Obstructionists in Chief

Why are we living through another Congress that is getting NOTHING done?

Honestly, it is beyond me how year after year, regardless of who occupies the White House, the United States Congress seems to work hard while accomplishing very little in the way of legislation. How 535 seemingly very intelligent people who each have been chosen by voters in their districts can spend so much time yet achieve so little or nothing at all defies logic. It seems to me that there may be a secret agenda there: to do as little as possible that might ruffle feathers — not feathers of voters, but the feathers of those on the “other” side of the aisle. Believing that may be factual is terrifying to me — and should be to every American.

Let’s face facts: “IF” Congress met with just one agenda — to make and revise laws to serve the people of the United States, confirm appointees to fill government office positions, and make sure the federal government clicks on all cylinders — they could get a lot done in every one of those areas. Yet as of today,  President Donald Trump has more unconfirmed Cabinet nominees at this point in his term than all previous presidents combined, according to an ABC News analysis of data from the Congressional Research Service. As of December 31, 2017, Trump had 300 appointees waiting for Senate confirmation. Think about that: 300 positions in federal government management positions still without people to operate in them a year after the election! (for note that is 152 more appointees waiting than did Obama during the same period) How can this possibly happen?


Let’s face it: in every administration a newly elected President faces opposition from the opposing party. Conducting legislative business by Congress seems to the average American to be a simple task: members of Congress are elected by voters. Those people when candidates were elected because of their political positions preferred by their constituents. They should vote the will of the people they represent. It should be that simple. But it obviously is not.

That fact even in the day of President George Washington was alarming to the first President. He was extremely concerned about political parties and the problems they created. President Washington argued that political parties needed to be restrained in a free country with a government empowered by the consent of the governed and established through popular elections. He warned of the possibility fearing they could distract the government from its required duty to the people and even lead to the eradication of the freedoms established at the founding.

Obstruction in the political process raised its ugly head in America’s first government. And it has tagged along through a couple of centuries. However, it seems to never have held the power to stop the governing of those elected to govern as it does today. Obstruction that resides in the hands of not the governed or the government, but of the power junkies of political parties is the danger Americans face today. And it is ripping our nation apart at its seams.

Who are the Obstructionists?

Honestly, this is NOT a Republican or Democrat thing. This obstruction is the direct result of political posturing of members of both parties with one objective: power. I’ll shut up and let President Washington explain. Here is an excerpt from his farewell address:

“The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty. Without looking forward to an extremity of this kind (which nevertheless ought not to be entirely out of sight), the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it. It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country is subjected to the policy and will of another.”

The Father of our Nation got it very early and warned Americans about such a danger. President Washington expressed genuine concern in that “the alternate domination” of one political party over another, thereby allowing one party to enjoy temporary power over the government that would use it to obtain revenge on the other. He seriously felt that this tendency toward atrocities directed at the party out of power “…is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.” Washington understood that if “a wise people” did not do their duty to discourage and restrain the over-zealous development of political parties, it would be the end of America.

Unfortunately, it may be too late to restrain the hunger for power evident in America’s political parties in this day; such power now seems entrenched as it has become evident that both major political parties have a hard time yielding to the will of the people. The election of 2016 gave us a new chance to right this ship. But obviously as we together look to D.C. with hope that Congress will get things moving, legislatively it seems we are stuck in the trenches of Party Obstruction.

How do we get unstuck?

Simple: Democrats are going to have to forget about what Democrat Party leadership wants; Republicans are going to have to forget about what Republican Party leadership wants; EVERYONE in Congress is going to have to forget about everything and everybody except the voters in their districts and what they as candidates promised those voters during their campaigns. THEY MUST VOTE THEIR DISTRICT’S DESIRES…..AND NOTHING ELSE!

Can we ever get to that point?

Not so simple: members of Congress will have to lay aside ALL partisanship and hold fast to only the substance of each and every legislative issue as that substance relates to their constituents. Anything other than that is pure partisanship. And each time a vote is made based on that rather than constituents, another piece of the U.S. Constitution is erased, AND George Washington turns over in his grave.

What can voters do?

Simple: starting now, get with like-minded voters in your district and come to agreement on the terms of an agreement you want your Congressional candidates to agree to — IN WRITING — in exchange for your vote in November. You don’t know what to put in such an agreement? No problem. Read on.

You probably know that I’m a staunch Conservative. So here’s what I’ll do: I’ll prepare a “template” for you fellow conservatives. It will include right down-the-line commitments to individual conservative issues. It will be written in formal language (“whereas, whereas, and therefore….”). I will post it as an attachment in tomorrow’s story. I think I can post it in Microsoft Word so you can download and edit it to insert items you want to include and/or delete items you don’t want to include. Get with your friends who live in your district and reach agreement, finalize what your expectations of what your next Congressional representative should have in D.C. to represent you, and present it to each candidate when they announce their run for Congress. Demand their signature. Then make a copy of it available to your local news media to print and broadcast.

If you will do that, several things will happen: your doing so will show all those running that their constituents are engaged in the political process, are cognizant of all that their representatives are doing or not doing on their district’s behalf, and that you WILL hold them accountable. It will also confirm to you your willingness to engage rather than sit back and either ignore D.C. or just gripe about D.C. In either case, you will know for certain where you stand on every issue and if you really do care or just talk about caring.

Additionally, I’d like a copy of each of those signed commitments when completed. I will compile them and provide them to the leaders of both Democrat and Republican parties so they can see exactly how voters in your districts feel and exactly what candidates have committed to do and not do when elected.


Anybody can say anything in a political campaign with no consequences it seems. It is time for voters in America to make members of Congress pay for breaking campaign commitments by first exposing their hypocrisy and secondly to send them packing. Get those members of Congress on the record publicly, then hold them accountable!

It’s OUR country just as much as it’s theirs.


It Ain’t Funny

All this political tension in D.C. has tied most Americans up in knots. What’s true and what’s not? Boy, that’s a tough one to answer. All I know for certain is that the political tension is high and hot, and it gets higher and hotter daily.

I’m a pretty serious guy and I don’t really laugh a lot. But in the past when I’ve been so stretched from having so many things going wrong at the same time, I learned that finding a thing or two to laugh at or laugh about, that laughter has a way of easing some of the tension. A heart attack in 2016 made me even more aware of the good a few hearty laughs can do.

In that, I discovered that finding ways to laugh at myself helps me with the stress/tension stuff too. In that kind of laughter I learned to not take myself seriously all the time, and that helps even more. We need to laugh at others WHILE we laugh at ourselves.

There can be NO better time than now to find some comedy in politics in Washington. And there are surely a lot of things and folks to point fingers at and laugh a bit. So in the interest of mental health and curbing stress related heart attacks, let’s laugh at some of those funnies we have been watching in the last few months and even the last few years as life in Washington has played out on a national stage. Let’s get started:

Things you Probably Won’t Hear in Washington

(Secretary Hillary Clinton to Monica Lewinsky): “Monica, the family’s going to spend a few weeks at Martha’s Vineyard. Since you are so close to us, why don’t you plan on joining us there?”

(Chelsea Clinton to Monica Lewinsky): “Monica, you’re like family to me. I’m getting married soon. I’m begging you to be my Maid of Honor.”

(Bill Clinton via phone while Hillary is flying overseas): “Hillary, I’ve lost my phone book. Do you still have Monica’s and Paula’s numbers? We’re going to play Yahtzee here this weekend and I want to know they’re both welcome to stop by.”

(President Trump to Maxine Waters): “Congresswoman, can you give me some hints on finding really good wigs. I’m tired of the comb-over and I think I’m just gonna grab the razor and go the wig route. It really works well for you.”

(Congressman Adam Schiff to Congressman Devin Nunez): “Na-Na-Na-Boo-Boo! My memo’s bigger than your memo!”

(Hillary to James Comey): “Jim, I’m about to be charged with lying to the FBI and a bunch of other stuff. Since you are so proficient at getting away with lying under oath, and you’re out of work, AND you’re such good friends with Special Counsel Mueller, would you represent me when I testify?”

(President Trump to Rosie O’Donnell) “We’re throwing a big barbecue on the South Lawn for a group of Cajuns from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. They call it a “Cochon de Lait,” we call it a “Pig Roast.” I couldn’t help but think about you. Can you join us?”

(Hillary to Special Counsel Robert Mueller) “The closest I ever came to interfacing with a Russian was talking to a guy named Oleg I met trolling the internet on a website www.Ruskystuds.com.”

(President Trump to Chuck Schumer) “Senator, we’re screening the remake of the movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and would love for you to join us at the White House. Oh, would you bring an extra box or two of Kleenex with you? You’ll probably need them.”

(President of John Deere to Nancy Pelosi) “Congresswoman, John Deere has built a special edition riding mower we want to present to you for your brilliant plan to stop illegal border crossings by keeping the grass at the border mowed all the time. It’s  the first John Deere “DTE” riding mower — the “Dump Trump Edition.”

(God to Joy Behar) “I really DO talk to Vice President Mike Pence. I try to talk to you all the time too, but you never shut up long enough to hear me.”

