12 Year Old Girl prompts Twitter War

Strange headline, right?  Believe it or not the Left media have resorted to Twitter to take on the gender war….in the bathroom.  CNN’s top news show anchor Chris Cuomo went nuts last week at President Trump for rescinding the Obama “bathroom executive order” which mandated that bathroom use eligibility be regulated not by sex but by the sex the user “identifies” with.  Remember the horror of this picture was the possibility of a 40-year-old-man in a bathroom stall next to a 12-year-old little girl.  (Formerly that 40-year-old man would have been branded a pedophile and would have most certainly faced criminal charges for that “pee” session)

“Cuomo went nuts” is a gross understatement.  Chris Cuomo has assumed the self appointed role of “Protector of all things transgender” for the national media.  Therefore his role demanded his violent reaction to the President’s undoing of that executive order.  Cuomo along with CNN morning show’s Alysn Camerota (formerly a “Fox & Friends” weekend co-host) have become two of the most antagonistic media Leftists regarding all things conservative and all things Donald Trump, the least of which is NOT transgender rights and privileges.

CNN Morning Show’s Chris Cuomo

Before I discuss the particulars of Cuomo’s issues on the matter, let me state a few things:  the label “transgender” is an illegitimate one.  Quite honestly, it matters not what surgery has occurred or what hormones have been used, the “transgender” person will remain the biological sex they were born.  Surgery nor hormonal treatment will change DNA, which is the ultimate source used for scientific sex determination.    Secondly, Constitutionally “transgender” persons have always been guaranteed “equal protection under the law” and are entitled to all the privileges afforded to any and all United States citizens….period.  Most legal authorities feel that President Obama’s executive order was an unnecessary over-reach and did nothing but muddy the water in the court of public opinion about the subject.  The only thing for which the federal government has standing in transgender issues is to guarantee that no federal or state agency abridge any of those rights as guaranteed in the 5th and 14th Amendments.

To the heart of the matter:  Cuomo initiated a Twitter war on the subject of transgenderism that resulted in this tweet from a man:  “What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”  You would think Chris Cuomo — the father of two young girls — would relate to this question as a father and would immediately see the potential horror if the subject of this Tweet actually happened and therefore humbly respond in that manner.  Here’s Cuomo’s tweet in response:  “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance.”  (That is EXACTLY what his Twitter tweet said — no editing.)

I understand that for most New Yorkers (like Cuomo) and other east-coasters and probably most west-coasters his reply was appropriate.  I think my assumption is probably correct.  But what I know for certain is that for the overwhelming majority of Americans who do NOT live in the East or West but somewhere in between, his response was at best nauseating and at worst an incitement for a few fathers and grandfathers to head to their child’s school bathroom or locker room…..ARMED!

Alisyn Camerota from CNN

Cuomo’s actions in this matter are the best illustration of Political Correctness run amuck in America.  How can a father of two daughters not see the horror of the possibility illustrated in the man’s tweet?  How can any father actually feel that the little girl could be “the” problem if a man of any age actually shows his plumbing to anyone (yet alone a 12-year-old girl) in a locker room or restroom?  The answer to those two questions can only be one of (and not both) of the following — your choice:  either Cuomo is consumed by his personal political and politically correct ideas and agenda he is blinded to the reality already faced by many from Obama’s executive order, or he actually leans to the same side of the spectrum as the gaggle of European sex fiends who are fighting for their governments to legalize pedophilia.  Cuomo’s reasoning and thought process in this must be one or the other.  In either case,     Cuomo has lost it.

The scarier part of this story is that it IS a story at all, and that this story was actually initiated by a morning news anchor of one of the major television news networks in the United States.  How is it possible that even a Leftist network would allow any of its on air personalities — yet alone a morning anchor — to promote such bizarre ideas as he included in his tweet?  This is NOT about sex identity or protection of human rights, it is strictly a vivid illustration of the Liberal Left’s war on all things conservative, including families with parents of a traditional heterosexual marriage, Christianity and all Christians whom they view with glaring disdain.  The Left actually hate all those who do not with open arms embrace Americans who either live in or promote LGBTQ lifestyles as the preferred life choices ALL should opt into.  Cuomo’s is a graphic confirmation of the blatant and total disregard of traditional American ideals and values.

CNN Morning Show Team

The only thing in this story that really matters is lost in Cuomo’s PC statements in his tweets.  That one thing that matters?  The possibility of that 12-year-old — ANY 12-year-old girl — being put in a situation that might allow this to actually happen.  Imagine if your little girl came home after she saw some guy’s “stuff” in the locker room at school.  You can’t….having that happen to anyone in any family is unimaginable.  And any government that would actually allow this as a possibility with a policy that not only allows it to happen but by order mandates the environment for it to happen is incorrigible.  I shudder to think that my government and former President actually issued an executive order like this.  God forbid it should ever happen in any setting but especially under the direction of the President.

Oh, one more thought:  where did transgender people use the bathroom in the past when they left their homes?  I simply can’t believe they all could hold it THAT long!


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