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Another Leak from the Oval Office: the NY TIMES & WASHINGTON POST

If you haven’t yet heard, another NY TIMES story quotes President Trump from the Oval Office last week speaking to the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Minister saying, “I just fired the head of the FBI,” Trump, according to a document read to the Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

Never mind everything in the President’s statement was true and that it in no way violates any laws or rules regarding communications with foreign leaders, the TIMES story came from someone who ILLEGALLY released information from the Oval Office. A separate report in The Washington Post also said the Russia probe has identified a current White House official as a person of interest. Hmmm…..

Where is the Justice Department on all this? Is anyone there at home? Does anyone at Justice or the FBI work this week? Does anyone besides me think that it is past time for the Justice Department to find out who is leaking this classified information to the press and in doing so is committing federal felonies that are punishable by imprisonment?

Make no mistake: IF the President or any other member of the Government is guilty of crimes of any kind, they MUST face the consequences for their actions. As a journalist I am horrified that any legitimate news outlet would take any such information obtained illegally and therefore making it unverifiable, and instead of turning it over to the appropriate authorities for inclusion in the apparent dozens of investigations that are underway, the TIMES and POST choose to write stories that do nothing but pour gasoline on the soap opera fires in D.C. that they themselves ignited.

Donald Trump was WAY out of line calling the NY TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST “Fake News” along with their brothers and sisters at CNN and the other “Fake News” television outlets. He missed it: they are all “Anarchy Mouthpieces” who care NOTHING about the United States. They represent the worst kind of Capitalism: “Let’s make a buck and we don’t care how or who it hurts as we do so. Let’s get viewers and advertisers. Screw America.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: crank up the Justice Department or email the President your resignation while he is overseas. Let’s get someone who will go to work there……NOW! Americans deserve the truth rather than just gossip.

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