Let Me Build It

A few years ago it seemed like every half-hour a television commercial appeared that told us how unsafe and messed up the foundations were on our houses. This company was THE expert on taking care of all foundation problems, making… More

A Democrat 2020 Win = Armageddon


This is NOT a “scare-everybody story.” This is a “wake-up” story. There are many American fundamentals on the line in the upcoming 2020 election. I’m sad to say very few Americans know what’s at stake. What IS at stake? The… More

New Gun Laws: ”Red Flag”

We’ve seen it happen again and again: a mass shooting lights the fires for new and more intense gun laws — again. “We must do something to stop these murders!” Sadly, these cries are for political purposes only and have… More

Divide and Conquer


Why is it that more and more people just don’t get along? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this vile. That’s just in what we “see.” I can only imagine how nasty it is behind the scenes. We’ll get… More

Bullet Points August 17, 2019

This is our regular Saturday feature in which we bring you bullet points of the top happenings of the last few days. Feel free to read the short summary. Following each is a link to a complete story expanding the… More

Hi, Andrew

Does it seem to you that there’s no real conversation anymore? People stick with like people or just go straight to social media or just ignore others all the time. It’s rare to see a big table of friends in… More

The Dismantling of the U.S.: Pending


I never thought we in America would ever be discussing the dismantling of our country. Some of us have feared it as being something that might happen — “eventually” — but not in our lifetimes! I think the “eventually” may… More

Whose Truth: Yours or Mine?

As you know, we at TruthNewsNetwork have committed from the very beginning that what you see and hear in our stories and podcasts will be based on 100% truth that we have confirmed and verified. Certainly you understand that making… More

Bullet Points

Starting today, every Saturday we will publish "Bullet Points," which are the top headlines of the last 24 - 48 hours we will bring to you. Each Saturday "Bullet Points" will be brief, and each "Bullet" will contain (when applicable)… More

Google: Gone Rogue


There's something up with social media giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter. You've heard about it continuously during the last two years: conservative posts are being blocked or taken down, "demeaning" or supposed "hate" speech posts are quarantined. Users' accounts are… More