Killing Us Softly: Living Wills, The Euthanasia Society And Hospice – Part Six

To stabilize the world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.  Dr. Jacques Cousteau

Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption, and set levels of mortality control.  Professor Maurice King


I’ve been a cancer doctor for over 30 years, and I think the proper role of a doctor is to take care of the patient. Assisted suicide should not be in the realm of medicine.”  Dr. Kenneth Stevens


The first living will was conceived in 1967 by Luis Kutner, a human-rights lawyer in Chicago and cofounder of the pro-abortion Amnesty International, in conjunction with the Euthanasia Society of America. The Euthanasia Society distributed living wills.

Luis Kutner’s musings about death anticipated the day medicine would cross the line from prolonging life to prolonging dying. In 1967, he wrote his first ”living will,” a document that allows a person to specify under what conditions life-support systems should be discontinued.  In 1930, Mr. Kutner helped found an American chapter of the Euthanasia Society, modeled after an English counterpart that included playwright and eugenic extremist George Bernard Shaw and Julian Huxley (the first Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and a member of the Eugenics Society).

The idea did not catch on, but in 1938, the Rev. Charles Potter founded the Society for the Right to Die. In April 1984, a team of prominent doctors published in the New England Journal of Medicine a set of guidelines for the treatment of gravely ill patients, concluding it was ethical to withhold nutrition and even medicine if it only prolonged a painful death.

Anyone who doubts that the Living Will, which is urged upon all Americans, comes from the Euthanasia Society can read the main article proposing its adoption written by attorney Luis Kutner in 1969 entitled, “Due Process of Euthanasia: The Living Will, A Proposal,” [Indiana Law Journal v. 44, 1969, p. 549]  The Living Will was written to create a due process of euthanasia. In addition 1970, the Euthanasia Society of America distributed 60,000 living wills. They knew where they were leading American society, but the misguided, trusting Americans couldn’t see it.

Kutner’s intention in creating the Living Will was to provide a way for governmental authorities to allow a form of euthanasia. The living wills were “sold” to the public as patients determining what type of care they would or would not want, but their main effect was to limit care that might allow them to live longer, an incremental step toward open euthanasia. The euthanasia-supporting organizations gave us the Advance Directives and the Living Wills, and now we have the P.O.L.S.T. forms (Physician Orders for [Limiting] Life-Sustaining Treatment), which are spreading across the country.

Even though the public today never thinks they agree to “euthanasia” when they make out a living will, the effect of filling one out can interfere with getting treatment if you change your mind and want care. For example, some physicians will “write off” patients who have a Do-Not-Resuscitate order or a Living Will and provide “comfort care” (comfort care is not paid for in hospitals) while refusing to treat easily treated problems. The ultimate result is death for the patient.

If you are having any form of surgery, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is if you have a “living will.”  If you do, I’d suggest you destroy it.  If you don’t, then congratulations, you’re one of the few who have refused to be brainwashed into providing a way for the medical industry to deny you care and perhaps bring about your early demise.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R.3590) has already modified how Medicare will be run. Under Section 3021, “Establishment of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation,” the Secretary of Health and Human Services “shall adjust the payments made to an eligible safety net hospital system or network from a fee-for-service payment structure to a global capitated payment model.” [H.R.3590 p.205]

Going from a Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement system that pays fees for each service provided to a system with a cap on payments made for all services provided to a patient is one of the most significant changes to Medicare ever made and will certainly result in drastic changes.  I wrote Part 2 of this series about the Geisinger Hospital programs President Obama praised.  They have already moved away from the medical standard of fee-for-service.

Hospitals will have to change what tests, surgeries, and treatments they provide if the dollar amount they will be paid is capped for each patient they serve! This certainly will result in more people dying for lack of care or needed life-saving surgeries, or even for surgeries like knee or hip replacements.

Most of the public is not seeing the changes to Medicare/Medicaid, nor are they being reported by the controlled media.  These changes are also being made to all health care.  We are quickly moving from a sanctity-of-life society to one that closely resembles Hitler’s eugenics program, targeting the elderly and disabled for early death. The changes aren’t for efficiency. They’re for something else.

Those of us on Medicare or Medicaid are already experiencing the decisions made by unelected bureaucrats in D.C.  (In older dictionaries, “Soviet” is defined as unelected councils.)  America’s seniors are stuck with Medicare even though in 1965, when it became law, it was a “voluntary” program.  Lyndon Johnson pressured all private health insurers to cancel all policies available to seniors. And get this: if a senior wants to opt out of Medicare, they have to give up their Social Security, even though they’ve paid into it all their lives.  Only the very wealthy (think politicians) can opt-out.  Medicare is a monster program that has never been run efficiently and has been crippled by fraud from day one and is in enormous debt.  Link

Both political parties are silently promoting the stealth euthanasia that began long ago in America.  The past generous benefits of Medicare are to be phased out to make the program more “efficient.”  The politicians tell us there is no rationing of care, and truly, there are no “formal” death panels.  However, they have set in motion the processes that reduce reimbursement under the guise of “limiting expenditures” or “keeping costs down,” and these processes will result in rationed care.  The HMOs and private health insurance companies will make decisions knowingly, resulting in denied tests, denied treatments, and certain deaths in many cases.  When the federal government completely takes over health care, test and treatment denials will be the equivalent of death for many.

Today’s Medicare/Medicaid and health insurance companies create several methods that are likely to result in rationed care.  The “Independent Payment Advisory Board” (IPAB) is allegedly not allowed to make recommendations that result in rationing. Still, it can and will exert pressure on providers by reducing how much they get paid to provide a service.  It’s all about our money, folks.

