The Beginning of The End

It’s over! President Trump is done: his presidency is in tatters, NATO nation leaders laugh at the American president, American voters have lost confidence in President Trump’s ability to lead, and the nation is doomed. That’s the message that… More

Michael Horowitz Part II


Conservatives for months have been waiting breathlessly for the release of the Horowitz report on the sources and the basis for the inception of the FBI investigation into collusion with the Russians by the Donald Trump campaign. Horowitz is the… More

The Hypocrisy of Impeachment ‘98 vs. ‘19

There is quite a bit of hypocrisy festering in the rush by Democrats to send President Trump the “big” Christmas present: Impeachment. Democrat Party leaders are foaming at the mouth about what would certainly be their Christmas gift: Trump’s D.C. departure. No… More

House Republicans Fight Back


Wednesday, December 4, America heard from four Constitutional "experts" about their opinions of impeachment, its foundation, its purposes, its past uses, and how the Constitutional guidelines determine its appropriate uses. At the end of it all, we are no closer… More

“Accuser-In-Chief:” Jerrold Nadler


Wednesday of this week, December 4, 2019, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) who Chairs the House Judiciary Committee has another committee hearing regarding President Trump's impeachment. Supposedly this hearing is to question Constitutional "experts" on what is and what is not… More

Obama Weaponized Foreign Aid


President Trump has been demonized in the latest chapter of the “Dump-Trump” movement for pressuring Ukraine to investigate the alleged corruption of former VP Joe Biden and his son. In that telephone call between Mr. Trump and the newly elected… More

UkraineGate is Real: And it Is NOT Donald Trump’s

We are about to share a story with you that should be front page on every legitimate newspaper and lead story on every television news show in the nation. It may come as no surprise to you that you didn’t… More

Ode To America


Have you ever traveled overseas? If you have, did you notice how foreigners treat us as Americans? It certainly depends on the country in which you find yourself, but people, on the most part, treat us as if we are… More