Trump’s Endorsements Are Inflating The SWAMP

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The latest rage is Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, 2000 Mules.  As with Mike Lindell’s massive voter fraud exposes, mainstream media won’t utter a word, but then neither will Fox News nor Newsmax.  When Fox’s Tucker Carlson interviewed Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote, Carlson and his team explicitly told her not to mention the movie 2000 Mules.

D’Souza also tweeted that he was booked on Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield show and then the network canceled him.  Why isn’t the movie national news?  The same reason Mike Lindell’s My Pillow advertisements have been eliminated from every conservative news source. The left’s Pravda media destroys and marginalizes those who speak the truth.

The propaganda mill churns on. Right now, the only programs speaking the truth are Steve Bannon, One America News, and some absolutely amazing radio hosts and journalists.

Vote Fraud is Old News

Voter fraud is nothing new.  In 1948, Lyndon Baines Johnson lost the Texas Senate election to the beloved former Texas Governor Coke Stevenson.  Fraud and corruption changed the election to a win for LBJ, and it was sanctioned by Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black.  Yes, the high court wasn’t any better in the 40s than it is today.

In the 2018 election, many Republicans won, only to see their wins slip away weeks later after recounts. In 2020, we saw massive fraud throughout the country, especially in the swing states. Eric Holder traveled the country for two years assuring state attorney generals and legislatures were amenable to changes that would help democrats. Holder was also chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, using racism, the gender impact of voter suppression, redistricting, and the Census. Link

The Democrats work hard to swindle and cheat the American people, while the Republicans sit back and twiddle their thumbs.

Trump Endorsement Advisors

And here we are at the 2022 midterm elections and former President Trump is endorsing the candidates his “advisors” have told him will win.

President Trump has apparently become a full-fledged neo-con politician listening not to his gut and the American people, but to deep state advisors who are telling him to choose winners, not those who love the Republic and want to restore her greatness, but only those who can win. In doing so, he has alienated the masses in order to be able to say, “Look, all my endorsements won, MAGA is still strong.” That is political deep state bull hockey.

Hasn’t President Trump learned by now that electing neo-con Trotskyite Republicans does nothing to save the Republic?  Reps like Romney, Collins, Murkowski, and others are not going to stop the left; neither will they support constitutional conservatism.

According to a January 2022 article from NBC, “A small set of advisors, led by longtime counselor Susie Wiles, vets candidates seeking Trump’s endorsement. The group includes Bill Stepien, who managed Trump’s 2020 campaign; Brian Jack, the White House political director under Trump; and Donald Trump Jr., according to people familiar with the process.”

This article, tells us more about Susie Wiles, who is the co-chair of a public affairs firm where she works with a recent Pfizer vice president.  Wiles also recently joined Mercury Public Affairs in February as co-chair, shortly after former Democrat congressman Toby Moffett became a Mercury partner.  Remember California Dem Senator Barbara Boxer?  She and other lefties have also recently worked for Mercury, a subsidiary of the company Omnicom.  The new managing director at Mercury is Robert Jones who spent the previous 19 years serving as senior vice president of government relations and public affairs at Pfizer.

It appears that our former president hasn’t a clue of the evils perpetrated by the pharmaceutical companies over the years, especially with their COVID jabs. Trump has ignored the fact that FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) given to Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J has caused countless deaths and adverse effects worldwide.  Here is a website listing all pharmaceutical companies and their horrible histories. The actual statistics are mind-boggling and he’s still promoting the inoculations!

Bill Stepien is a U.S. political consultant who has worked for President George W. Bush in 2004, former New Jersey Governor Abu Chris Christie, and former Arizona Senator John McCain.  Stepien went on to serve as deputy chief of staff and political adviser to Governor Christie until his removal in January 2014 following the September 2013 Lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

These are the people choosing who Trump should endorse!

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Numerous Trump endorsements were questioned by his supporters, but the one most talked about was Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz, a Turkish Muslim.

Dr. Oz holds dual citizenship in Turkey and the United States. There appears to be no dispute that Oz voted in the 2018 Turkish election.” Former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo warned Pennsylvania voters that Dr. Oz voted in Turkey’s elections, and works for state entities in the country, and that makes Oz a threat to national security.

As attorney and former JAG Corps officer, Joanna Martin wrote, “Oz is an ineligible candidate. Article I, Sec. 3, clause 3, U.S. Constitution, sets forth the qualifications to be a United States Senator: among other things, one must have been for nine years a Citizen of the US.  A Citizen of the United States doesn’t vote in Turkish elections.”

Dr. Oz has made countless television statements that prove he is not at all conservative, socially or otherwise.

Videos are included in this link where Dr. Oz promotes transgenderism as well as surgery for children.  In 2019, he argued for upholding Roe v. Wade, and back in 2009, he bragged on CNN that he had helped to bring Obamacare to fruition. (And what a mess our medical system is only 13 years later.)  In another video, Dr. Oz says we should have Red Flag Laws that take people’s firearms away by surveilling their social media posts.  Oz also believes Critical Race Theory should be taught in our government schools inasmuch as he sees racism as a problem.

