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Whose Government Is It?

At what point does a government, such as that of the United States, which has been called a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” become something other than that which it was intended to be? Should we all be concerned that our own government is no longer what the Founders of the United States of America created it to be?

U.S. Government

We supposedly have a “representative government” wherein those who write the laws have been duly elected, from among the people, by the people, and supposedly for the benefit of the people in their various geographical areas of representation. Those “elected representatives” are then sent to the Congress of the United States in Washington D.C., at great public expense, for the sole purpose of “representing their constituents,” meaning they should be representing the views of that particular group of “citizens” and not one single view of one single person who is NOT a true citizen.

If those 535 people would actually listen to their constituents….no,  even if they would do more to reach out and involve them all in the process that gave them the title “Congressional representatives, instead of sitting on their butts in DC for months on end and then visiting those who only long to be “represented’ when reelection time draws near, and they need to reassure them that their voices are being heard. What a load of bull plop.

I deplore the title of “lawmakers” granted to those 535 people.  Dear God, there must come a time when we all realize that we need no additional laws; rather, we need those who are purported to be “lawmakers” to actually become “law abiders”, followers of God’s law and models for those who voted for them. If we actually modeled our lives on those 535 representatives, most of the US would be in prison in short order, based on the actions those 535 people take.

All the actions of all 535 of these United States Congressional “representatives” are to be based on the rule of law, which in this nation is the United States Constitution, whether or not their actions coincide with the views of their constituents. If those views contradict the Constitution, they should NOT ever be debated by those 535 representatives. Why? Because to do so would be UN-Constitutional, making such debates improper and “illegal.”

So what happens when the daily actions of those 535 “representatives” include the introduction of bills containing, NOT necessarily their constituents’ views, but instead their OWN views or worse, the views of their particular political party, and even MUCH worse, the views and demands of the grand puppeteers who pull the master strings of all Politicians?

Would this not violate the oaths of office they took before God, with their hands placed on HIS word, swearing to uphold the U.S. Constitution? In those cases, do we still have a “representative government? Or do we then have a government “of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians?” Or worse yet, a government “of the party, by the party and for the party, and yes, even MUCH worse, a government of the puppeteers, by the puppeteers and FOR the puppeteers?”


Respect is one of the most important components in any relationship, and respect is built upon consistency in the actions of everyone in that relationship. That respect begins with knowing the other party and working toward building a mutually respectful relationship.

As a small child, I had to get to know my parents, starting with learning and understanding their first words to me. Before my earliest memories at around age four, I have no recollection of them or their words. However, I will surmise that whatever words they had previously spoken to me, they were “consistent.”  I remember that I had respect for them and their words, even though I did not always agree with them, especially as I grew older and developed my own personality based on my own personal experiences. I knew their intent in all cases was to benefit me and not to cause me harm, and upon that knowledge was my respect for them based.

Respect Has Disappeared

But what happens when there is such a lack of consistency that forming a relationship based on mutual respect is all but impossible? Observe that the only consistency to be found in all of the US Congress is in the amount and depth of evil in the lies emanating from there. If that formerly glorious body (175 years ago) could be made to be self-monitoring so that only truth and facts reach the citizens, then possibly there could be some hope that respect could return to those Halls.

By now, everyone with an IQ higher than room temperature is fully aware that no such action will ever be taken by those 535 politicians; after all, that would be tantamount to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, which eggs usually end up in the politicians’ pockets. Right, it ain’t gonna happen.

With the knowledge that, in all of Congress, there is now no respect for 1) the U.S. Constitution, 2) the true citizens of the United States, and 3) themselves, it becomes painfully obvious that the government now sitting in the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and MOST lower courts, as well as the White House, has become a government of, by and for the Politicians and their parties (both of them). This totally eliminates any place for the representation of We, The People and places us all in a very precarious position. The common man or woman is now placed in fear of the U.S. government when it should be the other way around.

The U.S. government gave up any pretense of being a true representative form of government many years ago, but because of the skill with which they were able to keep the citizens deceived about their true allegiances, the public has just recently begun recognizing that fact.

Citizen/Voter Sentiment

The past two and one-half years have made more and more citizens, supporters of both major political parties, aware that the government they trusted at once no longer has any trustworthiness, and the most recent polls have exposed that fact.

