“What’s on your mind today?” I get asked that quite frequently and often by me.  In the past few years I’ve taken to Facebook to express my thoughts and ideas about various topics:  politics, economics, politics, sports, local, state, and national government, politics, elections, and politics.  I thought (after a host of suggestions from others to do so) it is time to formalize this and start a Blog.  So that’s what you find here and will see going forward.

Of course I have a busy life and keeping up with a blog will not be easy.  And it will take a major commitment for time away from my “other” busy life.  But it is worth it to me.  Here’s why I think it is worth it:  because I think YOU are worth it.  Now don’t go thinking I’m one who feels I know everything.  In fact each day I learn something new that tells me my knowledge is exactly the opposite of “know it all.”  All I have that I am confident of is life experiences.  And some of mine are probably different than some of yours.  By sharing my thoughts and opinions about things I deem important in my life, from time to time I trust you will find those things relevant to your life.

Life today is so complicated, rushed, and varied that it is impossible for any of us to expect to experience even a fraction of the life circumstances there are out there.  That fact does not diminish the importance and relevance of those not experienced circumstances, but actually cries for a place like this to go get someone else’s opinion about some of those missed life experiences if for no other reason than to simply discover they are there and to respectfully understand them.

In addition to reading my thoughts and opinions, in the next few weeks there will be an opportunity for any and all who read this blog and want to respond to my posted thoughts on various topics, that capability will exist for you to post those thoughts for the World to see.  Also shortly (after a suggestion from my good friend Michael Slaughter) I will begin a once a week Podcast in which you will hear new thoughts of mine, meet from time to time guests — some of who you will know and/or recognize and some new — who will discuss various topics of timely interest and express opinions that will often be different from mine and yours.  All will be relevant and timely for things we are together experiencing in our ever changing World.

Here is my commitment to you:  I will never write and post a blog or share a podcast simply because “I haven’t posted one in a while and people will get upset if I don’t!”  Those who know me know that I pretty much always have something to say about something timely, topical, and relevant to a lot of folks.  So you’ll hear about my perspective about a lot of things.  You may agree or you may disagree.  That’s fine.  I will never diminish your expressed opinion about anything we discuss here.  I hope you will do the same for me.  And when we disagree about anything, please know this:  just because I think something is right or true, doesn’t make it right or true.  And just because I think something is wrong or untrue doesn’t make it wrong or untrue.  The same holds true for you.  When we disagree about anything, let’s discuss our differing perspectives and try to convince each other to convert to our side.  But when that does not happen, let’s agree that we’ll respect each other and simply “agree to disagree.”  I can do that and hope you can too.


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