April 13th, 2024: Iran’s Shocking Dress Rehearsal

There are many interpretations of Iran’s unprecedented direct attack on Israel floating around in cyberspace, but only one in the mainstream media: Iran’s attack was appropriate payback for Israel taking down IRGC general Mohammed Reza Zahedi, the mastermind behind the October 7th massacre—and Israel should stand down since nearly all of Iran’s 300+ missiles were intercepted.

In fact, Biden, whom we now know greenlighted Iran’s attack, told Israel to “take it as a win.” Translation: Don’t you dare retaliate against the massive onslaught from Iran, codenamed, as I learned from Daniel Greenfield, “YaRasool Allah”—Messenger of Allah.

So, what is Iran’s message?

Simply, it plans to annihilate Israel in the name of Allah. And April 13th can best be understood as a practice volley.

One of the 300+ missiles Iran fired at Israel on April 13th

As Israeli commentator Amir Tsarfati points out: “Victory is not what you do in defense, but in offense!”

I give the win here to Iran. Why? Because Iran accomplished several feats—first and foremost, it blasted well over 300 rockets at its arch-enemy, the “Zionist entity.” That goes over well in the Arab Islamic world.

In fact, in the Arab world, military might is viewed as the pinnacle of strength, and strength is revered, while any sign of weakness is deplored.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that Iran gets accolades from its proxies and friends. From Reuters: “Iran’s attack on Israel stirs admiration among Gaza Palestinians.” Now, Iran has removed its mask and essentially claimed its role as the premier badass of the Middle East.

As Jonathan Spyer in The Spectator writes: “It is a moment of profound strategic importance. It was the precise point at which Iran’s forty-year strategy for the destruction of Israel as part of an effort to dominate the region went from the covert proxy stage to that of overt challenge.”

We now know that Iran used mainly its older, relatively inexpensive Russian weaponry while compelling Israel to spend well over a billion dollars in its historic high-tech air defense measures—another win for Iran.

Israel’s Predicament

Israel is now between the proverbial rock and hard place. If she doesn’t retaliate, the surrounding Arab Muslim states that are hostile to the Jewish state will view that as a weakness, which encourages aggression on their part.

And if she does respond in a serious and meaningful way, she’ll likely lose American support—such as it is— including American funding, which is crucial to her survival in the face of these existential threats. And, of course, the international press and assorted pundits would quickly resort to one of their favorite pastimes: blaming the Jews.

True, Israel’s Iron Dome and the newer Arrow 2, Arrow 3, and David’s Sling proved their worth as well in Saturday’s attack. But April 13th was a game-changer courtesy of the despotic bully who’s been directing terror attacks from the shadows.

Israel may have stunned the world with its miraculous whack-a-drone performance, but such technological magic could hardly be expected to pull off a win if the game transitioned to whack-a-nuke. So, Israel must take out Iran’s nuclear capability.

The Biggest Revelation: O’Biden Swapping Our All For Our Enemy

America has historically been a friend and key ally of Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East. That is, until Obama got into office in 2008. It may have shocked Israelis when Hussein Obama snubbed our ally’s Prime Minister, who’d flown to Washington to address Congress on the dangers of the proposed Iran Deal, which happened twice: in 2012 and again in 2015, when Obama refused to meet with Israel’s head of state, and later dissed Netanyahu’s eloquent and passionate plea to protect Israel, the Middle East, and the world, from Iran becoming a nuclear power.

By now, most people paying attention know that Obama is still calling the shots for the current administration since the doddering puppet in the Oval Office, while still a corrupt, venal, and mean-spirited shill, is no longer compos mentis.

Obama, operating behind the scenes, explains why America’s allegiance has summarily passed from Israel to Iran.

That’s right: America supports Iran and its proxies in their various attacks and wars against our former ally, Israel.

This is the “new normal” of the Middle East under O’Biden.

