“She’s Baaaack!”


Yes, the "new" Speaker of the House of Representatives for the upcoming Congress has yet to be chosen. But odds are that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will receive the gavel from current and outgoing Republican Speaker Paul Ryan… More

Bullet Points: “What If’s”


There are so many things happening in our nation today. Our country is flooded with unanswered questions. And our horizon apparently does not yet hold answers for each question. Hopefully, we can scrap together realistic answers necessary to move the… More

“Globalism:” The New World Threat


We at TruthNewsNet (TNN) have shied away from any discussion of the “new” buzzword being bandied about by the Mainstream Media and also liberal politicians: “Globalism.” The TNN gloves are OFF! French President Emmanuel Macron  — who is under siege… More

It’s Veterans Day

Most Americans seem to confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. In that misunderstanding, living veterans seem to get the short end of the stick. While those Americans who gave their lives in battle are certainly real heroes, so are those… More

“-ist” Word


How often during the last decade have you heard the use of the term "racist?" How often have YOU used the term "racist?" Have you spent any time considering its meaning and purposes for its use? Like it or not,… More

DOJ Earthquake

Jeff Sessions is out at the Department of Justice. And Democrats are incensed. How could Donald Trump even think about asking for the Sessions resignation? Doesn’t POTUS know that Congress controls the Department of Justice, who runs it, and who… More

Do You Believe in Election Polls?

Election Day 2018: a day that holds magic keys to a large part of the immediate future of the United States of America. Today, millions of Americans -- and apparently many more than in normal midterm elections -- are headed… More

Hello: My Name is “Corruption”


”I am certain you know who I am. I have been around for a really long time. If we haven’t met personally, certainly you’ve seen my handiwork. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t exist. Honestly, I'm certain I’ve… More

Wanna Know Who’ll Win the Midterms?


Introduction I received a bunch of feedback about the "tease" yesterday about today's story. I simply thought your weekend news digesting before college football would be piqued by a few minutes away from the political fray we've all been immersed… More