(Michelle Obama to Melania Trump) “Hey Mel, the girls in South Chicago and me would love for you to stop by and teach us a class on haute couture.” (high fashion)

(Jerry Falwell, Jr. — President of Liberty University — to Michael Moore) “Please accept our invitation for you to come to Lynchburg to do a weekly lecture on ‘The importance of honoring those in authority over us,’ pertaining specifically to the duly elected President of the United States.”

(Melania Trump to Chelsea Handler) “Donald and I would love for you to do a standup comedy routine at the White House for our upcoming state dinner with French President Emmanuelle Macron and his wife Brigitte. They dearly love how you denigrate political leaders and how it makes people laugh.”


Not much meat in today’s offering. But why does everyday have to be so meaty after all? Our lives are pretty full with  the “real meat” that churns in our guts all day everyday. Let’s relax a little — and laugh!

If you’ve got a few — and I’m sure you do — that we can laugh at, post them in the “Comments” section and let’s chuckle a bit. One thing is certain: there will be plenty of stressful tidbits we see and hear this week coming from D.C.

We can stand a few laughs, for sure.









It’s “Rant Day!” Part Two: Justice for All or Just Some?

No doubt inequities in the U.S. Justice System have been exposed during the last year. The revelations of those (and others yet to be exposed) begs the question: Is American Justice really for all or just a select few? Let’s look closer.

FBI Issues with “Justice for All”

Parkland, Florida Several days ago I gave some examples of tremendous FBI gaffs in recent years, none of which rise to the level of injustice we saw played out in Parkland, Florida on Valentines Day. Let’s be honest: the fact that two very specific threats made by Nikolas Cruz to shoot up schools were shared with the FBI and they did not follow-up played an obviously dramatic role in the deaths of those 17 Floridians. On a national level we have been told by law enforcement agencies to report what we see and hear regarding threats like his to initiate law enforcement investigations into their validity. The FBI failed miserably….and 17 innocents died because of their neglect.

The Boston Marathon Parkland is not the only place the FBI failed to stop killings when given real warnings. Remember the Boston Marathon pressure-cooker bombers? Deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev came to the attention of the FBI on at least two occasions prior to a Russian government warning in March 2011 that said he appeared to be radicalizing — that according to former FBI Director Robert Mueller in Congressional testimony to Congress. “His name had come up in two other cases,” Mueller said in response to questions from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). The FBI ignored those warnings that did not come from anonymous sources in America, but from the government of Russia! Certainly such warnings from Russian intelligence warranted follow-up by the FBI. Nope: they sat on their hands.

Local Issues with “Justice for All”

Parkland, Florida The Parkland shootings are the most recent to highlight local law enforcement failures. 39 times local authorities physically “visited” Cruz’s home regarding threatened violence and erratic behavior exhibited by the mentally ill Cruz. After all 39 visits, Broward County Sheriffs deputies simply left and did nothing. Further, high school classmates and friends reported numerous cases of threats and promises made to them by Cruz regarding his desire to shoot up schools, showing off this guns as he discussed their use in killings, and even posted pictures on social media of his hoard of guns along with mentions of becoming “a school shooter.” No justice for those 17 that day. “If” local authorities had acted — even just to implement mental incapacity protocol to have him examined by psychiatric specialists — those 17 would still be with their families and friends.

Imagine a scenario in which a large high school had a Sheriffs Deputy as its Resource Officer on campus everyday who was armed and there for the sole purpose of protecting students and faculty members against violence. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had such a Resource Officer who was at the school on Valentines Day. Instead of that deputy recognizing the slaughter as it unfolded and rushing into the freshman building and immediately confronting Cruz, Deputy Scot Peterson stood outside the building for 5 minutes while Cruz took out 17 victims in a rain of bullets. Justice For All? Nope. Broward County Sheriffs Deputy Scot Peterson stole the justice for those 17 while on his job, supposedly doing what he was hired to do: protect those students and faculty members. 

U.S. Justice Department Issues with “Justice for All”

Hillary Clinton There is little need to detail every inequity in equal justice for Ms. Clinton, but there are a few notable. Chief among those is there being no apparent justice for her mishandling of top secret and classified information by spreading it in the form of emails on an unsecured private server. There are numerous examples of others who paid significant penalties for doing far less than Clinton in this regard, including their incarceration. It is true that the Attorney General may have such an investigation underway that is secret. Not doing so would be a disservice to the American people. Time will tell.

The Clinton Foundation The apparent “Pay to Play” program that many are certain existed while Clinton was Secretary of State warrants thorough investigation by the Justice Department. Surely one is underway. An agreement with President Obama and Hillary was made in which she committed the Foundation would accept no donations from foreign countires in writing while she served. Evidence of her breaking that commitment is piling up in New York and Washington D.C. Former President Clinton received massive payments for speeches given to foreign entities that totaled millions of dollars. Interestingly enough those speeches and subsequent dollars dried up when Hillary lost her bid for President. Certainly that is a bit odd if there was no “Pay to Play” program in place for contributions to the Foundation in exchange for favor from the future President/former Secretary of State.

Former FBI Director James Comey lied under oath to Congress — apparently several times. These warrant DOJ investigation. He also mishandled confidential and classified information by submitting official notes to a friend at Columbia University for that friend to leak to the press. It is suspected Comey participated in numerous other activities that violated federal law. Is the DOJ investigating Comey? Crickets….

Uranium One The company that arranged the sale of U.S. uranium resources that ultimately are now owned by Russia certainly warrants investigation. The principals of that company donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Quid Pro

The Clinton Campaign It has been proven the Campaign paid for Russians to provide fake information to discredit Donald Trump in the 2016 election cycle — definitely investigation material not to mention the apparent collusion by the Clintons with the Russians.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz The Congresswoman and former DNC Head hired a Middle Eastern firm to manage the computer system for the Congressional Democratic Caucus members as well as that of the DNC. Subsequently contents of data from all those computers over a period of several years were allegedly passed along to foreign entities. Wasserman Shultz paid the firm several million dollars for that work. Providing and/or enabling such access and transfers is a felony and should be investigated immediately.

Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton’s confidant/assistant received thousands of Clinton emails that contained classified information that were sent from the unsecured server to Abedin’s laptop at home. Also, some were forwarded to Abedin’s husband’s laptop — Anthony Weiner, who plead guilty to sex crimes. That process was also a felony if verified. And that should happen in a DOJ investigation.

James Clapper Some lawmakers would like the Justice Department to prosecute former spy chief James Clapper for inaccurate testimony to Congress about domestic surveillance before it’s too late. Critics say looming five-year statutes of limitation for perjury and making false statements — establishing a March 12 deadline for charges — make an urgent case for action, and that non-prosecution would set a dangerous precedent that impedes oversight and executive-branch accountability.

Loretta Lynch Many think Obama’s former Attorney General was involved in preventing the Clinton email investigation from becoming a serious national security issue by first telling then FBI Director James Comey to term that investigation a “matter” rather than an investigation. The mysterious meeting on the airport tarmac in Phoenix with Bill Clinton prompted a loud cry of “foul,” seeing that Hillary was involved in the FBI investigation and the Clinton Foundation was under government scrutiny at the time. Some feel Lynch played a role in what was a certainty — Hillary’s charges for mishandling classified information — that was suddenly stopped in the famous Comey press conference in which he detailed dozens of acts of wrongdoing by Hillary in using that unsecure email server only to abruptly announce there would be no charges brought against Clinton. Although it is unpopular and therefore uncommon for U.S. Attorneys General to investigate their predecessors, it is widely held that AG Jeff Sessions should investigate Lynch for wrongdoing.

John Brennan Many are convinced the former CIA Director is guilty of many (or even most) of the intelligence leaks to the media and others over the last year. Former CIA analyst Tony Shaffer suspects Brennan as one of the leakers. He said on Fox Business Network that the leaks which forced Michael Flynn out can be laid “squarely at the feet of” Brennan, among other embittered Obama aides. What we know is that intelligence agencies taped Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador, and we know that the contents of the call were leaked to the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, who is a de facto stenographer for political liberals at the CIA. It is realistic to believe this would not have happened without Brennan’s approval.

Susan Rice Obama’s White House National Security Advisor made her mark by making the Sunday AM news shows explaining the Benghazi terrorist attack which resulted in the brutal slaughter of 4 Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya, was the result of the release of an anti-Muslim video by an American. This of course was not true. Later, Rice was accused of the unmasking of Americans surveilled for possible illegal activities with foreigners through FISA warrants, and doing so for political purposes. Unmasking private Americans is a felony IF done so for political use. Rice publicly denied at first for unmasking at all, then later corrected her answer to “I never did so for political purposes.” She would NOT state what the purpose for doing so was. Her doing so most definitely compromised the very lives of many of those Americans who she unmasked. If a serious investigation of Rice is carried out, conventional wisdom is that the implication of the former President’s involvement in the anti-Trump intelligence scandal would be likely. Is the DOJ investigating Rice or holding off because of potential Obama involvement? We may never know.