Of course, Biden pays lip service to our historic commitment to Israel, but that commitment has morphed into his “ironclad” betrayal of the beleaguered state. As Caroline Glick puts it, Biden’s policy goal “is to transform Israel from a regional power into a rogue protectorate of America” that the U.S. must discipline and control. Israel is not permitted to win its war against Hamas or to retaliate against the shocking barrage of Iranian warheads aimed at the country. And consider, if anything had gone awry in its defense, Israel would have incurred incalculable damage and loss of life. Don’t think for a moment that such a scenario would have brought tears to the eyes of the Ayatollah and friends, except for tears of joy.

As Senator Ted Cruz has pointed out, Biden has essentially enriched Iran to the tune of $100 billion. Stack that up against the relatively meager help for Israel from this administration, and most of it is conditional with strings attached. To add insult to injury, we gave Iran another $10 billion since the October 7th pogrom! And let’s not forget Obama’s pallet of $400 million in cash for the Ayatollah in 2016, along with a transfer of $1.7 billion, which was also all in cash.

Well, money talks. And it also buys a lot of military technology and weaponry, not to mention facilitating the construction of nuclear warheads.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) assesses the situation this way: “We need to stand with Israel. It’s very clear. We’re not at war with Hamas, Hezbollah, or Yemen. Those are all surrogates for Iran. Those are … prostitutes, the pimp is Iran. Israel is at war with Iran. Iran hates Americans. Iran hates Jews, Iran wants to kill Americans and Jews.”

And with his trademark colorful panache, he concludes: “If we turn the other cheek to them, we’re going to get it in the neck.”

A Brief History Refresher

Let’s briefly revisit Iran’s history.

Going back to Biblical times, we see Persia looked kindly upon the Children of Israel. King Cyrus not only ended the Babylonian captivity of the Jews but also invited them to rebuild their temple under his reign.

We should remember that the Persian people have their own unique, storied culture—they speak Farsi, not Arabic—and pride themselves on their illustrious history, including friendliness to Israel. So when we speak of Iran as a terrorist state, we should be clear this is not a reference to the Iranian public but rather to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard—the despotic government of Iran that is hated by a majority of the people.

Continuing our review of Iran’s history:

Under Mohammed Reza Shah Palevi’s regime from the 1940s to 1979, Iran modernized and westernized. The Shah greatly increased the rights of women and religious freedom and oversaw a flourishing economy. You can find photos online of elegant Iranian women in stylish European dress prior to the revolution and compare them with the black-clad, oppressed women in Iran today in their hijabs or chadors.

The oppression came about via the Iranian Revolution of 1979 in which the Shah was deposed, and Islamic radical Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini took over with the help of…wait for it…America! That’s right. President Jimmy Carter “had extensive contact” with Khomeini and helped him take power, as revealed in US diplomatic cables declassified in 2016, as reported by the BBC.

If accurate, that means the U.S. has not only lavishly funded Iran, it essentially created the jihadist terrorist state in the first place!

One may well ask why.

The only reason I can think of is that the One World Government globalist elites want chaos in the Middle East and seek to use jihadist Islamists to take down Western democracies one way or another. We have to remember that the globalist elites have no loyalty to any nation. They’re supranational predators who want the world, including everything and everyone on it, as their possession and plaything.

What Next?

Though I’m not a fan of John Bolton, he nailed this one. His assessment: All the attacks on Israel, whether by Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, etc., are “Tehran’s ‘ring of fire’ strategy” in the “Iranian war against ‘the little Satan.’” He says that Israel’s response should be “decidedly disproportionate, thereby being unmistakably clear to Tehran that, if it ever attacks again, it will face far higher costs than any imaginable pain it might impose on Israel.”

Bolton suggests several potential military targets:

·      Iranian air defenses and command and control centers

·      Quds Force headquarters

·      Iran’s oil-and-gas-producing infrastructure

· Most important of all: Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities

He concludes:

“Israel is at risk that the next salvo of ballistic missiles will carry nuclear warheads. Netanyahu could roll the dice and hope they don’t, but he knows that the threat of what his predecessor Ariel Sharon once called a “nuclear holocaust” is closer to reality than ever before. Israel would be entirely justified in removing that threat, and the United States should fully support such a decision.”

And lest we forget, Israel is only “the little Satan”—the U.S. is “the big Satan.” After the Saturday people, come the Sunday people.

We’ve been warned!

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