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“What’s on your mind today?” I get asked that quite frequently.  In the past few years, I’ve taken to Facebook to express my thoughts and ideas about various topics:  politics, economics, politics, sports, local, state, and national government, politics, elections, and politics.  I thought (after a host of suggestions from others to do so) it is time to formalize this and start a podcast.  So that’s what you find here and will see going forward. Truth News Network provides info through our podcasts about topics of timely interest that are relevant in today’s World.

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Dan Newman

I wrote and published this story February 1, 2017, titled “Get In or Get Out:” I am pretty certain Liberals did NOT …

Dan Newman

Beloved weatherman Al Roker, who transformed his life with bariatric surgery years ago and showed America how weight loss could be permanent, …

Dan Newman

Can you believe that Thanksgiving 2022 is gone? Wasn’t it a good time to share the day and all its festivities with …

Dan Newman

Last week, Dr. Eric Nepute of St. Louis came aboard live to detail the egregious battle the U.S. Department of Justice had …

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