There are quite a few others who should be “looked at” by the DOJ — far too many to list here. But there is an obvious and very upsetting trend that has been exposed in all this: the ease at which political heavyweights in D.C. have at their access to escape prosecution for wrongdoing. Case in point: Kristian Saucier of Arlington, Virginia was sentenced to a year in prison for taking photos of classified areas inside a nuclear attack submarine while it was in port in Connecticut. David Petraeus, a retired general considered one of the greatest military minds of his generation, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials that had threatened to send him to prison. Petraeus, who admitted he provided the materials to his former mistress and biographer. U.S. Magistrate Judge David Keesler also imposed a $100,000 fine — more than double the amount recommended by prosecutors — to reflect the “seriousness of the offense.” Both of these committed acts for less serious than those of Hillary Clinton. Yet to this day she faces no threat of prosecution.

That double-standard is scaring the American public to death. The United States is supposed to be a nation of laws with “liberty and justice for all,” not just the politically corrected. Yet it appears to those in Middle America that if you are plugged into the politically correct position-of-the-day you can skate through ALL of your illegal acts. And in D.C., it’s not who you are, it’s who you know.

All this being said, under the direction of this President, it appears that the plug HAS been pulled in the Swamp, and that the draining has begun.

Mr. President: Americans who live and work outside the Beltway are begging you to stay the course that you promised to traverse if elected President. It may take some time. It certainly will be difficult. And the creatures who have lived in the Swamp for many years will fight with all their might to thwart your efforts, but that Swamp MUST be drained. If not, America as we have known it in our generation will not exist for our grandchildren. You have made many promises, many of which have already been implemented. But ridding the nation of those evil creatures from Swamp of Political Correctness/Elitism have got to go, or when you leave D.C., they will simply crawl back in.

Please fight to “Make America Great Again.”

“Liberty and Justice for All”



It’s “Rant Day!” Part One

There are too many unbelievable current happenings on “our” stage to talk about just one. I am taking the podium to rant about several. Please join me! Let’s do “Bullet Point Rants.” The “Rant” subjects are so plentiful, we’ll do Part One today.

“Rant Day” Part One: Gun Control

Oh boy. Bet you cannot believe I’m tackling this one. But I must.

There is NOT going to be actual “gun control” in the United States — at least not stopping American personal gun ownership. Short of a Constitutional Amendment — which IF could be written and agreed to by the requisite number of members of Congress and states — would take a decade or more to finalize. The 2nd Amendment has confirmed the right to bear arms in numerous test cases at the Supreme Court — PERIOD.

We don’t need gun control — we need PEOPLE control. Why don’t we simply compare travesties Americans deal with daily when contemplating a “fix” for mass gun shootings? When there is a hit-and-run incident in which someone is killed, we do NOT arrest the car: we arrest the driver of the car. Similarly, when a driver is stopped for erratic driving and tests to be intoxicated, we do NOT arrest the empty beer cans on his floorboard: we arrest the drunk driver. Drinking alcohol is legal in the U.S. as is owning guns. We tried to make alcohol illegal during Prohibition. But doing so did not work. Trying to make guns illegal will never work in America just as it does not work in other countries that have tried. All it does is embolden those whose possession and use of guns is already illegal. How? They know no one but the criminal has a gun which makes the criminal able to take the criminal actions without facing a victim with a loaded gun.

People who should not have guns need to be prevented from having guns. Unfortunately doing so is a really slippery slope in the U.S. — as it should be. Individual rights are the most important things to protect in America. Our founding fathers fought and died to achieve those rights and several times to preserve them. Without them, the U.S. would be no different than the country from which American settlers escaped in the 1600’s. The first 10 amendments of the Constitution were written and passed to do just that and are called “The Bill of Rights.” Individual freedoms are the difference between the U.S. and the rest of the World.

We must, however, find carefully devised ways to make certain — while protecting those individual rights — to protect against those who take advantage of our Constitutional rights, including the right to bear arms. Not every American is qualified to possess a firearm or drive a car, or drive a tractor-trailer, or teach school, or run an assembly line — you understand what I mean. In most other cases we simply create those protections with laws and regulations. Gun Control is the “dog whistle” that calls out gun rights purists en masse who all fight to protect against any government takeaway of guns by force or legislation. Gun Rights advocates’ concerns are this simple: “From my cold, dead hands,” said Charlton Heston speaking at a NRA convention commenting on the U.S. government ever passing a law to restrict gun ownership. But what about the mentally ill?

Most would be OK with a carefully crafted, discussed and debated, and “conservative” plan added to existing federal gun ownership applications to prevent mentally incapacitated individuals from purchasing guns. For the sake of time we will not argue here the specifics of such a plan. Notice I said “discussed and debated, and “conservative” plan…. Specifics would have to be just that: specific and medically verified, so as to keep anyone from losing their 2nd Amendment rights simply because someone else branded them as mentally ill to simply keep them from gun ownership.

But this means the existing federal gun ownership application program would have to be effective. And it is not effective. The existing plan — before any changes are made — MUST be adopted by every federal, state, and county law enforcement agency in the U.S., the actual application must be revised to include more personal information about the applicant, and must include some type of “mentally fit to obtain” medical release. (Details to be adjusted as necessary before implementation)

Regarding where we are in this issue today: please read my story from February 16, 2018, titled “Slaughter at School” for a suggested plan specific to school safety necessary to stop school shootings that have helped elsewhere.

Who/What is Responsible for Mass Shootings?

Regardless of what Leftists in government or the DTN (“Dump Trump Network” formerly known as CNN) say, AR-15 rifles are NOT responsible. People are. Sadly, not just the shooters. Read on.

The Parkland, Florida shooting is the perfect illustration of a mass shooting debacle. Let’s look at the extensive problems for the shootings and their causes:

  • Nikolas Cruz was not stopped from playing out what he told dozens of students personally, posted as a comment on a YouTube video that was reported to the FBI, numerous social media posts, and — believe it or not — resulted in 39 personal visits by Broward County Sheriff Department visits. Imagine how unbelievable it is to know that this many definitive contacts were made by law enforcement officers because of direct threats of this 19-year-old young man to perpetrate a school mass killing? And nothing was done.
  • Broward County Sheriffs were call to the scene. We learned just today that one deputy arrived at the school, entered the school, but purposely did NOT confront the shooter. Why? We do not know yet. But the reason is not important. What matters is that a law enforcement officer had an opportunity to stop all or part of the shooting deaths of 17 people and failed.
  • It was revealed also today that there is a live video monitoring system with numerous observation cameras throughout the school. However, for some yet unknown reason, the camera system had an approximate 20-minute delay which prevented officials from an opportunity to intervene in the short 8 minute killing spree.

What could have prevented these 17 deaths?

  • There would have been no deaths if Nikolas Cruz had no access to the gun he used: an AR-15, semi-automatic rifle. But he bought it legally. How could he have been prevented from making that legal purchase?
  • AR-15 rifles could be outlawed in the U.S. But their ownership has been deemed to be Constitutional.
  • The ownership of semi-automatic guns could be made illegal in the U.S. There are still non-automatic guns in abundance.
  • The ownership of ALL guns could be made illegal in the U.S. Gun ownership has been deemed Constitutional. (See Paragraph One at the beginning of this story)
  • We could continue to do politically what has happened historically after each mass gun shooting in recent American history: for a brief few days or weeks listen to gun control advocates scream for gun control, demanding the government take all the guns. They cry that doing so would certainly stop these shootings. The problem with that though (besides being illegal) is that very seldom do honest and law abiding citizens conduct mass shootings. And few criminals who commit gun crimes own their guns legally.

Let’s STOP the political posturing using the lives of our school children as bait! This is NOT a political problem. And making it one proves that anyone doing so shows their lack of care for repairing this system for political gain at the cost of human lives.


On February 16, 2018, “Slaughter at School” contains complete details of how we need to stop mass shootings of all kinds. Please if you have not already go back and read that. The plans detailed there are in place already and are working very effectively in Israeli schools. School shootings at Israeli schools are non-existent.

Do not think this is a cop out by this writer or in some way an excuse to not take immediate actions to stop these killings. What this IS is a spotlight I am shining on not just the issue — school shootings — but on what will resolve the issue.

Let me point out something to you that you may not have noticed: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bush 41, Bill Clinton, Bush 43 nor Barack Obama ever offered any bill or law or conducted any roundtables, “listening” meetings at the White House, or shined any network camera lenses on any specific actions to detail THEIR plans to stop gun violence — specifically mass shootings. The only President in my adult life who has done this is Donald Trump. And you can bet he is not finished yet. Unlike Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton and Obama, Trump is a manager who is accustomed to managing problems. You watch: he’ll devise a plan for this and pitch it to Congress. Let’s see just how Congress will handle this one!


Make sure you check back here tomorrow. “Rant Day” Part Two will look into this subject: “Justice in America — For All or Just Some?”

Hmmm….I think you’ll like it!



How Bad is it at The FBI?

