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Saturday Bullet Points: November 14, 2020

Eleven days since the election. Still, no finality in “real” vote counts — “real votes” being “legal” votes. We are confident there were many vote changes, vote deletions, corrupt and illegal votes cast, and it goes on and on. We’ll know for sure, but we just don’t know when.

To that end, we’ve at TruthNewsNetwork been concentrating almost entirely on election results and obtaining information for you this past week. What did we miss in the way of other important stuff? What did YOU miss? Let’s take a look back at the top ten stories of the week you may have missed. We’ll give you a bullet point with a few sentences describing such a story. If you already know about it, you can just click on the next bullet point. Or, if you want complete details, click on the link at the end of those sentences and go right to a detailed story. It’s the best way to start your Saturday by catching up on any big things you missed. Let’s get started!

Saturday Bullet Points

  • We all know that there are many issues in the voting that took place on November 3rd. We know that Pennsylvania is at the heart of what appears to be the biggest problem state in this whole thing. According to one Pennsylvania election official, President Trump has a sure-fire case to take to the U.S. Supreme Court if it goes that far. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We at TruthNewsNetwork noticed a marked swing to the Left in reporting at FOX News over a year ago. They changed “news contributors” and replaced those who seemed in the middle politically; they made it clear in their news division they were “not in the tank” for President Trump, and even had some former non-partisan news commentators began to make drastic “left turns.” With the election, it’s gotten much worse! They seem to feel their viewers either are too stupid to catch the changes, or they just don’t care. They may be in BIG trouble. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It is rare that a U.S. Supreme Court Justice publicly weighs in on a hot political topic. The Supreme Court rarely involves itself in political issues. Those are things to be handled politically, not in the justice system. Justice Samuel Alito may have broken tradition when he spoke this past week about how Americans’ freedoms seem to be infringed by some of the actions taken by political leaders during COVID-19 matters. For complete details of what he had to say, click on this link: 
  • Do you know and understand the differences between communism, socialism, and capitalism? This election indicates that a slew of Americans certainly do NOT understand the differences. If they did, they certainly would have fled from those first two political forms. No one on Earth with any knowledge of communism and socialism would wish to be a part of such a system. Maybe that’s the problem: they don’t know. Let’s take a look at what’s going on. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Major League Baseball is a sport exclusively for women, right? It always has been. But now, changes are happening in MLB. The Florida Marlins reached out and signed and announced a new General Manager that not only is female, but she is also the first East Asian person to be a Major League Baseball team General Manager. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It’s the holiday season! Thanksgiving is coming up this week, and Christmas just a month away. Have you finished shopping? Have you even started shopping? There’s probably a “gamer” on your list: someone who loves to play video games. The staple of the industry is Play Station Five. It hit this market selling for about $500 retail. But, if you want one for THIS Christmas, get ready to pay a little bit more. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The Gulf Coast has been rocked with hurricanes this year: a record season. But they do not have an exclusive on bad weather. Hot and dry conditions have devastated California with forest fires in the dry and hot season. But now, an earthquake is a big problem for not just California, but for Nevada as well. For complete details, click on this link:  
  • Have you ever heard of “Tristan da Cunha?” It’s an island whose people have jumped out in the field of animal protection. It’s 245 permanent residents have created a marine zone to offer protection to a host of animal life: different kinds of animals and other species. It calls itself “The most remote island on Earth.” For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We knew it was coming. With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases around the nation, lockdowns are looming. Though the U.S. death rate for COVID-19 patients continues to decline, the numbers of cases continue to climb. It has many people afraid. And schools are naturally very costly. It’s’ so concerning, one school system has already determined to next week shut down in-person schooling. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It appears that the great relation President Trump developed with China’s leader has not developed into a capitulation of nuclear proliferation in that country. Secret pictures have revealed the Chinese government is aggressively ramping up its nuclear weapons process at a staggering rate. For complete details, click on this link: 

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