“Will It Go Round in Circles?”

“Will It Go Round in Circles?” is a rock song from the 70s written and sung by Billy Preston. It was appropriate back then, but it certainly fits the insanity emanating daily from the Potomac Valley.

In Washington D.C. in general, and this administration specifically, bad things seem always to be “put on the back burner” when NEW bad things that dominate a news cycle or two show up. It appears that the art of implementing “forgetfulness” in the American people works well, but only if an administration is successful at deflecting angst among the people by quickly creating some new debacle to capture the attention of all. The hope is always to help the people forget about the “old” bad thing by substituting a “new bad thing.”

Think through the chronology of devastatingly mishandled things by the Biden folks going all the way back to the beginning:

First, it was the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine rollout. Then it was the border crisis. Then it was the economy.

And then Afghanistan, where the Taliban hung people by the neck from U.S.-supplied Blackhawk helicopters, and the U.S. withdrawal has left behind a reported one thousand Americans and perhaps thousands of Green Card holders in what now amounts to the largest hostage crisis in American history.

The administration is stumbling from one disaster to the next, with no end in sight and public opinion plummeting on nearly every major issue. In each case, the disaster has been entirely of the Biden administration’s own making. Events are not overtaking Biden. His own rank incompetence is.

The events in Afghanistan, where the Taliban control about $83 billion worth of U.S. military equipment, 13 Americans were killed by an ISIS-K bomb while an unknown number of U.S. citizens are hiding from the Taliban are by far the most dramatic and disturbing display of incompetency and horrible policy from the Biden administration, which recent polling reflects. But the Afghanistan disaster follows a train of incompetence that left the station on day one of this presidency.

As soon as Biden came into office, he signed executive orders that guaranteed we would have a migrant crisis on our southwest border. By reversing a raft of Trump-era policies that had managed to control illegal immigration amid a worsening pandemic, Biden effectively opened the borders, sending the message to would-be asylum seekers that if they could manage to get across the Rio Grande with at least one child in tow, they could stay — and if they sent their child alone, they would definitely stay.

The results were predictable: a 20-year record surge in illegal border crossings that worsens by the day. Corporate media largely stopped covering the border crisis — at least until the flood of Haitian asylum-seekers in the Del Rio Sector of the Texas border. The combined humanitarian southern border crisis added to the thousands of non-vetted Afghan refugees now in the U.S., and the Biden Administration finds itself in the “perfect storm.” It entirely falls at the feet of Joe Biden

This historic migrant surge wasn’t inevitable. It was a direct result of Biden’s policies, which played out in an entirely predictable manner. The same holds regarding Afghanistan. A detailed plan for withdrawal handed to Joe Biden by Donald Trump had virtually eliminated illegal crossing at the southern border. Biden, in consultation with his spineless State Department minions together with a batch of military leaders, determined to spurn the Trump deal and do it “right.”

“Right” hasn’t worked out so well for them, has it?

 The same goes for the administration’s COVID-19 response. Biden campaigned on having a plan to “shut down” the virus and end the pandemic, but so far, there seems to be no plan at all — or even a coordinated and consistent message from the White House. Contradictory and ever-shifting policies and recommendations on everything from school closures to mask and vaccine mandates have sown confusion and mistrust among Americans desperate to get back to work and their children to school.

Uncle Joe finds himself really often trying to explain these travesties by coming up with one excuse after another. And he’s swift to pass responsibility for each of these on to others.


CENTCOM commander Gen. Frank McKenzie apologized after an investigation revealed that the U.S had killed an innocent man, Zemari Ahmadi — and nine other civilians, including seven children — rather than ISIS-K terrorists Aug. 29 in that drone attack.

Though McKenzie accepted responsibility for what he called a “tragic mistake,” he did not resign. Instead, he explained the circumstances for the strike, suggesting that the Pentagon believes it was legal under international law.

McKenzie told the media that the military had acted on intelligence that a “white Toyota Corolla” — one of the most common automobiles — would mount an attack. At no point did the military know who was driving the targeted vehicle.

As explained last week: “International law permits the use of such targeted killings, under restricted circumstances. The target must be an enemy combatant; the target generally must pose an imminent or ongoing threat, and the attack must minimize the risk to non-combatants.”

Mistaken identity, or other mistakes, do not by themselves constitute violations of international law, but if the strike was negligent or improperly motivated, there could be legal consequences.

Under customary international law, the U.S. is required to investigate alleged violations of international law. The Pentagon appears to think it has satisfied that requirement. But several questions remain about the Aug. 29 strike:

1. What did President Joe Biden know, and did he authorize the strike? White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden had delegated authority to the military but was “regularly briefed.” What did he know? Did he give the green light?

2. Were there political motivations behind the strike? Did the White House pressure the Pentagon to come up with some response to the Aug. 26 suicide bombing to provide political cover for the administration’s bungled withdrawal?

3. Why would the military launch an airstrike against an unknown person, absent compelling evidence of imminent threat? The most shocking aspect of the strike was that the Pentagon did not know who was in the vehicle.

4. Was the U.S. fed bad intelligence by the Taliban or other bad actors? There has long been suspicion that different groups in Afghanistan feed false information to the U.S. to take out their rivals. Is that what happened in the Kabul strike?

5. What does taking “full responsibility” mean? Where are the hearings, resignations, prosecutions, demotions,  or firings? McKenzie did not rule out further consequences in his Pentagon press briefing but declined to lead by example.

6. Why was the U.S. public fed a false story by the Pentagon and the White House for several weeks? The Pentagon said on Aug. 30 there was a high degree of confidence in the target; the White House said much the same. Were they lying?

7. Why would the U.S. military settle for an evacuation where it had to rely on airstrikes? The Kabul airport, guarded by the Taliban, was defenseless and left the U.S. few options; given the risks, why did the U.S. abandon Bagram airbase?

8. How inaccurate is the U.S. military in general when it comes to airstrikes? The fact that this mistake happened ought to prompt an immediate review of U.S. airstrikes, to determine whether their accuracy can be improved in the future.

9. Will this compromise national security by discouraging legitimate, accurate targeted killings? The use of targeted killings — like President Donald Trump’s strike on Qasem Soleimani — is an important tool against terror. Have we lost it?

10. Will the Biden administration apologize to the new Taliban regime and pay reparations? McKenzie dodged a press question about reparations, but if the Taliban regime presses the U.S. to apologize, it may find international support.

Economic Devastation

“Build Back Better:” that’s Joe’s mantra he’s been sharing since his campaign. In the first eight months of his presidency, the “better” part remains a mystery. In fact, “building back” really won’t happen until he lets go of his totalitarian-style lockdowns and mandates.

But there IS something really new in the Biden Economy. Oh, we’ve seen it before in the U.S. But nothing like we’re experiencing now: “BidenFlation.” As a direct result of Biden’s executive orders that shuttered the XL Pipeline project with simultaneous attacks across the board on the carbon energy sector of our economy, high-paying jobs were lost, people were out of work in every economic class, and the response to this cut the goods supply chain in every sector of our economy — even toilet paper again! The result? Massive inflation.

Example: Election day 2020, in Shreveport, Louisiana, I filled my car tank for $1.65/gallon for gas. Today I filled the same car at the same station for $2.69/gallon. Pundits preach that “rise and fall in fuel prices are seasonal.” Biden’s fuel prices have NOT been seasonal. They were at this same level for the summer rush, which normally drives fuel prices up.

Groceries, building supplies, auto parts, restaurant prices (if you can get a seat), and all types of service have all skyrocketed in price. This is not a “seasonal” occurrence. It is the direct result of “BidenFlation.” And it’s just getting started.


“Pippi Longstocking”      Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki, or “Pippi Longstockings,” as some refer to her, is known for her “circle-back” statements when asked a question for which she has no ready answer in press briefings. That term, “circle-back,” happens to fit

across the gambit of Biden Administration policies as we watch the administration implode.

Americans would love it if Preston’s song would actually be answered with a “circle-back” to the administration of four years ago — at least the economic, foreign policy, military, and immigration environment of the Trump Administration.

If Joe Biden is the smart cookie he’s made himself out to be in his 50 years in Washington, one would expect for his awakening to his self-destruction in the White House. Not only does it seem that none of the things detailed above will ever be rolled back, but it also appears that Mr. Biden has no clue exactly what they are or what they’re doing to the American people. And if he really DOES know what they are and what they’re doing and continues to press forward to ensure their damage will be perpetuated throughout his term in office, Americans better lookout. That would mean we have a real totalitarian in the White House.

If he is NOT cognizant of what is happening, that would confirm he IS in cognitive decline and must leave office.

I know: that means Kamala Harris would become President, and a Vice President would have to be named and confirmed by the Senate to replace her. I cannot imagine what a Harris Administration would look like. A Biden continuation assures U.S. decline in every area even worse than seen now. At least Harris could be somewhat harnessed and slowed a bit.

No matter the name of the person piloting the ship, the ship’s in trouble. Let’s hope we can keep the boat afloat, at least through the 2022 midterms.

What Are The REAL Numbers the Wealthy Pay in Federal Taxes?

Yeah, Yeah, we know: “The richest one percent of Americans pay little or NO federal taxes. And those evil corporations don’t pay taxes at all.” That’s the story bandied around by the Left for decades. Democrats, during election season, consider that talking point to be their “go-to” to diminish their GOP opponents. Then, if and when they are elected to office, they double-down with it to justify raising BIG taxes by demonizing “the Rich.”

There’s one problem: It ain’t true!

In fact, the much-maligned minority, the richest percent of Americans, pays 39.5% of all Federal Income Tax. That is one of the most eye-catching figures in a study released by the Tax Foundation earlier this month. To put that percentage in absolute figures: the richest percent of American taxpayers pay $542.64 billion of a total take of Federal Income Tax of $1.37 trillion.

We’re talking about just the top one percent of American taxpayers!

This data visualization clearly shows that the top one percent pay much more than taxpayers of any other income level.

  • It is almost double as much as the next bracket of top incomes: those earning the 2% to 5% of the highest wages in America pay 20.5% of all Federal Income Tax. Or in absolute terms: $281.51 billion.
  • It is also almost four times as much as those whose incomes range from the top 6% to 10%. They pay 10.9% of Federal Income Tax, or $149.97 billion.
  • Those who earn between the top 10% to 25% of wages in America are a much larger group. Yet, their collective input into the Federal Income Tax is only half as much again as the previous band: 15.9% (i.e., $281.55 billion).
  • Those with an income anywhere between the top 25% and 50% only pay 10.5% of all Federal Income Tax, no more than $143.95 billion.
  • The entire bottom half of wage earners pay only 2.8% of their income in taxes into the federal coffers. In actual money terms: $37.74 billion. That is more than 14 times less than the top 1%, even though this group is 50 times as numerous.

