Forced Vaccination Was Always the End Game

This summer, we watched soldiers patrolling the streets of Sydney, Australia with helicopters overhead blaring warnings to stunned, locked down people to stay in their homes in the name of public health. We have watched hundreds of thousands of people,… More

The “Manchin Factor” Death Nail: The Hyde Amendment

What are the contents of the $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget bill proposed in Congress? It's hard to say because the actual bill, including the 1000+ pages of details, has not been released to "everyone" -- just a select few. But… More

Saturday Bullet Points: October 9, 2021

The "weaponization" of the Biden Administration's chosen "bullets" is already wearing on the minds of tens of millions of Americans. Now the Department of Justice has weaponized to go after public school parents for simply executing their First Amendment rights… More

The Era of “Prosecutors” Doing Their Job Is History

Ever wonder why President Biden doesn't take questions very often? Or more accurately, why his staff doesn't allow him to take questions? The easy lay-up handed to him about an altercation between an activist organization and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema… More

America’s Medical Stasi, From Subjugation To Slavery

The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human. Aldous Huxley (pacifist, philosophical mysticism, writer, and universalist) Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government. Edward Bernays (a pioneer… More

Don’t Mess With Our Kids!

I've looked on in horror at quite a few SchoolBoard meetings from across the country where parents who in large numbers are realizing their children are being indoctrinated in public schools about "all-things far-left." Those "things" run the gambit from… More

Our Woke National Icons

Occasionally we find someone who has a different pulse on things that are driving our country. Today, one such "expert" -- REAL expert -- brings a new understanding about much of what is happening that has many of us in… More

Saturday Bullet Points: October 2, 2021

Have you had a great week? Well, the week's NOT over yet. You have today. So let's make today great by catching you up on the top stories of the week. Click on the first bullet point. You'll see a… More

COVID-19 With Open Borders: Joe Biden’s “Perfect Storm”

It's certainly politically expedient for politicians to pounce on one specific error with their opponent's policies to gain position in an upcoming election. And, currently, the U.S. political "atmosphere" is immersed in a multitude of such political opportunities -- especially… More