Is American Unity Possible?

Is there any way for unity after all that we've been through as a nation the last twelve years? “Twelve years? Shouldn't that be four years?” Nope: remember that Barack Obama actually defined just how wide is the political chasm between… More

Big Tech/Big News: “We Will Stop Conservative Speech!”

As leftists become increasingly emboldened following Big Tech's recent purge of President Donald Trump from the Internet, a far-left CNN reporter is now calling for conservative news outlets to suffer the same fate. CNN’s media reporter Oliver Darcy is calling… More

2016-2020: A Time For The Ages

How good were the accomplishments by the President during the Trump Administration? Sadly, probably less than half of the nation will ever hear about many of them because of the vitriol of the media and their refusal to report the… More

Saturday Bullet Points: January 16, 2021

Another crazy week! I'm thankful it's over. What's next? It looks like "Sleepy Joe" is set to become "President Biden" on Wednesday and that President Trump will NOT be sitting in the front row for the grand event. All this… More

What Has Everyone Forgotten?

Has anyone thought much about the travesties that have taken place in the nation over the past two or three years other than the one in Washington D.C. on January 6th? What are those travesties? Have they been addressed by… More

Big News From TruthNewsNetwork!

We have been working with our Internet Hosting company for several months to find a way for all our partners to be able to listen at any time to any of our previous "TNN Live" shows. We understand that not… More

It Happened!

Fact: The United States House of Representatives impeached President Trump for the second time. Their doing so was historical in more than just one way: of the two previous presidents who were impeached, neither was subjected to a witchhunt and… More

America’s Subversion Factor: The Cancer of Communism

We introduced Kelleigh Nelson to TruthNewsNetwork partners several months ago. She has been for a long time plugged into the poltical structure of Washington D.C. government with contacts and access at places few in journalism can access. She's a patriot,… More

The Wolf Is At The Door

You may be shocked that I would say this: You’ve got to admire the Left. There's no doubt they own the internet, the media, the courts (at least in Republicans trying to get a fair shake in state courts regarding… More