These figures show the level of contribution to total income tax revenues by the various income levels. The Tax Foundation also provided figures for what that means for individual taxpayers in each group.

  • The effective average tax rate for the richest one percent is 27.2%, meaning that well over a quarter of their income goes into federal coffers.
  • For the next group (up to 5%), the fiscal pressure is just below a quarter: 23.6%.
  • Taxpayers with incomes in the top 10% part with just over one-fifth (21.3%) of their earnings.
  • Those in the top 25% bracket contribute 17.8% of their annual income.
  • Even those up to the 50th percentile on average still give 15.5% of their annual income to Uncle Sam.
  • Because about 45% of American households make too little to pay any Federal Income Tax, the average percentage for the bottom half of incomes is dramatically lower – the average Federal Income tax level for this group is just 3.5%.

Nobody likes paying taxes, and all taxpayers agree that everyone who contributes to the national purse should have some say in how the government raises and spends its money. But in this debate, whose voice should be louder: that of the majority at the bottom of the income scale (who contributes the least) or of the minority of biggest contributors (who fork out the most)? Simply put, that question is the foundation of all politics in a capitalist democracy like ours.

How Do Americans Feel About the Rich and the Tax Burden of the Wealthy?

New Yorkers from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district overwhelmingly say the wealthiest people in America pay among the lowest tax rates in the country, which is not supported by data.

“We’re paying too much taxes,” a woman named Lavasquez said to one reporter. “The lower and middle classes, we’re working our butts off, and we’re paying so much taxes, and then you’ve got the upper class, and they’re not paying anything.”

“It’s totally unfair,” said Richard, who works in data analytics. “The bottom percentile of individuals are probably paying the bulk of the taxes whereas you have millionaires and billionaires being able to avoid their share.”

The wealthiest people are “definitely paying the bare minimum if any,” he continued. “I would assume it’s about five percent if that.”

Last week, House Democrats unveiled a proposal to raise taxes on the top sliver of U.S. households. The proposal is part of a sweeping plan to overhaul the nation’s tax code to fund President Biden‘s $3.5 trillion spending bill that includes family and climate change initiatives.

Under the plan released by the House Ways and Means Committee, the top individual income rate would climb to 39.6% for the wealthiest individuals and families. The proposal rolls back a key part of Republicans’ 2017 tax overhaul, which lowered the top individual income rate to 37%.

“I don’t think rich people pay enough taxes,” an audio-visual engineer from New York’s 14th Congressional District said. “They make way too much to get away with making so little.”

A man named Calvin said this: “It basically depends on who you know. There’s a reason why shell companies exist. That’s how you evade taxes.”

One man, Manny, said he thought taxes across the board were “too high” already. He was sure the wealthy “pay their fair share.”

Most people said they wanted a “fair” solution when asked how much the wealthy should pay.

“They should be paying the same amount of taxes as the middle, and lower class are,” Lavasquez said. “That way, it gives us equal share, and no one is feeling singled out.”

Richard said: “If I’m paying a third of my income to taxes, why not the same be applied to millionaires and billionaires? If that’s not fair, then what is?”

Another man said: “It’s not fair to ask them to pay much more than everyone else. I wouldn’t ask for something crazy like half of your money … keep it under 20%, and it would be good.”

According to a Congressional Budget Office report, the top 1% of earners paid an average federal tax rate of 32% in 2017. Tax rates that year declined with income, with the poorest 20% paying an average tax rate of 1%. The Tax Policy Center found similar results.

In 2018, the top 1% of income earners — those who earned more than $540,000 — earned 21% of all U.S. income while paying 40% of all federal income taxes, according to a Tax Foundation analysis. The group paid more in income taxes, about $615 billion, than the bottom 90% of taxpayers combined, or $440 billion.

The data showed that the top 10% earned 48% of the income and paid 71% of federal income taxes.

The share of taxes shouldered by the nation’s richest individuals has climbed over time.

In 2001, for example, the top 1% accounted for 33.2% of the nation’s individual income taxes, according to the Tax Foundation. From 2001 to 2018, the share paid by the bottom 50% of taxpayers fell to 3% from 4.9%.


Unfortunately, Democrats and their incessant concentration on spreading false news about taxes paid by the wealthy have tricked millions of Americans sufficient to foment anger and hatred for the wealthiest of Americans. There is NO doubt these folks make much money. Some certainly inherited it, while others have worked their way to the top of corporations. In contrast, still others have pursued the American Dream, started companies, worked hard to establish them, and are now reaping the fruits of their investments and labor. But isn’t that what the Constitution offers everyone: “Equal Opportunity?”

There was a recent time in which an atmosphere of freedom in the pursuit of happiness in the nation was not only allowed but encouraged. The nation saw a true entrepreneur in the Oval Office: Donald Trump. Sure, some point to his father giving him a six-figure stake to get his entrepreneurial career started. Those same folks wag their fingers at him because he was not “self-made.” But what they forget is that he turned that one million into billions! That doesn’t happen in countries where U.S. freedoms are non-existent.

Raising taxes does two things and two things only: one, it stifles economic growth — PERIOD. Those “one-percenters” who the Leftists hate decide to stop investing and growing their companies because of the stifling tax liability stop growing their companies! Doing that means that those company revenues begin to flatten or tail off, which means “less money.” Less money means no expansion, which means no new jobs, fewer (if any at all) pay raises for employees, perks for staff disappear, and advancement within their company is no longer available. Secondly, corporate layoffs occur when company revenue slides. Corporations then cut expenses. How? Company layoffs, wage reductions, office closings, etc. That always drives unemployment up, wages down.

What Democrats hate to admit is with federal tax cuts, the exact opposite occurs! They demonized Trump’s 2017 tax cut program that cut taxes on virtually EVERY American. The economic and labor statistics prove what that tax cuts instigated. Besides dramatic improvements across the board, Democrats gnashed their teeth when the thought of any Trump success was mentioned.

So why the problem with the Left? Aren’t they happy when every American see improvements in almost every area of their lives? Answer: No, because all the new revenue coming to the government through federal taxes is happening because of the efforts of a Republican.

Just watch as this Congress — controlled totally by Democrats — struggles to sell the American people the need for massive additional federal spending. And to accomplish that, what is mandatory? More Money. And where does that originate? Federal taxes. And who pays those taxes? The American people.

A short note to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer: Americans no longer buy that totalitarian talking point if they ever did. In fact, instead of Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion spending bill with massive new taxes enacted to fund her pork giveaways, why not LOWER taxes again and take us back to the economic miracles we experienced under Donald Trump!

Hold your breath waiting for a Democrat in leadership to agree that needs to happen.

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COVID-19 Facts: Fauci-isms or Scientific Facts?

My Dad was a pastor of a small church in south Louisiana. He was one of those preachers who left no room between what was “good” and “evil.” There was no acceptable “gray area” in his life — and therefore, his sons. There was no such thing as a “little white lie.”

We’ve heard excuses (and told many ourselves) that were really nothing but lies. Do you remember when someone called for you, your brother or sister answered the phone, put their hand over the receiver, and said, “It’s Bill for you.” You immediately responded in a loud whisper, “Tell Bill I’m not here!”

That wasn’t really a lie, was it? I mean, I wasn’t standing right next to my brother or sister, so I technically was not “here.” I was across the room!

The reality is if it’s NOT true — no matter how insignificant or unimportant not speaking to Bill was, telling the truth in EVERY way ALL the time is of the utmost importance. After all, as my Dad said many times from the pulpit, “The Bible says ‘You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.'”

The truth is pretty important, I’d say.

Then this COVID-19 pandemic came along. It’s not like our world was not already filled with debacle after debacle that all seemed to occur at one time and that that happening was no big deal. We received another massive monster that required us to alter every aspect of our lives at every level and all the others with which we were struggling at the time. But the COVID-God saw fit to drop that bomb on us. And it seemed that the truths of every part of it just vanished into thin air!

No worries, however. It was then — just in time — we were introduced to Dr. Anthony Fauci. All of our qualms and concerns that engulfed every American just melted away. Finally, we had an intellectual epidemiologist at the helm to guide the U.S. through the accompanying maze of unknowns to lead us to the Promised Land of “No more COVID.” So we put ourselves in Fauci’s hands. “Anthony Fauci is the most knowledgeable virologist on the plant. He will give us ALL the facts we need as we need them, ” we were told by OTHER “experts.”

Then reality set in.

We won’t put you to sleep by listing all of the lies said to us by Dr. Fauci through the last 18 months. We’ve done it before, and the list is massive and still growing in number. It’s amazing to watch as millions of people continue to hang on his every word, putting their lives and those of their family members in Fauci’s hands, based on all he tells us to do and not do. That continues, even in light of the dozens of lies that Fauci has given to us as “facts,” only to see his “facts” to be later disproven by REAL Science.

I was asked in a conversation with a close friend, “I know Dr. Fauci has given us some misinformation on COVID that probably were just simple mistakes. But how am I supposed to know which things to believe that Dr. Fauci says about COVID?”

My answer to his question came from that same bard in my life who taught me the ills of “little white lies.” When a close teenage friend of mine told one too many lies to me, I asked my Dad how to know what was true in what my friend told me going forward. Dad said, “Dan, to never be tricked by anything he says, you’d have to be able to discern which things he said are true and which are not. Obviously, it’s impossible to know that answer. So don’t believe ANYTHING he says. And certainly don’t make any decisions based on anything he says to you.”

Does that apply to Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Actual Published COVID Facts the “Experts” Don’t Point Us To

The following analysis was provided by the American Council on Science and Health

There are two fundamental points often ignored when referring to “the death toll from COVID-19.”

  • There is no evidence or proof offered by any scientist, pathologist, or virologist that confirms COVID-19 as the “cause” of death in the certification process.
  • The CDC enacted an expanded definition of a “COVID-19 death” on March 24th to include probable cases. This conflates and clusters test results creating a source of both under and overestimation. “COVID-19 deaths are identified using a new ICD-10 code. When COVID-19 is reported as a cause of death or when it is listed as a ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’ cause, it is coded as UO7.1 This can include cases with or without laboratory confirmation.” [emphasis added]

All deaths of patients with a linkage to COVID-19 are now classified as “COVID-19 deaths regardless of the cause or underlying health issues that could have contributed to the loss of life.” – Dr. Deborah Birx.

Today, deaths from coronary disease, diabetes, morbid obesity, or pneumonia may be linked or connected to a COVID-19 positive test result. The operative words “linked” or “connected” provide little explanation of how they’re related or indicate what the presumed link entails. As the Wall Street Journal noted, “tabulating deaths is tricky. Some states count probable deaths for cases where there weren’t test results available, but where the deceased had symptoms of the disease.”

