Breonna Taylor

Once again, a grand jury has rendered a decision in a high-profile case involving police shooting a person of color, this time in Louisville, Kentucky. As if on cue, predestined violent protests and civil unrest erupted across the country. Fires were… More

Biden’s Disappearing Act

Have you at any time on any days during this campaign season looked at your television where you've watched the news for an hour or two, seen multiple segments depicting Donald Trump doing this, speaking there, meeting with foreign leaders… More

We WILL Have Chaos Nationwide on November 3rd

It’s becoming increasingly clear that we should conduct the November election in as normal a manner as possible. We should have as many of our regular polling places open as we can—and we should resist the ongoing push to have… More

The Grass Is Usually Greener Here Than There

During the first year of Donald Trump's presidency I spent 62 days in Europe on business. My schedule sent me to Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Northern Italy and to Zurich, Switzerland, which was the hub of the trip. I interfaced daily… More

Saturday Bullet Points: September 19, 2020

Here we go -- buckle down! The 900-pound political gorilla is NOW in the room: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. Her death was announced Friday evening, and with it came the expected chaos surrounding the timing of… More

The Social “Thought Police”

We at TruthNewsNetwork (TNN) are outwardly very demonstrative that we are a Conservative news source -- not conservative because we or our policies are Republican or even Libertarian, but that we concentrate on finding facts about everything that pertains to… More

What Would a Biden Presidency Look Like?

Boy, that's a loaded question! One can only hypothesize, but I think a group of "careful" assumptions probably will be an accurate depiction of a Biden Administration. After all, as Joe has told us again and again, he has 50… More

Does “Cuties” Signal The Normalization of Pedophilia?

Saturday, September 12, a fake news story quickly went viral. It reported the arrest by the FBI of the CEO of NETFLIX, Reed Hastings, for possession of 13,000 pictures of children participating in sex acts. There were supposedly other articles… More