A scrubbed PJ Media article stated, “The IPAB would consist of 15 members appointed by the president (and confirmed by the Senate), empowered to decide what medical tests and procedures Medicare would cover and how much it would pay providers.  However, giving this power to the IPAB would put tremendous medical decision-making in the hands of unelected officials with minimal accountability.   We’ve already seen a foretaste of this when a federal government medical panel attempted to save money by restricting screening mammography to women over age 50, even though decades of medical research have shown clear benefits to starting annual mammograms at age 40. Although the Obama administration stated that the IPAB would not ration medical care, its power to set payments to doctors and hospitals would give it de facto rationing power.  Fourteen years after the passage of Obamacare, we are seeing these warnings come to fruition.

Once the feds manage the entire healthcare system (as in Medicare and Medicaid), it will control how care is delivered, what is available, and who receives it.  It controls how much providers are paid, the very reason physicians are being driven from the field!  This is why the UK’s National Health Service has drastically failed.  According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, America will face a shortage of more than 90,000 doctors in 10 years.  And that doesn’t take into account the physicians who were forced to take the Covid injections to keep their jobs.  How many of them will die?

With the growing population of baby boomers and the shortage of doctors, anyone with a brain can see what will happen.  The UN Agenda 21 planners will eliminate a good many of us just because we can no longer receive life-saving care.

Politicians of both stripes are promoting palliative and hospice care as the destination for us all.  There is no need for the “death panel.”  Rationed care will result in early death for the elderly, ill, and disabled.

Lone Whitlock of the LifeTree Organization says, “Thanks to Big Death, a collection of heavily funded non-profit hospice and palliative care groups, the line between palliative care (pain relief; symptom management) and imposed death has become blurred.”

Hospice Growth

With the number of patients, i.e., “customers,” increasing by 10% every year, without fail, the Corporate Hospice industry will grow exponentially.  “Expenditures for the Medicare hospice benefit have increased approximately $1 billion annually. In fiscal year (CY) 1998, expenditures for the Medicare hospice benefit were $2.2 billion, while in CY 2008, expenditures for the Medicare hospice benefit were $11.2 billion.”  (Source: Health Care Information System (HCIS)].” — Hospice Data 1998-2008 – Centers for Medicare Services).

In 2009, only about 40% of hospice patients were cancer patients. However, in the 1980s, almost all of them were!  Patients are now being shunted into hospice because they are elderly; some may be weak, others with minor non-Alzheimer’s forgetfulness, and not always with terminal diseases.  Sometimes, the elderly are not receiving proper care, either by family or in nursing homes, and become frail and weak.  Then, they are shunted into hospice.

The cancer grew exponentially into an epidemic after 1960 because the polio vaccines and sugar cubes contained Simian Virus 40 and caused soft tissue cancers.  Now that SV-40 has been found in the Covid injections, turbo cancers are being seen even in young people.

The plan is for 100% of Americans to die in Hospice.  The cost of acute care is much too high to be “sustainable,” according to our government.  Some private insurers are creating “Advanced Illness” programs where patients are admitted for care by a hospice agency even though they are not expected to die within six months. This appears to be a move to save money by having patients die sooner with fewer or no hospitalizations, thereby saving the private insurance company (and the government) significant expenditures and increasing profit.

What used to be a strictly volunteer program for the dying patient is now very big business.  The CEO of the largest nonprofit hospice in the country, Suncoast Hospice, is Rafael J Sciullo, and they have cornered the market.  This is the corporate mentality, and it’s all about money, not caring for the patients at the end of life.  Sciullo’s salary is $628,020. Sciullo is on the board of directors of the nation’s largest hospice lobbying group, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Hospice of Michigan, Inc., the second largest nonprofit hospice in the U.S., reports it paid $826,182 to its CEO, Robert Cahill.

Hospice of the Western Reserve, Inc., the third largest nonprofit hospice in the U.S., reports it paid $503,078 in 2021 to its CEO and President, Bill Finn.

The top-level policymakers, most of them unelected, have decided that people will die in hospice or palliative care units and that they will be pushed into hospice through a wide variety of means. Researchers at Duke University found that hospice reduced Medicare costs in 2009 by about $3.6 billion.  With the baby boomers aging, imagine the increase in “cost savings” for the government as hospice doubles in the years to come.

The nation’s most prominent hospice physicians (such as Timothy Quill, MD, and Ira Byock, MD) are proponents of terminal sedation to hasten death.  Willard Gaylin, MD, co-founder of the Hastings Center, was a proponent of euthanasia who applauded the efforts to expand the definition of “death” to overcome obstacles to legally performing euthanasia. Gaylin was widely accepted in the mainstream media and policymaking circles, and the Hastings Center is one of the organizations that has most influenced the modern American hospice industry to betray its original mission to care, not kill.

If patients are hurried along toward death, the savings skyrocket.  Obama Care’s cost savings will come from the baby boomers being euthanized quickly rather than being treated for illnesses, chronic or otherwise, at the end of their lives.  Not only is this part of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan of population reduction, but we have the World Economic Forum’s and the World Health Organization’s goals of depopulation as well.

The plan is to rid America of those who still remember being taught about our founders, the Declaration of Independence, and our US Constitution, which lists our God-given rights.

We are now considered “useless eaters.”  The plan is a fait accompli.

In Part 7, we’ll discuss the policymakers and those who fund euthanasia and assisted suicide through the World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies, one of which is, of course, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

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