Trump’s Border Wall: Dead or Alive!

First, it was Obamacare: “If elected President, we will repeal and replace Obamacare.” (Candidate Donald Trump)

Then it was government spending: “If elected President, we will cut wasteful spending that under Obama has doubled the federal debt in 8 years.” (Candidate Donald Trump)

Then it was taxes: “If elected President, we will pass a massive income tax cut for the middle class in America.” (Candidate Donald Trump)

Then, a border wall: “If elected President, we will build a really BIG wall at our southern border and Mexico will pay for it.” (Candidate Donald Trump)

Is One out of Four Good Enough?


At we have contributing researchers that join us in gathering documentation for stories we bring. We launched research for this story on Tuesday evening of this week. We were rolling out our story today (Friday), UNTIL President Trump pulled his apparent “verbal” commitment to pull his demand for funding in any capital bill including funding for a border wall or he would not sign it.

Things changed!

Here’s our problem: our stories are published each morning at 01:45 AM Central. As I write this, (Thursday at 10:45 PM) the Senate has not taken up debate on the House Bill passed that includes $5.7 Billion for border security — including a wall. 

We ar suspending the balance of this story until it is determined whether Congress will vote with President Trump and the U.S. House of Representatives to fund the border wall as part of comprehensive immigration or will shut down the government.

That means, make certain you are here with us early Saturday morning when our comprehensive story is published with current data on this.

I must say: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer capsulated the truth that has led us here after the House vote. They each took the microphone with big eyes and knit brows in shock that the President has “put the American government in free-fall.” How did he do that? By taking a stand for what he was elected to do: close the southern border!

They irony here? Pelosi and Schumer have joined the ranks of prominent Democrats demanding border security with a wall in the past: Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, and the list goes on and on.

Do these politicians not know YouTube documents everything!!!!


See You Saturday morning!



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