2nd City Nightmare, and Beyond

30 years ago I use to go out of my way to spend a night in Chicago when traveling close. There were quaint music clubs I loved to visit, musical instrument factories where I’d sample new trumpets and accessories, and having lunch or dinner at the old Gino’s on Rush (R.I.P.) was an absolute must. (Still, the best deep-dish pizza I’ve ever had, anywhere.)

On my last two recent driving trips — when doing my TPC Meet-ups during the lockdowns, in which passing through Chicago would have been the quickest route — I went out of my way to drive as far around the city limits as possible. The last time, during a driving blizzard, when I knew the interstates would be better plowed, I took backroads and secondary highways to steer clear. (Part of that reason had to do with the fact certain “items” I carry in my car would get me arrested for a felony if I ever found a need to defend my life.)

Unless We Take a Stand, Big City Chaos is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

About this weekend’s riots, Chicago’s mayor-elect says we shouldn’t “demonize” the “youths” who destroyed public and private property . . . which also led to multiple shootings and innocents being beaten. When questioned, he also stood by his plans to “defund police.”

Another video from this weekend, from West Hollywood, CA, showed an individual trying to pass through a line of transgender and Antifa protestors. With two cops only three feet away, one of the protestors walked up and cold-cocked the innocent bypasser. One cop simply pointed at the assailant and said, “Hey, hey!” and did not attempt to pursue and arrest him for the violent assault. The cops then just turned and walked away.

Other videos from around the country showed more of those flash looting mobs, wiping out shelves, and destroying those stores. (Walmart has announced the closure of four more stores in Chicago.)

Lawlessness and chaos are being purposefully fostered in these leftist hellholes. Even here in Raleigh, NC, during the 2020 riots, our Chief of Police said she would not “risk sending my officers” into buildings being looted. That very night — with her words on the public record —  rioters destroyed downtown Raleigh, turning the landscape into boarded-up buildings and windows for months thereafter.

These incidents are no accident. They are planned. They need the chaos in order to justify the call for the federal government to form and deploy a national police force. The recruits for that force will be the young minds already indoctrinated into the ‘woke’ agenda, and against traditional American values, who are willing to follow unconstitutional orders to go door-to-door and confiscate our firearms and take away the children of parents who do not conform to the prevailing agenda: vaccines, climate change, gender-affirming care, etc.

Elections matter, but we’ve already permanently lost our largest cities. Just look at Chicago, where after the most abominable mayoral leadership in that city’s history, they just elected someone even worse. Don’t expect any real help from DC, either. I’m afraid we may have also lost any possibility of national elections bringing the help we need. I’m convinced we may have lost all but 12 to 15 Congress members to the seduction of the Swamp’s power and money interests.

For the rest of the country, especially in smaller communities and current “red states,” our battle is now totally local. Our governors, attornies general, local sheriffs, and school board members are our last line of defense . . . before that final line of defense becomes the front door of our individual homes.

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  1. We can’t stop them until we have the power to stop them. That means that we must unify under an aegis dedicated to building and wielding that power. That cannot and will not be the GOP. If the GOP was our answer, things would already be well in hand. Thus, we have to build new…and very soon.

    We can’t change things without FIRST the power to make the changes.

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