Annual reports from the CDC/NIH confirm that Americans continue to die from the same top ten common causes. The leading causes of death are coronaries, cancers, accidents, lower respiratory diseases, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.  The mortality numbers remain consistently around 2.8 million per annum.

Our essay suggests a snapshot in time for Coronavirus deaths. For this investigation, we accept the CDC’s data from January 1st to May 5th as the standard, providing a date to engage the statistics without future projections or shifting definitions.

Annual Mortality Statistics

Tracking mortality statistics for COVID-19 involves a moving target of guesses, projections, and revised definitions. Amidst an avalanche of expanding statistics, we need to put American deaths into perspective. On average, 7,700 deaths occur every day from all causes in the U.S. That amounts to 2.8 million deaths per annum. With no available data for 2019, the National Vital Statistics Survey (NVSS) estimates 25,000 more deaths in 2018 than in 2017, a statistically insignificant amount. The death rate in America stands consistently at 0.8% annually.

To make broad estimates, the CDC uses statistical models which it periodically revises. From 2013-2018, the CDC claims influenza annually caused 57,000 deaths [2] and sickened 42 million Americans. Fatal complications from the flu may include pneumonia, stroke, and heart attack. While the impact of the flu varies, the CDC estimates that influenza results in between 9 million and 49 million cases of illness and between 12,00 to 79,000 annual deaths per year. This enormous range is not unusual with CDC statistics because not all flu cases are reported, and flu is not always listed on death certificates.

In its annual mortality tabulations, the CDC combines influenza and pneumonia into a single category. This category typically averages between 51,000 and 56,000 fatalities, making it the 8th leading cause of death per year from 2013-2017. An estimated 80,000 Americans died of influenza and its complications in the winter of 2018, the highest death toll in 40 years. But counting influenza cases is problematic.

The CDC was “not sure of the exact numbers because flu is not a reportable disease in most parts of the United States.” ( www.hopkinsmedicine.org.) Furthermore, influenza/pneumonia record-keeping is affected by the fluid dates that define the “flu season.” That may fluctuate from October to May or from December through February, depending on the year. For instance, the CDC estimates that “between October 1st, 2019, to April 4th, 2020, about 24,000 to 62,000 people died of influenza.”

The CDC indicates that from January 2021 to May 5th (or 35% of the year), there were 751,953 deaths from all causes (roughly 95-97% of the expected tally). Influenza deaths accounted for .07% of all deaths, a number consistent for every year from 2013 to 2018.

The standard definition of an emerging disease like COVID-19 appears surprisingly loose. A cluster of characteristic symptoms (flu-like, common cold-like, pneumonia-like), possible contact with a previous patient, and a test result of uncertain accuracy are all that’s needed. Researchers should find a segment of genomic nucleic acid in patient samples, proven by DNA sequencing. That has not been done.

Scientists and medical researchers admit they do not know how COVID-19 kills because it would require tissue samples from autopsies. The absence of that data hinders efforts to understand how the new Coronavirus allegedly wreaks havoc. As reported in Nature, “We need those tissues to determine what is killing patients affected by COVID-19. Is it pneumonia? Is it blood clots? Why do they develop kidney failure? We have no clue.”

“With COVID-19, the underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate. However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.” [emphasis added]

Vaccine Data Conveniently Ignored in Public by “Experts”

How many times were we told by everyone in the COVID business, “As quickly as the vaccines hit the market, get a vaccination? They will save your life!” 100 million+ Americans did just that. And now, in some places in the U.S., Americans’ so-called “breakthrough infections” that turn into serious cases lead to deaths more times than COVID cases in unvaccinated Americans.

Have you heard Dr. Fauci speak of that?

And then there are those expected adverse effects in people that were/are “unexpected” among vaxxed Americans. In the early days after the initiation of vaccinations, Dr. Fauci spoke calmly about there being “a few cases of those vaxxed just like we experienced through the years from other vaccines — like the flu.”

He nor any other national medical “expert” ever warned Americans there would likely be MASSIVE adverse effects from the vaccines that would happen so quickly and severely and sometimes even cause deaths.

Here’s a report we follow weekly that goes all the way back to January 1, 2021, that tracks Adverse Events from COVID-19 vaccinations. Carefully read the details, and we’ll chat on the other side:

Why is not the VAERS report, which is updated weekly and published ON THE CDC website, front-and-center news in every story regarding COVID-19!

There is NO plausible explanation for the experts to not do so.

COVID-19 Promised Boosters

I’m certain you heard that President Biden’s promise to Americans of a booster vaccine shot in February will NOT happen. In fact, “the book’s still out,” they say, regarding any firm date for the FDA approval of vaccine boosters for all Americans as the President promised.

What you did NOT hear is that in the Friday, September 17 FDA meeting, the only reported detail from the meeting was that only two commissioners supported the vaccine booster. There were some significant elements presented to the advisory panel conveniently absent from the media reports.

The panel voted 16-2 to reject extra doses of an “experimental vaccine, citing insufficient data from incomplete clinical trials and the potential risk of heart inflammation – especially among young men.”

The FDA hearing prior to the decision was stunning. The hearing was eight hours long and it included SHOCKING testimony from American doctors.

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, MD told the FDA on Friday that the government does not have data to show the vaccine was more beneficial than it is harmful to teenage boys.

Dr. Fraiman told the FDA panel he has NOT seen that those who show vaccine hesitancy are uninformed. “That is not what I’ve seen. The vaccine-hesitant I’ve met in the ER are more aware of the vaccine studies and more aware of their own COVID risks than the doctors are. For example, many of my nurses refuse the COVID vaccine despite seeing more COVID deaths and devastation than most people have.”

Dr. Fraiman went on to say he cannot assure a nurse associate who is 30 that the vaccines are safer than catching the virus is for a healthy woman her age.

Steve Kirsch, the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, was up next to testify before the FDA.  Kirsch argued the vaccines kill more people than they save.

Kirsh pointed out that their patients were 71 times more likely to suffer a heart attack after taking the vaccine than those taking other vaccines. Twenty died from the drug, 14 from the placebo.

Kirsh argued that the vaccine killed more people than saved lives.

Steve Kirsch also pointed out that early treatments are more successful than boosters, noting that cases in Israel are at an all-time high and cases in Uttar Pradesh, India where they administer Ivermectin, the cases are nearly non-existent today.


Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Wollensky at the CDC, and other media-labeled “experts” are using their Mainstream Media minions as never before to ramp up the COVID-19 rhetoric. They tell Americans to do one thing today and ten days later reverse it — often without explanation. President Biden weighs in often with his COVID-19 “scientific” edicts with which he has instilled massive amounts of fear in our society that is ratcheted up immediately and persistently by his media lapdogs.

They all individually and collectively have obviously agreed to, in unison, be the unified purveyors of “THE” Democrat/Leftist COVID message: “Listen to us exclusively for we are the only ones that have a path to lead all Americans out of the COVID wilderness to a COVID-free life. And if you refuse to do so, you will certainly die!”

What is happening is a concerted effort to scare Americans to death. Fear is the unifying tool of the Left. And they’re working it to perfection.

What’s the endgame for all of this untruthfulness, misinformation, and fear-mongering? Honestly, I’m not sure of the correct answer. I can only surmise.

What I surmise is this: the Left has a plan to use fear of the unknown to lockdown as many Americans as possible by fomenting the fear among the populace with consistent doses of NEW fears for which they control all the antidotes. And they call what they are selling “Truth.”

What’s ahead for us? Do not be surprised to learn some things that heretofore were labeled as “conspiracy theories” are discovered to be factual. And each of those will almost definitely be as bad (or worse) than initially thought. Don’t be shocked if/when you learn that the vaccines are NOT what they’ve been portrayed to be and do NOT achieve the results as marketed. In fact, don’t be shocked to learn there are “things” in the vaccines that are deadly, and, in some cases, more deadly than COVID-19 itself.

How can we all discern what’s true and what’s not? I know of no panacea for COVID fact assurance. As it pertains to Fauci, I suggest you use my father’s advice listed above. The same holds true for any COVID “facts” passed along to us by the President and any other politician.

Are there reliable healthcare folks we can look to for facts on COVID-19 matters? We must be careful here. My suggestions are as follows:

  • Be leary of anyone who claims to have absolute knowledge about ANYTHING COVID-related. I assure you, no one has that heavenly endowment;
  • Rethink where you go for “facts.” There are numerous sources for information on this. Major caution: it doesn’t matter if “many” or “all” news sources agree or disagree on a COVID issue, refuse to accept what they give just because they say it. I suggest such unity in the message should ALWAYS challenge to look for other dissenting opinions;
  • Always consult your personal physician before making any COVID decisions for yourself or any family member. If you don’t have such a physician in your life now, get one as soon as possible — one you feel you can trust.

My last thoughts for you:

  • Consciously reject allowing personal fear of the unknown to guide your thought processes of what to do or not do;
  • Don’t rush through the decision process at all. Your life is worth taking an extra hour or two;
  • When speaking to others about your COVID opinions, don’t allow anger to subvert your personal convictions. Remember: theirs’ is an opinion just as is yours’. Sadly, COVID-absolutes are NOT here right now. Hopefully, we can get there and do so soon!
  • Finally, (what actually should be first) pray as your life depends on it. Know why? Because it does!

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Our Trek Towards Globalism: Real or Fictiticous?

Globalism. OMG: another conspiracy theory! And, of course, if one ever uses that term in public, the odds are that person will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

In this helter-skelter world in which we awaken every day to some new type of label, that particular one is a bit tiring it’s been around so long. It would seem to me that, by now, someone would have come up with a NEW label — you know, like they did when it was first “Coming Ice Age,” then it was “Global Warming.” And when both of those catastrophes failed to materialize, a new term was invented — a “catch-all” that would encompass all climate and weather events and could NEVER be debunked: “Climate Change.”

So why do we still have “Globalists” and “Globalism?”

The probable explanation for those hanging around is because there’s truth in those labels and what they represent as opposed to the other tags.

Let’s define and analyze “Globalists” and “Globalism” as well as systems that are part of the same international conversation and see if we can make any of this make sense. Let’s start with “Nationalism.”


Nationalism is a feeling of unity among a group of people born out of the French Revolution and Age of Enlightenment idea of worship of the Patrie, or one’s national origins and a sense of pride in their country.

Nationalists today support national sovereignty and self-governance over creating a “one-world” society, preserving their respective national cultures and demographics over multiculturalism and a border wall.

Sovereignty and self-governance

Nationalism can be considered a form of limited government. Rather than a global government either controlled by elites or, at least, requiring a massive bureaucracy to successfully operate, nationalists support localized government, where individuals have the freedom to set policy for their communities.

