“Will It Go Round in Circles?”

"Will It Go Round in Circles?" is a rock song from the 70s written and sung by Billy Preston. It was appropriate back then, but it certainly fits the insanity emanating daily from the Potomac Valley. In Washington D.C. in… More

Forced Jabs, Health Fascism, And Medical Apartheid

♦♦We could lower the rise in population by 10-15% through vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive services. Bill Gates ♦♦Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will.  Joseph Goebbels ♦♦The… More

What Are The REAL Numbers the Wealthy Pay in Federal Taxes?

Yeah, Yeah, we know: "The richest one percent of Americans pay little or NO federal taxes. And those evil corporations don't pay taxes at all." That's the story bandied around by the Left for decades. Democrats, during election season, consider… More

COVID-19 Facts: Fauci-isms or Scientific Facts?

My Dad was a pastor of a small church in south Louisiana. He was one of those preachers who left no room between what was "good" and "evil." There was no acceptable "gray area" in his life -- and therefore,… More

Our Trek Towards Globalism: Real or Fictiticous?

Globalism. OMG: another conspiracy theory! And, of course, if one ever uses that term in public, the odds are that person will be labeled a "conspiracy theorist." In this helter-skelter world in which we awaken every day to some new… More

Biden Sacrifices Texas To The Open Border Gods

Yes, that seems a bit extreme. But that title is certainly not clickbait. After all, I doubt a single American is not aware of the border crisis that has quickly escalated in the wake of President Biden's "invitation" for Haitians… More

Saturday Bullet Points: September 18, 2021

Another busy week; another door or two open showing authoritarian rule on the part of President Joe Biden. Biden has walked away from the Constitutional method of creating and the enforcement of federal laws. He took a cue from his… More

D.C. Corruption is Skyrocketing

Joe Biden has several successes he can brag about when he leaves office. One is being the most successful POTUS in my lifetime to consistently misrepresent facts in EVERY statement issued, press conference held, and speech given. Wait: don't scream,… More

Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed

Joe Biden was the first to say it nationally: "The COVID-19 pandemic is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated." Guess what? That statement by the President that has been trumpeted over and over by every Mainstream Media outlet -- in… More

Dr. Peter A. McCullough: Follow-Up

In Wednesday's appearance by Dr. Peter McCullough on "TNN Live!" he promised all of you some links to some sites with information that pertains to everything he shared about the "factual" specifics of pretty much all-things COVID-19. Please find those… More