The approval rating of the entire Congress has slipped to a level never seen before. An increasing number of registered voters distrust anything “governmental” and especially “congressional.” Many of those are questioning whether voting even matters any longer. If the information regarding voter fraud in the US election system is even close to being accurate, those questioning the integrity of our elections are right; until something changes to bring integrity back to our election process, it may not matter.

If voter passivity becomes a part of our culture, it will signal the beginning of the end of our Great American Experiment.


This essay began with a question: “At what point does a government like that of the United States, which has been called a “government of the people, by the people and for the people,” become something other than that which it was intended to be?” 

This is a question demanding to be answered by each American citizen, at least those who truly care about what was once the Great Republic. The only way the status of this nation will stop its decline into the trash bin of history is with enough of her people realizing just how far that decline has gone and seeking their answer to that burning question.

I do not equate the United States with any of the great empires of history mainly because those empires began as mostly dictatorial states and then degenerated into democracies that have never lasted long. In contrast, this nation began as a true republic due to overwhelming apathy and quickly headed toward a dictatorial state.  If enough of her people are satisfied with that kind of existence, then nothing needs to be done, and in an advancing state of apathy, nothing WILL be done. The Great American Experiment will most definitely be over.

Only if those who truly love liberty and freedom rather than living as slaves to a totalitarian state realize that, no matter what kind of United States they desire to be a part of until they get serious enough and realize that repentance and an invitation for  Almighty God to return to the USA with His wisdom and His Spirit as our guide, that decision of whether they live as free citizens of a free country will have already been made for them.

When a nation’s ‘leaders’ have lost all respect for its people and only consider them assets to be used to keep them in the lavish lifestyle most US politicians enjoy. At the same time, the slaves toil without just recompense for their labors, and you can be sure the nation is circling the drain.

To answer the original question in this essay, the current U.S. Government is NO LONGER a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It has become a wholly owned business whose business model is “Take everything, give nothing back.” Unless God is allowed to return and guide this nation to any form of its former ‘greatness’, the government will never again be considered “OURS.”

Time is very short for any changes needed to be implemented. Only the actions of a God-led, God-empowered citizenry can stop the political madness and give us our government back.



1 thought on “Whose Government Is It?”

  1. AWESOME ARTICLE !!!! I think a copy needs to be sent Monthly, to EVERY individual, PRETENDING to be the local Representative of those people whose votes they actively sought, during their active campaigning, and yet ACTIVELY FORGET once they’ve attached their rear ends to those Cushy, Overpaid jobs, of which THEY and ONLY THEY get to vote on yearly. To REMIND THEM of WHO they work for !!
    If only those SAME individuals who were elected to represent US, gave Their Employers, US, We The People Who Elected Them, those same rights to Determine Yearly, Up or Down, THEIR PAY CHECKS, voting accordingly to their abilities to do the jobs they were elected to do, maybe, just maybe we would get the Respect and Representation WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE !!!
    So many who promised to represent their constituents in Washington, than choose to do Their Own thing, as THEY see fit, completely in most cases, NOT Respectfully or Honestly Representing those who elected them.
    I do love this article !! You’ve hit that Nail Squarely on the head. We The People MUST ALSO Do a Much Better job of Vetting and qualifying these individuals. I’ve very Rarely liked and even trusted less, those who were running to represent me or others like me. Currently, our representatives have chosen to represent those who illegally enter our country, and allowed the current puppet in the Whitewash, I mean Whitehouse, to give hundreds of thousands of illegals, far superior services, than the injured Veteran’s they always send off, to Clean up those Great Big Messes THEY Always cause. They’ve allowed the government to siphon off funds meant for care and services of injured Veteran’s. Many Veteran’s having to wait decades to get proper care. I know many, personally, whose lives have changed drastically, forever, never being made whole again. Meanwhile, those purporting to represent their constituents have consistently been awarding illegals with brand new expensive cellphones, bus tickets, airline tickets, housing, medical care, driver’s licenses and now Social Security Cards, which they can now use to get additional monies, paid for by the honest hard working citizens of our country. That same government has been contributing billions of dollars to an Illicit and Corrupt Ukrainian Government under Fraudulent Pretenses.
    Exactly Who is Representing Who, and they’ve now recently supported the largest tax increase in history, making those same people they were elected to Represent … EXACTLY WHO Are they Representing ??????? I Don’t ever remember being asked to vote on this massive financial giveaway, just to hold a Proxy War with Russia !! My OH My how far we’ve falling as a nation. I’ll step down off my soap box now.

    Again, Thank You for the wonderful article !!
    Bob Rogers

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