Our 45th President Lacked The Ability To Discern

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Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather it is telling the difference between right and almost right.  Charles Spurgeon

The supreme end of education is expert discernment in all things-the power to tell the good from the bad, the genuine from the counterfeit, and to prefer the good and the genuine to the bad and the counterfeit. – Samuel Johnson (English writer)

But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.  Hebrews 5:14

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him. – Niccolò Machiavelli

Being brutally honest is not always comfortable, but it seems a trait that comes naturally, and it’s not always welcomed.  How many times I’ve had people say to me, “Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Kelleigh!” I write what I believe is the truth as I know and understand it via research, experience, and study.  You may not agree with me, and that’s okay, but speaking the truth even when it hurts is an essential part of me.  I don’t mean to offend, only want to tell it as I see it.  So here goes.

The Campaign

Those who regularly read my articles know that I heartily supported Donald Trump in 2016.  Every article I wrote back then was promoting Mr. Trump or exposing those running against him.  Like everyone else, I was thrilled that we finally had a candidate who spoke for the heart of America.  I worked to help him and twice wrote articles he used in rallies. One of those articles, Proof: Jeb Bush Under Eminent Domain Took a Disabled Veteran’s Property, exposed Jeb Bush, and Trump used it one Monday in three rallies and even tweeted it.  It was written after a debate where Bush accused Trump of taking an elderly woman’s home via eminent domain. She kept her house.

Bush was gone the next week.

The second article was written after Trump asked why the media was allowed to lie about him.  The article, Supreme Court Ruled Media Allowed to Lie with Impunity, covered the 1964 Supreme Court decision NYTs vs. Sullivan, and Trump spoke about it when he gave a speech in Alabama where Commissioner Sullivan’s lawsuit against the Times originated.

Left and neo-con right called Trump uncouth, his tweets disgusting, and his manners in poor taste.  The more moneyed folks called him crass, but I found him delightfully honest.  Truth be told, most Americans loved the way he spoke and tweeted.  Why?  Because he talked just like we do without the dry polished political hogwash that spews from the mouths of lifelong politicians.

Trump was a breath of fresh air!


Many of his supporters stayed up until after 3 a.m. waiting for the long-delayed election results. My husband was asleep, but I was on the computer watching, and my friend in Las Vegas was on the phone with me reporting. Finally, I said I had to go to sleep, and crawled into bed, only to have the phone start ringing just as I dropped off. He won! Praise God and Hallelujah! The next morning my husband woke me to kiss me goodbye and asked who won. I said, TRUMP!

Despite George Bush’s comment, “That was some weird shit, ” we loved his inauguration speech.” To globalist one-world-order Bush, it was weird, but to the American people who pressed the lever for Trump, that speech was ultra-fantastic…over the top, and absolutely magnificent.  Thrilling!

What could top that spectacular address to the American people? Only his State of the Union addresses was impressively masterful in lauding American heroes rather than himself. When Rush Limbaugh received the Medal of Freedom from President Trump, Melania Trump had the honor of presenting it to him.

Video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7-pp5LbRZo

While the nation roared their approval and tears for Rush Limbaugh ran down our cheeks, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t even stand or clap and sat there in her white suit turning the pages of our 45th President’s speech and ignoring the audience.

As I watched Pelosi and the other white-garbed females of the Democrat Party, all I could see was the blood of the unborn staining the white garments of those women. The lack of civility, of common courtesy, and the disdain for our elected president was so odious it reeked of their classless derision of American citizens who cast their votes for Trump. In front of the nation, Nancy Pelosi exposed her venomous contempt for Americans by ripping up a government document, the President’s beautiful speech.

For all his accomplishments that benefited the American people, one thing always bothered me about our 45th President, his lack of discernment. Or was it? Did he purposefully hire from the swamp or did he believe the Republicans would help him?

The question remains…have we again been deceived?


Discernment is God’s gift to help us dispel confusion. In some cases, discernment is a spiritual gift. It’s also a skill that can be developed according to Hebrews 5:14.

President Trump said, “Leaders are people who can discern the inevitable and act accordingly. When people talk about business acumen, discernment is a big part of it. It’s a bit like gut instinct, but a little more developed.”

Then why were the majority of people in President Trump’s administration from the Deep State? Only a handful were truly Constitutional Conservatives. Americans know who they were, General Michael T. Flynn, Peter Navarro, Dr. Scott Atlas, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Ben Carson, and a few others, but the list of swamp creatures was far more significant.

Where was wisdom?

Joan of Arc

A portion of Mark Twain’s final book, Joan of Arc, first published in Harper’s Magazine in 1895, is pertinent to understanding Godly discernment.

Twain said it took him 12 years of preparation and two years of writing and stated that Joan of Arc is his very best book. Obviously, St. Joan of Arc touched Samuel Langhorne Clemens’ heart. He also pointed out that this is the tale of “the only person, of either sex, who has ever held supreme command of the military forces of a nation at the age of seventeen.

