The Homicidal Killing Fields Of America’s Medical System

I knew there was a variety of treatments that we could use [yet] we were using nothing.  Doctors were even told to not use anticoagulants, even though blood clotting was “through the roof” in many patients. You could draw blood and actually see the blood clotting very quickly in the tubes.   Dr. Pierre Kory

 We didn’t have a single academic institution come up with a single protocol,” said Dr. McCullough. “They didn’t even try. Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Duke, you name it. Not a single medical center set up even a tent to try to treat patients and prevent hospitalization and death. There wasn’t an ounce of original research coming out of America available to fight COVID—other than vaccines.  Dr. Peter McCullough

 Even with corrupt data collection, it became harder and harder to find enough dead people to fuel the ongoing fear pandemic, so the media pivoted and replaced daily death and hospitalization trackers with a new statistical category: “Case Numbers.”  Mark McDonald, United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis

It is no longer controversial to acknowledge that drug makers rigorously control medical publishing and that The Lancet, NEJM, and JAMA are utterly corrupted instruments of Pharma.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


The body pushing The Great Reset happens to be the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its charismatic lizard-like German leader Klaus Schwab who is calling for a return to Marxist principles, claiming that capitalism has empirically failed.  Schwab claims that “The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century.”

The Marxist principles Schwab endorses are stained with blood.  Yet WEF says that capitalism as we know it needs to be reformed. Or did Schwab mean destroyed?  We already have a good start…forty-six percent of middle-class businesses died when $3.8 trillion dollars were shifted from small businesses to the very rich via lockdowns.  And Schwab spews his Marxist propaganda on YouTube, where truth is censored.

Video Here:

Not only does Marxism demand a slave mentality of the unwashed masses ruled by the elite, but the bourgeoisie desire a smaller number of proletariats to dominate and rule.  Mass annihilation of the elderly occurred in our hospitals and nursing homes with the hellish protocols for C-19.  Oxygen, expensive Remdesivir, ventilators, and ultimately death, but never any repurposed drugs which would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

What does the WEF have to do with COVID care and vaccines?  Everything! And now we’re being distracted by the Ukrainian money-laundering hub of the New World Order and the drums of war, with fools like Lindsey Graham calling for the insane and unconstitutional assassination of another country’s leader.

In March 2022, Ukraine’s Zelensky silently implemented the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a social credit application combining universal basic income (UBI), a digital identity, and a vaccine passport all within their Diia app.  And journalist Daniel Greenfield exposed Zelensky’s Holocaust denial and abuse of Israel, which should be a warning for our Jewish brethren.  Neo-Nazis are now joining the fight with Ukraine as an opportunity to kill Jews.  And it should be of no surprise that before Schwab’s family migrated from Germany to become neutral Swiss, young Klaus was a member of the Nazi youth.  Birds of a feather…

Puppet Joseph Biden and his administration are moving toward the same Great Reset goals, but our medical industry must first be fully government-controlled.

America’s Medical System

By 1906, the American Medical Association (AMA) was inspecting medical schools and classifying them as acceptable, doubtful, or unacceptable, based on conformity to the AMA’s beliefs and teachings.  In 1910, a report funded by the Carnegie Foundation (a progressive and abhorrent demonic mutation) and supported by the AMA, outlined new uniform standards for medical schools, thus giving the medical industry the same familiar “one size fits all” feature common to everything else being “standardized” by industrialists in the U.S.

The stated goals of the Socialists and Communists as recorded in the minutes of some of their meetings held in and around New York City during the early 1900s have included abolishing all U.S. conspiracy laws that stand in the way of their desired monopolies, destroying the Constitution, creating an unconstitutional and historically illegal income tax on Americans’ labor, gaining control of the government and media from the inside and establishing a compulsory public school system through which children will be indoctrinated to communist propaganda. They even established barbaric eugenics programs in the U.S., the likes of which the rest of the world has yet to duplicate, although Hitler tried.

Today we are forced to turn our hard-earned wages over to gigantic insurance companies who will decide (without medical experience) just what you are allowed to have and how much the physician/surgeon shall receive.  We’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare all the years of employment, but we are not allowed to receive Social Security benefits unless we also take government healthcare via Medicare.

That, my friends, is communism.