As nationalists believe that individuals and their communities (whether local or national) should be sovereign, citizens should have the right to self-governance. Nationalists believe the two go together and cannot be separated. Jean-Jacques Rousseau echoed these views when he argued that freedom and democracy thrive best in small nation-states and that monarchy and dictatorship thrive best in large nation-states. Thus, nationalists oppose policies such as open borders, mass migration, and forming international organizations, at least with the end goal of a one-world government. They also support policies such as building border walls and maintaining border security.

Relation to conservatism

Because of nationalism’s support of limited, localized, and self-government, conservatives usually support nationalism or at least lean towards nationalism. Most non-establishment conservatives see nationalism’s support for maintaining independent nation-states as the best avenue to maintain and promote freedom, such as those provided in the U.S. Constitution. Also, as conservatives tend to be patriots and love their countries, they oppose policies that undermine national sovereignty and identity, such as open borders, mass migration, and membership in international organizations such as the European Union.

Paleoconservatives and national conservatives are conservative ideologies that emphasize and support nationalism the strongest. Euroskepticism is mainly a regional form of nationalism.

Globalism: the Panacea of the Left

Globalism is a liberal and authoritarian desire for a “one world” view that rejects the role of sovereign nations in protecting values and encouraging productivity. Globalism is anti-American in encouraging Americans to adopt a “world view” rather than an “American view.” The ultimate goal of globalism is the eventual unification of humanity under a one-world government.

Globalists oppose nationalism, national sovereignty, and self-governance. Instead, they favor open borders, free trade, H-1B visas, interventionism, foreign aid, and changing the U.S. Constitution. They oppose strong border security and the building of border walls. Globalists can come from several political leanings, from the far-left to those considered on the right-of-center.

Liberals support globalism because it leads to centralized power, providing liberals with an easier way to gain control. Liberals can more easily persuade a handful of people in a centralized government to rule in their favor than convince everyone of their agenda in a decentralized form of government.

War on Sovereignty

Doing away with national sovereignty and eventually creating a one-world government is the ultimate goal of globalists. They believe that humanity is progressing for the better, and they want to create a utopia where humanity is unified and where there are no wars, conflicts, or borders (cultural and national). Supranational organizations such as the United Nations, European Union, World Trade Organization, and the Paris climate agreement appear to be the forerunners to a complete one-world government. Liberals support all these organizations. A one-world government is the epitome of big government.

While many of those who either disbelieve or deny the existence of a “War on Sovereignty” imagine it as a very speedy attempt to unite the world into a global government instantly, those who are actively pushing for a one-world government are pursuing a relatively longsuffering strategy that will slowly merge all the countries of the world into each other before the official establishment of any world government. They believe this strategy to be the only way it can be successfully achieved. Zbigniew Brzezinski, an Obama advisor and member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, admitted this, stating that “we cannot leap into world government in one quick step. The precondition for genuine globalization is progressive regionalization.” Organizations such as the EU and NAFTA are examples of this “progressive regionalization.”

Additionally, Richard N. Gardner, a former State Department official, wrote in 1974 that a world government could not be established in one step. Rather, he argued that “in short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down,” and that “an end-run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned assault.” Gardner’s strategy has been fully adopted by globalists. International organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, Paris climate agreement, and the numerous disarmament treaties are all examples of this strategy in action – eroding sovereignty bit by bit until all the countries of the world are so integrated by the complicated web of international organizations and treaties that the official establishment of a world government can be accomplished seamlessly and would rather be a mere recognition of de facto reality.

Globalists also have used mass migration, such as the European migrant crisis incident, to advance their goal. As mass migration puts large numbers of people from certain locations into another country with different values, it causes much disruption. This can reduce national pride and make the transition to a global world order relatively seamless.


For decades we have heard those we once called “conspiracy theorists” trumpeting details of the U.S. race toward Globalism. Most have scoffed at the concept. After all, our forefathers fled something similar to Globalism to establish a nation with a government controlled totally by its people. Of course, that concept flies in the faces of those who see a unified government over the entire world as a much more attractive choice.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take these few “tenets” of the purest type of Globalism — open borders, the elimination of the Constitution and self-government, limitless foreign aid, and the elimination of sovereignty — and we have the utopian nation that globalists wish for.

What about what the People want?

In a globalist U.S., the People are immaterial. “We” becomes “All.” There’s NO entrepreneurship, NO “be all that you can be,” NO “liberty and justice for all,” and NO Bill of Rights. The citizens of those countries currently living in this system have NO free speech, NO presumption of innocence until proven guilty, NO true private business ownership, and, most importantly, no say-so in anything to do with government! There may be elections, but candidates will be stand-ins for government bureaucrats. Those who serve in government — those so-called “elected officials” — may tell citizens they represent us in government. But those bureaucrats control everything.

Folks, Globalism is just one more small step away for our society as a whole. Many, if not most, of our freedoms, are already abridged in our political system! Want an example or two?

  • Please point me to the U.S. law that authorizes a President or Governor to mandate ANYTHING in healthcare that directly impacts citizens in which the citizens have NO choice. There is none. Yet this President, without Constitutional authority, has “called for” mask mandates, business lockdowns, without a law with authorization for any of those. Oh, he says incessantly, “I can’t tell Americans to stay at home, wear masks, or get a vaccination. But ‘responsible’ governors and mayors do have such authority and I trust them to ‘do the right thing.'” Want me to interpret that? “I might not be able to do it statutorily, but if I say it needs to happen and all those in the line of command don’t do them, I have ways to punish them for their resistance.” Those very things have been happening throughout this pandemic.
  • Lawless in government is abundant now. In fact, there is no universal “Rule of Law” to which government officials adhere. Look at the rioting, looting, and killing that is rampant across our nation. Look at those alleged “rioters” from January 6, many of which are still locked up while deprived of their right to access for legal representation, Miranda rights, or a speedy trial. These current actions happen continuously in globalist countries in which a small group of people controls EVERYTHING — not a Constitution “for” the People.
  • Who are the American Globalists? This may shock you: President Ronald Reagan was as were Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.
  • Reagan gave legal status unilaterally to millions of illegals.
  • Clinton thumbed his nose at Congress while filling his own pocket and letting lifetime globalists set and operate all of his economic policies.
  • W. speaks fluent Spanish, had great relationships with the President of Mexico and others in Central America, yet NEVER attempted to do anything about illegal immigration. And he had a Congress that wanted to.
  • Obama literally bowed to foreign leaders and actively called for a “unified world system.” In speeches and meetings with world leaders in his famous “Apology Tour” right after his first inauguration, he consistently apologized for Americans’ insistence upon the continuation of independence and hesitance to join hands with everyone around the globe for “unification.”
  • Biden is fulfilling the “Summary” for his globalist predecessors on this front. The Paris Accords, Iranian Agreement, while sucking up to every globalist leader he speaks to is being trumpeted around the world as “the end of Americanism.”

I’ve actually heard people say that Globalism CAN exist in a Democracy. That cannot happen — it’s impossible! The two are each mutually exclusive. Don’t let that lie lead you down the path away from our Representative Republic.

So here’s your homework: put the speeches, debates, interviews, and news reports if every current leader in U.S. and state and local government. Judge their political positions not on what they “say” to you, but what they “do” in government. Globalism is so easy to conceal and diminish in its current state in our country. But it can rear its ugly head in an instant. And when it does, its destruction is instantaneous. Just ask any of those Europeans who never gave a thought to the possibility of an authoritarian globalist government in their nation.

Relying on Big Brother for more and more handouts that are dangled before us without any real strings attached doesn’t make you pause? It’s almost as bad as “Hey little girl: want a piece of candy?” There’s always something expected in return — even if it’s never verbalized. You know, that “quid pro quo” thing.

Hey, isn’t Biden’s nickname “Quid Pro Joe?”

I wonder why?

Biden Sacrifices Texas To The Open Border Gods

Yes, that seems a bit extreme. But that title is certainly not clickbait. After all, I doubt a single American is not aware of the border crisis that has quickly escalated in the wake of President Biden’s “invitation” for Haitians to “come on over.” And the state of Texas is paying a massive price with very little — and sometimes zero — support from the Biden Administration. In fact, every measure the leaders of Texas implement to protect its citizens, businesses, and infrastructure the Biden DOJ goes to court to fight. It’s as if the President hates Texans and wants to punish the entire state for resisting his blatant suborning of federal immigration laws.

I thought his oath of office contained his promise to “preserve and protect…”

No one can fault the thousands of Haitians that are pouring into Texas for wanting to get here. In fact, no one can fault anyone from any other country who prefers to live in the U.S. over their home country. Regarding Haiti, what were horrible conditions before the most recent earthquake skyrocketed with a second earthquake. The island country was in horrendous condition from an earthquake ten years ago only to have another one rock the nation a few weeks ago.

I was shocked, however, when the major broadcast networks carried full coverage of the southern border crisis centered on Texas now because they’ve virtually ignored it almost entirely until the Haitian angle popped up. When I puzzled through the situation looking for an answer, the only one I could give credence to was that they smell a sensational story that will give THEM clickbait for days to come when it did not do that before.

In case you didn’t know, each of these network television operations bases every decision regarding news content on how it will impact viewers and how will each story draw in viewers. Everyday Central Americans and Mexicans flooding the border and overwhelming Customs agents wasn’t impactful to their audiences sufficient to make significant differences in viewership numbers. But add an earthquake-shaking Haiti in the story with hundreds of thousands of displaced black people and the southern border is certainly newsworthy.

The crush of Haitian migrants at the U.S. border pressured the TV networks to showcase the dramatic wave of illegal migrants who are accepting President Joe Biden’s loose border hospitality.

“All three evening newscasts ran full stories on the border crisis tonight, something that hasn’t happened in months,” media expert Rich Noyes stated on Friday, September 17.

“All portrayed the situation as extremely dire, but only NBC included any suggestion that the Biden administration was responsible,” said Noyes, who is the research director at the Media Research Center.

The TV networks are important because they are watched by roughly 22 million likely swing-voters who usually ignore the intensive political coverage on Fox News and MSNBC. So their display of Biden’s border chaos can push many voters towards vote-shifting “strong disapproval” of Biden’s wage-cutting, rent-spiking migration.

“The images are stunning,” said NBC’s on-scene reporter Morgan Chesky, who then introduced local Mayor Bruno Lozano. “This is setting the nuclear bomb alarm that this is no longer sustainable,” Lozano said in the two-minute segment.

ABC World News Tonight ran a segment lasting almost two minutes, in which their on-scene reporter, Marcus Moore, showed the migrant crowd. Moore also presented Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), who told the viewers, “This is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.”

