Anarchy: The “New” Objective Of A Scary Number Of Americans

What started as routine leftist protests in April quickly turned into a battle for the UCLA campus — and the Daily Caller’s investigative reporters were on the ground to document it all.

April protests over the Israel-Hamas war quickly turned to encampments on the picturesque UCLA quad. This set the stage for riots as anti-Israel activists, pro-Israel counter-protesters, and the Los Angeles Police Department all clashed in the wee hours of the night.

The Daily Caller’s new documentary, “Anarchy U,” captured it all as it unfolded in real-time: the violence, the building takeovers, the construction and destruction of the encampment, and the power struggle between might, right, and the law.

But in documenting the chaos, we uncovered the motives of the anti-Israel protesters go far deeper than just Palestinian solidarity. They even go beyond the destruction of Israel. What they seek is nothing less than the destruction of the entire Western world order.

Anarchy U” is available exclusively to Patriots members. Catch an exclusive first glimpse below.

You’ve most likely heard anti-Israel protesters’ favorite buzzword repeated ad nauseam since the Oct. 7 attack: “Decolonization now!” they demand.

This term has countless iterations. It’s not just Israel that must be “decolonized,” but American society, the developing world, schools, medicine, media, and culture ― seemingly the entire world suffers under the legacy of colonialism.

But colonization no longer exists, you might be thinking. We live in a global community of nations, and in first-world countries like America and Israel at least, we all have guaranteed to safeguard us from arbitrary tyranny. So what does this decolonization crowd really want?

Investigative reporter Cam Higby was able to paint a clearer picture as he infiltrated the encampments at UCLA. The same people chanting for Intifada at UCLA often had a broader array of goals. “It’s BLM version two,” Higby explains.

Higby documents the rallies, as organizers call not just for the “liberation” of Palestinians, but of “workers, and all of the multitude of oppressed.”

“Let’s fight for a socialist world, and against this vicious capitalism of U.S. imperialism,” the agitator continues.

To the anti-Israel crowd, Israel is just a small part of a larger imperialist whole. Decolonization is nothing but Marxism repackaged for a modern audience under the umbrella of identity politics.

For Marx, it was proletariat versus bourgeois, or the worker who was exploited by his capitalist boss. Today’s Marxists take the same oppressor-victim formula and broaden it out — way out. Colonized vs. colonizer, black vs. white, female vs. male, gay vs. straight — all are formulations of the new Marxism.

In America, the post-war standard of living was just too high to agitate workers against capitalists, so the Marxists needed to get creative. Instead, they took a real instance of historical oppression in America — slavery and anti-black racism — and built a new foundation around it. Racism, it’s said by these new Marxists, is just the inevitable outcome of exploitative capitalism. It’s a tool used to ensure the wealthy and the powerful remain wealthy and powerful. That’s how we wind up with ideas like “system racism,” a phantom menace that can only truly be defeated once capitalism is overthrown in the West — the purpose of decolonizing American life from the supposed scourge of white supremacy.

Europe doesn’t have the same painful legacy of slavery, so the new Marxists targeted the European history of colonialism. Again, it’s a true instance of past injustice, abstractly defined to move the present world towards Marxism. The third world today isn’t underdeveloped because of any choice they did or didn’t make.  Rather, they are behind due to centuries of Western oppression, the legacy of which continues through capitalism. They can never catch up when the West had such a head start. Once again, the only solution is to overthrow the system entirely.

You might be thinking: Israel doesn’t fit neatly into either category. But for the decolonization crowd, Israel is nothing but an outpost of white, European “settler colonialism.” It was “stolen” by colonizers, and given to European Jews at the expense of “Palestinians.” Under this line of thinking, the only true “justice” is Intifada, literally the “shaking off” of Israel and the entire Western order.

But the destruction of Israel is not enough. The goal, forever and always, is world revolution. It can’t happen in one country alone. It must happen everywhere, all at once — a constant battle for “decolonization” — or the oppressors will always find a way to hold on to power.

So when anti-Israel protesters grasp the mantle of morality and justice, know that they are lying. They don’t want a better world. They want a world in which they call the shots, a Marxist hellscape, where everyone is worse off except them.

Watch “Anarchy U” today to learn more about the insidious motives of the anti-Israel protesters, and how they intersect with BLM, Antifa, and all the leftist groups who want to see the American way of life destroyed.

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