And, from the Miami Standard, “Dr. Oz was photographed in April of this year with ‘Spirit Cooking’ specialist Marina Abramovic, who infamously appeared in the emails of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign boss John Podesta, who scored an invitation to a ‘Spirit Cooking’ ritual with Abramovic. The occultic symbolism evident in Abramovic’s work has been scrutinized for years. And yet Dr. Oz and Abramovic apparently had a very engrossing conversation with one another. The two mingled closely at the American Turkish Society Gala at New York’s The Plaza on October 26 of the year 2021.

Hatchet Job on Kathy Barnette

There were three top people running for Senate in Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz, David McCormick, and Kathy Barnette. The election as of May 22nd is still not decided between Oz and McCormick. Malicious verbal attacks in an attempt to destroy her reputation were launched against Kathy Barnette by conservative hosts, media outlets, and politicians. As such, the people of Pennsylvania apparently believed the lies and Kathy came in third.

Barnette delivered a powerful pro-life message during the debate with the four other candidates. She also told both McCormick and Oz that she knew they belonged to the World Economic Forum and were globalists. Oz is bad enough, and David McCormick isn’t any better. McCormick is pro-China, pro-forever wars, and pro-trade deals; he’s just another globalist.

Sadly, America loses again; the end result is between two men who will ultimately vote to destroy even more of our liberties and freedoms. Perhaps the elite noticed that after the 2020 election, Kathy hit the road in Pennsylvania to alert the citizenry of massive voter fraud in their state. She was loud and outspoken against it. She drove all over the state repeatedly the past couple of years speaking out against it. She became well known to the grassroots.

Kathy was slandered, libeled, and had her reputation bludgeoned prior to the primary vote.  Look familiar?  It’s the same thing the media did to Donald Trump, and he too jumped on the bandwagon to sabotage her campaign. First up was Ric Grenell, a diplomat who had served as Acting Director of National Intelligence in Trump’s administration. Sean Hannity took plenty of shots at her, as did Newsmax’s Greg Kelly and neo-conservative Breitbart, all of whom supported Oz. Kathy doesn’t support BLM or defunding the police, despite the lies told by these neo-cons.

But Dr. Oz went even further. Because of something Barnette said in 2015, Dr. Oz wanted Barnette barred from the race for a thought crime. Oz claimed she was an Islamophobic and should be barred for not having a positive view of Islam. Shariah Law and the U.S. Constitution are not compatible. Judaism and Christianity can be slandered and it’s just fine with our Pravda media, but never ever say a word against George W. Bush’s “Religion of Peace.”

Laura Ingraham revealed that a number of Kathy’s videos were doctored in an attempt to smear her reputation. Steve Bannon had Kathy on his show and let her speak freely. In fact, Bannon has stopped endorsing the same people President Trump endorses.

Both Jack Posobiec and Colonel Lawrence Sellin (Rtd) checked Kathy’s credentials and they were factual and stellar. Colonel Sellin stated, “It was all dirty politics by those with more power and money. Oz is a Democrat running as a Republican and a mole for Turkish Islamist dictator Erdogan. Trump made a terrible mistake endorsing Oz. It has permanently changed my view of Trump.”

Ohio Senate – J. D. Vance

Dr. Oz certainly is one of the worst candidates endorsed by Trump, but when he endorsed J.D. Vance in Ohio, I was shocked.  Vance had actually voted for former CIA agent and Never -Trumper Evan McMullen in the 2016 election. He called Trump’s policies immoral to absurd and publicly stated that Trump would become either another Nixon or America’s Hitler. Of course, Vance back-peddled on these statements to gain Trump’s endorsement for his Ohio Senate race.

Arizona Gubernatorial Race – Kari Lake

Former news anchor for Fox 10 in Phoenix, Kari Lake was endorsed by President Trump for the Arizona gubernatorial race. She is a registered Republican but was a Democrat voter in 2008 for Barack Hussein Obama.  She has also been registered as an Independent. She is a constant guest on Fox News, and will likely be the next governor of Arizona. In 2004, she donated to then-candidate, John Kerry, and in 2008 Obama. When reporters ask her about this, she gets angry and either trashes the reporter and/or walks off the set. The very same thing happened when she was asked by Australian reporter, Liam Bartlett if she agreed with President Trump that the January 6th Trump supporters should be pardoned…she not only trashed the reporter but his country as well. Link

Unfortunately, Trump should have called Congressman Andy Biggs before endorsing her, because the word is, that Kari Lake is another John McCain and is far worse than their present governor, Doug Ducey.

Indiana Congressman Greg Pence

When an Indiana friend told me Trump had endorsed Mike Pence’s brother Greg for his second term in the House, I wondered why he didn’t just keep his mouth shut. It took him forever to endorse Doug Mastriano for Governor of Pennsylvania, but right out of the box he endorses the brother of his former vice president who not only stabbed Trump in the back but the Republic in the heart. (See this three-part expose on Mike Pence.)

What the hell was he thinking? Oh, I know, Republicans at all costs, and only those who can win will he endorse. Ultimately, we will end up with a slew of McConnells and McCarthys! Well, thanks Mr. President, but you’re feeding the swamp.


Trump’s choice of unvetted Deep Staters in his administration, his “Operation Warp Speed” death jabs, and now his candidate endorsements, leave me cold. I agree with Colonel Lawrence Sellin. All of these things have permanently changed my view of Trump.

Kelleigh Nelson

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