Crumbs and Giggle Fits

It’s gotten totally out of hand in D.C. Members of Congress and other career politi-crats are showing their true colors. Today let’s take a close look at what is really going on. And it’s not pretty.


Seeking Facts: Police Brutality

With an impending new round of NFL protests of police brutality of African Americans, we need to try and tamp down the emotions and get some facts. We have them….TODAY! From Harvard University — a “middle-to-left-leaning” east coast elite university — we have newly compiled statistics and data from across the U.S. on the subject. Turn your sound up!


North Korea Summit: Will it Ever Happen?

Congressional Leftists are crying “The Sky is Falling” because Donald Trump canceled the summit with North Korea. They do NOT really care to understand the reasoning — and the ART OF A DEAL that is obviously at play here. Listen today to the conversation with multiple members of Congress about wildly varying thoughts about the cancellation of the summit and what’s ahead. Thank’s for listening!


MS-13: Illegal Immigrants or “Animals?”

President Trump was accused by the Mainstream Media of in a White House round table calling ALL illegal immigrants “Animals.” As often occurs, the MSM got it wrong — many feel on purpose. The President with that remark referenced ONLY members of the MS-13 gang — a vicious and violent gang that originated in El Salvador that systematically tortures, rapes, sometimes hacks off victims limbs and ev n decapitates victims. 

Let’s look closer at MS-13 and it’s impact in the USA. 


Tuesday Bullet Points: May 22, 2018

Today we are re-activating our “Tuesday Bullet Point” feature. Every Tuesday we will summarize via bullet points highlights of the previous several days regarding important happenings of all types critical to all Americans. The difference going forward is “Tuesday Bullet Points” will be presented via our podcast instead of a written post. Enjoy!


School Slaughters: Enough!!!

Another school mass shooting: Santa Fe High School in Texas joins the recently attacked Parkland, Florida high school among the two dozen or so schools that have sustained similar attacks since the first: Columbine in Colorado.  Political rhetoric again runs amuck. The outcome of that rhetoric will no doubt be the same: no action, symbolic gestures from politicians at federal, state, and local levels, and students and their parents all across America will again approach school everyday in total terror of becoming the next target of some crazed gunman. Student protests like the one pictured above have not worked to initiate meaningful changes to stop such violence.

Want a fix — a REAL fix? There’s only one that can be implemented quickly. Listen for that fix in detail. And it has already worked!



Anarchy: Are we There?

Anarchy: 1. a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.  2. lawlessness, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, turmoil.

Anarchists move to abolish laws or at least make laws ineffective. The 60’s ushered in “Revolution” to the U.S. — primarily due to the Vietnam War and the cries against it.

We’re headed again toward Anarchy. Listen to today’s Podcast for the reasoning to support that.



“F_ _ _ _ the NRA!” (New Mexico Democrat Congressional Candidate Pat Davis)


A Democratic congressional candidate in New Mexico used an expletive in a television ad to condemn the National Rifle Association and inaction by U.S. lawmakers on gun control, beginning a 15-second spot with the words “F— the NRA.” In the ad, Albuquerque City Council member Pat Davis goes on to the say that NRA policies have “resulted in dead children, dead mothers and dead fathers,” and that “if Congress won’t change our gun laws, we’re changing Congress.”

Davis’s follow-up 15-second ad says “In the 15 seconds of this ad, an AR-15 can shoot 150 times……”

As nasty as was his first ad, denigrating every one of the millions of NRA members (not one of who has ever perpetrated a mass shooting)  is not nearly as horrible as the gross exaggeration contained in his second ad: NO AR-15 can shoot 150 time in 15-seconds. If there was a magazine that actually held 150 shells that could deliver those shells into the chamber of an AR-15 to fire in 15 seconds, the barrel of that AR-15 would literally melt.

Davis is given a pass by his supporters and benignly by many who see his ads. Why? He’s a former policeman. And policeman KNOW these things, right? In this case, not so much.

Let’s Get Started

The crux of every gun conversation is about gun control: will it work stopping murders; can it be done legally; what would that look like and who would implement that process? In this conversation we have heard many suggestions — all of which are fueled by the emotion of mass shootings and speculation of what would “definitely” work to stop such murders. But none that I have seen provide facts.

In today’s Podcast I am providing actual facts that explain using multiple other countries murder statistics as compared to their legal gun ownership so that finally Americans can get some real facts to form educated opinions. You will have to listen closely, for there are many statistics intertwined with narrative: DON’T LOSE THE FACTS! To make this easier for you to refer to these facts and statistics later, at the end of this I am providing a link to the written transcript of this Podcast — at least the statistics and country comparisons — so you can get comfortable to base your gun control opinion on facts and can pass these facts along to others if you wish. Here we go!

Below is the Link to Download the Transcript of this Podcast

Do We Need Gov’t Gun Control Laws