Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a month or so of retrospection for most of us. It's a month of self-examination, of looking into our life circumstances, of where we are, where we were, who we are, and who is doing… More

Media Problem: We Give Them Passes For Lies

Please do not think that our frequent mentioning of media corruption means we are conspiracy nuts. Why do we have so many media stories? The U.S. media has become the universal “go-to” source for information, especially information regarding the U.S. government. And… More

Hillary Hides Pedophilia in Her State Dept.


NBC Admits Hillary Clinton Used her Job to Cover up Pedophile Rings as Secretary of State Whoa! While it has been rumored for some time that the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate had some personal involvement with… More

The Media Trump “Bombshell”

"The Walls are closing in," "We're at a tipping point," and "It's the beginning of the end!” These are the incessant cries from the Leftist Mainstream media in America. And these are not new warnings or new allegations. These began… More

Impeachment “Schiff-Shizzle”

I receive multiple phone calls each day (and love receiving them) from friends and associates to get my opinion of the day’s Impeachment “Schiff-Shizzle,” otherwise known as the “Impeachment Inquiry.” Yesterday (Thursday) was no different. I’m sure you probably shook… More

Corruption U.S. Government Style


We just simply accept it. It goes unnoticed. Remember those family reunions where old Uncle Bill always showed up, never had much to say, but was still the odd person in the room? No one felt comfortable in a one-on-one… More

Can it Get Nastier?

The short answer: Yes! In anticipation of another week of public impeachment inquiry hearings, we want  to give you the tentative schedule for hearings and those expected to testify: Tuesday AM: Lt. Col Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams Vindman is… More

A Myth Called “Bi-Partisanship”


Let's face facts: the words "Bi-Partisanship" is an oxymoron when it references politics in Washington. Bi-Partisanship requires two or more people to work on any one project or issue together to reach a consensus or agreed-to result. Nothing in that… More

Trump Losing Support of Suburban Women

We’ve all heard it: Suburban women cannot tolerate the President’s blunt and sometimes caustic rhetoric and are fleeing the GOP in advance of the 2020 elections. But here’s a caution for us all: Conservatives are preached to by the Media… More