If They Said So, It Must be So


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=014pgay5DGo We watch it all the time: a news story quotes "unnamed sources" that claim that the President "might" be a Russian agent. Never mind McCabe is a proven liar. Never mind he is personally under investigation awaiting certain prosecution… More

“In Full Disclosure…” Part 2


President Trump's most recent public campaign against the US Justice Department and US intelligence community has stunned current and former intelligence officials. "He's doing the enemy's job for them," one FBI agent said. Another agent compared Trump's unwillingness to accept… More

“In Full Disclosure…” Part I


Do you have all this stuff figured out in D.C.? On one hand, we have what seems like 80% of Congress pushing-back on everything this President wants to do that requires legislation. They end up passing into law a boondoggle… More

State of Emergency Chaos


The noise is deafening. One Democrat operative declared in a televised interview, "This President didn't get his way on his border wall, threw a temper-tantrum, and is declaring a national emergency and then heading to the golf course. There IS… More



Today's the day: D-Day. Once again the U.S. government faces the dilemma of running out of money to operate itself. That by itself is almost comical. How does somebody or some entity that has the total control of how much… More



I don’t sleep a lot. No, I’m not sick. I don’t have insomnia. There are no “things” going bad in my life that keep me up stuck in worry and stress. It just doesn’t take a lot of sleep to… More

Russia Collusion: The Next Chapter

It is becoming clearer and clearer why Deep State operatives have worked so diligently to cover Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation from any public scrutiny about entanglements with Russia. Donald Trump has been the obvious distraction to… More

The New House: Wonder No More

If any had doubts that the “new” House of Representatives now controlled by the Democrat Party was going to come out guns blazing in a direct frontal attack of Donald Trump, no need to doubt anymore. With Friday’s House Judiciary… More

Google: What Are YOU Hiding?


NOTICE TO ALL: Google Analytics reached out to me several months ago to do some independent research work for them. I have contracted to investigate the histories of each of the 535 voting members of Congress. The seriousness of and… More

“Experts Say”…Part II


Experts run roughshod throughout every department of the federal government. Anytime there's a question about any issue -- security, foreign policy, the economy, elections, border walls, you name it -- there's an expert somewhere who factually knows the answer to… More