Is the CIA For Us Or Against Us?

Why does the United States have a Central Intelligence Agency? We never had one prior to WWII and we were pretty secure. What changed? Communism was a worry insofar as it might have attempted to overthrow our government from within, but there was a Federal Bureau of Investigation already long-established and in place to counter any such threat if waged illegally.

I suppose that during the years of the Cold War, roughly 1945 to 1989, intelligence organs outside of the US were useful in detecting and analyzing strategic military situations regarding the USSR. Even so, intelligence gained from submarine tapping of Soviet undersea communications cables revealed that whatever the makeup of the Soviet strategic nuclear forces, they had no intention of ever launching a ”first strike”. That intelligence brought us to the understanding that the USSR viewed strategic nuclear weapons as only insurance against a first strike launched against them by the USA and NATO forces.

While it’s good to know what your potential enemies are up to, did it really require a separate and huge “intelligence agency”, even then, in order to know it? What about the various military intelligence units in those days? How about military attache attached to embassies? Was it a case of Allen Dulles and others in the USA seeing how the USSR’s various internal spy organizations controlled the people and how effective Nazi Germany’s Gestapo had been in that regard, that they thought that, for reasons of the control of domestic power, a clandestine service was necessary for the USA? Whatever the ultimate truth about any such need for a separate, ad hoc clandestine organization, the Cold War has been over for more than thirty years.

What is the CIA’s mission today? What do they do that our military intelligence and FBI are incapable of providing in terms of intelligence? Could it be that “intelligence” per se isn’t necessarily their mission?

What if their mission was to involve themselves in domestic politics in alliance with some shadowy group in politics, business, and industry?  After all, do they report to us? We don’t know what they do unless they tell us via media or Congress after they have done it. What the members of congressional intelligence committees and the president learn, are only what the CIA chooses to tell them.

What anyone in our government outside the agency learns about the CIA’s activities, is doled out on a “need to know” basis.

Who, in the United States of America, has a greater “need to know” than the president, the Congress, and the people who grant them their office? Who are those persons in intelligence to tell us what we can and what we cannot know of their activities and their goals? The Republican Party doesn’t even post specific goals for its voters to see! Are they a branch of the CIA?  Joking of course, but really…

In Roger Stone’s excellent book, “The Bush Crime Family” he writes this of the Reagan White House during the Iran/Contra episode: “Rather than the president making foreign policy decisions with his advisors, it now seemed that the advisors, being CIA, steered policy toward CIA goals.  In doing so, CIA goals became the president’s goals.”

CIA “policy” goals? Policy goals are not the province of the CIA or any other cabinet or agency concern. Those agencies are the tools used to implement, not determine policy. Foreign policy is for the president to enunciate and for the Dept. of State and others as necessary to carry out and administer. Domestic policy is for our elected officials only.  That a clandestine agency, unaccountable to the people, would have its own policy goals is a chilling prospect. I have come to think that it may well account for many of the difficulties confronting Americans today in preserving the form and promise of our republic.

We know that the CIA has assassins. Stone writes of one, Felix Rodriguez, whose mission was to kill and behead local villagers in Vietnam to demoralize the Viet Cong. According to Stone, Rodriguez later reported directly to George G.H.W. Bush at the time of the assassination attempt on President Reagan when the former was the Vice President. Yet another documentary, “Dark Legacy”, puts CIA man Bush as central in the CIA assassination of President John F. Kennedy. We know from Seymour Hersch that they blew up Russia’s NordStream Pipeline.

Why does the USA need professional assassins in the federal government? Should every town and state also have them as they seem to have in Mexico?

Are the CIA in fact, in charge of foreign policy, dictating to chosen members of Congress, or the president, who they have compromised? Do they run politicians as they run spies in various nations? After all, most CIA agents in the Cold War days were like sales managers. They didn’t so much spy. What they did was cultivate indigenous nationals who were willing for one reason or another to divulge the secrets of their country, and then run them, directing their actions and debriefing them. Is it possible that they have much dirt on key domestic political figures who, rather than risk the CIA “leaking” the material which would destroy them, instead do what they are told to do?

What if their mission was to destabilize foreign governments? It would seem that it is, given that in January of 2022 they were behind an attempted coup d’etat in the Russian border nation Kazakhstan. We know that they had already established puppets in Ukraine, Zelensky the latest. Back in the ‘70s, there was a famous episode in Chile, where they set up the assassination of President Salvador Allende. Presently, using Ukraine as a base, they’ve been working for years to destabilize Russia’s government and effect “regime change” there. The recent attempt to assassinate Russian President Putin with a drone was said to be an action of Ukraine. Zelensky denied that Ukraine launched the attack. My guess is that he’s right, that it was the CIA who launched it. And what about 9/11 and everything involved in the Middle East? Benghazi?

Given that they are involved in such activities abroad, is it unreasonable to suspect that they could involve themselves in “regime change” here in the USA? Their involvement in American mainstream media outlets, well-known since at least the Church senate investigations of the late 1970s could well account for all the propaganda and disinformation most recently cited in Tucker Carlson’s recent speech in Alabama. How else could such propaganda be so coordinated in content, timing, and distribution if not from a single, authoritarian source?

The American people need to wake up. Serious opposition to our way of life is waging a winning conflict today in the United States. We need to create our own issues and cease to allow them to be defined by the media and by corrupt, entrenched politicians and bureaucrats. A great start would be to form a new political party that would represent those issues, and our issues, and populate it with men and women sworn to carry out the mission that Trump began: Draining the Swamp.



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