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Proof That Illegals Are More Important Than Americans To Biden

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asserts it is “extraordinarily disrespectful” to ask him about American victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.

During a hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) asked Mayorkas about illegal alien crime victims.

Specifically, Cammack referenced the case of 19-year-old Amber Scott, a high school cheerleader at the time in Douglas County, Colorado, who was kidnapped at knifepoint in 2006 by 25-year-old illegal alien Pedro Martinez.

Martinez had been previously deported to his native Mexico after three felony drug convictions, but he returned illegally to the U.S. at a later date. Martinez was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in May 2007.

“How many more Ambers have the kidnapped across America before you will take action?” Cammack asked Mayorkas in the hearing, to which he called the question “extraordinarily disrespectful.”

Americans often become the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. This month, an illegal alien MS-13 Gang member — already in prison for attempted second-degree murder — was charged with second-degree murder for his involvement in a 2016 killing in Long Island, New York.

Federal data from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) reveals that in 2020, the office had received about 700 calls from Americans and their surviving family members, known as Angel Families, who were victims of illegal alien crimes.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has long estimated that about 2,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every year.

In October 2020, President Trump issued a presidential proclamation that makes November 1 of every year the “National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens.”

Several hundred million Americans are screaming loudly toward Washington asking this question: “Why would OUR government that is comprised of people who were ‘hired’ to protect us, throw all reason to the side allowing millions of illegals to pour into our country? Why are they allowing in known and unknown felons, drug and sex traffickers, and thousands of others whose personal data is a mystery?

We’re in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic! Yet Biden and Mayorkas open the border telling ALL of those illegals to “Come on Down.” In total disregard of their status regarding COVID-19: NO testing, NO quarantining, and little or no knowledge of where they go when the Biden Border Patrol simply process and release them within our borders. 

What About AMERICANS Who Live Close To The Border?

According to DHS status indicators, over 336,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and February 28, 2021, of which over 229,000 were classified as illegal aliens by DHS. Secretary Mayorkas cannot be “disrespected” for being asked to respond to that?

Between June 1, 2011 and February 28, 2021, these 229,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 378,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 685 homicide charges; 43,084 assault charges; 7,012 burglary charges; 45,849 drug charges; 596 kidnapping charges; 18,736 theft charges; 29,064 obstructing police charges; 2,058 robbery charges; 4,545 sexual assault charges; 5,692 sexual offense charges; and 3,913 weapon charges.  DPS criminal history records reflect those criminal charges have thus far resulted in over 144,000 convictions including 301 homicide convictions; 16,976 assault convictions; 3,726 burglary convictions; 20,819 drug convictions; 226 kidnapping convictions; 8,029 theft convictions; 13,043 obstructing police convictions; 1,219 robbery convictions; 2,159 sexual assault convictions; 2,756 sexual offense convictions; and 1,529 weapon convictions.

These figures only count individuals who previously had an encounter with DHS that resulted in their fingerprints being entered into the DHS IDENT database. Foreign nationals who enter the country illegally and avoid detection by DHS, but are later arrested by local or state law enforcement for a state offense will not have a DHS response in regard to their lawful status and do not appear in these counts. However, in addition to the PEP program, DHS actively adjudicates the immigration status of individuals incarcerated in the Texas prison system. From 2011 to date, the Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has provided DPS with information on more than 29,000 individuals who were identified by DHS as in the country illegally while they were incarcerated at TDCJ. 10,444 of these individuals were not identified through the PEP program at the time of their arrest. DPS does not know the current incarceration status of the individuals identified while they were incarcerated nor when their alien status was initially determined.

During a hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, Mayorkas fielded questions about the number of border crossers released into the U.S. interior since the start of the Biden administration and how many have tested positive for coronavirus.

Mayorkas, though, did not divulge any data and instead told lawmakers he would follow up to get them the numbers. To date, DHS officials have refused to disclose the number of border crossers the agency has released into the U.S. interior, though sources have put the total well into the thousands.

In one exchange, Mayorkas admitted DHS had been releasing border crossers without testing them for coronavirus, confirming previous reports. Subsequently, small towns like Brownsville, Texas along the southern border have had to test the border crossers at their own expense.

“There were instances in which individuals were released,” Mayorkas said. “You mentioned Brownsville and that is an example of that.”

Earlier this month, reports circulated that DHS was releasing border crossers who then tested positive for coronavirus and, still, were not required to quarantine. Instead, many of the border crossers continued traveling throughout the U.S. while carrying the virus.

Now, Mayorkas claims DHS is testing border crossers for coronavirus “as needed.” Previously, DHS officials said only migrants enrolled in the now-defunct Remain in Mexico program were required to test negative for coronavirus before their release.

Regardless of coronavirus testing, Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to President Joe Biden’s restart of the Catch and Release program by ending Remain in Mexico and cooperative asylum agreements with Central America. The latest Harvard/Harris Poll found that almost 7-in-10 U.S. voters said border crossers should be returned to Mexico.

The admission comes as sources have told Breitbart News that Mayorkas, along with other top DHS officials, are advocating to stop applying to migrant families the Center for Disease Control’s Title 42 order that has prevented thousands of border crossers from being released into the U.S. interior.

The latest DHS data reveals that since October 2020, nearly 327,000 border crossers have been expelled at the southern border thanks to Title 42. In February, alone, more than 72,000 border crossers were expelled under its authority.

Federal immigration officials apprehended almost 100,000 border crossers in February, an increase of 170 percent compared to the same time last year. The total number of illegal aliens who successfully crossed the border, undetected, since October 2020 has surpassed 118,000, Breitbart News exclusively reported.


Here’s what makes me ill: the persistent answer anytime anyone asks, “Why is there such a rush to allow millions of immigrants into our nation bypassing our immigration system?” The answer: “We’re the most caring nation on Earth. We are obligated to open our doors to those from these countries who live in deplorable conditions in their own nations. They need our help and they need it immediately!”

Really? I don’t question that things are much better here than pretty much EVERY other country, not just those in Central America. But they’re NOT in emergency conditions. They’re no wars, no genocide, and no purging of ethnic or religious people in those countries. And America and Americans cannot fund everything for them. Everyone wants to do better.

My brother wrote a country song years ago titled “Anything Worth Having is Worth Hurting For.” Honestly, the American dream actually IS that song title. “Opportunity” is the American dream, not “permanent handouts.”

The “Answer”

There can only be ONE explanation for what is happening: President Biden and all other open border proponents do not care for the Rule of Law. And they feel that so strongly that they push perpetually a dismissal of ALL of our immigration laws.

Question: Isn’t the Constitutional process put in place for just such dilemmas a perfect solution for this quandary? Who made those laws? The U.S. Congress. Who legally can and is supposed to change, delete, or pass new laws? The U.S. Congress.

Why don’t they just follow the law?

The answer to that question is proof that of their own selfish purpose: to perpetuate their project to make ALL people in this country totally dependent on the federal government. They CANNOT accomplish that in the current mix of the American populace. They need people/citizens who are NOT committed to the Rule of Law.

They need “Sheeple.” And illegal immigrants are the perfect candidates for that role. This Administration has shown us all that illegal immigrants are more important than American citizens. And Americans’ rights are expendable.

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