Saturday Bullet Points: February, 27, 2021

It's Saturday morning and time to catch-up on the happenings from the past week, some of which you probably missed. We did NOT miss them. It works very simply: After each bullet point we give you a sentence or two… More

Time For Some Constitutional Amendments: But How?

Let's face it: Congress when it comes to legislation "for the People" is virtually incapable of passing any. Sure, they pass a bunch of bills. But they are seldom "for the People" -- they're "for the Political Party." And does… More

What’s the Truth About ANTIFA: White Supremacists?

I must be honest: I'm really confused about who are the targets of the Left. I know: everyone who disagrees with them is a target. But in their political narrative spun for everyone in the nation, they until recently used… More

Why Is The Capitol Locked Down?

Something is going on in D.C. regarding the Capitol Building fencing and lockdown. And don't forget that we still have thousands of National Guard members in full uniform standing watch 24/7 at the cost of tens of millions of dollars… More

Republicans Excoriated for Voting for Trump Impeachment: Why?

As if there are not really serious considerations, a massive majority of Americans want the Biden Administration members to quickly address, implement fixes for our problems, and get us out of the COVID-19 pandemic and our economy back to roaring… More

Saturday Bullet Points: February 20, 2021

Boy, this past week was a doozie! Just when you think we'd seen it all, here comes a frigid Arctic storm that sent temperatures in the South to North Pole levels. In fact, in Austin, Texas, the low-temperature Tuesday of… More

CPAC: 2009 Keynote Address by Rush Limbaugh

Yesterday, we paid tribute to the #1 talk show host in American history: Rush Limbaugh. We will not today dig deeper into his legacy for us all, nor will we talk about the positive things thousands who took to the… More

“Mega Dittos, Rush…”

In 1989, I moved my family from Louisiana to Indianapolis and become the PM Drive host at WTPI-FM. I loved radio. I fell in love with it at age 16 when my high school Speech teacher -- who was a… More