The failures of the FBI to find probable cause to consider Nikolas Cruz worthy of intense questioning after their receipt of an accurate tip of his desire for school shootings 5 months earlier is not the ONLY FBI investigation failures in the past. Sure the FBI is a monstrosity full of  35,000+ employees with a $1.7 Billion annual budget. But being big should not interpret into being incapable of managing its significant resources — especially not the World’s most sophisticated intelligence entity. But the FBI has a speckled past when it comes to botching investigations and overlooking some critical operational elements. Let’s take a look.

Another Florida disaster barely averted

Tragedy of Columbine proportions was narrowly avoided as Tampa police detained angsty 17-year-old Jared Michael Cano before he was able to set off a bomb on some of his classmates several years ago. There was a multitude of evidence against this kid’s mental stability long before his bust, including several catch-and-releases in which Jared was charged with fire-arm burglary, felony-level weapons offenses, grand larceny, and several misdemeanor drug crimes. In it’s infinite wisdom, the state of Florida decided to take little or no action and dismissed most of the cases, even as his Facebook page depicted him holding a machete and quoting the nihilistic movie Law Abiding Citizen, “Lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten.” As Florida’s credo states, “Boys will be boys.”

The FBI gets some credit for stepping in and not allowing Cano to kill anyone. Following a confidential informant’s tip, the authorities searched Jared’s room and found a wealth of bomb making materials and a journal which included minute-by-minute plans of how he was going to out-casualty any other school massacre, as well as some evil — evil marijuana. Any credit the FBI earned is quickly face-palmed away, however, after reading Cano’s Facebook status update only a few days prior to the raid, “The weirdest thing happened today … when my homie was trying to connect to a wireless network the connections list came up and one of them was called: FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN… It was weird…” For a government agency that’s built its sterling reputation on being secretive, that’s pretty bad. The FBI did not think of hiding their wireless surveillance Wifi connection from their surveillance van in front of Cano’s house!

Don’t Forget the Important Stuff

In September 2010, the FBI did just that while ransacking the home of Mick Kelly and his partner, Linden Gawboy. The FBI made such a mess for Kelly, an outspoken political activist and member of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, that it took almost seven months for the confidential government operations order to be discovered among the thousands of disarrayed pages of the couple’s personal effects. The operations order detailed the plan for the raid, photographs, and potential interview questions for Kelly and other activists deemed “dangerous” by the FBI, primarily due to suspected socialist ties. Speaking about the nature of the questions, Kelly said they conveyed a “disturbingly odd 1950s red scare tone.”

When asked how the FBI would be so incompetent as to leave critical internal documents behind while seizing half a household, and then not even realize what had happened until seven months later when the documents were posted online, FBI Special Agent Steve Warfield refused to comment.

FBI Diversity

The FBI is so committed to diversity in its workforce that even its employment web site has compiled a multitude of different ethnicities to prove how multicultural it is. Their “American Indian/Native Alaskan” initiative, however, hit a snag. A few years ago, that page featured a picture of former special agent Elizabeth Morris, who alleges that part of the reason she lost her job with the Bureau was filing a complaint of workplace prejudice. She claims she was relieved from her position after she brought to light some unethical practices made by another agent and against her supervisor, who made racially insensitive remarks. Oh the irony!

And it wasn’t like this just happened and they were a little slow on taking down the snapshot. No, her photo was featured in 2009, a full TWO YEARS after she was fired for allegedly being the victim of the very behavior the FBI hoped to disassociate themselves with.

Uh Oh…..

Gotta Pay the Price

The FBI had their phone service shut down during a national security investigation and missed countless other opportunities to collect key evidence because they failed to pay their phone bills in a timely manner. According to a report by the Justice Department, “We analyzed 990 telecommunication surveillance payments made by five field divisions, and found that over half of these payments were not made on time.” If, that is, they were paid at all. One primary carrier sent a list detailing $66k in unpaid bills resulting from surveillance activity.


It’s hard to say where the biggest aspect of fail lies in the case of Tennessee Circuit Judge John B. Hagler, who made a “fantasy tape” with recordings so sensational the FBI mistook it for a torture session and linked it to an unsolved murder case. The tape, however, spurned no charges against the Judge, and police admitted he is not a suspect in any investigation.

The tape, which was brought to authorities by a recently fired secretary over two years before it’s existence was made public, contained graphic erotic situations intertwined with legal dictation made by now former Judge Hagler. While this is intriguing, why did the FBI keep it private for over two years while Hagler heard family court cases if they believed him to be dangerous? If they believed him guilty of nothing more than an overactive imagination, why distribute the tape at all?

The tape was ultimately leaked by an unidentified source to the media which forced Hagler, married 65-year-old and three-times nominated president of the Tennessee Trial Judges Association, into early retirement, but the FBI saw it fit to show it to district attorneys in Hagler’s jurisdiction even after it was deemed inconsequential and harmless, unless the listener had a sensitive stomach.

The FBI Today

To the chagrin of many, the recent latest failure of the FBI that actually cost 17 Floridians their lives exposes just a bit of the certain ills of the bloated intelligence bureaucratic machine. This certainly illustrates that “big” does not always interpret as “good.”

With the recent FBI investigations of Hillary Clinton, Democrat National Committee IT issues, the apparent Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest, and the initiation of the Russian election tampering of the U.S. system, prove that FBI problems are significant to say the least, and probably monumental if all FBI failures were known. That fact is certainly scary and should make ALL Americans take pause. At this point, an intense overhaul of the FBI is clearly warranted, “IF” politics do not intervene with a cloud of mystery that might allow further and deeper FBI problems to remain hidden.

Clearly the FBI issues since the turn of the century have been more visible to the American public because of the 24/7 news cycle and internet communications. And clearly most of the current FBI issues were either initiated are perpetuated by many of the current leaders of the FBI. FBI lifers like Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Chris Rey have been a part of that erosion of the FBI’s effectiveness for the last couple of decades.

How has it happened? I think the FBI is too politicized and too available for politicians, political parties, and even non-political “lifer” public servants to “use” for political agendas instead of to “serve” the American people. My hope is that surely the rank-and-file FBI employees and mid-level managers are not blinded by political pursuits and continue to fulfill their oaths of service to the nation and the American public. But with the almost weekly revelation of a new scandal at the FBI, my hopes may be false.

There needs to be a house cleaning at the FBI. Some will attack my suggestion as being too costly, would destroy already underway investigations, and would necessarily allow some lawbreakers to slip through the cracks of justice. But even with the light of truth shining on the FBI, these scandals continue to pop up. It’s almost like the bureaucrats there work with impunity — like they feel they can do anything and never get caught for doing something wrong. Maybe it is just that they know if caught, they will be able to escape any consequences for their actions because they “have” something on those above them.


I suggest that the top two layers of appointed individuals at the FBI be given walking papers in the 4th quarter of this year. Until then I suggest that the Inspector General be given full authority to investigate, audit, and analyze the offices of each of those to-be-canned individuals to determine any wrongdoing if any.

It is obvious that the likes of Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Rey and others have escaped scrutiny for far too long. Personal agendas are obviously at work here. Those agendas MUST be intercepted and. terminated.

For God’s sake: is there not enough evidence to criminally prosecute James Comey RIGHT NOW? There certainly is. But bureaucrats keep that from happening.

How far up the ladder do you think FBI fault lies?



“Illegal” is NOT a Race

For that matter, “Legal” is NOT a Race Either!

The U.S. Senate in the “darkness” of media coverage of government due to the Florida shootings, spent hours negotiating 4 different immigration plans. To no one’s surprise, they accomplished NOTHING. The DACA “fix” calendar is set to expire at end-of-business March 5, 2018. Is everyone ready? Nope. Congress left D.C. for another “vacation.”

Details of 4 Failed Senate Immigration Proposals

  • The Coons-McCain Bill. Provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children.Offered no money for Trump’s border wall, though it did include some border security measures. It failed 52 to 47, with Democrats almost united in favor and Republicans mostly voting against it.
  • The Toomey Amendment. The second vote, on an amendment from Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), did not actually address DACA or border security. It would have penalized so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration policy, by withholding federal funding from those municipalities. The issue has been a fixation for Trump and some of the conservative hardliners in Congress.

    It failed 54 to 45. Republicans and a few Democrats supported it, but most Democrats were opposed.

  • The Common Sense Plan. The so-called Common Sense Caucus, a large bipartisan group led by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), released its own outline. The plan had gained the endorsement of Democratic leadership and was technically sponsored by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. It would have:

    • Provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children
    • Offered $25 billion for border security
    • Prevented DACA recipients from sponsoring their parents for legal status

    It failed 54 to 45. Democrats almost unanimously backed the plan, along with eight Republicans. But the rest of the GOP conference and a handful of Democrats blocked the bill.

  • The Grassley bill would have:

    • Provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children
    • Offered $25 billion to fund a southern border wall
    • Substantially curtailed family immigration and eliminated the diversity visa lottery program in such a way that would dramatically impact the legal immigration system

    It failed, 39 to 60. Democrats opposed the bill en masse, joined by a notable number of Republicans, while most of the GOP conference and a couple Democrats supported it.