Anchor Norah O’Donnell told millions of views watching her CBS show, “Well, tonight a humanitarian crisis at the southern border is growing worse by the hour. Thousands of migrants have waded across the Rio Grande, and in just a few days their numbers are grown sixfold — that’s right,” she said in a segment that lasted two minutes:

The sudden glare was a huge reversal from August when the three networks offered just 6 minutes, 28 seconds of immigration coverage as a record number of migrants flooded through Biden’s border.

On Saturday morning, after the networks revealed the border chaos, the administration rolled out a plan to block further migration. The plan promises to fly many of the Haitian migrants back to the countries they were living in before they walked across the U.S. border.

The quick-reaction turnaround on the policy comes long after Biden’s officials allowed at least 800,000 people through the border, legal and illegally, since January. In July and August, for example, 230,000 migrants were invited over the border by Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s pro-migration chief of the Department of Homeland Security.

Since March, the pro-amnesty groups have worked with government officials to minimize the TV networks’ coverage of the massive inflow of migrants through Biden’s borders. Numerous officials and activists have promised voters “a humane, orderly and safe immigration system” — even as they quietly opened numerous doors along the border to admit roughly two million legal and illegal immigrants during 2021.

The huge inflow is unpopular and will deliver about one legal immigrant or illegal migrant for every two Americans born during the year.

The poll-tested message — “a humane, orderly, and safe immigration system” — is intended to muffle possible opposition from the millions of voting Americans who now give Biden’s migration policies a vague “somewhat” level of approval or disapproval.

But the new flood of Haitian migrants into the United States threatens to flip those “somewhat” voters into the “strong disapproval” category.

Voters with “strong” opinions on an issue are far more likely to change how they vote.

Despite the P.R. tactics set by Biden’s allies and deputies, public opinion shifted 17 points against Biden from April to August.

An August 28-30 poll of 1,997 registered voters shows Biden’s immigration record with 55 percent opposition and just 36 percent support. In April, a similar poll showed that Biden had 45 percent opposition and 43 percent support on immigration.

The September data also shows that only eight percent of swing-voting, TV-watching independents still strongly support Biden’s immigration policies. Forty percent of independents strongly oppose those policies, 19 percent “somewhat” oppose his policies, and 14 percent have no opinion.

Many polls show that labor migration is deeply unpopular because it damages ordinary Americans’ career opportunities, cuts their wages, and raises their rents. Migration also curbs their productivity, shrinks their political clout, widens regional wealth gaps, and wrecks their democratic, compromise-promoting civic culture.


I don’t want to marginalize anyone who is seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Devastation as has been experienced in numerous third-world nations is something with which I cannot identify. So it’s impossible (and extremely unfair) for anyone who lives in the U.S. to say they understand — we don’t.

But what IS justified for Americans to feel is the disgust and anger that results from the incessant trampling of federal and state laws by this White House and numerous other government officials! Yet Joe Biden — and especially his Secretary of Homeland Security — daily with their unlawful actions regarding most of U.S. immigration laws.

And they are NOT held accountable.

What is our government going to do about this? Will Congress step up to stop this horror from creating a new crisis for our nation? Geez…we have COVID-19, massive inflation at a level not seen in decades, a thousand or more Americans caught behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, and forget about OUR money — we’ve run out of spending BORROWED MONEY!

And then there’s our southern border.

What is the root of all this? Don’t you think there’s some underlying objective or goal or plan which ties all these egregious Biden actions together?

Let me remind you of one thing we’ve continuously pointed you to regarding watching and listening to politicians. When a politician is screaming about something, waving an arm, sometimes with something in the hand for all to watch, almost always what’s “real” regarding the topic of the screams is really in the other hand out of sight behind the back.

What might Joe be hiding behind his back?

There are so many options from which to choose. Let’s do this: Tomorrow our story will detail one such option that Joe has hinted about throughout most of his career in D.C. — especially while serving as Vice President. And many other Democrats and leftists have promoted the same things.

Just keep watching the news. Watch and listen. Then “CONFIRM” everything!

See you tomorrow.



Saturday Bullet Points: September 18, 2021

Another busy week; another door or two open showing authoritarian rule on the part of President Joe Biden. Biden has walked away from the Constitutional method of creating and the enforcement of federal laws. He took a cue from his former boss Barack Obama who famously said, “I don’t need anything but my phone and pen to run the country.” Obama, too, resorted to executive orders to implement his objectives which bypasses the U.S. Congress. But that’s O.K., right? It’s just politics!

There is so much chaos in the nation. Who knows how much evil there really is, where it goes, and if it can be stopped. The first step is right here: TruthNewsNetwork finding the facts in news and bringing those to you to arm you with facts with which to make good decisions. Today’s offering is an example of that: our “Bullet Points.”

Read the first couple of sentences in every bullet point. They explain details of a story from this past week of important events. If you want more information about the story, simply click on the blue arrow to be immediately forward to a complete story. If you don’t need additional information just click on the next Bullet Point. It’s a great way to start each Saturday!

Saturday Bullet Points

  • U.S. Border Patrol officials closed all highway immigration checkpoints operating in the Laredo Sector on Friday evening in response to the Haitian migrant crisis unfolding in Del Rio, Texas, according to a source within Customs and Border Protection. And the Biden Administration is set to return Haitians congregated on the border back to Haiti! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Guess what happens anytime you think things can’t get worse? They get worse! Such is the case for President Biden. He was looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend at the beach when MORE bad news heads his way. His approval numbers are tanking; it was revealed Friday that those ISIS-K guys that we took out with that drone strike in retaliation against the suicide slaughter of U.S. service members and Afghan citizens actually killed NO Taliban fighters but did kill at least 7 kids. How could it possibly get worse? It is! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Christian schools across the nation have faired really well in their fight COVID-19, bypassing all or most of the restrictions placed by bureaucrats on schools in the public education system. Unfortunately, one Colorado Christian school found itself with a huge number of COVID cases. Local authorities have stepped in and are threatening the forced closing of the school if they do NOT follow procedures mandated by authorities. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Remember President Biden’s promise to all of us in the preparation for the Afghanistan withdrawal? “I give you my word: we will NOT withdraw our military until ALL Americans are safely out of Afghanistan.” Of course, we now know he did NOT keep the promise. So far, we’ve not heard of any hostage-taking by the Taliban of Americans who are still there. We don’t know how many Americans are still be blocked from leaving. A good number have found a way to get out. One San Diego elderly couple from San Diego was able to “sneak out!” For complete details, click on this link: 
  • I assumed that our southern border illegal immigration crisis was mysteriously solved! Why? The Mainstream Media have not touched that story since the Afghanistan withdrawal began to develop. But guess what? The southern border crisis kept going in the media obfuscation of reporting details to us. In fact, it’s actually grown and still growing! 
  • Are you ready to get that COVID-19 booster? Both the Moderna and Pfizer versions of the vaccine require two jabs, not just one. But now, President Biden and the medical “experts” — like Dr. Anthony Fauci — have prepared Americans for the “need” for a third jab that President Biden told everyone boosters would be available for EVERYONE in September. Well, the FDA disagrees with the President! (what happened to the Biden talking point: “Follow the Science?) For complete details,  click on this link:
  • Tragedy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Friday afternoon it was reported by the Pentagon that that ISIS-K big shot that we supposedly killed in that drone strike was NOT in that vehicle. In fact, NO Taliban fighter was in the vehicle. But the ten people killed in the strike included at least seven children. But that’s not all. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It may come as no surprise to you that Biden’s speech on Thursday in which HE lauded HIS accomplishments as POTUS in setting new job record formations so far in his term. He also pointed out that “facts” show that gas prices are on their way down. Guess what? He was fact-checked. And the “real” facts do not necessarily agree. For complete details, click on this link:
  • I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that that massive $3.5 trillion spending bill being negotiated now contains some “secret” benefits the Democrats are if passed and signed into law, giving to those friends and massive campaign donors, Labor Unions. A series of regulations and benefits included in the bill directly assist Labor Unions in maintaining their power in politics and in employment regulations. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Joe’s on vacation while thousands (yes “thousands”) of Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan: those same Americans Biden said, “Our military will NOT leave until every American is removed safely.” Guess what’s happening now? Taliban fighters are scouring the area to track down these Americans and the Afghan citizens that worked with our military in exchange for a promise that when we withdrew, they’d go with us. The Taliban fighters have been slaughtering those Afghans they find. And they’ve even beheaded children! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Immigrant travesties on the U.S. watch are not exclusively Afghani. Remember that southern border crisis back here in the U.S.? Many assumed that because the media wasn’t covering it the problem certainly was over. Nope. In fact, August illegals entering the country set a new record. And, by the way, the President invited Haitians to “come on up” and they’d NOT be deported. So they’re coming in massive numbers. In Del Rio, 12,000+ of these folks are living under a bridge because CBP is overwhelmed and cannot handle the rush of illegals. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Of course, the left stream media sycophants are angry because they’ve been smart enough to get the COVID-19 jab while the idiotic and deranged conservatives in large numbers are not ready to take the plunge. Sure, the Left disdain anyone who disagrees with them. But CNN’s Don Lemon took it to a different level of animus. He went nuts! For complete details, click on this link:

D.C. Corruption is Skyrocketing

Joe Biden has several successes he can brag about when he leaves office. One is being the most successful POTUS in my lifetime to consistently misrepresent facts in EVERY statement issued, press conference held, and speech given.

Wait: don’t scream, “You’re nothing but a hardcore conservative, Dan! You wouldn’t like anything he says or does.” You don’t need to use my measuring stick for graft and corruption. The Washington Post has a running record of Pinnochios handed to Sleepy Joe since he began his campaign and continuing daily in his presidency.

One thing is clear, though. Biden didn’t invent corruption; he did not create the process of telling lies or “paraphrasing” information to fit one’s political narrative. All Joe did was perfect that process during his 47 years in Washington. But there’s plenty to go around: far TOO much to try and report in one sitting. Today, we’ll discuss “some” of the military corruption in the world of dollars and cents. Here are two examples of some really egregious corruption cases regarding our military.

The Biggest Corruption Case Ever in Federal Contracting

Even before he competed for his first government job, the key witness in the largest bribery case in federal contracting history said an associate warned him that he’d have to “pay to play,” according to a recent jailhouse letter. Alex Cho said he began work as a contractor because he thought doing business with the U.S. government would be an honest way to make a living — a notion he quickly abandoned. “In planning to get into this field, I actually thought I would be getting away from dishonesty,” Cho told U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan in a lengthy letter from the D.C. Jail — his first public remarks on the historic $30 million corruption scam that has resulted in 20 guilty pleas.

