“Everyone is Smart, Except Donald Trump”

Friends and followers. This is well worth the read, which is why I am posting it here today. Rabbi Dov Fischer makes good sense. Who is Rabbi Dov Fischer? Rabbi Dov Fischer is an attorney and adjunct professor of law, a… More

The Border Wall: Why Dems Say “No!”


I have struggled with this for some time. I remember when many well known Democrats verbally excoriated the fact that illegals were entering the U.S. through our southern border: Bill Clinton https://youtu.be/ZnOpGI0qRhA Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) https://youtu.be/75a9Wa6KL7k President Obama https://youtu.be/mWzAiTPfmQE… More

Trump’s Campaign Finance Fraud


Everyone has heard about it. Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, under specific direction of Candidate Donald Trump, paid hush money to two adult porn stars with which Trump allegedly had affairs. That money was Campaign money. How do we… More

“Q Anon Part II”


The following was posted July 22, 2018, regarding the phenomenon in today’s “news” and “intelligence” called “Q,” or "QAnon. Please read this again to begin this conversation. “In keeping with our promise to always provide the opinions of others who… More

What Now, Congress?


Americans are waiting with many questions about what and how Congress will act regarding legislation -- what Congress is designed to do. That comes as control of the House of Representatives crosses the aisle to the Democrat Party in January… More


Before we begin today's analysis, please note that tomorrow in both our story and in the podcast we are releasing some bombshell information that has nothing to do with this series to determine who will run against President Trump and… More


I made the trip and all is good! If you were here yesterday, you know I had a trip through “Cardiac Land.” Two stints and I’m good! I must say it is mind-boggling to lie on the table fully conscious… More


I received a note early today from my mentor and editor, Ron White, from his breathtaking retirement log cabin in North Carolina. It seems I had misspelled words in several spots in yesterday’s story about the Democrat Party and racism.… More

Democrat Party: Promoting Racism?

When in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton put those who chose to support Trump over her in a basket she named "Deplorables," she revealed something more than her personal disdain for Donald Trump. She exposed the bias she and… More