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Political Correctness: The Scourge of 2017

You are going to get off light today.  But tomorrow you need to buckle in.  I’ll start a series on Political Correctness, or “PC” as it now is commonly referred to.  There are many examples of how “PC” has slipped into our society, and not just politically.  It is so prevalent today that in many cases it is ignored or those who see it are so numb to it they miss it.  Yet it is tearing apart the fiber of our nation.  It changes culture.  It changes laws.  It changes the way Americans are living their daily lives.  Why?  Because it is everywhere.  It permeates the governments, educational institutions, court houses, corporate headquarters, grocery stores, and community centers across the U.S.  And it’s a disease.

Again you’re getting a free pass today.  But get set for tomorrow!  “PC” will be front and center here for several days.  I know your temptation might be to just ignore the next few days of posts.  But it is critical you get on the page of understanding of this cultural phenomenon, its origins, its purposes, its authors and proponents, and its inevitable permanent results unless it is taken control of.  Political Correctness:  The Scourge of 2017, Part I tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing this with me.  I treasure your involvement!


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