Legislative Fallout

Let’s discuss the obvious:

  • The Senate got NOTHING accomplished;
  • America has needed a comprehensive immigration overhaul for 30 years — and thanks to a “do nothing” Congress, STILL needs one;
  • Approximately 1 million DACA classified people are virtually on hold with their lives, hoping the U.S. Congress can somehow create a realistic immigration path specifically for them by March 5. Imagine your not knowing if you were going to be thrown out of the U.S. — where you’ve been living for 20 years because your parents brought you when you were very small — in just a few days, IF a majority of the 535 members of Congress fail to agree on an immigration plan. These people are literally being held hostage by these spoiled brats who hold Congressional positions who each took an oath to serve Americans by crafting and passing laws. Not only did the Senate fail to pass one of the above 4 plans, they failed to pass ANY plan! And they’re now on another vacation break;
  • The American media has the public so confused about Immigration that very few know the realities of current Immigration law, what DACA is and how it works, what “chain immigration” is, or what the “VISA lottery system is.” And the Leftist have made this happen purposefully. Theirs is a particular agenda that supports Democrats and other Open Border pundits who want immigrants without number to not only be allowed here, but to be given voting rights immediately. Giving those voters power to determine the holders of EVERY national political office is the sole reason for this crazy Leftist narrative;
  • A key component of this Leftist narrative that has poisoned real Immigration discussion is that everyone who opposes the Open Border concept is racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. But when in recent history has the truth of any proposed legislation (or any other political hot item, for that matter) been of critical importance to the Leftist Media? Pushing their narrative resulted in their trashing the truth of it long ago;
  • The vast population of illegal immigrants in the U.S. — contrary to Mainstream Media reports — is draining the coffers of the Federal Government. Members of the MSM claim that these immigrants perform jobs that are refused by Americans, pay large amounts of taxes, and police themselves. None of this is verifiable. The fact that verification of these “facts” is impossible makes it easy for them to sell their lies. It feeds their narrative which feeds their cause (detailed above) As usual, American voters pay the price for these immigrants, which sadly includes burying legal loved ones who are often victimized by illegal immigrants. That does not take into account the billions of tax dollars that are sucked up by illegals taking advantage of free public education, housing assistance, healthcare resources, and in many cases taking jobs away from low and middle class Americans. Very few actually pay taxes. How can they get away with that? THEY ARE NOT REGISTERED WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BECAUSE THEY ARE ILLEGAL — NO ONE KNOWS WHERE OR WHO THEY ARE! Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. I challenge you to challenge them with FACTS — not Immigration pundits who push the story that immigrants pay their own way;
  • There has never been an answer given for the failure of the last Administration to pass a comprehensive immigration plan. Dems controlled the House and Senate under Obama, yet could not get a plan passed. Why is that? Simple: Americans do not want illegals given citizenship without paying the price for being here illegally! Americans who feel this way are NOT racist. Think about it: as the title to this story says, “Illegal” is NOT a Race! “Illegal” simply means that person or that act is someone or some thing that is “Illegal!” Immigration race-baitors need to come up with another term to use to denigrate American citizens.

What Is DACA?

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit. As of 2017, approximately 800,000 individuals were enrolled in the program created by DACA. The policy was established by the Obama Administration in June 2012 and plans to begin phasing it out were intitiated by the Trump Administration in September 2017.

Do not be confused: DACA does NOT impact the estimated 20 million OTHER illegal aliens in the U.S. The action considered by the Senate did not include action on those other illegals — just DACA. Where did the 1.8 million number come from that President Trump offered to include in his 4-point DACA Immigration plan? Only 800,000 of the 1.8 million illegals who were eligible to enroll in DACA did so. The President graciously offered to include them as well. This is still one more reason why the inaction of the Senate to pass legislation to beat the March deadline proves one thing: Democrats really do not want a real comprehensive Immigration plan. They want open borders and unlimited illegals here in the U.S. But, of course, Dems want them ALL to vote.

My Predictions

  1. Congress will not pass a DACA plan before the deadline. And that’s no big deal. Why? Read on;
  2. Federal courts have intervened in setting that March deadline while changing the DACA policy is underway. Those courts did NOT set a date for their ruling to expire. What will happen is simply that those DACA allowances for those who are in enrolled in the current period will simply be extended;
  3. NO DACA or other Immigration legislation will be passed before November. Why? Democrats who have demonstrated do NOT want any Immigration legislation passed want to paint the failure to do so as a G.O.P. idea and President Trump’s fault. The Democrat Party is falling apart. They are grasping for straws to find any ammunition possible to give them even a hint of credibility with American voters. Otherwise they are toast in November. And DACA immigrants are simply election ploys for the Dems;
  4. After the new Congress is seated after November elections, either the G.O.P. will increase its margins in both House and Senate or Dems will have regained control. That will result in a new Immigration law that will take care of DACA in early 2019. Americans better pray Dems do not drive the D.C. bus next year. If that happens, Spanish will be the official language in the U.S. in just a couple of years. And native born Americans will shortly thereafter be in the minority.


None of this is about those young illegals whose parents brought them here and what is best for them. Leftists as they so often do are simply using these folks as political pawns. We watch this practice happen so often, most have become oblivious to its existence. Why not? All we ever hear, see, and read is that Leftist narrative from almost every news outlet in the U.S.

Sadly, Democrats and their purveyors will one day wake up and say, “Uh-Oh!”

Hopefully it will not be too late when that day arrives.





U.S. Foreign Election Tampering: GUILTY!

Robert Mueller obtained indictments of Russians for interfering in American elections. Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian people and three Russian companies accuses them of conspiring to interfere with “US political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016.” Later in the day, he also announced a California man named Richard Pinedo had pleaded guilty to an identity fraud charge and become a cooperator, apparently in connection with the Russian charges. The indictments’ main emphasis, however, is on the propaganda efforts of one Russian group in particular: the Internet Research Agency. That group’s operations — which included social media posts, online ads, and organization of rallies in the US — were, the indictment alleges, often (but not exclusively) aimed at denigrating Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy, and at supporting Donald Trump’s.

Oddly enough, the Special Investigator’s indictments made it clear that NO Trump campaigners were involved in this Russian action against the American election process. Also important to note is that the Russian attempts occurred beginning in 2014 — long before there was even a Donald Trump Presidential candidate.

Government intrusion into other countries’ election processes is nothing new. It has been underway worldwide for many, many years. And it may surprise you, but the superior, moral, ethical, and better-than-any-other-country: the United States of America — has been pretty much the “Colluder in Chief” when it comes to attempted foreign election intrusion. I bet you didn’t know that.

U.S. Foreign Election Tampering History

The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University. That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring. Levin defines intervention as “a costly act which is designed to determine the election results [in favor of] one of the two sides.”

These acts, carried out in secret two-thirds of the time, include funding the election campaigns of specific parties, disseminating misinformation or propaganda, training locals of only one side in various campaigning or get-out-the-vote techniques, helping one side design their campaign materials, making public pronouncements or threats in favor of or against a candidate, and providing or withdrawing foreign aid. In 59% of these cases, the side that received assistance came to power, although Levin estimates the average effect of “partisan electoral interventions” to be only about a 3% increase in vote share.

The U.S. hasn’t been the only one trying to interfere in other countries’ elections, according to Levin’s data. Russia attempted to sway 36 foreign elections from the end of World War II to the turn of the century – meaning that, in total, at least one of the two great powers of the 20th century intervened in about 1 of every 9 competitive, national-level executive elections in that time period.

Italy’s 1948 general election is an early example of a race where U.S. actions probably influenced the outcome. “We threw everything, including the kitchen sink” at helping the Christian Democrats beat the Communists in Italy, said Levin, including covertly delivering “bags of money”  to cover campaign expenses, sending experts to help run the campaign, subsidizing “pork” projects like land reclamation, and threatening publicly to end U.S. aid to Italy if the Communists were elected. Levin said that U.S. intervention probably played an important role in preventing a Communist Party victory, not just in 1948, but in seven subsequent Italian elections.

Throughout the Cold War, U.S. involvement in foreign elections was mainly motivated by the goal of containing communism, said Thomas Carothers, a foreign policy expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “The U.S. didn’t want to see left-wing governments elected, and so it did engage fairly often in trying to influence elections in other countries,” Carothers said. This approach carried over into the immediate post-Soviet period.

In the 1990 Nicaragua elections, the CIA leaked damaging information on alleged corruption by the Marxist Sandinistas to German newspapers, according to Levin. The opposition used those reports against the Sandinista candidate, Daniel Ortega. He lost to opposition candidate Violeta Chamorro.

In Czechoslovakia that same year, the U.S. provided training and campaign funding to Vaclav Havel’s party and its Slovak affiliate as they planned for the country’s first democratic election after its transition away from communism. “The thinking was that we wanted to make sure communism was dead and buried,” said Levin.

Even after that, the U.S. continued trying to influence elections in its favor.

In Haiti after the 1986 overthrow of dictator and U.S. ally Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, the CIA sought to support particular candidates and undermine Jean-Bertrande Aristide, a Roman Catholic priest and proponent of liberation theology. The New York Times reported in the 1990s that the CIA had on its payroll members of the military junta that would ultimately unseat Aristide after he was democratically elected in a landslide over Marc Bazin, a former World Bank official and finance minister favored by the U.S.