Although the price for “healthcare” has skyrocketed, the actual “health” of Americans has continued to plummet as a result of the entire nation being first seated at the table of Big Pharma, and then sent to Big Pharma to be treated for the anticipated resulting symptoms. Link

In a December 2021 article, I urged everyone to read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci.  Kennedy stated, “When Dr. Fauci took office in 1984, America was still ranked among the world’s healthiest populations. An August 2021 study by the Commonwealth Fund ranked America’s health care system dead last among industrialized nations, with the highest infant mortality and the lowest life expectancy.  ‘If health care were an Olympic sport, the US might not qualify in a competition with other high-income nations,’ laments the study’s lead author, Eric Schneider, who serves as Senior Vice President for Policy and Research at the Commonwealth Fund.”

The commies and fascists are winning.

Yes, we’re now dead last, our hospitals are not trustworthy, and Big Pharma is shooting DNA-changing vaxes into the arms of our dumbed-down and propagandized American citizens.  Former Blackrock portfolio manager and Pfizer and Moderna whistleblower, Edward Dowd, tells us that per CDC data, “The Millennial age group, 25-44, experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality. It’s the worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history.”  Dowd believes Pfizer and Moderna are the new Enron.

Communist Infiltration

Although some folks still don’t believe it, there is documented evidence that European communists immigrated to the U.S. in 1848; they’re called the 48ers.  Thirteen of them were high-ranking officers in the Union Army during the Northern War of Aggression and the Southern War for Secession.  By the 1950s they were heavily ensconced in every faction of federal and state governments. Hollywood and America’s higher education was also infiltrated.  Today, communism is in every facet of our society.

In 1963, 45 of the communist goals were read into the Congressional Record, and most have been accomplished.

In a previous article about our medical system, I mentioned Dr. Richard Day, Professor of Pediatrics at Mt. Sinai Medical School in New York who in March 1969 gave a chilling lecture about the “New World System.”  Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  He told of future plans, whether as a forewarning or to unburden himself.  He spoke as though he had colluded with the blueprint designers.

His warnings for the future were uncannily accurate.  He lectured on over 50 topics, but here are the eight medical topics, most already accomplished.

  • Euthanasia and the “Demise Pill”
  • Limiting Access to Affordable Medical
  • Planning the Control over Medicine
  • Elimination of Private Doctors
  • New Difficult to Diagnose and Untreatable Diseases
  • Suppressing Cancer Cures as a Means of Population Control
  • Tax Funded Abortion as Population Control

What did Marx say about healthcare?  The Health System ensures a healthy workforce which in turn ensures more profit for the ruling classes as workers don’t take time off sick!  Marxists believe that doctors hide the real social causes of illness (poverty, class inequality etc.) by focusing on the individual and their physical symptoms albeit personal individual care is becoming a thing of the past.  But physicians are no longer taught to think of the individual patient or “outside of the box.”

There you have it…a healthy workforce must ensure a healthy proletariat to serve the bourgeoisie.  Unhealthy humanity is eliminated as they don’t support the elite.

Planned and Executed

The COVID crisis was planned, executed, propagandized, and utilized to kill, not only with deadly hospital protocols and antiviral medications like Remdesivir that destroyed the kidneys but with money-making COVID jabs, now on their fourth booster.  Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, claims the fourth Covid jab is “necessary.”

The elderly, referred to by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and others as “useless eaters,” were the main targets; for them, our hospitals became homicidal medical centers.

The slow-motion collapse of the American healthcare system is a complexity that is killing thousands on a daily basis for The Great Reset, or as George H.W. Bush called it numerous times, the New World Order.

All of this was accelerated with the improper FDA, CDC, and NIH protocols given to hospitals and physician groups for COVID-19 and daily spewed via our propaganda media by Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Millions died needlessly and alone.  VP Pence and the people he hired…Fauci, Birx and Redfield, ran the Deep State show.  Had Trump listened to Dr. Scott Atlas and Peter Navarro, perhaps the outcome would have been different.

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” inoculations have put far too many in their graves, more probably than COVID, but it was the unelected councils of these government organizations, who never treated COVID patients and intentionally disallowed any repurposed drugs to be used.

