Saturday Bullet Points: April 27, 2024

Trial after trial after trial after trial… that sounds like life being Donald Trump! It’s hard for everyday Americans to keep current on the various issues happening daily in courtrooms, where the former president is under continuous, relentless attacks from the Joe Biden henchmen who are tasked with doing anything necessary to keep Trump from running for President!

However, it’s hard to believe that there are numerous other events of the week that are critical for Americans to know and understand. We’ll choose ten or twelve of the top stories of the week (besides the details of the Trump trials) and make sure you don’t miss anything really important. In each Bullet Point, read the several descriptive sentences. For more details, click the blue arrow at the end of those sentences. That will take you to a full story. To move on, simply scroll to the next bullet point!

Bullet Points

  • Have you noticed that each of President Biden’s economic “policies” that he’s presented and implemented hasn’t come close to resulting in the great things he used to justify their existence? The massive “Inflation Reduction Act” was successful at one thing. And that’s NOT reducing inflation. His original proposed program to forgive college student debt bears all the earmarks of repeating the failures of all of his other economic proposals. It was so bad that the U.S. Supreme Court quickly nixed the program, stating that NO president has the authority to reduce or cancel student debt. Only Congress has that authority. What did Joe Biden do in response? He presented ANOTHER program! One former Obama Administration financial expert has declared the “new” plan for Joe will be nothing more than pouring gasoline on our national debt, inflation, and capitalism! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you noticed anything curious when watching the nonstop television coverage of the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas campus protests across the nation? After watching several of these “get-togethers,” something struck my eye: the normal protest signs that are homemade and fairly crude have been replaced by professional graphic artist productions of nice signs that are obviously commercially produced. Rumors abound, stating these protests are professionally coordinated, financed, structured, and planned all the way down to the last “T.” They are no longer rumors! Numerous anti-Israeli billionaires are funding these protests — not only the printing of professional signs and buying those Palestinian scarves, but actually paying activists to go from place to place to lead and participate in these anti-Israel events! You’ll never guess who one of those funders is. His name begins with “George!” For complete details, click on this link:
  • Most Americans still find it difficult to believe that the U.S. Federal Government, through the Department of Justice, spies on Americans. The Legacy media continuously declared during the Russia Collusion period of the Trump presidency that such spying and the creation of the Steele Dossier were based on facts. Certainly, after the exposure of such happenings in the Mueller Investigation, we thought it was over and that our DOJ was back in line. Guess what? It’s BACK! This time it has to do with the DOJ colluding with various banks to reveal to the Feds the names and complete details of bank clients who produce payments that have the words “MAGA,” “Trump,” or even “religious texts.” For complete details, click on this link:
  • In the furor dominating the daily World news, we seem to have temporarily forgotten about the current abandonment of Title IX, which was implemented by the Federal Government years ago to finally codify that women “should” receive the same resources and opportunities in sports competition as men. The Women’s Movement diligently lobbied the nation for decades for women’s rightful place in sports competitions across the board. Then came a legitimization of transgenderism that now spans the entire spectrum of interacting in any way during any event of any kind. That includes athletic competition. There are numerous moving parts in that conversation. However, nowhere else does the conundrum of how to conduct the interactions of biological men competing against biological women.  Those interactions necessarily include men dressing side-by-side with biological women. Riley Gaines has become the face of the vast movement across the nation that is demanding the elimination of biological males in women’s sports and every imaginable interaction between biological men and women in the locker room. Riley Gaines explains the horrors women are experiencing in these instances in competitive sports of all kinds:

  • Have you missed not having southern border alien invader stories non-stop in the news every day? It seems that the Israel and Hamas war, tied together with the shocking Hamas anti-Israeli protests, are dominating our thoughts. However, one Democrat governor has been caught excoriating Joe Biden’s border policies. And she’s the governor of a southern border state! For complete details, click on this link:
  • In the 2020 presidential election campaign, Biden’s political handlers made it crystal clear that they did NOT support debating Donald Trump. Although there were several debates during the campaign, Joe was obviously afraid! In the upcoming election cycle, Joe has stated he WILL participate in an all-out debate with the obvious consensus GOP candidate, Donald Trump. For complete details, click on this link:
  • No one can credibly state that brain injuries are not a serious issue in professional football. Consider that thousands of young men begin practicing and playing football in kindergarten. For generations, these boys and young men are taught to attack their opponents violently play after play, game after game, year after year. But the worst part of it has been — until recently — “leading with their heads” when blocking or tackling opponents is the best way to win each contact. Therefore, it should surprise no one that horrible head injuries result. However, some of those injuries never appear until long after their football careers. Finally, however, the NFL has decided violent head contact needs to stop. This upcoming season, the League has decided to incorporate protections for players’ heads that work dramatically. However, it’s going to change the “look” of the game. For complete details, click on this link:
  • We may be witnessing evidence that the might of the United States Military, which has resulted in the United States supremacy on the battlefield for generations, may be coming to an end. And it’s happening in Ukraine! The U.S. provided Ukraine with quite a few tanks that dominated wars around the World for a long time. However, five such tanks were taken out by very cheap Russian drones. Ukraine cannot afford to lose anymore. That’s embarrassing to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky and does not make Pentagon officials feel good. What’s the fix for this dilemma, if there is one? For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s been very easy for comedians to imitate President Biden. Biden is the “Gaff-Master” for comics. However, no one that I know of can do a Biden imitation better than Walter—with a little help from Jeff Dunham. In the heat of the horror show that’s playing out daily, let’s take a minute or so to hear Walter straighten us out on the important issues in the Biden Administration:

  • When the Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Israel demonstrators and protestors took to the streets of major cities across the Globe, most thought these were simply angry young citizens who took sides in an international confrontation that began as a brutal slaughter of 1200+ Jews in the wee hours of Saturday morning, October 7, 2023, by the terrorist organization Hamas. On that day, most people around the World were shocked to see and hear about these senseless killings of men, women, and children. The stories of rape and torture by Hamas of hundreds of Israelis — many of which were videoed — rocked the World. It soon turned into a war that divided individuals and groups of people, many of which were happening on prestigious university campuses in the U.S. But now it has been revealed that these are NOT pro-Palestinian protests and violence. Most of the people who are the loudest and most vile are actually activists who have been led into cries for an all-out war against Israel. And the violence intensifies as the cries for the elimination of Jews from the Planet get louder. For the latest details, click on this link:

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