The U.S. also attempted to sway Russian elections. In 1996, with the presidency of Boris Yeltsin and the Russian economy flailing, President Clinton endorsed a $10.2-billion loan from the International Monetary Fund linked to privatization, trade liberalization and other measures that would move Russia toward a capitalist economy. Yeltsin used the loan to bolster his popular support, telling voters that only he had the reformist credentials to secure such loans, according to media reports at the time. He used the money, in part, for social spending before the election, including payment of back wages and pensions.

In the Middle East, the U.S. has aimed to bolster candidates who could further the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In 1996, seeking to fulfill the legacy of assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the peace accords the U.S. brokered, Clinton openly supported Shimon Peres, convening a peace summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheik to boost his popular support and inviting him to a meeting at the White House a month before the election. “We were persuaded that if [Likud candidate Benjamin] Netanyahu were elected, the peace process would be closed for the season,” said Aaron David Miller, who worked at the State Department at the time. In 1999, in a more subtle effort to sway the election, top Clinton strategists, including James Carville, were sent to advise Labor candidate Ehud Barak in the election against Netanyahu.

In Yugoslavia, the U.S. and NATO had long sought to cut off Serbian nationalist and Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic from the international system through economic sanctions and military action. In 2000, the U.S. spent millions of dollars in aid for political parties, campaign costs and independent media. Funding and broadcast equipment provided to the media arms of the opposition were a decisive factor in electing opposition candidate Vojislav Kostunica as Yugoslav president, according to Levin. “If it wouldn’t have been for overt intervention … Milosevic would have been very likely to have won another term,” he said.

Obama’s Foreign Election Tampering

The Obama State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a U.S. congressional investigation concluded. Some $350,000 was sent to OneVoice, ostensibly to support the group’s efforts to back Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement negotiations. But OneVoice used the money to build a voter database, train activists and hire a political consulting firm with ties to President Obama’s campaign — all of which set the stage for an anti-Netanyahu campaign, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said in a bipartisan staff report. In one stunning finding, the subcommittee said OneVoice even told the State Department’s top diplomat in Jerusalem of its plans in an email, but the official, Consul General Michael Ratney, claims never to have seen them. Netanhahu survived that election — regardless of Obama’s efforts to defeat him.


Here are my thoughts on all the hype in the U.S. for the last 18 months of “Collusion:”

  • When someone screams loudly about someone else doing something incorrigible, those screams are often to hide the fact that the screamer is actually guilty of exactly what they are blaming someone else for. Listening to the Left’s cries against Trump for Russian collusion, it now appears that Democrats (and probably the Obama Administration) where certainly involved with the Russians in their quest to prevent a Trump election and subsequent presidential administration;
  • American political hypocrisy is leaking from the very pores of the Nation as the Media continuously beat the “nothing-burger” drum of “Russian Collusion.” And America is becoming the laughing stock of the World because of it.
  • The nonstop barrage of Collusion attack is numbing the nation to the realities of American life under this President that, on the most part, are improving the lives of middle class Americans in demonstrative fashion;
  • The Left is clawing at the very fiber of America in desperation to somehow maintain some vestige of dignity and honor of what they feel is the superior philosophies they espouse. Their attempts are having less and less effect.

That great eagle called “America” is slowly awakening and appears to be readying itself to fly at its former lofty heights across the Globe once again. Leftists are gnashing their teeth at that probability. Their painstaking and deliberate attempts to thwart the current unprecedented return of the wealth and prosperity to the middle class that the Left stealthily stole over years have been exposed. Daily more and more of those in the American middle class are seeing the lies that they accepted from Democrats for years and that democracy and a free market really are the best thing for the American middle class.

It is beginning to look like for America “The Best is Yet to Come!”



Slaughter at School

Probably the most terrifying news for a parent is of a shooting at their child’s school. Is there any way to prevent the ever-increasing shootings at U.S. schools?


It would be wonderful if someone could wave the magic wand and make all such shooting incidents stop, or wave into existence a safety wall around every school to keep armed intruders out. That wand doesn’t exist.

There are many options out there for attacking this dilemma. Politically, however, as much ranting and raving about gun control as we see immediately following every school tragedy, NOTHING can be done regarding guns. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution protects the rights of Americans to own guns. The U.S. Supreme Court in numerous cases brought by individuals, states, and non-profits through the years has on multiple occasions confirmed the right of U.S. citizens to own and bear arms. The ONLY way gun ownership could ever be made illegal would be with a Constitutional Amendment to do away with that provision of the 2nd Amendment. Such an amendment will NEVER be approved by the American public.

Anyway, guns are NOT the problem: the people that use them to shoot others and their ability to do so with very few — if any — barriers against their access to the easy “soft” school targets are the problem. Sadly, successfully attacking the people issues in this matter is not an easy task. But that task is well worth the effort and expense to ultimately achieve a successful security environment for students, teachers, and administrators at every school — private or public — within U.S. borders.

Even though since 1999 deaths on school campuses in America total “only” 98, losing 98 children — even just ONE child — teachers, and administrators in senseless gun violence is unacceptable. Political posturing by D.C. lawmakers has never accomplished anything in the way of solving school shootings problems. But they still turn into showmen as did Connecticut Senator Murphy (D-Ct) on the Senate floor yesterday when he said, “Turn on your television right now. You’re going to see scenes of children running for their lives,” said Murphy, who dealt with the Newtown massacre firsthand. “What looks to be the 19th school shooting in this country and we have not even hit March. Let me just note once again for my colleagues: This happens nowhere else other than the United States of America. This epidemic of mass slaughter. This scourge of school shooting after school shooting. It only happens here, not because of coincidence, not because of bad luck, but as a consequence of our inaction. We are responsible for a level of mass atrocity that happens in this country with zero parallel anywhere else.”

What are the barriers to fixing this problem?
  1. Overcoming political hurdles. America must accept the fact that guns are here and will stay. Politicians need to stop the political posturing and begin developing and implementing plans for fixing this problem. Congressional narratives like that of Senator Murphy yesterday do nothing but illustrate the continual failure of not just Congress, but ALL elected leaders in the U.S., including those at state and local levels. How do we overcome those political hurdles? Demand and accept nothing less from elected officials than positive results.
  2. Find real and possible solutions, debate those, develop plans using the best of those, and implement those plans. Gee: that’s a novel idea! Rather than follow a centuries-old proven method of fixing a problem, we just sit around complaining about the problem. Good old American ingenuity needs to kick-in and takeover this process. Why hasn’t that already happened? Because not enough of the correct and capable Americans who could do so care enough TO do so.
  3. What are possible fixes that could be used in our schools to stop these senseless killings? Copying is the highest form of flattery. The United States is not the only free country on Earth, and certainly not the only country to ever face problems with gun killings. And there are free countries whose citizenry have done exactly what Americans are today crying for to stop anymore of these.

Let’s assume we together agree to fight through these barriers and together find, debate, refine and revise a process to successfully stop school shootings.

Why don’t we just look around and find a plan somewhere that already works and make it work here? Duh……


Here’s the perfect example of how to control school gun violence. The Israeli’s — not as politicians or police or individuals — as a nation of people who unify for the cause of protecting school children, have virtually eliminated instances of school gun violence. Why not take a close look at their methods, send U.S. experts to Israel to spend time investigating their methods, analyzing the cause and effect of their processes, identify the parts of their process that would work in the U.S., bring them home and implement them in U.S. schools?

Israeli School Process for Elimination of Gun Violence

  • There is a military service requirement for all Israeli young people — men and women. Those with physical impairments and those with religious objections to military service are exempt. All others serve a stint in the military. They therefore have intense firearm training that follows them after leaving the military. This does NOT mean they own or handle guns. It means they KNOW how to use guns in the proper circumstances. They to own a gun must receive government approval to do so and only with a reasonable reason for having that gun.
  • School buildings are extremely secure. They all are fenced — some with fences extremely tall to prohibit bombs from being tossed over into a school facility. (Remember: Israel is bordered on all sides by the ocean and countries with terrorist elements whose constituents do not like Israel and occasionally conduct terrorist acts against Israel)
  • Almost all schools do not provide school buses as in the U.S. Students use public transportation — primarily commercial buses — which contain armed guards who are hired and are trained in self defense and defense against a shooter or shooters.
  • Schools each have a guarded entry gate. All those who enter are stopped and questioned by a professional armed guard. Those entering must have valid identification, a verifiable reason or appointment to enter school grounds, and must be accompanied at all times when on school property.
  • Emergency incident response for all types of emergencies are devised, implemented, and practiced at periodic scheduled intervals. They include all personnel and students who are regularly on school property. Every type of catastrophe is planned for.
  • Some teachers and administrators are armed. Their being armed is visible so that all know who is armed. All teachers participate in a gun shooting and self defense class, but teachers are not forced to carry a weapon. Doing so is voluntary.
  • Guards are not all armed. But those who are answer to either local police authorities or military authorities who specifically handle Israeli school security.

