The War on Donald Trump is Really a War on US

The War On Donald Trump is Really…

  • A War on those who believe in the Rule of Law.
  • A War on those who believe that the Courts should not be weaponized against the Politically Incorrect, against those who distrust the Deep State, and against those that oppose Election Fraud.
  • A War on those who believe that the Judicial System should not be politicized to eviscerate personal liberties and obliterate those who oppose Injustice.
  • A War on those who Oppose the wholesale slaughter of unborn children, who refuse to call the killing of children in Abortion “reproductive healthcare.”
  • A War on those who believe in the Sanctity of the Family and who Stand Against the Relentless Assault on this God-breathed Institution.
  • A War on those who Stand Up for the Sacredness of all Human Life, from Infants in the Womb to Our Aging Parents and Grandparents dying from neglect in “Nursing” Homes.
  • A War on those who denounce the amoral Curriculum forced down the throats of our Children in Modern Education and called “Common Core.”
  • A War on those who have the courage to stand up against the experimental gene therapy they call a vaccine that is killing and crippling thousands.
  • A War on those who refuse to bow down to the depopulation demoniacs, the vaccine Mafia, and the Pharmaceutical Police State.
  • A War on those who understand that Socialism is incremental genocide.
  • A War on those who dare Speak Out against corrupt schemes to Steal Elections, Trash our Constitution, and Destroy Our Freedom.
  • A War on those who believe violent predators do not have a Constitutional Right to roam the streets, turn our Communities into Killing Fields, and terrorize the elderly, the poor, the young, the weak, women, children, and families, under the rubric “Psychological Rehabilitation.”
  • A War on those who dare to demand that the Law Abiding not be disarmed and that Citizens not be disabled from protecting their families.
  • A War on those that object that the Modern Democratic Party should have never disrespected Old School Democrats, who believe in Bible Values, hard work, and a fair shake for working families.
  • A War on those that have the courage to declare that the Democratic Party that once stood for working people — now stands for people not working.
  • A War on those that complain that the Modern Democratic Party is run by Marxist-Leninists, and stands for Atheism, Socialism, and Abortion.
  • A War on those that Stand Up to the RINOs that say that they are protecting our rights and freedoms while they sell us out to promote their own Schemes for money and power.
  • A War on those that stand up to the RINOs that keep bureaucrats in power and lobby for Red China in Washington.
  • A War on those that dare expose the Louisiana RINO PAC, whose members lobby for Red China in Washington, vote for ballot harvesting, support voting at the Post Office and not at the polls, and falsely tell the people of Louisiana that we have election integrity.
  • A War on those who believe that Liberty is not given by the Government but granted by God and guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • A War, finally, on those that believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Author and Finisher of Our Faith, the Alpha and the Omega, the Way, the Truth, and the Light, the Resurrection and the Life, at once the Son of Man and the Most High Son of God.

Donald Trump is not perfect. There’s only one Man in World History that was ever perfect — and He was nailed to a tree.

We don’t know all the facts pertaining to the cases against Donald Trump. But this is what we do know — what we ALL know: The timing of the charges against Donald Trump is not a coincidence — they have been politically orchestrated to thwart a second Presidential term for Donald Trump.

  • Donald Trump is not being prosecuted for what he did. Donald Trump is being prosecuted for what he didn’t do.
  • He didn’t look the other way when American children were being slaughtered in abortion mills.
  • He didn’t start wars to make money for his friends.
  • He didn’t bow down to the genocidists that run Communist China.
  • He didn’t participate in international drug rings.
  • He didn’t ignore the drug dealers, human traffickers, and violent gangs that poured over our Southern border.
  • He didn’t surrender American sovereignty, American freedom, and the United States Constitution to the United Nations.
  • He didn’t worship at the Altar of a globalist state, the One World Government: the New World Order.

They already control the Executive Branch, the banking system, the mainstream media, Social Media, some of the Judiciary, the Medical Establishment, and Public Education. And they’re in charge of counting the votes.

This isn’t, ultimately, a war on Donald Trump. Next time they’re coming for us.


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1 thought on “The War on Donald Trump is Really a War on US”

  1. Right on all counts.

    However, we can start our assault on them by assaulting their main enabler: the GOP. The GOP which tried to prevent Trump from running, which denied us every one of his agenda items when the could have passed them and which ultimately handed us Biden/Harris is our biggest obstacle.

    We trust them to perform and they never will. Supposedly they represent normal people, not the loons. But I don’t worry about the loons. They’ll always be there. I worry about us, because we outnumber them by a mile.

    So we need to form a new party which won’t permit what they’ve been doing to us. Try this: It’s the structure which matters.

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