For years, the ringleader, Army Corps program manager Kerry Khan, extracted millions of dollars in kickbacks from corrupt contractors. But Cho said Khan also made other “absurd demands.” “As I told agents, he asked me on numerous occasions to drive 45 minutes, including at night, from my home in Ashburn to his [home in] Alexandria … to unclog his toilet, fix his A/C, and even to replace his light bulbs.”

Khan is serving a 19-year prison sentence. Sentencing papers filed on Cho’s behalf refer to him as “the key cooperator” in the “most successful bribery case” that federal prosecutors in Washington have ever handled. However, the case has received scant attention in Congress.

Cho wore an undercover wire for months in hopes of getting a favorable sentencing recommendation. But after a falling out with prosecutors, the U.S. attorney’s office is seeking eight years in prison for Cho. He was supposed to have been sentenced this week, but the hearing was postponed. In sentencing papers, Cho’s previous lawyer argued that prosecutors had promised Cho that they’d intercede on his behalf with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on deportation proceedings. But prosecutors countered in court papers that things changed after Cho tipped off an associate during the investigation that he was wearing an undercover recording device. In his letter, Cho seemed to acknowledge his slim chances of remaining in the United States.

“I wish I had been a perfect cooperator,” he wrote. “I think that the FBI would have sponsored me for citizenship, but now that is gone.” Still, he added, he didn’t regret cooperating in the investigation.

Investigators had little idea about the bribery scheme until they interviewed Cho on an unrelated case. The scheme, headed by Khan and another Army Corps official, Michael Alexander, was impossible to detect because bribes were built into contracts as inflated overhead. Corrupt companies paid out the money to Khan in kickbacks.

In his letter, Cho said he got his start in government contracting in 2002 after he lost his job selling used computer equipment. Within nine years of founding the now-defunct company, Nova Datacom LLC, the business posted about $20 million in contract revenues. But the costs of paying millions in bribes caused Nova Datacom to lose money on some contracts, he added.

“The contracts came in, but so did the demands for more bribes,” Cho recounted. “When I tried to stop paying bribes, Kerry Khan told me it was too late for me to get out.”

While most of the corruption involved kickbacks at the Army Corps of Engineers, the investigation also uncovered a related scheme involving Army contracts in Korea. Last month, the former chief executive of a Virginia-based company that holds defense and intelligence agency contracts pleaded guilty to paying bribes to a former Army contracting official, In Seon Lim, who was sentenced to four years in prison in October. Intelligent Decisions Inc. also agreed to pay a $300,000 fine to resolve charges for golf outings, meals, and a Lexus to Lim. In a statement, the company has said it has new leadership, the violations happened five years ago, and officials cooperated in the investigation.

Military Contractors Raked in $4.4 Trillion Since 9/11

According to a new study from the Center for International Policy, the Pentagon has spent some $14.1 trillion over the last 20 years, at least $4.4 trillion of which has gone to military contractors. The Center for International Policy released the research (pdf) in conjunction with The Costs of War Institute on Sept. 13, noting that many studies have outlined the financial costs associated with the wars since 9/11—but little work has been done on documenting the beneficiaries of that spending.

The research author, Center for International Policy director William Hartung, said that five main companies have collected the lion’s share of the $4.4 trillion: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman. Those companies have collected 25 to 33 percent of all Pentagon contracts over the last two decades, according to Hartung.

“From FY 2001 to FY 2020, these five firms alone split over $2.1 trillion in Pentagon contracts (in 2021 dollars),” Hartung wrote. “To put these figures in perspective, the $75 billion in Pentagon contracts received by Lockheed Martin in FY 2020 is well over one and one-half times the entire budget for the State Department and Agency for International Development for that year, which totaled $44 billion.”

Hartung said that some of the corporate profits derived from the wars had been seen as legitimate, but other profits resulted from waste, fraud, or abuse. Hartung recounted one of the most notorious examples of war profiteering: Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root’s involvement with numerous projects in Iraq and Afghanistan. Halliburton’s involvement in the wars was controversial because Dick Cheney served as the company’s chief executive until he became vice president in 2001. Cheney also owned Halliburton stock worth $46 million, and he received $162,000 in deferred compensation from the company as late as 2002, according to Hartung, citing congressional testimony from that time.

“Cheney’s journey from the government to Halliburton and back was a classic case of the revolving door between the Pentagon and the defense industry, with all the real and potential conflicts-of-interest that entails,” Hartung said. “Halliburton’s performance was another major source of criticism, as it was found to be dramatically overcharging for basic services and doing faulty work that put U.S. troops at risk,” he added. But while Halliburton may be one of the most prominent cases of war profiteering, it is far from the only one, Hartung said.

Other examples cited by the Center for International Policy researcher include a U.S.-appointed economic task force that spent $43 million on a gas station that was never used, another $150 million on lavish living quarters for U.S. economic advisers and $3 million for patrol boats in landlocked Afghanistan—also never used.

Along with the major firms, relatively smaller contractors also benefited from what Hartung described as the “chaotic atmosphere” that prevailed in the early days of the war. A company called Custer Battles, for instance, had a contract to guard the Baghdad airport and collect old Iraqi currency so it could be destroyed. Hartung said Custer Battles received the contract because it underbid its competitors, even though it has no experience in airport security.

Citing an Army inspection of their operations, Hartung said Custer Battles hired security guards with no prior training, hired no translators who spoke Arabic, and acquired no security dogs to detect explosives. According to Hartung, Custer Battles was eventually barred from government contracting and fined $10,000, but that was far less than what the company earned from its contract.

Hartung highlighted numerous other examples of contractor abuse over the last 20 years, warning that many of the same companies are gearing up for potential conflict with China.

“The China threat argument has been utilized to justify the quest for a 350-ship Navy—up from about 300 ships currently; major Air Force purchases like a new bomber and the F-35 combat aircraft; the Pentagon’s $1.5 trillion, three-decades-long proposed nuclear weapons upgrade plan; the Space Force, a new branch of the armed forces; major expenditures on missile defense systems; and large new investments in cyber technologies and tactics (offensive and defensive), unmanned systems, hypersonic weapons, and artificial intelligence,” he said. “Many of these initiatives were well along before China became the primary preoccupation of U.S. military planners, but the ‘China card’ has become the argument of choice to consolidate political support for these expenditures.”

Hartung said his Center for International Policy has proposed a “more realistic approach” to the challenges posed by China and Russia—relying more on allies, pursuing diplomatic solutions to actual and potential nuclear proliferation, and cutting excess bureaucracy, including reducing the Pentagon’s employment of more than 600,000 private contract personnel. This could save some $1.2 trillion over the next decade, according to Hartung.

“Given the immense financial and human costs of America’s post-9/11 wars—and the negative security consequences generated by many of these conflicts—adopting a new, less militarized foreign policy should be a central goal of the public and policymakers alike,” he said.

“Recent developments, like the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, are steps in the right direction, but much more needs to be done to achieve a policy that prioritizes diplomacy over war.”


What’s sad about this is that it has existed in U.S. Government for decades and decades. It involves trillions of taxpayer dollars and has very little if any, oversight. And it is purposely hidden by numerous elected government officials who are complicit in hiding it from taxpayers.

“Why would our elected officials hide this corruption and wasteful spending if they are not part of these ‘deals?'” That has a simple answer, and it explains why almost every elected official in D.C. who does NOT enter office a wealthy person almost always LEAVES office filthy rich. The hiding of the wrongdoing of others (or simply not saying anything about it) leaves the opportunities for their personal involvement in such wide open, if and when they are approached by the situation that “works” for them.

Do you know what hurts the most about this? We hear these stories fairly regularly. But today, especially, it cuts to the bone: we’re about to have close to 5 trillion dollars and tax increases crammed down our throats to fund a “fake” infrastructure bill in tandem with what’s called a “social infrastructure bill,” which contains NOTHING of substance. But, combined, that contains hundreds of billions of giveaways, pork, and “brother-in-law” deals. And you and I will pay for it.

There’s no real fix for any of this. There WOULD be a fix if our lawmakers would decline to allow these to happen. Joe Biden certainly will not stop it. He’s made involvement in these types of schemes an everyday event for the Biden Family Syndicate.

And remember this: he’s the President of the United States. Others in Washington take their cue from him.


Who knows if we’ll ever know the contents of the “goodie bags” that Hunter Biden has brought home for “The Big Guy?” What we DO know is there are plenty of them! I believe the witnesses that have come forward with facts and evidence far more than I believe the stories that Hunter Biden spins. I’ve seen a few of Hunter’s laptop pictures and videos. I can only imagine what the Biden Family Syndicate has been involved in.

Do you think those sorts of things are still happening?

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Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed

Joe Biden was the first to say it nationally: “The COVID-19 pandemic is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Guess what? That statement by the President that has been trumpeted over and over by every Mainstream Media outlet — in print, audio outlets, and via television is patently untrue.

These “experts” are basing their opinion on this on highly misleading statistics. Therefore, the experts’ facts are parrotted around the World on every type of media, and people just quietly assume they are factual.

Two months ago, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky claimed that “over 97% of people who are entering the hospital right now are unvaccinated.” A few weeks later, in an August 5, 2021, statement, she inadvertently revealed how that statistic actually came about.

The CDC was looking at hospitalization and mortality data from January through June 2021 — a timeframe during which the vast majority of the U.S. population was still unvaccinated.

Things are different now. The CDC is playing with statistics in other ways to create the false and inaccurate impression that unvaccinated people make up the bulk of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. For example, we now find out the agency is counting anyone who died within the first 14 days post-injection as unvaccinated. That is patently false and their own statistics refute those numbers they’re issuing.

Not only does this inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks. Now their deaths are counted as unvaccinated deaths rather than being counted as deaths due to vaccine injury or COVID-19 breakthrough infections!

How They Count Them

These days, you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until a full 14 days have passed since your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen. This is how the CDC defines a vaccine breakthrough case:

“… a vaccine breakthrough infection is defined as the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA or antigen in a respiratory specimen collected from a person ≥14 days after they have completed all recommended doses of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-authorized COVID-19 vaccine.”

In other words, if you’ve received one dose of Pfizer or Moderna and develop symptomatic COVID-19, get admitted to the hospital, and/or die from COVID, you’re counted as an unvaccinated case. If you’ve received two doses and get ill within 14 days, you’re still counted as an unvaccinated case.

The problem with this is that over 80% of hospitalizations and deaths appear to be occurring among those who have received the jabs, but this reality is hidden by the way cases are defined and counted. A really clever and common strategy of the CDC during the pandemic has been to change the definitions and goalposts so it supports their politically partisan narrative.

