Climate Change: It’s a Religion!


Yep, it certainly is. Originally it was a social and political cause, but no more. It’s a religion. That shouldn’t surprise you. With the latest numbers showing that a large majority of Americans than ever do not affiliate themselves as… More

Wrong Message: Wrong Messaging


I must be honest: there’s so much negativity, so many misrepresentations, outright lies and two-sided information coming out of Washington, I’m finding it pretty hard to “shut-down” mentally at the end of each day and get a good night’s sleep.… More

When Babies Survive Abortions


Yes, it’s true. Not all abortions kill the baby. Sometimes they survive the procedure. Think about that: they “survive.” That means they are born which, according to Pro-Choice advocates’ own definition, means they are alive. If they’re alive, that means… More

2019 Ironies in Bullet Points

Do you ever see or hear something somebody does or says that makes you wanna shake your head and say, ” could they do that?” It happens to me a bunch. In 2019 we have seen more of those ironies… More

A “New America” is Here

I remained quiet on 9/11: I didn't do a blog post, didn't do a podcast, I just watched. I wanted to see if anybody and who would begin a process to alter history. It didn't take long. The first time… More

The Obama “Hush/Slush” Fund


Monday morning, September 9th, 2019, conservative author, writer, and broadcaster Michele Malkin appeared on Fox and Friends to preview her upcoming book Open Borders, Inc. The fundamental premise of her book is that an amazingly large number of dollars that… More

Republicans and Other Conservatives are Illiterate

Is that really true? Of course, the claim is false. But there are many on the Left who think it is true and share it with everyone they can. “Certainly no one of importance in the Democrat Party thinks that… More

Bullet Points August 7, 2019

This is our regular Saturday feature in which we bring you bullet points of the top happenings of the last few days. Feel free to read the short summary. Following each is a link to a complete story expanding the… More