Saturday Bullet Points: November 27, 2021

Who would have thought last Saturday the events of this week have unfolded as they did. We had just heard of the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse for all charges against him in the Kenosha, Wisconsin incident in which three were… More

What About Those “Evil” Pilgrims?

We just finished a wonderful Thanksgiving in our family. We all met under one roof, shared amazing food, and caught up on the details of our ever-aging "seniors" while glorying in the accomplishments of the "youngsters." We had a lot… More

We Have It Pretty Good

Americans began celebrating Thanksgiving long before there was a United States. For hundreds of years, the colonies celebrated a day for local communities to come together and give thanks to God. It was not until the height of national division,… More

Bidenflation Is Skyrocketing

Have you noticed your dollar doesn't stretch quite as far this year as last year? It makes no difference if you're spending that dollar on food, utilities, school clothes for the kids, or getting the dog vaccinated. That dollar doesn't… More

General Mike Flynn Inspires the Left to Speak About God that firmness of spirit, that moral backbone, which, while fully appreciating the danger “involved” nevertheless goes on with the undertaking.  Bravery is physical; Courage is mental and moral. Major C.A. Bach, 1917, address to graduating new officers, Ft. Sheridan,… More

Saturday Bullet Points: November 20, 2021

The U.S. watched multiple bizarre things happen domestically and abroad during the week. How much of all that did you know about and understand? How much of it did you miss? Make no mistake: Americans -- ALL Americans -- MUST… More

Will The Biden/OSHA Employer Mandate To Vaccinate Employees Stand?

What's the REAL Substance Of The OSHA Vaccine "Mandate/Rule?" The Biden administration unveiled its emergency rule for COVID-19 protections for large companies that employ roughly two-thirds of the American workforce to adopt mandatory vaccination policies or take alternative steps. The… More

Will The REAL COVID Specialist Please Standup?

Isn't it ironic that most of the "reliable" information about COVID-19, medications, early treatment and its impact, vaccines, and "breakthrough infections" are ALL coming primarily from Israel? Why is it that we in the United States have discovered that the… More