For example, the CDC has quietly changed the definition of “vaccine,” apparently in an attempt to legitimize calling the COVID mRNA gene therapies vaccines. In an August 26, 2021, archived version of the vaccine, the CDC defines it as a “product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.”

But a few days later, a new definition appeared on the CDC’s website, which now says a vaccine is a “preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” We at TruthNewsNetwork brought that news to you a week ago ourselves, but nowhere in Mainstream Media can you find that covered. (Maybe that’s just an “innocent” omission) The differences in the definitions are subtle but distinct: The first one defined a vaccine as something that will “produce immunity.”

But, since the COVID-19 vaccines are not designed to stop infection but, rather, to only lessen the degree of infection, it becomes obvious that the new definition was created to cover the COVID vaccines.

How Does The CDC Make the Difference between Vaxxed and Unvaxxed?

It’s not just the CDC’s definition of a breakthrough case that alters the data. Even more egregious and illogical is the fact that the CDC even has two different sets of testing guidelines — one for vaccinated patients and another for the unvaccinated.

To grasp just how sinister is this practice of the CDC, we must get a little technical here. We’ve talked before about the “test cycle threshold” in PCR testing and how changing the cycle automatically impacts the results. So what does that really mean in the impact to statistics?

At first, the CDC recommended a PCR test cycle threshold (CT) of 40. This flies in the face of scientific consensus, which has long been that a CT over 35 will produce 97% false positives, rendering the test useless.

In mid-May 2021, the CDC finally lowered its recommended CT count, but only for patients who have received one or more COVID shots. So, if you have received a COVID injection, the CDC’s guidelines call for your PCR test to be run at a CT of 28 or less. If you are unvaccinated, your PCR test is to be run at a CT of 40, which grossly overestimates the true prevalence of infection.

The end result is that unvaccinated individuals who get tested are FAR more prone to get false positives, while those who have received the jab are more likely to get an accurate diagnosis of infection.

The CDC Only Counts Hospitalization and Deaths if You’ve Been Vaccinated

Even that’s not all. The CDC also hides vaccine failures and props up the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative by only counting breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death.

In other words, if you got your second COVID shot more than 14 days ago and you develop symptoms, you do not count as a breakthrough case unless you’re admitted to the hospital and/or die from COVID-19 in the hospital, even if you test positive. So COVID breakthrough cases count only if all of the following apply:

  • The patient received the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna shot at least 14 days ago (or one dose in case of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose injection)
  • The patient tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 using a CT of 28 or less, which avoids false positives
  • The patient is admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 and/or dies in the hospital

The TRUE Numbers for Hospitalizations: Vaxxed or Unvaxxed?

If vaccinated and unvaccinated were not treated with such varying standards, we’d probably find that the vaccinated now make up the bulk of hospitalizations, making the COVID pandemic one of the vaccinated. The Epoch Times August 30th issued this bombshell report:

“After a battery of testing, my friend was diagnosed with pancreatitis. But it was easier for the hospital bureaucracy to register the admission as a COVID case. The mainstream media is reporting that severe COVID cases are mainly among unvaccinated people. Is that what’s really going on?

It’s certainly not the case in Israel, the first country to fully vaccinate a majority of its citizens against the virus. Now it has one of the highest daily infection rates and the majority of people catching the virus (77 percent to 83 percent, depending on age) are already vaccinated, according to data collected by the Israeli government.

After admission, I spoke to the nurse on the COVID ward. The nurse told me that she had gotten both vaccines but she was feeling worried: ‘Two thirds of my patients are fully vaccinated,’ she said. How can there be such a disconnect between what the COVID ward nurse told me and the mainstream media reports?”

The problem is that the U.S. is not even trying to achieve an accurate count.  “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have publicly acknowledged that they do not have accurate data.”

So, when you hear that cases are rising and that most of them are unvaccinated, you need to ask: Are these people who have had one vaccine and gotten sick, two vaccines and gotten sick, or no vaccines at all? Without more details, it is impossible to know what is really going on.

CDC Is Counting non-COVID cases as COVID

On top of all of that, hospitals are still also reporting non-COVID related illnesses as COVID:

“Health authorities around the world have been doing this since the beginning of the COVID crisis. For example, a young man in Orange County, Florida who died in a motorcycle crash last summer was originally considered a COVID death by state health officials.

And a middle-aged construction worker fell off a ladder in Croatia and was also counted as a death from COVID. To muddy the waters further, even people who test negative for COVID are sometimes counted as COVID deaths.

Consider the case of 26-year-old Matthew Irvin, a father of three from Yamhill County, Oregon. As reported by KGW8 News, Irvin went to the ER with stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea on July 5, 2020. But instead of admitting him to the hospital, the doctors sent him home.

Five days later, on July 10, 2020, Irvin died. Though his COVID test came back negative two days after his death and his family told reporters and public health officials that no one Irvin had been around had any COVID symptoms, the medical examiner allegedly told the family that an autopsy was not necessary, listing his death as a coronavirus case. It took the Oregon Health Authority two and a half months to correct the mistake.

In an even more striking example of overcounting COVID deaths, a nursing home in New Jersey that only has 90 beds was wrongly reported as having 753 deaths from COVID. According to a spokesman, they had fewer than twenty deaths. In other words, the number of deaths was over-reported by 3,700 percent.” (The Epoch Times)

The Delta Variant

In a June 29, 2021, interview, Fauci called the Delta variant “a game-changer” for unvaccinated people, warning it will devastate the unvaccinated population while vaccinated individuals are protected against it. In the real world, the converse is turning out to be true, as the Delta variant is running wild primarily among those who got the COVID.

Wednesday, if you joined us at “TNN Live!” Dr. Peter McCullough mentioned his June appearance at FOX News. On the set that night,Dr. McCullough said this,“It is very clear from the U.K. Technical Briefingthat was published June 18 that the vaccine provides no protection against the Delta variant.”

The reason for this is that the Delta variant contains three different mutations, all in the spike protein. This allows this variant to evade the immune responses in those who have received the COVID jabs, but not those who have natural immunity, which is much broader.

Even so, the Delta variant is far milder than previous variants, according to the U.K.’s June 18, 2021, Technical Briefing. In it, they present data showing the Delta variant is more contagious but far less deadly and easier to treat. As McCullough told Fox News:

“Whether you get the vaccine or not, patients will get some very mild symptoms like a cold and they can be easily managed. Patients who have severe symptoms or at high risk, we can use simple drug combinations at home and get them through the illness. So, there’s no reason now to push vaccinations.”

Contrast that with the following statement made by President Biden during a CNN town hall meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, in late July 2021:

“We have a pandemic for those who haven’t gotten a vaccination. It’s that basic, that simple. If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, not going to the ICU unit, and not going to die. You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

However, Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency doctor and visiting professor of health policy and management at George Washington University’s Milken School of Public Health in Washington, D.C., contradicted the president, saying he had led the American astray by telling them you don’t need a mask if you’re vaccinated, or that you can’t get it or transmit it. As reported by CNN Health:23

“In particular, Wen took issue with Biden’s incorrect claims that you cannot contract Covid-19 or the Delta variant if you are vaccinated. ‘I was actually disappointed,’ Wen said. ‘I actually thought he was answering questions as if it were a month ago. He’s not really meeting the realities of what’s happening on the ground. I think he may have led people astray.’”

CNN added that Wen had told their political commentator Anderson Cooper that “many unknown answers remain related to Covid-19, and that it is still not known how well protected vaccinated individuals are from mild illness, [or] if you’re vaccinated, could you still be contagious to other people.”


Here’s the bottom line: We don’t yet have all the facts!

Yes, it’s true that the virus is morphing and variants continue to occur. This is NOT unusual. Viruses always do that in an effort to protect their existence. Bodies naturally create antibodies to fight the virus and the virus mutates to fight the antibodies.

It’s said for us to need to make this statement regarding all-things COVID related, but we must:

Just because you hear an “expert” say something is true doesn’t mean it is necessarily true. Further, just because you hear an “expert” say something is false doesn’t mean it is necessarily false.”

Does that sound familiar!

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Dr. Peter A. McCullough: Follow-Up

In Wednesday’s appearance by Dr. Peter McCullough on “TNN Live!” he promised all of you some links to some sites with information that pertains to everything he shared about the “factual” specifics of pretty much all-things COVID-19. Please find those links below:

Additionally, we always make available to all of our readers, listeners, and other partners all of our resources at no cost. That includes actual “TNN Live!” Shows. Daily, (Monday through Friday) you can find each show just minutes after the show completes located at the bottom of the first page of that day’s TruthNewsNetwork story. A Blue arrow when clicked loads directly from our Google Drive that day’s story for you to download or to listen to.

As promised, here is Wednesday’s show in which the first hour is an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough.

Believe me: you don’t want to miss it!

“TNN Live!:” Wednesday, September 15, 2021.


Texas Has Become the Wild, Wild West: Part Two

The crisis at our border is not only still pressing onward, it’s intensifying and widening. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are desperate to find ways to enter the nation. Our southern border was the first and most obvious place to target for illicit entry to the U.S. Then, this administration unveiled a “new” way to bring more immigrants in: from Afghanistan. The common thread is one President Biden wants us to overlook: we don’t know who these people are! 

We are certain some of these Afghan people have terrorist backgrounds and are coming with evil intentions. There’s no way to investigate their histories thoroughly. Think about it: do you think THIS Afghan government — the Taliban — would give the U.S. State Department information on these Afghanis who fled from Afghanistan? That’s even if there was such a database in their country!

We watched for years as our government struggled to learn the backgrounds of those coming to our southern border. Yet they still came…and got in…and are still coming…and STILL getting in.

Biden and his media minions want us all to believe that the President has it all under control. They want you to believe there’s “no there there.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Last week we took an inside look into the flood of illegals down south that had tied the hands of local and state law enforcement agencies — specifically in Texas. That story was Part One of this “look-see.” We need to go back to south Texas to look further.

Who would be better to give us the REAL facts with no political spin than the active local law enforcement agents AT the border? There are plenty of those in Texas. And there are many of those deputies and their bosses devised and implemented a plan to protect innocent young Americans. Let’s go back to Kinney County, where we began this in Part One. Here’s Part Two of that story.

Seeking Solutions

Kinney County kicked off its call for help on April 21 by declaring a state of disaster in the county. Other counties followed, and a slew of community meetings throughout the state attracted hundreds of irate residents. In a weather-related disaster, the state’s version of FEMA, the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM), kicks in with assistance. “We’ll have a hail storm, and TDEM is on the phone immediately, asking if we need anything,” Goliad County judge Mike Bennett said. But he said he didn’t hear from the agency after his county declared a disaster over the border crisis on April 21.

