I avoided this topic for obvious reasons. I have never liked soap operas. They seem mushy, unrealistic, and cheesy, to be frank. This is nothing more than another soap opera. But this one plays out on a national stage called… More

A Drunk Sits at a Bar….


You're a bartender and a guy sits at the bar ordering drink after drink for 3 hours and you continue to pour for him long after it is obvious he's drunk. He finally leaves the bar, gets in his car,… More

Bullet Points


Normally we publish Bullet Points on Tuesdays. But there have been so many things happening over the weekend, we did not want to lose a day without summarizing some of those critical events and their potential impact on your week.… More



I've always been a thinker, mostly quiet and pensive. That has its benefits but certainly has its pitfalls. That mindset brings moments of insecurity and uncertainty about pretty much everything: how people feel, what I need to do, who I… More

Mueller’s Evil is Not Exclusive


By now you know a lot about Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his past. You have watched with me as the Trump-Russia investigation has virtually gone nowhere in 20 months. Yes, there have been indictments -- but NOT of anyone… More

The “Truth” Part II


In The "Truth" Part 1, we examined and explained some of the hoopla in D.C. regarding dissemination of information as fact when it has not been true. This includes alleged collusion by the Trump Campaign with Russians during the 2016… More

The “Truth” Part I


Is there Obstruction of Justice and/or Collusion going on now (or has there been) in the Mueller Russia Collusion Investigation of the Trump Campaign? If so, who is guilty? What is truthful we are hearing from the Mueller Investigation --… More

“Truth” On The Way

We at www.TruthNewsNet.org have been silent for two days. It’s not because we have been on vacation. It’s because we have been exhaustively researching instances of Obstruction of Justice, violated federal statutes, and those who face certain federal charges for… More