Repurposed Drugs

Repurposed drugs were demolished by three once highly respected journals, the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Journal of American Medical Association. Despite Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin being decades old and on the World Health Organizations’ list of safest drugs, the journals claimed the drugs were dangerous.

Even Pfizer documented in their clinical trials that Ivermectin was listed as a current COVID therapy and an excellent prophylactic, but there was no money to be made there.  Repurposed drugs saved lives, but Pfizer was more interested in their bottom line and cared nothing about the needless loss of life.

There’s even more… Dr. Andrew Hill was called on to perform an evaluation of Ivermectin and no one would call his competence into question. But, as we have seen throughout the COVID pandemic, competence is no substitute for character. Or for courage.

Hill seemed eminently qualified for his assigned task. A senior visiting Research Fellow in the Pharmacology Department at Liverpool University, he had been researching viruses and their treatments for 30 years. He was also, not incidentally, an advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Clinton Foundation. That alone should give a big “uh-oh” to everyone…who could guess the outcome.

As Hill assembled his data, he was more and more impressed by what he found. He made a presentation to the NIH with other advocates of Ivermectin and spoke in favor of its use. On December 29, 2020, he wrote on Twitter that “Ivermectin is showing effects on viral clearance, hospitalization, and survival across a wide range of randomized trials in different countries.” He even admitted that if his 58-year-old brother got COVID, he would give him Ivermectin.  He told NIH and America’s Frontline Doctors and then he dropped the ball and backed off.

Hill knew as everyone else did that Ivermectin was the drug for COVID, but he punted and said it needed randomized trials.  There had to be a threat or a payoff.

Ivermectin is even being studied in cancer treatments and with reported success, but the drug is cheap and Big Pharma and their buddies wouldn’t make a dime.

The Jabs

The COVID jabs have been proven to alter DNA.  Dr. Peter McCullough has discussed this numerous times via interviews.  In a process called reverse transcription, a hepatic (related to the liver) cell line calls for the DNA code of at least part of the spike protein found inside the human nucleus and changes it in as fast as six hours after the “vaccine” injection.

(Related: Studies confirm spike protein mRNA in COVID vaccines alters human DNA within hours after injection.)

(Related: Bombshell study: Pfizer’s covid jab contents enter the liver, alter human chromosomes, and rewrite DNA.)

We all know the numerous COVID jabs made beaucoup bucks for Big Pharma and the NIH, CDC, and FDA, whereas the repurposed drugs that would have saved countless lives are inexpensive, were purposely discarded, and saving lives be damned.

Medical and pharmaceutical fraud and corruption are massive.  Recently the CDC removed 24% of the child COVID deaths and thousands of others from their statistics.

Biden has tapped a pro-BLM advocate of vax passports for the new spot of White House COVID Response Chief.

American lives mean nothing to Big Pharma and government entities.


Ukraine has replaced COVID.  It is a country of corruption.

Vladimir Putin is no Zelensky.  Before Alexandre Solzhenitsyn died, Putin met with him and Solzhenitsyn told Putin what needed to be changed.  The Russian leader listened. Solzhenitsyn died on August 3, 2008; a few months short of his 90th birthday. Only two weeks later, it was announced that Moscow’s Great Communist Street (Ulitsa Bolshaya Kommunisticheskaya) was to be re-named “Alexander Solzhenitsyn Street,” an honor bestowed by a personal decree from President Putin.

Joseph Pearce writes the following in his article Solzhenitsyn and Putin:

In October 2010, it was announced that The Gulag Archipelago would become required reading for all Russian high school students. In a meeting with Solzhenitsyn’s widow, Putin described The Gulag Archipelago as “essential reading.” “Without the knowledge of that book, we would lack a full understanding of our country and it would be difficult for us to think about the future.”

What more need be said? In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the greatest classic of anti-communist literature is now compulsory reading in all the high schools of the nation. If the same could be said of the high schools of the United States, we would not have the endemic historical and political ignorance that has led to the widespread sympathy for communism among young Americans. In the light of this, and in the light of Putin’s evident admiration for Solzhenitsyn, let’s not try to pretend that Russia is a communist nation. We don’t need to like Vladimir Putin. We don’t need to admire him. But we do need to acknowledge that Russia has moved on from the evils of socialism, even as we are in danger of embracing those very same evils.


Kelleigh Nelson

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