How successful is Israel’s School Security at stopping School Shootings?

In 1974, Israel endured the Ma’alot Massacre in which “Palestinian” terrorists took 115 people hostage at Netiv Meir Elementary School. Twenty-two children and three others were killed and 68 injured. After that tragedy, Israel implemented the school protection plan detailed above. Since 1974, there have been two incidents. Both were initiated by terrorists. Only 4 deaths occurred — of students. More than 20 terrorists were killed during those incidents — all but two of those came at the hands of armed school guards, administrators, and even a couple of students. Such a plan works in Israel.

Could this or a Similar Plan Work in the U.S.?

There is only ONE way any plan for school security here will work: ANY plan must be highly investigated, structured at the “10,000 foot level” by federal authorities so as to assure sufficient laws and/or regulations are put in place to support and manage such a process, and implemented on the local level with cooperation from federal, state, and local authorities. And the general public will obviously have to sign off on its implementation.

That being said, just as in Israel, variations will be necessary based on nuances of individual school’s unique challenges. Considerations like exact location, facility structure, access, layout, and proximity to interstate highways, waterways, law enforcement headquarters and medical facilities all must be taken into consideration when planning and implementing this program locally.

The U.S. Justice Department would necessarily take the lead in such a program, but it would be imperative for law enforcement at the local level to assume and maintain every part of the program in conjunction with the Feds.


No doubt such a program on a national level would be costly. But how much money spent is too much to stop such incidents? Honestly, when considering the cost of trying to implement and maintain some type of gun control in the U.S. — even if legal and possible — would cost tens of billions of dollars and would never be successful. (Google Australia’s program for this and you’ll see it doesn’t work at all)


Washington: It is time to stop the pontificating in front of the House and Senate, in press conferences and on television talk shows. It is time for action. Some member of Congress needs to offer up a specific plan structured similar to that in Israel to allow America to take control of the security environment of its schools. Stop making gun control a liberal cause that is correct, simply because it sounds important and good. Stop making efforts to stop school gun violence an anti-gun political policy. Politicians from all parties need to come together for a change and put a plan for all of America in place to eliminate these tragic killing at U.S. schools.

Washington: Do you REALLY care about gun violence in America? Do you REALLY care about kids getting shot at school? If you REALLY care, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT DOING SOMETHING.

Give Americans a plan and implement that plan to stop these killings. Do something — or resign your office to allow someone who WILL do something to take your place.

Do Something NOW. Doing nothing or waiting is Unacceptable!

“In the Beginning….”

Those words actually begin Genesis Chapter 1. The Bible plainly states that God was in the beginning. With God came substance. What substance was there then is missing in the United States today — especially in Washington D.C.

Today I shook my head in sadness as I watched two political events play out on a national stage: the first was a Senate hearing where the heads of each U.S. Intelligence agency made their annual appearance before that committee. The second was today’s chapter of the White House Press Briefing. I must say there was very little substance in either. Here’s the rub for me:

  • Our founding fathers wasted little if any time on politics. They were more interested in survival, concentrating on things like food, housing, protection from wild animals, foreign enemies, Indians, and disease. Through the centuries since, Americans have created and learned to maintain a political environment that was proven today to contain little if any substance. Today proved the Beltway is full of nothing but symbolism. Substance vacated the Potomac a long time ago.
  • Government elected positions were not established to be full-time and permanent vocations. They were to be positions of serving the people, spending short periods of time crafting laws to help Americans, and nothing more. Senators were appointed by state Governors to represent states in Congress. Representatives were to be elected members of each community who would leave their jobs and families for a brief period — two years — to represent the people in those communities in D.C. lawmaking. But greed for money and power took over. Soon members of Congress morphed those innocent, grand intentions of our forefathers into gluttony for power and authority for themselves. They learned to control not only law-making, but to control every part of American life for ALL Americans. Soon lost was the “representation of the People” members of Congress were to do.
  • Every process in D.C. today has one common thread and one only: to perpetuate that atmosphere of control and power. Me-ism has taken over. Men and women who live in each part of the political process seem to be caught up in that need to show everyone around them their own importance and the necessity for them to excel. Sadly, the excellence they reach for and that drives their every waking moment is NOT to excel to achieve voters’ desired purposes or goals, but to excel at their own self actualization. And that always seems to come at the cost paid by voters — the Americans who write the checks to pay for all of the above.
  • Who decided we need political parties? There is nothing in the Constitution authorizing their establishment. In fact, George Washington lamented that political party wrangling “agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another.” And Thomas Jefferson, always good for a pithy line, swore “if I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.” Obviously our forefathers’ warning about political parties fell on deaf ears. And sadly we watch as their prophesies about the ills of political parties play out.
  • It’s not just parties; it’s the political supporting caste of players, too. Congressional members have multi-million dollar office and staff budgets and hire dozens of support staffers. Lobbyists from dozens of K Street law-firms spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying with influence of their clients’ money votes regarding every piece of legislation ever considered by Congress.
  • And then there’s the Media. I will not go on about the Media.


Today in D.C. should have been a celebratory day — but it wasn’t. There were some really good things that happened recently that needed to be celebrated. Since you did NOT hear about any of them in today’s news, let’s share them:

  1. The U.S. government had a monthly budget surplus of $49 billion in January, down slightly from the same month last year. Receipts were up 5% more in January than last year. That 5% increase interprets into hundreds of millions of dollars of additional tax revenue. That should have dominated the news today. No mention.
  2. The White House introduced a massive infrastructure plan that will invest $1.5 Trillion in rebuilding the dilapidated American infrastructure. Roads, highways, railways, and bridges are in terrible condition. Infrastructure should never be a Democrat or Republican matter. But watch as this plays out: it WILL be a political party issue. Was the press hot on the infrastructure plan and its expected breathtaking improvements for states and the nation? No mention.
  3. More than $5 Trillion in additional value has been created over the last year in the historical climb in the stock market. All of that added value goes to stockholders. Never in U.S. history has America seen such growth. If this happened during the previous administration, politicians and members of the media would be swooning over the mastermind who made it all happen — the President. But this president is Donald Trump. So….No mention.
  4. President Trump presented a 4 pillar plan to fix the DACA dilemma created years ago that has never been fixed by any Congress. 800,000+ “Dreamers” live in limbo in the U.S. — not citizens but here innocently because their illegal parents brought them to the U.S. as youngsters. President Trump’s DACA plan actually almost triples the number of illegals allowed legal status with a path to citizenship. Democrats have failed every time they have tried such legislation — even under Obama when the House, Senate, AND White House were controlled by Dems. Trump has put it on the table. Any excitement about it? Crickets. No mention today.

So what did the network news people, the newspaper writers, the radio commentators, and the bloggers talk about today? Remember: we live in the Age of Me-ism. Everything they talk about MUST further their selfish agendas. The media today were all in “attack mode.” And attack they did.

Do you know the name Rob Porter? If you do not, you certainly live in a cave. This is the guy who worked (until early this week) in the Trump White House. It was revealed several days ago that his two ex-wives had been abused while married to Mr. Porter. Apparently the allegations are true. The media has had a field day.

No, they did not go nuts seeking out the wives for on-air interviews. The fact that this happened to a member of the Trump White House team is all it took to light the fuse of Me-ism among D.C. politicians and media elites. Their fuses are burning bright today.

White House Press Briefing

Sarah Sanders — White House Press Secretary — deserves a Purple Heart after White House daily press briefings the last 3 days. With numbers 1-4 of the “good” things above happening in America, one would assume the press would be asking for details about each, wanting interviews with lawmakers and even the President to discuss, and reporters would craft stories about the impact all these things have made and will make for Americans. Nope. All they will talk about is Rob Porter and the details surrounding his departure from the White House.

“The” important items of the “Porter Scandal” are this:

  • How could the White House hire such a person? The FBI completes an exhaustive background investigation of everyone appointed to serve or simply hired to serve the President.
  • Members of the Press questioned White House spokespersons last week about Porter when the story surfaced and REALLY began to dig into the facts of the matter. Those facts had nothing to do with the wives but only with the fact that the White House hired a wife beater. And, worse: President Trump when he spoke publicly about Porter and his departure, the President did not paint Porter as a sexist, misogynist wife beater, but only wished Mr. Porter well. And the President did NOT speak directly to or about the poor ex-wives. And the press went nuts. (By the way: Porter disputes the allegations. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Should the President have copied what all the Me-Ists in D.C. have done and not stopped at firing Porter, but damned him to Hell?)

Senate Intelligence Hearing

Segue to the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with the Intelligence Department heads. Questions oddly enough centered on when the FBI informed the White House about Porter’s sordid history, and how the White House could reconcile his hiring and then keeping him several days “too long” — at least in the minds of the Democrats and the media. Members of that committee — primarily Democrats — took every at bat to question those agency heads to instead rail against the President, other members of Congress, and to pontificate about their own personal ideas, thoughts, ambitions, and to make clear how unfit to be President Donald Trump is.

