Fascist USA

This is the age of propaganda, the age of Disinformation.  This is also a new age of fascism. There are no communist countries remaining, other than North Korea. It’s fine for a man to call himself a woman, put on lipstick, wear a dress and alter himself surgically – but he remains a man nonetheless.

Likewise, because the Peoples’ Republic of China continues to call itself “communist” doesn’t make it communist. People there can own their own businesses, run them for profit and own property. Nothing could be further from Communism or Marxism than that. It’s capitalism, the antithesis of Marxism. Once communists, the Chinese of the PRC are no longer communists. They are fascists. Why are people still writing articles which say that we need be wary of communists and Marxists?

In Political Science 101 the student learns that Marxism supposes that the state owns everything. All property and all the means of production of anything belong to the state. They also manage it all, to the greatest extent possible. One of the main reasons that so few communist states still exist is because managing it all was pretty much NOT possible. Marxism/Leninism/Maoism were simply unable to support the people laboring under its yoke. In the USSR, the people eventually rose up to shed that yoke. In China, the government simply slid away from Marxism and amended it before the people could do it.

Fascism, one learns, is an authoritarian government composed of a single political party with government in league with huge, capitalistic, nominally private business concerns. The government and the mega-businesses each wash each other’s backs. The people can still own property and form business concerns for profit. This is essentially how the Peoples’ Republic of China is presently composed. Unfortunately, it is also how the USA is now composed.

As the PRC has strayed from is Maoist roots, so has the USA strayed from its constitutional roots and founding principles. That distance is becoming greater almost by the day to the point where we are looking like a fascist state ourselves. If it looks like a duck…you know the rest. It seems that “communist” has simply replaced “fascist” in common dialogue. In truth, the distinctions are really moot: either is synonymous with “evil” and “inhuman.”

Our democratic republic – The USA – isn’t democratic any more. As it has been with the other fascist nations in history, there is but one party here – in practice. We see that presently in the House of Representatives where there is a “revolt” among conservative GOP representatives who won’t go along with McCarthy’s Establishment plan to raise the debt limit. Eventually, the Establishment will win, however and the few principled reps (we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt) will find that the party reverts to form – Establishment globalist enablers.

That Establishment is the “permanent ruling class” as Limbaugh and others termed it, kept in place by the donations of extremely wealthy elites and big businesses. Of course, we know that supposedly there are the two main parties representing different views of running the nation: Republican and Democrat. However, we also know that as a matter of actual congressional and executive actions over the past thirty years and longer, there has been and remains only one party, one view: “progressive,” or more accurately, “Fascist,” which is what it really is. The GOP act as enablers because although in practice they support the globalists in legislation and policy, they hold our influence at bay by posing as our champions at election time. The Party won’t permit people like Trump, who would faithfully represent us, to rise within the party and gain their full support. Those few sincere politicians who manage to attain office despite the party, will never be House Speakers or Majority Leaders. The Establishment’s media refer to such candidates scornfully as populists, sneering at them because they intend to represent their electorate faithfully.

For additional evidence of fascism other than the uniparty feature, look at the alliances between the Department of Defense and the military industrial complex; the alliance with CIA and FBI with social and mainstream media; The Department of Health and Human Services with all our hospitals; CDC/NIH/NAIAH/WHO with all our medical facilities and doctors; The FDA with Big Pharma, the latter linked with the preceding government agencies as well; The Department of Agriculture with Agribusiness; The Department of Education and all our schools and institutions of higher learning, and etc. What about the Department of Defense and its involvement with the pharmaceuticals and the vaccines?

Then look at who funds our politicians for political office. It is those same linked industries who financially back these people, to whom those politicians are later beholden.

We don’t count. The American citizen isn’t a part of the equation. We are no longer in charge. If we oppose the people who the ruling establishment have chosen for the presidency, they rig the election to get their candidate elected.  Trump’s (our) 2016 victory showed them what happens if they aren’t strong enough in the rigging. They were more thorough in 2020. Just Democrats?  Hardly. Dedicated fascists George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Dick Cheney openly supported Clinton in 2016.  Following both the 2020 and 2022 elections, Arizona’s Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and County Recorder, all Republicans, were the target of voter fraud investigations.

But what about the constitution? That’s easily sidestepped by these fascist forces. Where does the constitution authorize executive orders? Aren’t those merely imperial decrees? There’s no way to sugar-coat that. What about the CIA? Where in the constitution is the federal government given the power to conduct clandestine operations in perpetuity without accountability for the money spent and without any accounting to the people for either its activities or results? If their missions are outside the country, then they are a matter of foreign policy. Foreign policy is very much the concern of the citizenry and we have a need to know what is being done in the conduct of our policies.  The same goes for their missions inside the country, especially. Ditto the FBI. Instead, we are stonewalled. These are huge agencies with powers not given to them by the Constitution.

When criminals are running the government, then criminality becomes a virtue. Our fascist government has been using its agencies in many unconstitutional and likely, criminal, acts against its political opponents, that is, those who are not criminal and who would, given the office, expose the criminals for what and who they are. It’s so out in the open now that it’s almost beyond the ability of their media to hide what they are doing. Worse, when it is the Department of Justice and its various branches which are behind some of the acts, supported by the President, then there is no viable timely recourse. Ex-president Trump recently referred to them correctly as “fascist thugs.”

All that the government did to ravage the USA and really, the world, concerning COVID-19 is seemingly water over the dam. Despite all the evidence of everything, ranging from government construction of the virus to its direct prevention of effective cures, it’s of no interest to the Department of Justice. There is no interest in the investigation of all the money which went to the big pharmaceutical companies nor any interest in the billions of dollars they took for poisonous vaccines while the FDA and CDC cheered them on, stonewalling all the adverse effects and hiding behind the press which aided in that concealment. There’s no investigation into what was behind the “shutdowns” which had only one effect, a seriously bad one: it killed off thousands of “Mom-and-Pop” businesses, putting millions out of work, creating government dependencies in place of independence.

The Establishment’s journalists no longer believe in “investigating.” Why?  Simple: they don’t want you invested in the truth, but rather in the lies fed to them for print by the Deep State. They want you believing falsehoods and kept focused on meaningless distractions. The Dept. of Justice isn’t interested in people like Fauci, Walensky, Baric and so many more who led the charge against the world’s populations in this attack. No interest. Just a pass for them. They’re a part of “the team.”

If nothing else is evidence of fascism in the USA, the COVID-19 episode alone makes it obvious.  The collusion of industrial, medical, media and government across the nation is too blatant to be missed.

So, let’s not trouble ourselves too much about communists. That’s not the authoritarian setup we’re being lurched into. We’re being reset up as a fascist state, with a single ruling party. Their agenda is hidden from us, in that you can’t go to any GOP or Democrat website and see a list of legislation or specific policies which either intend to pursue. (Yet media in their reporting refer to the Republican agenda, while never explaining it.) Those who run congress know what it is, eventually, handed to them by elites, but we find out only as it is unveiled as legislation and implemented policy. It’s set up so that, yes, we vote. Yet because neither party posts its agenda for us to read, we vote with no idea of what we are voting, other than a personality. But then, it doesn’t matter. We only get whatever policies that the fascist Establishment has planned for us.

We defeated the fascists in 1945, but it appears that we only sent them underground to reappear in the latter part of the last millennium and try for it all over again. We’ll eventually defeat them once again, as soon as enough of us understand what’s going on. For starters, we need a new party, led by a populist, to take our power and bring it to bear on the situation. We’d better get going. It’s up to us to change it…or live with the result of doing nothing.

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