Twain’s book is separated into three portions. In Book 2, Chapter 11, there is a discourse between two characters. (Please click on the link to finish reading the short chapter, it’s very telling.) While they were riding along, the Chief Knight spoke of Joan’s great talents. He said, “But greatest of all her gifts, she has the ‘seeing eye.’”

‘The seeing eye? I shouldn’t count on that for much, I suppose we all have it.’ ‘No,’ he said; very few have it.’  Then he explained and made his meaning clear. He said the common eye sees only the outside of things and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities that the outside didn’t indicate or promise and which the other kind of eye couldn’t detect.

He said the mightiest military genius must fail and come to nothing if it has not the seeing eye – that is to say, if it cannot read men and select its subordinates with an infallible judgment. It seems by intuition that this man is good for strategy, that one for dash and daredevil assault, the other for patient bulldog persistence, and it appoints each to his right place and wins, while the commander without the seeing eye would give to each the other’s place and lose.

He was right about Joan, and I saw it. When she was a child, and the tramp came one night, her father and all of us took him for a rascal, but she saw the honest man through the rags. When I dined with the governor of Vaucouleurs so long ago, I saw nothing in our two knights, though I sat with them and talked with them two hours; Joan was there five minutes, and neither spoke with them nor heard them speak, yet she marked them for men of worth and fidelity, and they have confirmed her judgment.

Joan’s Godly gift of discernment was striking, and although the gift can be achieved by use, some never attain the ability to know righteous men of honor from deceivers, and only by chance do they happen to choose a few good men.

Administrative Choices

Over the four years of the Trump administration, I wondered who, if anyone, was doing the vetting of the people Trump hired. And haven’t we all wondered why he chose from the swamp when his campaign promise was to choose from those who helped him win? I could go through a litany of horrors regarding the backgrounds of every hire, many of whom I’ve written about in the past…Christie, Perry, DeVos, Mulvaney.  But it all started with the choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

When Pence was chosen as VP, I thought, “Uh-oh, this spells trouble.”

And it did.

Before the election, Pence endorsed John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Kelly Ayotte when Trump had refused to endorse the leftist Republicans.

As Transition Team Leader, Pence hired his neo-conservative friends, some from Indiana, to fill positions of importance.

In February 2017, Pence and Priebus got together to help the FBI rid the administration of General Michael Flynn, who would have been the protection Trump needed from the politicized DOJ.

Forty-four Trump officials had close ties to the Trump-hating billionaire Koch brothers. Many were hired or suggested by Koch-funded Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway, who are longtime friends with intermarried families. Other top-name Koch hires were Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short, Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney, Scott Pruitt, and Don McGahn. The Kochs are not conservatives. Link, Link

Still believe Mike Pence is a conservative Christian? I’d advise you to read about his political life and family in this series of three articles.

Trump’s cabinet was loaded with swamp creatures, Gina Haspel, Council on Foreign Relations member, Robert Lighthizer, John Ratcliffe, and Mark Meadows…to name just a few.

The two appointees who stand out as hardcore Deep Staters are Christopher Wray, suggested to Trump by Abu Chris Christie, and CIA Bill Barr, suggested by Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing. Both Wray and Barr are Bush boys. Wray was nominated by George W. Bush in 2003 to be the assistant attorney general for DOJ’s Criminal Division. Barr was Attorney General under George H. W. Bush.

Trump’s promise to rid education of common core dissolved with his hire of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos has adamantly supported Common Core and was even a board member of Jeb Bush’s Common Core supporting education foundation, as well as being one of his biggest donors. Dick and Betsy DeVos have financed Mike Pence throughout his political career; is there any doubt Pence suggested her after Trump dropped Michelle Rhee?

Endorsement advisors chosen by President Trump for the 2022 election are from the Deep State, and they are either former Bush employees or are working with Big Pharma.

Why hire any Bush people?

COVID Task Force

Pence was appointed head of the COVID Task Force in February of 2020, and his handpicked globalists destroyed our economy and decimated small businesses.

As the leader of the Task Force, Pence gave us Fauci, Birx, and Redfield, the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, and Big Pharma, all exuding fear cloaked in a hellish package of liberty-destroying tyranny endorsed and promoted by their comrades in the media. On the recommendation of Vice President Pence and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Trump trusted these government agency elitists.  Deborah Birx was the catalyst used to convince Trump that we needed the two-week lockdown.

She was an effective liar.

This was the most egregious destruction of free enterprise and property rights in the history of humanity. All had been planned and perfectly executed. And Trump agreed to guidelines, “which led to the most momentous lockdown decision in the history of public health and even in the whole of human history. Overnight, the Bill of Rights was reduced to refuse.”

Life in America was drastically changed.

Despite repeated warnings from Peter Navarro regarding Dr. Fauci and later warnings from Dr. Scott Atlas, Trump willingly listened to the task force specialists and was convinced to shut down our economy, force face diapers, six-foot separations, and transfer $3 trillion dollars from small businesses to big box stores.

