Do you like me sometimes reach a moment of desperation? Have you ever looked at life's circumstances as they pertain to you and think, "I do NOT understand what's happening. I do NOT know why this is happening to me.… More

Money, Money Money


Ever wonder what happens to the money illegal migrants make while working in the U.S.? It is common knowledge that, for decades, the primary reason for illegals entering the U.S. is to find better employment than that available to them… More

Let’s Make a Deal


Donald Trump as an entrepreneur was famous as a great negotiator of business deals. Obviously, he has many wins in his long career. Yes, he had some losses as do ALL entrepreneurs. But his wins far outnumbered his losses. Donald… More

What If…

April 10, 2017, we posted a story titled "What If?" that asked questions about the oddities that surfaced in and about Hillary Clinton's actions during her 2016 presidential bid and probable outcomes if she had taken different actions. Today, our… More

Altered Reality


It is apparent that many in Washington D.C. -- most of which lean left -- look at the world through a different prism than many others. It is incredulous to watch and listen to claims that are made, most of… More

Rampant Voter Fraud

Very few America voters believe in the sanctity of  the American election system. Think about it: in every American federal election, political pundits and candidates alike all over the country are claiming “This election’s results cannot be trusted because of… More

Pelosi Power


"She's Back!" Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a return trip to the House podium to accept the gavel as the "old," new Speaker of the House. The 78-year-old California Representative is and has been one of the most powerful… More