Remember this: these Democrat Party members and members of the media threw those big rocks at the President because he was so insensitive to the former wives of Rob Porter, and that he did not condemn the former employee to eternal flames. These were the same ones that never once said a word about the poor victims of the sexual harassment of Bill Clinton. They gave Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein a pass for more than a decade! And the same holds true for their silence instead of outing the sexual improprieties of Senator Al Franken. “Symbolism over Substance.”


I’m disgusted. Here’s the sad reality today: many millennials do not take time to read the news. They have been entrenched to live on the “executive summary” plan — to scan the headlines, read or listen to social media, and to rely on water cooler conversations for life’s facts of the day. On the most part they do not understand (or simply do not care) about the necessity and extreme difficulty at ferreting out the truth. They believe what they hear. Want a couple of examples of this:

Is Trump in Trouble with Female Voters?” (CNN breaking Rob Porter story)

“White House aid Rob Porter resigns after allegations from ex-wives.” (FOX News breaking Rob Porter story)

One cannot say either headline or story is untrue. But here is our problem today: Millenials (and many others) live in sound bytes. They mostly ignore details. So they get their news from whoever delivers the loudest, most impactful story headline. They seldom read the full story. That is what grabs their attention — FIRST — and is the one that will last.
The meanest, ugliest, nastiest, and loudest story about every issue in America is what receives their attention. Therefore, that is the story that people remember — not its truthfulness.
All these politicians and media members live in a world where every glass is half-empty. And that mentality is poisoning this generation, and will in turn poison the next generation. That is why it is critical that this generation of Conservative Americans must hold steady and refuse to shrink back from the meanness, ugliness, nastiness, and misrepresentations that this generation of “Me-ists” rely on to increase their importance and standing among their peers.
There was plenty of Substance when God created this place. But Earth’s “plug” has cracked and that Substance has just about seeped through that crack where the plug was.
It’s pretty ugly to watch, too.


“Paging Jeff Sessions….Attorney General Jeff Sessions…..Are You There?”

Do we have a U.S. Attorney General, or are we waiting for the Senate to confirm Trump’s A.G. nominee?

Answer: I am pretty sure Jeff Sessions was confirmed by the Senate to be Attorney General, but the lack of definitive actions by the Justice Department since his confirmation actually questions if there even IS an A.G. Very little has been initiated by Justice even though there are numerous happenings at the federal level that cry for criminal investigation.

  • Former FBI Director James Comey lied on numerous occasions in sworn testimony before Congress and in public interviews. I know: lying to Congress (even under oath) is not a criminal action. But the lies told by Comey reveal very obvious criminal violations that seem to Americans to be overlooked by the Justice Department. If average Americans committed those acts, their lives would already be in uproar because of criminal investigation for those.
  • Hillary Clinton There are those that will throw rocks at me for even bringing it up. Just for a moment forget about any possible political partisanship in this case. (And, yes, there IS a case there) The Justice Department MUST re-open the case against Hillary Clinton, her staff members, AND her campaign for the mishandling of classified information through her use of that unsecured server, AND subsequent hacking success of foreign entities who have gained access to that information. Walking away short of obtaining factual information exonerating those involved in that would be a tremendous disservice to the American people. I am NOT speaking of any Russian collusion here — this is just about the email controversy regarding mis-handling of classified information.
  • Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Has everyone forgotten about her? Reminder: on her watch, a group of foreign IT specialists managed the IT systems for Congressional Dems and their offices, the offices of the DNC, and Wasserman Shultz’s computers as a member of Congress and head of the DNC. Members of that group were arrested for suspicion of mishandling data from those systems and making that information available to foreign entities. All of this happened not only on Wasserman Shultz’s watch, but with her endorsement, AND with the payment to those people of millions of dollars. Is there a DOJ investigation underway?
  • Susan Rice. Former White House NSA Adviser Rice has been accused of the unmasking of American citizens under the guise of intelligence gathering, but for political purposes. She has categorically denied doing so — even though she unmasked numerous individuals using “foreign intelligence” as the excuse. Her doing so (if truthful) is a federal felony.
  • Samantha Power. Why any United Nations ambassador would need the identities of American citizens unmasked is unfathomable. Yet Obama’s UN Secretary Samantha Power reportedly had several hundred such names disclosed. She too needs to be investigated for potential felonious actions.
  • DOJ Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein. I know it is a bit sensitive to consider investigating a current leader in the Justice Department, but Rosenstein is deeply involved in every part of the Russia investigation, the Clinton email investigation, and others mentioned above. His close ties to those being investigated certainly reeks of conflict of interest if not Obstruction of Justice. He should recuse himself and take a leave of absence while an FBI investigation into his potential illegalities is underway. There is NO plausible explanation for his being in the position in which he is now, managing these ongoing matters and potential criminal investigations. His longtime relationship with Robert Mueller brings into question even his appointment of Mueller as Special Investigator on the Russia-Trump Campaign investigation.
  • Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Who can forget the secret meeting of Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Sky Harbor Airport tarmac in Phoenix? A meeting between the two would be a nothing burger IF Hillary was not already under investigation by the FBI, and an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation was not under consideration. Lynch said they discussed golf and grandchildren — for 30+ minutes! No matter if their discussion was about just those two things, their having that meeting was highly improper and it by itself could be considered Obstruction of Justice. It certainly warrants an investigation.
  • Former President Bill Clinton. There is no doubt that Bill leveraged Hillary’s position as Secretary of State under Barack Obama for dollars. His speaking fees doubled and even tripled with Hillary in office. Both Clintons emphatically deny using her political position and access to the State Department as a lure for bigger and more profitable speeches by Bill. Yes, much of those fees were paid to the Clinton Foundation. But most people feel that entire process was a “pay for play” action in which countries, foreign corporations and individuals were used as a scheme for access to Hillary: pay Bill to give a speech, (and pay really BIG) and you’ll get a meeting with Hillary. This scheme is now more obvious than ever as we have watched contributions to the Clinton Foundation virtually dry up in the last year. Why? Hillary did not get elected and therefore countries, companies, and individuals no longer need access to Hillary. I am certain there is a “there” there. The DOJ should be already deep into that investigation.
  • Peter Strozk and Lisa Page. Come on: is there any question that the actions of these FBI officials should initiate an immediate Department of Justice investigation? These two documented through their thousands of text messages an apparent underground process apparently created to informally impact the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton. Who knows exactly what illegal actions were taking place on their watch? NOBODY AT DOJ APPARENTLY DOES RIGHT NOW! Their discussions demand immediate answers to questions that pop up about what was actually going on at the FBI, what was legal and what was not. Investigating this is definitely necessary.
  • Uranium One. The American public has heard this pay-for-play story for months now. And the American public has received no answers. There is much finger pointing about the sale of these U.S. uranium assets that ended up in ownership by a Russian company controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. All we hear from the Left is that Hillary Clinton — though on the committee that must approve the sale of U.S. assets to foreign entities — did NOT cast a vote in favor of approval of this sale. Maybe so. But in short order, millions of dollars of contributions to the Clinton Foundation were made by owners and management members of Uranium One — a little too significant to summarily dismiss. Remember this: Hillary signed an agreement with Obama stating that the Clinton Foundation would NOT accept donations from foreign entities of any kind while she was Secretary of State, specifically to prevent any possible conflicts of interest. Not only did they gladly accept these contributions, the Clinton Foundation received millions from other foreign individuals and companies during her State Department stint. We need to get facts.
  • The Steele Dossier. I will complete my considerable list for A.G. Sessions with this one. It has now been proven that the DNC along with the Clinton Campaign paid for the production of the Steele Dossier that was at least partial evidence presented to the FISA court to justify the issuance of the FISA warrant to surveil members of the Trump organization. According to details released so far, this information was withheld from the application for the FISA warrant and subsequent renewals of that warrant.


Jeff Sessions regrettably recused himself from any investigation regarding the 2016 Presidential election and campaigns leading up to November 2016. But he did NOT recuse himself from initiating and even leading DOJ investigations as detailed above. Wow — there’s plenty of fertile investigation ground out there!

Certainly some of these investigations are probably underway already on his watch. Remember: the DOJ and FBI do not announce to the public when they embark on or even details of ongoing investigations. That being said, in the “leak” environment that permeates the Federal Government, it is uncanny that IF some of these investigations are underway we know nothing of them. I hope that is not the case — that A.G. Sessions is deep into fulfilling his role as chief legal authority of the Nation. Unfortunately it appears to me that Jeff Sessions, while being a really nice guy, is one who is not aggressive in investigatory or prosecutorial actions. I hope I am wrong.

“If” I am correct and there is any way for the White House to verify Attorney General Sessions is not pursuing most of (or some of) these investigations, he should resign his office immediately. This Administration must have the head of its Justice Department representing the American people, aggressively attacking those who have taken advantage of the United States and its citizens in jeopardizing the actual “rule of law” by which American Justice has been operated for more than two centuries.

Yes, “Innocent until proven Guilty” is the Constitutional guideline to protect the innocent in the U.S. But without swift, intense, and accurate investigations of the facts of every potential criminal matter, justice cannot be served. Attorney General Sessions MUST step up and fill that role, OR someone else must.