Ron DeSantis Had It Right

When Ron DeSantis said that the Russia/Ukraine conflict was a regional conflict and nothing more, in my opinion, he was mostly correct.  For the first time, I found myself wondering if he wasn’t really the better presidential candidate.

Russia’s history is Ukraine’s history, and vice versa. They have been the same nation since Russia’s founding in Kyiv in the 12th century. When strongmen took Ukraine and split off from Russia following the breakup of the USSR, it was the same as if California broke off from the USA. The same applies to Georgia.

To say that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the same as Hitler’s annexations as a part of the ultimate world-domination aspirations of his “Aryan Race” is simply incorrect, an attempt to justify U.S. participation in a battle with zero implications for the US citizen.

As a Canadian minister recently admitted, the U.S./NATO involvement in the fight is to seek regime change in Russia. However, that has been in progress for at least ten years, beginning with Obama’s presidency. The New World Order/Great Reset, which Obama, Biden, and many other anti-American domestic political figures support, if not by name, needs to have all the world’s major military, that is, nuclear powers, in agreement with their one-world government aims.

Since Obama, the CIA has been waging destabilization ops against Russia using Ukraine as a base. It was also they who set up the ouster of Russia-friendly Ukraine president Yanukovych, who had promised a referendum on rejoining the Russian Federation. Following his ouster, the CIA installed a succession of puppets, Zelensky the most recent.  Installation of such puppets is their aim in Russia. They want a government installed that will take the Russian people into the one-world, totalitarian setup outlined by Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset,” aka “The New World Order.”

The CIA wanted another border front from which to work on Russia and chose Kazakhstan.  In January 2022, they set up a coup d’etat attempt in that nation.  It failed.  It was shortly thereafter that Russia attacked Ukraine. Is it any wonder why they might have done so?

Russia’s attack must have been a last resort, however. Most Ukrainians also speak Russian. Many wanted to rejoin the Federation, enough so that the CIA thought it would be successful and, in 2014, took out the man who was set to make it happen. Though Russia no longer wanted a neighbor as a base from which its enemies sought to undermine its government, neither could they be very enthusiastic about bringing war, and death, to people they sought to make Russian citizens once again. It had to have been forced by self-preservation.

The contrast of the opposing forces in the Ukraine situation, Russia, and the USA/NATO is interesting. At a time when the western developed nations are seeing their freedoms trashed, seemingly daily, and their governments becoming more and more autonymous and authoritarian, Russians are enjoying freedoms which, until the demise of the USSR, they had never enjoyed as a people.

Under the Tsars, the Russian people were almost entirely illiterate serfs, beholden to whichever noble owned the vast lands on which they lived.  Other than the serfs and the nobility, there was a tiny mercantile class that lived more or less freely, subject to the whims of the Tsar.

Under the Communists, things didn’t change much, except that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union replaced the nobility. Only 5% of the population were party members, and only they had limited access to decent food, clothing, and housing, as well as other privileges. There was no private property, as the state owned all land and all means of production. No American first amendment rights were allowed.

Today, Russia is a capitalistic, democratic republic.  The president, Vladimir Putin, sits at the pleasure of the Duma and the Senate, who elect him to office. The people own property, including their homes. Free enterprise is the economic base. The press is no longer owned exclusively by the government, and most facets of life there feature the same freedoms formerly known and guaranteed in the Western developed nations. Those freedoms include freedom of religion. Putin is a practicing catholic.

With more freedom than Russian people have ever known, they have no intention of giving that up or ceding their sovereignty to an international governing body. That is why the New World Order/Great Reset people of the USA and EU want regime change in Russia. That is what, ultimately, Ukraine is all about.

To say that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the equivalent of Hitler’s takeovers, with the same meaning, is simply incorrect. Our mainstream media and MSM writers trade on our memories of the USSR and its expansionist communism. They attempt to portray today’s Russian Federation as merely the next iteration of the USSR when the fact is that it is the antithesis of the USSR. Neither is it in any way like Nazi Germany. With the territories it has regained, the populations have pretty much wanted repatriation. It’s the strongmen who took over and separated from Russia following the ending of the USSR who opposed the repatriation.

Russia, ranking 11th among the world’s economies, can’t afford a battle with NATO forces, much less could they think of winning that fight. There’s no Prescott Bush or his Union Bank to underwrite the cost of the necessary arms buildup, as he did for Hitler, even if that was Russia’s intention, which it obviously is not.  To suggest that Russia’s aim is world domination, as was Hitler’s, makes no sense.

And why, when Russia is emerging as a free nation, coming to grips with property ownership and free enterprise, would it want to antagonize far more powerful nations and the most likely trade partners for its budding industries?  Neither does that make any sense.  They have no ideology they espouse as “superior,” which they seek to impose, unlike the USSR and their former communism.

In my opinion, DeSantis had it right, other than his failure to mention the actions of the CIA and its service to the New World Order.

As for Khruschev’s assertion that they will “bury us,” that does seem to be happening. However, it has to do with yet another maniacal “plan for humanity,” the Great Reset, not Marxist or communist per se, put forward by a bunch of self-righteous elites and would-be monarchs here in the USA and EU. They no doubt see themselves as Plato’s “philosopher king.”

The young Russian nation wants nothing to do with their plans. The crooks running the USA are the bad guys in this. The USA needs to disconnect from Ukraine. Our people have no dog in that fight.

Jeff Dover is a retired sales executive with forty years of sales and sales management experience.  A six-year US Navy submarine veteran.  Following Navy service, Jeff graduated college with a BA degree in Political Science.  There he focused heavily on International Relations, Russian Studies and language, and Economics, also serving as a panelist on a televised Foreign Policy Association broadcast.  He served as well as a secondary school liaison for the New Hampshire Council on World Affairs.

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