Biden’s latest brilliant idea: Inundate the U.S. With Hamas-Supporting Arabs From Gaza

Good news for the Jew-hating, Soros-funded, Hamas supporters wreaking havoc on the campuses of prestigious universities all over our country: Biden’s planning to bring in the real thing: actual Jew-hating, Christian-hating, America-hating, Hamas-supporting “refugees” from…wait for it…Gaza!

You know, the terrorist-prone “Palestinians” no Arab country wants within their borders because they’ve proven so dangerous—those “refugees.”

As CBS reports: “White House considers welcoming some Palestinians from Gaza as refugees.” Nice trick to say “some,” as if they mean maybe five or six…

Leave it to Obama, I mean Biden—OK, I was right the first time—to fan the flames of antisemitism while endangering all Americans by directly importing would-be terrorists and their supporters.

Gosh, what could possibly go wrong?

Get ready to pay for their housing, healthcare, “resettlement benefits”, etc., because that’s O’Biden’s plan as well, courtesy of Cloward and Piven—Obama’s mentors.

And about these potential refugees—before we ask why they’d want to come to the “Great Satan” in the first place, it might interest people to learn what investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield revealed in an article entitled: “There Are No Innocent Civilians in Gaza.” Well, I’m sure there are some, but as we’ll see from the statistics below, they make up a tiny percentage.

In fact, hundreds of Gazan civilians gleefully participated with Hamas in the raping, torturing, burning alive, beheading, and dismembering of Israeli civilians on October 7th. And many took part in the kidnappings as well.

Here are some statistics Greenfield quotes in his article:

98% of the Arab Muslim settlers in the West Bank hate America, as do 96.8% of those in Gaza. That’s still better than the UK, which is hated by 100% of Arab Muslim colonists in the West Bank and Gaza. They actually hate America and the UK more than Israel, which is only at 97.3%.

But don’t feel too bad, Americans, Israelis, and Brits, because they hate everyone.

Not a single country, including Iran, gets even a 5% ‘very positive’ rating….

The ‘Palestinians’ have their own dedicated UN agency (UNRWA) and have billions of dollars lavished on them. Their needs are taken care of by the people they hate: America, Israel, Egypt, and the UAE, not to mention the UN and the Red Cross, whom they repay by hating them.

And from a JNS article by Akiva van Koningsveld: “Three in four Palestinians support Hamas’ massacre”. And this: Ninety-eight percent of respondents said the Oct. 7 slaughter made them feel “prouder of their identity as Palestinians.”

And here’s a quote from Brigitte Gabriel’s Substack:

The Biden administration’s latest scheme seems like a playbook for national suicide. From flinging open our borders to entertaining the WHO surrender to killing energy independence and now entertaining the idea of welcoming Palestinian “refugees” from Gaza? It’s like they’re throwing a party for America’s demise!

Let’s face the facts: the overwhelming majority of Arab Muslim settlers in the West Bank and Gaza harbor deep-seated animosity towards America. Yet here we are, discussing plans to roll out the welcome mat for them, courtesy of Uncle Sam, courtesy of taxpayers.

Click the link below to see her action plan:

Stop Palestinian Refugees From Entering the United States!

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