Do Facts Really Matter?

Tuesday TruthNewsNetwork published an Op-Ed penned by Liz Peek. We share others' writings from time to time to give our readers a perspective primarily on politics other than ours’. The title of our story yesterday that included Liz Peek's Op-Ed… More

What Will Happen If The Current Vote Count Stands?

Let's just imagine all of the challenges to the election turn up nothing that would justify an overturn of the results. That would mean on January 20th we'd be watching the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President. What… More

Saturday Bullet Points: November 21, 2020

I do not need to tell you this past week was hectic and full of all sorts of information -- some true and much NOT true. It's been insane to try to wade through it all and determine which is… More

NOTICE: Please Read Update Below!

At approximately 8:55 AM Central time this morning (Friday), our international streaming company experienced massive failure is their satellite uplinks. We could NOT start our show and gave notice it was a temporary pause. However, because of their issues, TNN… More

Election Fraud is Not Just Happening — It’s Rampant

Let's be totally honest: implementing mail-in balloting in the U.S. is akin to asking a six-time convicted pyromaniac to run a fireworks stand by himself during the July 4th holiday period. Each invites wrongdoing that often result in illegal activities… More

Are We Facing an Election Do-Over?

Who knows what the outcome will be in the wake of the revelations of voter fraud, vote irregularities, obstruction of legal poll observers at numerous locations and the obvious war to put Joe Biden in office with little regard for… More

“Words Have Meaning”

Americans have witnessed the completion of the loss of a free press that formerly represented the best of the best in the exercise of the First Amendment. As recently as five years ago, the American media were still -- at… More

Saturday Bullet Points: November 14, 2020

Eleven days since the election. Still, no finality in "real" vote counts -- "real votes" being "legal" votes. We are confident there were many vote changes, vote deletions, corrupt and illegal votes cast, and it goes on and on. We'll… More