Trafficking: It’s Devouring America

We have always thought of trafficking in its various types happening everywhere in the World — except the USA. Sadly, we are not exempt. Whether the trafficking we talk about is drug trafficking, sex trafficking, or just plain old human trafficking, it not only exists, it’s everywhere, including right here in America.

Before you decide to click out of this story or just laugh me off, why not spend a few moments just to make sure you’re not dismissing a reality. Here’s a word about it from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:

Those are startling numbers, aren’t they? “Why don’t we hear more about human trafficking?” you may ask. American newspapers rarely cover stories about it, so it can’t be THAT serious.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s EVERYWHERE. It destroys lives EVERYWHERE. The fact that we don’t hear or see much about it in the U.S. does NOT mean it is not present.

But if it’s here, why don’t we know about it?

Tomorrow we give you Part I of the two-part Human Trafficking report at TruthNewsNetwork. Some of what you will see and hear will shock you. You will be tempted to think we’ve made it up. You’ll find it difficult to believe who is and has been involved in it — from Washington, D.C. to L.A. and even in Omaha, Nebraska.

Both stories will include documented personal experiences from the perspective of law enforcement officials and also from some of those caught-up in it. Rest assured that your “shock-o-meter” will be going off continuously when you share them with us.

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We’ll get back together tomorrow!


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