Opposing views were never sought or considered.

President Trump had not seen the ugly fine print, written likely by Fauci; the sadistic elf Governor DeSantis wants to chuck across the Potomac.

America’s totalitarian nightmare had begun.


President Trump had promoted Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a prophylactic remedy for C-19, but Fauci put the kibosh on it immediately, and the FDA warned that the drugs have been shown in lab studies to interfere with Gilead Sciences Inc.’s antiviral drug remdesivir. We all know how dangerous remdesivir is compared to the anti-viral repurposed 60-year-old HCQ used for malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.  The FDA, the NIH, and the AMA are still against using HCQ for the treatment or prevention of COVID.  The same goes for 50-year-old Ivermectin (IVM), although Dr. Paul Marik convinced the legislatures of New Hampshire and Tennessee to allow IVM to be sold over the counter.  Governor Sununu vetoed the bill, but Tennessee’s Governor Lee signed it into law. A new peer-reviewed study proves Ivermectin reduces COVID death risk by 92%.

Senators Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz fought for the reauthorization of HCQ for C-19 treatment. Johnson “forged a close alliance” with Dr. Steven Hatfill, who advised the Trump administration on the pandemic and engaged in “constant fighting” with former FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn and other health officials over HCQ. It was Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Jared Kushner who pressured Hahn to accelerate emergency authorization of vaccines and treatments and even Remdesivir.

Hatfill sent Johnson documents about alleged “long-standing FDA maleficence,” and the Democrat-led House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis report says Hatfill urged the Oshkosh Republican to call for a federal investigation into senior public health officials and the handling of hydroxychloroquine.

Inexpensive, repurposed drugs for treatment or as prophylactics were literally outlawed by powerful government agencies, including the World Health Organization, which had both HCQ and IVM listed as “safe” drugs.


When Donald Trump campaigned in 2016, he made the comment that the FDA should approve drugs quicker. I was appalled. I wrote to Corey Lewandowski and told him, “No way!” When Trump came out with “Right to Try,” that was fine. If you’re dying and there’s a chance a new drug might save you, go for it. But then, lo and behold, Trump allows the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to be given to Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J, and it has caused countless deaths and adverse effects worldwide.

Plenty of FDA-approved drugs from the past have killed Americans. Remember Thalidomide?  The FDA has approved drugs from their very inception in 1906. Yet every year, one-third of their approved drugs are pulled from the market after adverse effects have killed patients. Here is the website listing all pharmaceutical companies and their horrible histories. The actual statistics are mind-boggling.

The FDA has been politicized for decades, no more so than with Big Pharma and Operation Warp Speed.  Government agencies worked together to fast-track what we now know are lethal injections.

The game was on.

Democrat comrades in mainstream media touted the vaccine as the only safe and sure thing to stop the Wuhan virus. Fauci and the gang convinced Trump, and the lethal jabs went into production, safety be damned, there were billions to be made.

The jabs are neither safe nor effective.

Where was discernment?  Why, after three years, was Trump still trusting the judgment of Mike Pence, or for that matter, his son-in-law, both of whom convinced Trump to lockdown for two weeks?


Many Americans still support President Trump and want him back in the White House.  M. B. Matthews’ recent article, “I Was Wrong About Trump,” extolled Tom Klingenstein’s speech titled “Trump’s virtues.”  Matthews said it shamed him because he did not make the distinction between Trump’s character and his virtues.  In a previous column, he had written that Trump should not run again, but Klingenstein’s speech changed his mind.

Wayne Allen Root recently wrote an article about who was to blame for the Covid inoculation disaster and the coverup the mainstream media is now laying at Trump’s feet. Mr. Root gives 100% of the blame to the elf, Dr. Fraudchi, the CDC and WHO, Biden and his administration, mainstream media including Fox and Newsmax, doctors across America, and Big Pharma and vaccine makers.

Then there’s Trump, and Root is right. Trump has never been for mandates, and he’s not pushed the boosters, but he has consistently pushed the “vaccine” for C-19 and claimed that it was his “Operation Warp Speed” that saved people’s lives. The original two injections were for a virus that no longer even exists, and the same goes for the boosters. And Trump had COVID and recovered, so why did he take the jabs when he had natural immunity?

Wayne Allen Root writes that it’s the perfect time for the president to tell the American people he was lied to, that the inoculations do not work and are dangerous…Root says that will guarantee Mr. Trump wins the White House in 2024.


How many people followed the advice of the president they loved? How many died from those injections? How many are permanently disabled? How many have lost their loved ones?

President Harry S. Truman said, “The buck stops here…” with the leader of the free world.

President Donald Trump had every means available to check and double-check what he was being told. His judgment failed, his perception failed; he lacked wisdom and discernment. He cost Americans dearly.

And he’s still promoting the lethal “Operation Warp Speed” jabs.

Wayne Root’s aforementioned agencies and people are guilty of mass murder.

And sadly, President Trump is guilty of negligent homicide.

   Kelleigh Nelson

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