantic is Rep. Schiff today. Why? Because of a message from Acting DNI Director Grenell included in his notification letter to Schiff informing the Congressman that those interviews are ready to be released to the public, which is legally required. What did Grenell say to Schiff?

“In the interests of transparency and accountability, I urge you to honor your previous public statements, and your Committee’s unanimous vote on this matter, to release all 53 cleared transcripts to all Members of Congress and the American public as soon as possible,” Grenell wrote to Schiff.

Grenell stops short of announcing that his office will release the transcripts if Congress continues to stall on the action. But he alluded to that as a possibility for the future, should Schiff fail to comply.

“I am also willing to release the transcripts directly from the ODNI to ensure we comply with unanimous and bipartisan vote to release the transcripts,” the acting director also said.

Plain and straightforward: Adam Schiff is afraid of what the American public will see if those testimony transcripts are released. Although all those who served on that committee know their contents, (and therefore know what in them would be detrimental to Schiff) because each transcript was classified, their contents have never been “leaked” to the public. That seems strange to me; how about you? Remember this: each time Schiff’s committee in classified settings heard testimony from any member of the Trump Administration, details of EVERY testimony heard from each were leaked to the press. Each leak portrayed content of testimony to be something other than what was actually testified to under oath.

In every such classified testimony whenever there was a recess, Schiff was seen out in the House hallway on the phone. Is there a coincidence there? Nope. He was known as “the serial House leaker” to his fellow members of the House. I’m sure he has CNN and the Washington Post on speed dial.

The Congressman has consistently lied without impunity showing no remorse for doing so throughout his House career. His lies are legend. We could spend an hour just reading them if we posted all in this story. But most Americans — thanks to some conservative thinking journalists — already know which of his statements fall into that category.

Thanks to John Solomon, who is one of the nation’s top investigative journalists, we have a few of his lies and the proof of their untruthfulness for you:

Schiff Report Claim: “FBI and DOJ officials did not abuse the FISA process, omit material information, or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign. … DOJ met the rigor, transparency, and evidentiary basis needed to meet FISA’s probable cause requirement.”

Declassified Facts: Horowitz told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Dec. 11, 2019, “I do not think the Department of Justice fairly treated these FISAs.” His report went even further in describing how the FBI violated its own rules in submitting four FISA applications with a total of 51 pieces of unverified, inaccurate or false information. “FBI personnel fell far short of the requirement in FBI policy that they ensure that all factual statements in a FISA application are ‘scrupulously accurate,’” he wrote. “We identified multiple instances in which factual assertions relied upon in the first FISA application were inaccurate, incomplete, or unsupported by appropriate documentation.” The FISAs were so flawed in fact that DOJ has formally withdrawn two of the applications from the court in their entirety because they were incontrovertibly inaccurate.

Schiff Report Claim: DOJ and FBI officials “made only narrow use of information from Steele’s sources about Page’s specific activities in 2016.”

Declassified Facts: Horowitz directly contradicted this claim, concluding the dossier “played a central and essential role” in the FISA application. “The FISA request form drew almost entirely from Steele’s reporting in describing the factual basis to establish probable cause to believe that Page was an agent of a foreign power,” the IG wrote.

Schiff Report Claim: “DOJ provided additional information obtained through multiple independent sources that corroborated Steele’s reporting.”

Declassified Facts: “We found that the FBI did not have information corroborating the specific allegations against Carter Page in Steele’s reporting when it relied upon his reports in the first FISA application or subsequent renewal applications,” Horowitz reported in December.

Schiff’s claims on his many television and media appearances during the early days of the Russian collusion narrative have also aged poorly. In early February 2017, Schiff fanned the narrative that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have sought to undercut President Obama’s sanctions on Russia during a phone call with the Russian ambassador and should be prosecuted under the Logan Act. “Trump’s team, through Flynn, reaches out to the Russian ambassador and potentially says, ‘Don’t worry about those sanctions. We’re going to take care of business. We’re not going to bite the hand that fed us.’ That’s something that needs to be investigated. That’s hugely consequential,” Schiff told The Atlantic magazine in Feb. 14, 2017.

By the time Schiff uttered those words, the FBI agent who had investigated Flynn’s contacts with Russia had already concluded on Jan. 4, 2017 that there was “no derogatory information” about Flynn’s contacts and recommended closing down the case, according to recently declassified FBI memos.

Recently declassified documents from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe show that the FBI had informed DOJ by late January 2017 that Flynn was not acting as an agent of Russia. Likewise, the main prosecutor for national security cases inside the Justice Department, Mary McCord, and others thought prosecuting Flynn under the Logan Act was unlikely or a “long shot” after reading Flynn’s actual words from a transcript of his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

“McCord said that upon learning of Flynn’s phone calls with Ambassador Kislyak, a Logan Act prosecution seemed like a stretch to her,” the Mueller summary of her interview stated.

And a top FBI official’s handwritten notes expressed concern the bureau’s treatment of Flynn amounted to “playing games” and appeared to involve an effort to get him into an interview where he might misstate something so he could then be prosecuted or fired.

Once again, Schiff was peddling claims that DOJ, FBI and the intelligence community had already dismissed.

For us at TruthNewsNetwork, it is befitting that Rep. Schiff has NEVER produced any of the “ironclad evidence in his possession that proves Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to impact the results of 2016 for his benefit.” I cannot recall how many television interviews over a two-year period in which Schiff made those exact claims over and over. Oddly enough, no one from the Democrat Party ever called him out or asked about that evidence. Many conservatives did. I was one of them. It is now certain Schiff never had that evidence at all. Certainly, if real and in his possession, it would have been brought forward during the House impeachment process.


Schiff is probably the most derided member of the House of Representatives. Hardly a day goes by that each of his daily tweets are not lambasted by dozens of conservative Americans who can no longer stand silent in the echo of his constant pontificating and lying about President Trump. The President was just first in his responsive attacks of Schiff. Hundreds if not thousands of Americans have consistently taken their shots at the Congressman through the last few years.

What’s most amazing to me is that he with NO remorse tells lies, misrepresents facts, denigrates the President and every member of the Trump family. That’s in addition to fabricating allegations against POTUS for horrendous and often illegal activities Schiff claims are part of Mr. Trump’s life as President. By definition that labels the Congressman as a “pathological liar.”

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy weighed in on this latest proof of Rep. Schiff’s habitual lies:

I think this time Schiff may be finished. Much of what is likely in those testimony transcripts has been denied in classified hearings and testimony by Mr. Schiff. When it all sees the light of day, the Congressman is likely to find himself seeking really adept and politically savvy D.C. attorneys to represent him in a criminal case in which he is the defendant. And for that, I must honestly say in my humblest Southern spirit, “Bless his heart!”


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