Gov. Greg Abbott has issued several executive orders meant to disburse assistance for local border regions. Still, counties such as Kinney have found it difficult to access help, including TDEM’s resources and the $1 billion the state allocated to border security in the last legislative session.

Meanwhile, the border crisis has been eating up local resources.

The sheriff’s deputies spend a majority of their time on callouts related to illegal aliens. EMS Director Henry Garcia said 50 percent of calls in June were illegal alien-related. He said he’s worried residents won’t get the help they need in an emergency since the county has just one ambulance crew available at any given time and volunteers run the fire department. Frustrated with the absence of federal help and slow state response, county leadership began talks with Garrison Trading, a private security contracting company that has worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. “If y’all are good enough for the U.S. military, you’re good enough for Texans,” Smith, the county attorney, said during the Kinney County Commissioners meeting in July. But, legally, it’s a “patchwork of statutes” to work through, he said.

Rex Morford, president of the Colorado-based company, told the commissioners that his team is getting the required state licenses and insurances to operate in Texas. The licenses were subsequently approved at the beginning of August, pending insurance review.

“Our primary focus is to support you—we’re not here to take over. This is not Iraq. This is not Afghanistan. This is America,” Morford said during the commissioner’s meeting. “What we’d like to do is start shutting down avenues along the border. You’ve got multiple lanes of approach. We can help shut those down.”

The sheriffs from Uvalde and Val Verde counties also attended the meeting and judges from Edwards and Jeff Davis counties. The response from state officials has been tepid, and a TDEM official told county leaders that a lot of what Garrison could help with is being tackled by the state.

“A lot of the things you describe are already ongoing in Texas,” said Tony Pena, assistant chief for TDEM, during a Zoom conference. “A lot of these things are already being addressed. I’m not trying to be negative here.”

TDEM officials told meeting participants that they had to submit a State of Texas assistance request (STAR) form to access resources. It was the first time Kinney County officials had ever heard of a STAR request; same with the Edwards and Jeff Davis counties judges who were also on the call.

Jail space has been one of the most critical bottlenecks, and the county considered using Garrison to build and staff a temporary facility. At the same time, the state looked at using Brackettville’s Civic Center as a temporary jail facility, but the county commissioners ruled that out as it’s smack in the middle of town. Instead, they offered the use of 60 acres adjacent to the county detention center. Brandon Wood, head of the Texas Jail Commission, joined the July 12 commissioner’s meeting by phone and suggested that the county work through TDEM set up temporary jail space. “We need to know what y’all need … and what you’re trying to do down there,” Wood said. Smith said, “We’ve been trying to get TDEM to help us since April.”

Since then, Kinney County’s jail issues have been relieved somewhat. DPS erected a temporary jail facility in neighboring Val Verde County, holding 96 inmates, and the Briscoe Unit is up and running. But neither facility accepts felons, which means drivers charged with smuggling illegal aliens are more often than not being released, pending charges. Illegal alien drivers often aren’t charged and are just handed to Border Patrol to deport.

The high price tag for any extra security measures not being met by TDEM means a potential push for private donations; the Kinney County Commissioners Court on Aug. 2 approved the set-up of a bank account that will accept border security donations. A public web portal has yet to be launched. Even if they can access TDEM funding, counties often have to bear the upfront costs in many cases, and the small counties don’t have bags of spare operating capital laying around.

Edwards County Judge Souli Shanklin said he’s still waiting for TDEM to reimburse his county for a 2018 flood.

“Of the $1 million they owe, I’ve got $146,000 reimbursed,” he told The Epoch Times on July 7. “How much operating capital do you have to pay these guys? I don’t have very damn much. We can’t afford to pay these gentlemen.”

Coe said getting Garrison in could be a “huge game-changer” for the state. “Let Kinney County be the model. Let them see what can be done when we put our mind to it. Instead of rolling over playing dead, let’s be proactive,” he told a reporter.

“Either way, it’s going to cost us money — whether they get over here and live for the rest of their lives on welfare and Medicaid and everything else—or we stop them here.”

Coe said the inner cities, including Austin and Dallas, have issues with drugs and violence from the border. “So if we stop it here, we save them up there.”

Kinney County is finalizing a letter of intent to provide to Garrison, but it’s nonbinding and contingent on funding. County Judge Tully Shahan wants to move ahead but is nervous about liability.

“Kinney County is going to be sticking its neck out big-time to hire private contractors,” Shahan said at an Aug. 2 meeting.

“We’ve got to cross that hurdle somehow,” he told representatives of Garrison.

Shahan said he’d feel “more protected liability-wise” if the state Department of Public Safety was involved. Still, the county has been “waiting on the governor’s office” to get more resources and “hasn’t received any help yet,” so they’re moving in the direction of the private contractors.

“State officials need to realize that this crisis has surpassed that of a law enforcement issue,” Smith told The Epoch Times on Aug. 9. “The solution will have to include aspects of a military operation and the manpower that entails.”

Smith said he’s not averse to militias coming in if need be.

“If it weren’t for militias, we wouldn’t have a country today. The militias were what originally freed us from the British crown. Militias were what freed Texas from the Mexican government,” he said. “Militias have a bad rap. But I think, by and large, they’re formed by the people, by the citizens, and they volunteer to help governments and their own citizens in times of trouble.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff Coe has asked the state to give him 42 National Guard troops. He wants to set them up in key locations in the county as listening post-observation post personnel to report anything they see or hear.

“Not only along the river but some places interior, where I know they [illegal aliens] are walking through. And that gives us a better feel of what’s going on,” Coe told The Epoch Times on Aug. 10. “But I don’t think I’m going to get them.”

He said it’s unlikely the state will cede control of the National Guard troops but that DPS is getting more of them deployed throughout the region.

“We’ll give it some time. We’ll see what happens,” Coe said.

On July 27, Abbott issued an executive order for the Texas National Guard to assist DPS in arresting illegal aliens on state charges, including criminal trespassing, smuggling, and human trafficking.

State troopers have started delivering vanloads of illegal aliens to the Kinney County Sheriff’s Office to be charged with criminal trespass after picking them up off ranches. In the last two weeks, more than 170 charges have been filed.

“DPS has been working hard on conducting more ground operations on the ranches in Kinney County … where probably 80 percent of the illegal trafficking is occurring,” Smith said.

“They’re having some success in their arrests but are very limited in the manpower they can deploy on the ground.”

Although the state is doing more and Coe is getting direct help from Galveston deputies, Smith is confident they’ll also employ Garrison in some form.

A total of 52 illegal immigrants from Mexico and Honduras wait to be booked for criminal trespass after being arrested by Texas State Troopers on local ranches, at the Kinney County Sheriffs Office in Brackettville, Texas, on Aug. 8, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

391 Commission

Using a more obscure approach but with potential major results, Kinney County, Uvalde County, and the city of Uvalde have joined forces to create a subregional planning commission under Section 391 of the Texas code. It’s a statute unique to Texas that gives small regions the teeth to direct coordination with state agencies and their resources.

It sounds academic, but the first major win for a 391 commission was a David and Goliath affair that stopped constructing the Trans-Texas Corridor—a superhighway and related ecosystem that connected Chinese-run ports in Mexico to Canada. It was also known as the NAFTA Superhighway.

American Stewards of Liberty, a nonprofit organization, was instrumental in the 2009 win against the superhighway. The organization’s chief executive and executive director are husband and wife duo Dan and Margaret Byfield. The Byfields are helping Kinney and Uvalde navigate their new commission, which was officially formed on Aug. 2 and named the Texas Border Subregional Planning Commission.

The commission will use the overriding provision in the statute that allows regions to “join and cooperate to improve the health, safety, and general welfare of their residents.”

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, the commission chairman, said he thinks it’ll be “invaluable” because “small rural counties … get neglected.”

“I think it’s got the potential to be really effective because you can actually hold a state agency accountable, and we don’t have to go to Austin. They’ve got to come to us. They’ve got to talk to us,” McLaughlin told The Epoch Times on Aug. 9.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin at City Hall in Uvalde, Texas, on May 26, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

Uvalde has been beleaguered all year by a huge increase in illegal alien smuggling, vehicle pursuits, and bailouts—which is when a vehicle stops and the illegal aliens jump out and scatter to avoid capture.

“We had car chases Friday, we had car chases Saturday, we had car chases Sunday—and bailouts in the community,” McLaughlin said. He’s so fed up, and he’s ready to shut down Highway 90 to force attention to the issue.

McLaughlin said the extra Texas state troopers deployed to Uvalde have been a “tremendous help.”

“I can only imagine the number of chases and the number of bailouts we’d have had in our community without the DPS. That number would probably be triple or quadruple. So I’m very thankful,” he said.

As with Kinney County, though, jail space in Uvalde is perpetually at capacity.

McLaughlin wants to use the commission to cut through the red tape with TDEM, with the jail standards commission, and with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

“You have the governor’s office saying that TDEM is going to help you, and the jail standard commission is waiving things, and TCOLE is going to make it easier for you to bring [retired law enforcement] people back. And that’s not the case right now,” he said.

“I’m almost of the mindset that it’s time to call for a state militia. Because law enforcement is overwhelmed, the federal government’s doing nothing, and so it’s going to be up to us to take care of our state and take care of our citizens.”

Illegal immigrants are captured on a game camera as they traverse Cole Hill’s ranch in Kinney County, Texas. (Courtesy of Cole Hill)

Margaret Byfield said although the issues and agencies are different from the superhighway, the 391 commission should work similarly.

“The scenario is very similar here, where the local governments know exactly what they need to secure the border. And the state, which has the responsibility to do that, is not providing them those resources,” she said.

“So it’s a little bit different, but in a lot of ways, it still is the same problem and can still get resolved through the same process.”

She said the counties should also be able to access TDEM funding they need upfront, allowing for the use of private security contractors without relying on donations.

The next step for the commission is to formulate and prioritize its needs and then contact the relevant agency decision-makers to meet.

Slow Pace

Kinney County leadership is united in trying to implement solutions to what they’ve declared is an emergency, but they’re frustrated by the glacial pace it’s all unfolding.

Hunting season looms, and ranchers and residents provide daily evidence that groups of illegal aliens are traversing the county unvetted and unchecked.

And while the different levels of government go through their machinations, many residents of Kinney County remain armed and frustrated.


Have you wondered on what authority the Biden Administration continues to not just “allow” illegal immigrants entry into the country but also to “promote” their coming? One thing that is missing in the media reporting about this is that these illegals coming break at least one law. And the promotion of these illegal actions is also illegal — even IF it is our federal government!

What remains to be determined is if and who will be held responsible for this lawlessness. It certainly lies at the feet of this President. After all, he could stop it with one phone call.

Will corrupt Democrats in power ever be held accountable for their suborning this illegality?

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