Do Black Lives Matter?

Let me make one thing clear: there is a vast gulf between the social and political organization "Black Lives Matter" and someone -- ANYONE -- saying, "black lives matter." Both versions of the word are important. And we all need… More

“Frick and Frack”

Irony after irony: after all, it's election season! Remember all that finger-pointing between Republicans and Democrats about which socialist/communist country like Hillary, which preferred Trump, and which loved them both? I always wondered why those "experts" that made those outlandish… More

Human and Child Sex-Trafficking in General: How Bad is it?

There is no greater injustice on Earth than some human actually owning another human. Yet, it happens every day in every country. It's not just adults that are bought and sold. In fact, human trafficking happens mostly to children. To… More

COVID-19: What a Sales Job!

There’s nothing new about COVID-19 itself. The equally “novel,” equally “infectious” Asian flu of 1957 had similar fatalities in Britain: scaled to equal today’s population, the equivalent of 42,000, while the UK’s COVID death total (untrustworthy death total) now stands… More

Saturday Bullet Points, August 8, 2020

The craziness in our nation simply will not stop. I have it on good authority, (MY amazing intuitiveness!) that between today and Election Day, it will only get crazier. My advice to you is to "buckle up.” Find a way… More

Comey and McCabe

Little has been heard about any legal actions of any kind being levied against two top FBI officials: Andrew McCabe and James Comey. Many think that criminal indictments for the pair will be included in the release of details of… More