Saturday Bullet Points: April 4, 2020

Coronavirus continues to dominate every waking moment for most of Earth's inhabitants. We all peruse television news channels for the newest information about the virus. Many have become speed readers as devouring "Corona-News" from dozens of websites and newspapers. Why… More

“For the Love of Money!”

"For the love of money" is far more than just a song. It's the underlying basis for pretty much every conversation, every piece of legislation, every bill and every law that is passed in Congress. And Washington is full of… More

China Did It!

Here we go. We knew it wouldn't take long for the conspiracies to not only appear, but permeate the news: "Old So and So Country Weaponized a Virus." It's happened. We heard in the beginning that China was responsible for… More

A New Month With Nothing New: NOT April Fools

Today is April 1, a day most Americans hoped would bring some relief with good news about turning the corner on our COVID-19 pandemic. It did not happen. But what HAS happened is much more testing, much more research, and… More

The Live TNN First Day: REAL Story!

NOTE: THERE'S A DIFFERENT BUTTON FOR THE LIVE SHOW! DON'T CLICK THE "LISTEN LIVE" BUTTON -- CLICK THE ONE BELOW AFTER READING THIS. Yeah...I know: it was a bomb. I have never been so upset or disappointed in my life.… More



Madness is trying to find details of anything our government does. There's nothing significant going on in the U.S. government right now, right? Nothing but the most expensive spending bill in world history! As you know, late Wednesday evening, the… More


In the furor of the last five days regarding the necessity to stabilize the U.S. economy that is in freefall, almost lost is the absolute necessity to make haste to find the cure for COVID-19. Yes, doctors are treating ill… More