20 Million

20 Million:  that’s the number of people currently insured under Obamacare will “lose” their insurance if/when the current House and Senate bills are reconciled and signed into law and put in force — so says the CBO and so says ALL the media, even FOX News.  If you regularly read my blogs you read the other day that this is an outright lie:  20 million people that are now FORCED to purchase Obamacare policies but who do not WANT Obamacare will no longer be forced to purchase and maintain insurance.  There’s a big difference.  And there are some very positive things that will result from taking this action.  (Details of those just ahead….keep reading)

I am certain you know that 6 million of those people since the implementation of Obamacare rather than opt-in and pay outrageous insurance premiums chose to pay the fines (or penalties) for not purchasing under Obamacare.  And they have paid $3 BILLION in fees and penalties!

You didn’t know that?  You mean to tell me that FOX, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS haven’t reported that?  The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, or Chicago Tribune have not printed that?  Hmm…..I can’t imagine why.  How do you think President Obama found some money to pay the nearly $1 Trillion deficit owed by the Federal Government for Obamacare cost overruns and premium shortages in its first cycle?  He used that $3 Billion as a down payment on the bill.  How did the balance of the bill get paid?  I am not certain yet that it DID get paid, but a huge chunk of it was paid by the Justice Department scandal recently exposed.  That scandal was their diversion of billions of dollars in penalties collected from U.S. and foreign banks and corporations that were charged with massive banking violations and environment fines and penalties levied against major corporations from the Treasury to pay Obamacare shortages.  You didn’t know about that — really?  I thought the previous Administration was “the most transparent Presidential Administration in United States history.”  (quote from then President Obama)

Let’s talk about those 20 million.  Honestly, I have no doubt that a portion of those are young people who are healthy, confident of their futures and continued good health, and prefer to NOT pay for insurance they are confident at this time they would never use.  And then when the premium prices shot up, shot up again, and continue to shoot up, they knew factually they didn’t need it.  So they opted out calculating that paying the penalties were much less expensive than paying premiums for insurance they didn’t need.  (Oh, they also knew that under Obamacare if they suffered a quick and major incident that required healthcare they could purchase Obamacare and be immediately covered with no pre-existing condition exclusions)

The balance of those people would have loved to be a part of the American health insured community, and with a reasonable insurance program with excellent coverage at an affordable price would attract them to opt-in.  So how could that be initiated under the House and Senate “Repeal and Replace” plan?  Here’s how.

I am a true capitalist.  I have watched as in my lifetime capitalism has instigated and maintained the multiple generations of economic and social growth in the U.S. that dwarfs every other society’s accomplishments in those areas.  The free market system has always initiated  and maintained steady and stable growth for the American goods and products that when brought to the market place.  In that environment, those goods and products that are desired and/or necessary to Americans and that are priced to be affordable have always been successful.  From time to time someone brings similar goods or products to the free market place that is either a little better, in more in demand, and/or priced more attractively to American consumers.  When that happens those replace the previous goods and products.  That is the free market system.  It historically has only been impeded when the government steps in and takes any regulatory actions that negatively impact any part of that process.

We all know the federal government is too large, too bureaucratic, and too political to ever successfully inject itself into the free market system.  There are examples galore — including many that were implemented and failed miserably during the Obama Administration — of such attempts by the government to implement, control, and assist private entities.  Examples:  Solyndra hoodwinked Obama and his minions into believing their concept for solar energy was sound and economically feasible.  “We” lent Solyndra $535 million taxpayer dollars.  Solyndra is gone as is our $535 million dollars.

“We” lent Chrysler $10.75 BILLION.  They repaid $7.25 BILLION but still owe more than $2.25 BILLION in dividends and interest.  CitiBank got $2.33 BILLION and still owe $2.28 BILLION of that 6 years later.  GM borrowed $50 BILLION.  They owe Americans $11.4 BILLION plus $694 MILLION in dividends.

Putting it plainly:  Government sucks in commercial business.  So let’s let the free market place work again in Healthcare Insurance!

Blue Cross, Aetna, CIGNA, Pioneer Health, Tenet are all in Healthcare to make money.  How do insurance companies make profits?  Two ways:  1) They sell policies and then pay for medical procedures for those policy holders when necessary.  They pray that after paying for medical procedures they have money left over from their collected premiums — unlike in Obamacare.  And they’ve been really successful;  2) Insurance companies invest a certain percentage of their collected premiums in many different places — much of it in the stock market.  On the whole they have amazing success with their investment products.  Who benefits from those profits?  They have stockholders and members who get paid dividends!  Do you have an IRA or other investment retirement account?  You can bet that your account manager invests a large portion of your money in specific insurance companies or in insurance investment funds.  Why?  Because they are profitable!

So don’t you think those insurance companies will look at those 20 million uninsured Americans (that now do not have to pay that $3 Billion in penalties for not buying Obamacare insurance) as potential customers?  And what happens when those 2o million start buying “affordable” insurance policies?  The cost to those insurance companies for paying claims is amortized over a larger base of people which lowers the costs to the insurance companies that then lower premiums.  In the free market that is called “Supply and Demand.”  There is also more positive cash flow to them from sales increases (historically it has happened) which further increases profits and dividends that are passed along to their stockholders in dividends and investment account increases.

It’s time that not only federal Legislators aggressively schedule interviews, press conferences, and town hall meetings to share these and other truths about the proposed healthcare bills (which are NOT “healthcare bills” but are “health insurance bills”) and aggressively educate Americans to these facts rather than parroting the talking points of the Left:  “20 million will be un-insured,” and “thousands are going to die,” and “children will lose their health insurance,” and “single married mothers and their children will be without healthcare.”

Congress:  find enough intestinal fortitude to face those who preach false doctrine about what you are doing in Congress.  Give them FACTS!  Call them out and demand they instead of pontificating their inaccurate propaganda day after day document their claims with cold hard facts.  And to quote a famous rapper from the movie Who’s your Caddy, “EITHER GO BIG OR GO HOME!”

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