Truth Destroys Cattle Flatulence, Methane Gas, And Climate Change

People who believe the “climate change” narrative are in a cult. All cults exist to give the cult leaders power. All cults control their subjects through fear, censorship, shame, shunning, and intolerance. Thus, cult members become stupid and ignorant as they avoid critical thinking and embrace the narrative.

Those of us who embrace critical thinking must now supply the information to share with others to refute the insanity of the cult. The media are all in the cult.

This article will address the specific assertion of the climate change cult that methane gas is a greenhouse gas and should be eliminated. Never mind that the cult doesn’t know anything about methane or the atmosphere, but fact and truth never get in the way of ignorance, zealotry, and activism. Especially when it comes to controlling the masses.

So let’s explore the truth. Since media no longer exists in our modern world, we must share what we know and learn from one another. Please, read on and share what is presented with everyone willing to listen to the truth.

Let’s start with what we have all been told by the climate cultists. Humans are terrible for the Earth because their very existence destroys the planet. Specifically, we are now told that cows must be destroyed because their flatulence contains methane. Bill Gates says so. The Netherlands is confiscating farmland. The Irish are killing their cows. We are commanded to stop eating meat and dairy and consume bugs. The WEF agrees. So too, does every satanic idiot on the planet.

Oh boy, where does one start when the regime literally lies about literally everything?

1. 90% of cattle gas comes from belching and not “farting.” The climate cult can’t tell the truth about anything. It gets in the way of their satanic control lust.

2. While methane is a greenhouse gas, it is only a trace gas in our atmosphere. So again, for all the morons who want to get rid of carbon dioxide (CO2) but have no idea how much carbon is in the atmosphere, how much carbon should be in the atmosphere, but are absolutely sure it needs to be removed, the Earth’s atmosphere is composed of the following: 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, less than 1% Argon, and a few other trace gasses like methane. That’s a fact. That’s science. To be exact, methane accounts for 0.00017% of our atmosphere. That’s seventeen one-hundred thousandths of one percent. Now at least the reader and I know how much methane is in the atmosphere. Actual science is a cult buster.   

3. Methane is not like CO2. Methane is released into the atmosphere, where it oxidizes and becomes CO2 and water vapor. It takes about 10 to 12 years for methane to break down, while CO2 stays in the atmosphere for up to 1,000 years. Yes, methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, but the two cannot be analyzed as having the same effect due to methane’s short time in the atmosphere.

4. The climate cultists have attacked cows and want them destroyed because too much methane causes temperature increases. These cultists also claim methane levels have been rising in part because of cow flatulence. I saw Satan Bill Gates tell an audience (he lied) that methane is 26% of greenhouse gasses and agriculture contributes 21% to the polluting gases. I have already covered the scientific amount of methane in the atmosphere but the agriculture lie is twice agriculture’s real contribution. So, agriculture and cows are both being demonized so the demonic elitists that want to control us so badly can control the food supply. And, cattle are only about a quarter of agricultures contribution.

5. Since methane breaks down over a ten-year period, we need to view methane as a cyclical gas. In the atmosphere, methane turns into CO2 and water vapor. The carbon and water get absorbed by plant life. Animals eat the plants. Methane is produced in the digestion and excretion process. The methane rises and then starts the decomposition process again. Therefore, the cattle population would need to continuously increase in order to continuously increase the methane in the atmosphere.

6. How many cows are there, and which countries have the most? The USDA estimates that there are currently some 1.1 billion cattle on the planet. India, Brazil, China, and the U.S. are home to 60% or more of the overall cattle population. The U.S. has slightly less than 100 million cattle. India has 300 million head of cattle.

7. Since we know that methane is a cyclical gas and decomposes over a 10-year time frame, cattle can only add to the methane if their numbers are increasing. So, if we currently have 1.1 billion cattle on the planet now, how many cattle did we have, say, 50 years ago? Well, again, according to the USDA, the planet was home to about 1 billion cattle in 1975! Each year, of course, the count changes a bit. In fact, in the last 50 years, the cattle population in the U.S. has vacillated around that same 1 million count. Ergo, the same holds true for the world cattle population. The number of cattle on the planet has not changed in at least the last 50 years. How can cattle be responsible for the increase in methane?

8. There is only one spot in the world that has a facility that scientifically studies cattle flatulence and methane. It is at UC Davis. Note that the climate cultists pay little attention to actual science as this is the only facility in the world to study cattle flatulence. The professor who heads the research offers that cattle diets can be augmented to include chemicals or nutrients that effectively work to lower methane in the digestive tract of cattle. Farmers are already on the plan. So, science says we don’t need to kill all the cattle. We can adjust the diet if we are so concerned about methane gas.

9. One of the largest contributors to methane gas emissions is wetlands. This is a normal process designed by God. That’s another subject altogether, so we will stay with cattle for now.

10. If the climate cultists want to reduce cattle herds, what are the chances that India and Brazil will cut back their cattle population? Those two countries alone account for almost half of all the cows on Earth. Is it any wonder that India and Brazil have joined the BRICS economy?

11. The largest contributor to the Earth’s atmospheric greenhouse gases is di-hydrogen monoxide. This compound is responsible for 50% of the greenhouse planetary effect. Surely we humans should get busy and eliminate this compound as quickly as possible. Yes, we are talking about water vapor. God already has this stuff figured out. We humans are really not that important to the overall health of the Earth.

12. God stocked the Earth with everything humans need for survival. He gave us air to breathe, gas and oil to burn, and cows to eat. If we all give up combustion cars and meat, the Earth won’t even notice. God will undoubtedly shake His head in disgust.

13. Remember that serial criminal, pedophile, and racist O’Biden tried pandering to black farmers last year by offering to pay black farmers 120% of their farm loans? Now he wants to kill all the cattle. Does this pathetic serial criminal, pedophile, racist, satanist not understand that half of the black farmers in the U.S. are cattle farmers? Yet another statistic readers should know.


 Clearly, the science behind cow gas and climate change due to methane expulsion shows that cattle are not a problem for our environment. Only climate change satanic cultists like O’Biden, Kerry, Schwab, Gates, and others push this nonsense to control the masses through fear. Fear is the primary weapon of those who seek to enslave us. Ignorance is their secondary weapon. Truth is the antidote to fear. Knowledge is the antidote to ignorance. Read articles like this closely. Read other articles on the subject. Educate yourself. Educate everyone you know. Every single person who mentions climate change should be confronted with the truths laid out in this article. Otherwise, we will definitely be enslaved as we enjoy a bug sandwich courtesy of Satan Gates. Oh – why does Satan Gates push this narrative? Because he has investments in the fake meat universe. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies…

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  1. Virginia Borders

    I wish I could write intelligently, like so many others can. I am just a 93-year old mother of 3 who is currently falling apart, but I can understand what I read and this article makes plenty of sense to me. Thank you, TruthNewsNet for publishing it. I wish, wholeheartedly, that everyone out there demonstrating and complaining could read it and understand it.

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