“She’s Back!”


Who would have thought it? Hillary Clinton appears to be ready to throw her hat in the presidential ring...again. Apparently, she can’t get the bad taste of 2008 and 2016 out of her mouth. What is that bad taste? Being… More

The Incivility of 2019

I have been shocked at the communication coming from inside and from outside of Washington D.C. I’m not certain what was the starting point or when it began, but someone flipped a switch on the “Messaging Rules” that everyone in… More

How Do You REALLY Feel?

I’m not certain who actually authored this. It may not represent the way you feel about current U.S. events. But I’m fairly certain it DOES represent the feelings of at least 150-175 million Americans. Something gotta give! How Do You… More

Saturday Bullet Point Headlines

Wow! There's a bunch of news flooding us 24/7. How can we possibly pick the top headlines from the week to give you a brief and concise but thorough snapshot of the week? But we'll give it our best shot.… More

Democrat Hatred For “Trump 77”


Remember the famous chants by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in public meetings that started immediately after Donald Trump’s inauguration? It started in something of a benign fashion, but it took off. Now you’ll see small rallies of her supporters screaming… More

I’m Sick and Tired!


Ten years ago I created a website titled "SickAndTired.com." Its sole purpose was to allow me to vent regarding craziness in government and in life in general that had very little if any plausible explanations for existing. After six months… More

When Truth Isn’t “The” Truth


It comes as no surprise to Americans when a politician is implicated in telling lies. That in itself is troubling. It also may be the reason that polls of Americans continuously show favorability ratings of members of Congress hover close… More

Dems: “Impeachment Not Necessary But Expedient”

So impeachment looks like a certainty: or is it? It depends on who you listen to. Certainly, if you spend your news viewing allotment watching CNN or MSNBC the answer is a resounding “Yes!” But several of the conservative television… More

Executive Branch Corruption

Something very strange happened to me several days ago. We regularly receive unsolicited stories, leads, political information and just plain opinion. We don’t take any of these for granted and read them all. But the latest is very troubling. We… More

House Intel Adam Schiff Zoo


If you see the Audio Player button here, do NOT listen to this file until the end of today's story. On some viewer's browser the Play button is at the end of the story. This short audio file should be… More