Trump is Toast! Polls Say He’s Gonna Lose “Biggly!”

Three months from Election Day 2020, America is still running the risk of being blind and deaf when it comes to several critical aspects of our presidential election process. In reporting about the 2020 presidential contest, at least some of… More

Do All Black Lives Matter?


‘I understand black lives matter. But that’s not my movement, right now. My movement is to let them know that was my son. Horace Lorenzo Anderson was my son.’ And his son is dead. In a gripping, gut-wrenching, heartrending, half-hour interview with Sean… More

Bullet Points Saturday, July 11, 2020

Did you miss much in the news this past week? There were so many things going on I bet you missed one or two, or three! Never fear -- TruthNewsNetwork is vigilant 24/7 just to make sure you get all… More

The Trump “Shock” Poll

In Thursday's "TNN Live" show from 9:00 - 11:00 AM Central (M-F), we shared the results of this poll. So many people followed up with questions and also requests for the poll I just decided to put it out in… More

COVID-19 And What the Data Tells Us

The Punchline: We got it wrong and now we’re largely tracking it wrong... Did you know the “new cases” in daily reports are actually “old infections newly reported”??? Most of what is reported is old news and not indicative of… More


Some time things happen that cause you to just shake your head in disbelief: "How in the world do you think that could have even been possible? SMH!" Look at the picture of that little boy on the beach. He… More