“Experts Say….” Part I


What "Experts?" We hear it every day: "Experts say......" I have stated again and again that I am going to start counting how many times each day I see or hear media reports that draw conclusions based on what "experts… More

The National Emergency Act


It’s time to stop kidding ourselves: rank-and-file Democrats in Congress in large part “individually” feel physical barriers are needed across our southern border. It’s Democrat Congressional leaders who have made the decision to in no way allow through Congressional action… More

When Does Abortion Become Infanticide?


"Infanticide: The killing of an infant." That's made plain and simple by Merriam Webster. So is Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in this video interview describing abortion or infanticide? https://youtu.be/UB_MZPTrbpU Pro-Choice pundits for decades have defined for the World exactly when… More

Nancy Pelosi: Smarter Than Most Think


Have I lost my ever-loving mind? Most people feel that House Speaker Pelosi is the poster child for the term: "Duh!"  She has certainly embarrassed herself and her party on numerous occasions making some of the most absurd statements ever… More

The Next Step for “The Wall”


I doubt there are many who have any conviction that Speaker Pelosi and/or Senate Minority Leader Schumer have any intention to honor the "perception" they gave that with the President opening the government they will assist in real border control.… More

How’s The Swamp Draining Going?

Although it seemed like the Mueller investigation had cooled down, apparently there are many moving parts at work behind the scenes. The very visible arrest of Roger Stone was obviously for more than anything Stone had to give the Meuller… More

Historical Tragedy


This will forever be known as a "Black Day" in New York. And it's NOT the fall of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in lower Manhattan. It's the signing of the "Reproductive Health Act" by New York Governor Andrew… More

We Have Gridlock

In politics, gridlock or deadlock or political stalemate refers to a situation when there is difficulty passing laws that satisfy the needs of the people. A government is gridlocked when the ratio between bills passed and the agenda of the… More

The Face of the Democrat Party


From 2008 through 2016, the Democrat Party face was that of former President Barack Obama. Though many of his policy positions changed during his 8 years, it was certainly obvious "when" he made those changes and "where" specific changes ended… More