VaccIne Tyranny Ignites Brushfire Of Freedom

Note: Today at 9:00 AM Central, "TNN Live!" brings Pastor Dave Scarlett to join us live. Dave is a pastor with a worldwide television show that reaches 20 million people daily. His message is clear: Christians across the nation are… More

What Nuggets Are Buried In The $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill?

Buried in the massive $3.5 trillion "reconciliation" bill is an unconstitutional vaccine enforcement mechanism that threatens to bankrupt businesses unless they force their employees to get a COVID-19 injection. If the measure is enacted into law, even employers that respect… More

There’s Tyranny In Shelby County In Tennessee

Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.… More

Tony Fauci Busted For “Gross Misrepresentation” Yet Again

Yet another smoking gun has been found in the origin of COVID-19, courtesy of newly leaked documents released by research group DRASTIC, or Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19. The documents include a March 2018 grant proposal that EcoHealth… More

Saturday Bullet Points: October 16, 2021

What could have possibly happened in the way of "big news" this last week that any American could have missed? OMG! There's something "new" and something "big" that happens almost every hour of every day! So we grabbed a number… More

Which Is Worse: Gender Identity or Critical Race Theory?

"Gender Identity" has trapped millions of young Americans in a quandary of decisions purveyed by a sick generation of educators whose objectives are to foist outrageous lies to the youngest, most impressionable and vulnerable among us using sexual preferences as… More

Thirty Studies That Confirm The Efficacy of Natural Immunity

How effective against COVID-19 viral infections are natural antibodies? Is that a question for the hours! Remember, Dr. Anthony Fauci way back in the Spring of 2020 begged Americans for benign compliance with lockdowns, mask mandates, and social distancing. Remember… More

The Demonic Road To Genocide And Depopulation

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. – Plato When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of… More