But, What If…

All my life, I have considered myself to be a “problem-solver.” I have always enjoyed finding something, especially a power tool or other useful object, that is broken or has stopped working and requires repair. It really gets my juices flowing, and my mental faculties are focused on finding a solution to said problem, and if a real solution can be found, it is extremely fulfilling. I’m not bragging, but my track record of success in finding and implementing those solutions is pretty good.

I start by considering the problem, looking at it from every angle to see if the ‘fix’ is something so simple it would make one laugh. Sometimes the fix really IS simple, but usually, that ‘simple fix’ is non-existent and further troubleshooting is needed to come up with something that really works.

One critical part of that troubleshooting is to ask the question: “What if……”? and then carefully look at the broken and be willing to examine it from every angle to find the quickest, cheapest, and possibly longest-lasting ‘fix.’ That ‘fix’ could be as simple as what if I took this apart and bent this flange this way so that this spring would……? “

You get the drift. The troubleshooting starts with the obvious fix and proceeds to more difficult fare until the problem is resolved or….. until complete frustration sets in. The longer it takes to troubleshoot and actually find a solution, the more likely that frustration wins out and the tool is left unrepaired in the garage.

Even though my problems are sometimes left unresolved, despite my troubleshooting processes, it is still fun and enlightening to use the ‘what if’ means of looking at those problems from different perspectives.

Maintaining an optimistic attitude regarding the ‘solving of problems’ is a must if one expects actually to be successful. Still, eventually, one must confront the thought that there IS no solution to some of those pesky problems, and since the problems are NOT life-threatening, one can say, ‘So what’ instead of ‘What if.’

If Only It Were That Easy

All my life, I was taught to respect our leaders and be obedient to them since they respected “the people” and were placed in their leadership positions for our benefit; I truly believe that was at least partially true when I was first taught it. But what if it is no longer true? What if those in leadership positions no longer respect us and have no concern for our welfare or our future? A scary thought, right? Extremely so since the effects of the decisions they make are much more critical that not being able to repair a malfunctioning power tool.

A close and objective view of the leadership of the USA for the past 40+ years is enough to convince me that our leaders have actually created more problems than they have ever solved, and we are all living with the devastation those problems have wrought. How wonderful it would be to shrug our shoulders and say, “so what?” when we realize the problems created by politicians will NOT just go away.

Now, The REAL Problems

Unless you live in a bubble, completely insulated from all outside influences, you must be aware of just how messed up this world in which we now live. Every sector of human existence is rife with problems. Wars are waging on several continents with no end in sight. Supply line disruptions have made the availability of food and other necessary commodities a real threat to our continued existence. Our once great healthcare system is only a shadow of what it once was, with dwindling trust in our healthcare providers.

The world financial system is nearing a total collapse, with no one nation seemingly having a currency that will buy what it did even a short time ago. Since few, if any, currencies are now backed with “real money” (think gold and silver), it is nearly impossible to determine what value any nation’s currency has. Now, the central banks of the world have determined that, in the near future, the ONLY money they will issue and recognize is what is being called a CBDC, or a Central Bank Digital Currency, a currency consisting of nothing more than one and zeros in a computer; in other words, the CBDC is, like nearly ALL fiat currencies, backed by absolutely nothing that a person can hold in his hand. In such a system, no one will have the final say over HIS ‘money,’ with no option to go to a bank and withdraw a bagful of ones and zeros to take to a store to purchase necessities.

So, an optimist will read this and say, “There must be an answer to all these problems; after all, our government leaders would not allow our world, our way of life, to be destroyed simply because of a few pesky problems, right?

Those who adopt this optimistic view do so based on the premise that those same ‘leaders’ actually care about our lives, but what if your premise is wrong? What if they do NOT care? What if their intent is to destroy our way of life? You must then examine all your premises to see which of them is wrong and in need of changing.

International agencies that are run by ‘non-elected bureaucrats’ now seem to be in control of nearly every critical aspect of human life, from food availability, healthcare availability, job availability, financial INstability, etc. Even though they spout off about ‘finding solutions’ to ALL our problems, they seldom actually implement any of them (Could it be that they really do NOT have any solutions?).

