Bullet Points Saturday August 29, 2020

It's Saturday morning as we officially end the ”dog days of Summer.” Let's start the day by catching up on news you may have missed this week. Check out the short synopsis of each story. If you want more information… More

The Real Reason They Hate Donald Trump

Make no mistake: "They" hate Donald Trump. Sure, they disliked him during the 2016 campaign for president. But when he beat the "Anointed One," their dislike turned quickly to "disdain," disdain became "scorn," then scorn morphed into plain old hatred.… More

What Was Surprisingly Missing From the DNC Convention?

Members of media hailed the all-digital Democratic National Convention. The Washington Post’s conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin gushed that the week-long Zoom show should be nominated for an Emmy. Honest onlookers, however, would notice that there wasn’t an explanation as to… More

Bullet Points: Saturday, August 22, 2020

What a week! The Democrats tried hard to show America that Joe Biden is a worthy candidate to run against the incumbent, President Donald Trump. Was the Democrat National Convention (that was only online) a success? Was Joe Biden shown… More

Who Do Today’s Democrats Want to Be?

In 2004, Democratic senator Zell Miller spoke to the Republican National Convention in New York City. Focusing on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Miller spoke about being a Marine and how partisanship should be put aside for patriotism, especially… More