We are faced with so-called pandemics that, according to the unelected bureaucrats, require that we give up most of our freedoms to ‘stay safe.’ We are told that the only way we can survive is to accept that human actions, driving CLIMATE CHANGE, are to blame for all the problems in the world, and those actions MUST be changed, or we are all doomed.

In other words, the real problems definitely ARE life-threatening and seemingly insurmountable. The entire world is reeling from the effects of these overwhelming issues and is constantly looking for answers that will make their lives ‘easy’ and comfortable again.

Politicians especially love to spout off about their ability to provide answers to OUR problems, but what if THEY ARE the creators of the problems rather than the “finders” of the solutions?

We recently lived through a four-year period of relative ‘quiet,’ a time of relative prosperity and peace here in the US with plentiful energy, plentiful job opportunities, and a somewhat optimistic outlook for our future. In fact, many in the US were discussing the prospects of that continued prosperity and peace, “Making America Great Again.” Now, however, we are facing the direst issues of our short 246-year history. The prospect of making our nation as great as it was even a few decades ago is a dim one indeed.

Facing The ‘What If’ Question Honestly – Crossing the Red Line

From Wikipedia: “The Red line, or “to cross the red line,” is a phrase used worldwide to mean a figurative point of no return or line in the sand, or “the fastest, farthest, or highest point or degree considered safe.” In most cases, when the phrase is used, it is meant to establish a limit or figurative barrier, dictating the furthest bounds of what is tolerable, allowable, or forgivable. Historically, red lines have been drawn that indicate a point beyond which one party will not allow another party to cross without having serious harm inflicted upon him. It is generally considered a warning that consequences will be suffered by those who cross the red line.

Depending upon the power and authority held by one or another party, serious harm may or may not happen when the red line is crossed.

Does God establish His red lines and issue His warnings to those who think to cross them? The Bible has abundant instances recorded when God has done just that.

I know that many Christians are fervently praying for God to make all these insurmountable, unsolvable problems go away so that we can all go back to our normal, comfortable, and easy lives. They are obviously operating under the premise that God will hear those prayers and MAGA.

But what if that premise is wrong? Could it be possible that God WILL NOT hear those prayers and send someone who will MAGA? Is not the earth, and the fulness thereof, the property of the Lord?

But, say many, God will NEVER forsake this nation; He has always protected and kept us from being harmed by our enemies. But what if God has NOT forsaken this nation, but instead, this nation has forsaken  Him?

What if this nation has crossed a red line established by God Almighty? Is there anyone who can require that God repent and forgive the unforgivable?

The United States is NOT the apple of God’s eye; that marvelous privilege belongs to the offspring of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Jewish people. Throughout history, God made covenants with them and ALWAYS honored those covenants. Many times, the Jewish people dishonored the covenants and the God Who made them. Still, God did not destroy them even though their disobedience made them a target of His righteous discipline and punishment many times. Some of those times when they crossed God’s ‘red line,’ their punishment was very harsh, but God always promised them that He would uphold them and bring them back to Him.

The United States does NOT have such a covenant with God, and based on the parallels found between Israel and the US in the Book of Jeremiah (chapters 7 and 14 especially) when the US crosses His red line (or have we already?), what will the US look like when His righteous judgment is directed at this nation?

President Thomas Jefferson once stated, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”


The question I have used in my troubleshooting process many times, “What if?” is often merely rhetorical and not meant to be answered or even taken seriously, only because the problems for which I seek solutions are NOT life-threatening. But What if, from God’s perspective, the US HAS crossed His red line and is now merely awaiting the awakening of God’s justice? Then, one must consider that to be a life-threatening problem, especially for those who have no promise of protection from God’s wrath and destruction. If that is the case, waiting for someone to MAGA is the least of America’s problems. Survival as a nation becomes a real possibility. It has been said that if God does not judge America for her sins, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

This formerly great nation has received abundant warnings from God since her founding, especially in the last 45 years, but what if we have seen the last of those warnings and are now facing His judgment?

It is indeed a frightening prospect, But, What If we are now just waiting for God to act, not in His mercy nor His compassion, but in judgment? Selah……



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