America’s Greatest Threat

No, it’s not ISIS;  it’s not illegal immigration;  it’s not extending the debt ceiling;  it’s not Obamacare;  it’s North Korea.  Why?  North Korea is a rogue nation that reportedly actually possesses  5 to 7 nuclear bombs.  All they lack (and this is NOT certain — just assumed) is the ability to stick a nuke on the nose of an intercontinental ballistic missile and aim it toward the U.S.  And North Korea is led by a malcontent who has no concept of reality.  His world revolves around the cheese he imports and devours, his love for basketball, and showing all in the West just how big his junk is.  He does not understand what his nuclear posturing and threats are doing to the World’s understanding of his country’s nuclear capability and his intentions.  Yes, he is walking a fine line.  But is there any entity on Earth willing to go toe to toe with him right now?  The only realistic player in this is the United States — who he hates — and who he is daily threatening with nuclear action.

So what do we do?  It’s amazing that even though China’s President Xi when in Florida with President Trump last week was asked for help in intervention in North Korea’s nuclear blustering, China’s President even after leaning toward intervention has apparently done nothing to stop the N.K. saber rattling.  Kim Jong-un is still every day sending threats internationally about what he plans to do to the United States.  Is there any way to stop his nuclear proliferation and possible pre-emptive strike on America without starting World War III?  The answer is a mixed one coming from U.S. military experts.

On the one hand, there are thoughts to do something quickly to send another message to him like the Syrian missile strike.  Others think such action would be lost on Jong-un.  He apparently is not afraid of what might happen to him and he doesn’t care at all about North Korean citizens.  After all, millions are starving with hundreds of thousands if not millions in prison.  He is the ultimate narcissist who cares not at all for anything or anyone except his “stuff” and his life.  Is there an alternative?

I think there is.  Through history there have been despots threatening the World that have mysteriously died, been taken down in military coups, or assassinated.  I am fairly certain that the U.S. has sufficient military and intelligence sources to devise and implement a plan in anyone of the areas just mentioned to take him out.  Actually I’m a bit surprised that he has lasted this long, whether it would be the U.S. or some other country threatened by his nuclear program and constant threats.

I am also surprised that China has not already shut down his nuclear program.  Why?  They do NOT want a war with anyone on the Korean Peninsula.  There are millions of North Koreans that if a war began would instantly vacate their country.  There is no place for them to go but to China.  And China is not like Europe or the U.S.:  they will NOT take any immigrants that they don’t want.  And believe me, they do not want millions of starving and uneducated North Koreans storming the Chinese border.  Could it possibly be that quietly China likes the fact that Jong-un has dominated the news the last few days with his threats against America?  That could also explain why Xi’s efforts to help the U.S. by intervening in the North Korean issue have been virtually toothless and somewhat simply symbolic.

Does President Trump have a plan?  I am pretty certain his military leaders have given him several options.  The fact that the news media does not know does not bother me at all.  I’ve mentioned before that their running around with their hair on fire constantly attacking the President with charges that he is not prepared, has no plan, and is unqualified to lead the Nation because of that all fall on deaf ears.  There are very few Americans that do not understand how ridiculous it has been for 8 years of having a President in the Oval Office that telegraphs each and every one of his military moves.  i.e. “We are going to stay in Iraq until August 1 but are pulling all of our troops out then.”  Duh!  Do you think that directs military foes to simply sit tight until August 1, then on August 2nd or 3rd just move in full force and take over?  How stupid has that move been!  A good leader does not give his military plans to his enemies.  Even a child understands the fallacy of doing so.

Any idea what options are being considered by the President and his leaders?  Let’s just “assume” for a bit.  One would be to take Kim Jong-un out by assassination.  Of course that would create a world of issues that would include determining who his replacement might be and where they stood, the implications of the affect of the assassination on our relationship with China and other Asian countries, and what those military leaders below him might do in the aftermath.

What about a strategic targeted missile strike?  It would be possible to target just the sites known to house his nuclear artillery and bombs.  My understanding is that those are hidden in deep, underground mountain recesses that are fortified against such attacks.  You can bet U.S. Intelligence knows where they are located so that would not be an issue.  There might be an immediate response to such action IF they were unsuccessful or just partially successful.  Believe me, if he personally would survive such an attack it would be almost automatic action on his part to lob a few nukes at the U.S. if he has ballistic missile ability.  Remember:  we “think” he does not yet.  But that does not mean for certain he does not already have that capability.

Maybe we should simply launch a bombing attack against (in addition to his nuclear stockpile) other strategic military locations throughout North Korea, taking out the bulk of his military capability?  In doing so we would definitely need to totally cripple any ability to retaliate in that strike or he would certainly do so.  And certainly the level of such an attack would be to ramp it up to its maximum potential for doing the most damage to the U.S.

Also worth consideration is the issue the United States would face in World politics.  It is virtually unprecedented for the U.S. to launch such an attack.  Detractors will point to the U.S. invasion of Iraq that was launched based on reports of WMD under Sadam Hussein that never materialized.  I don’t think Americans nor other nations of the World would embrace such a strike on North Korea by the U.S., although there are not many world leaders who would not be glad to be rid of the North Korean despot.

In summary, I don’t think there is a clear and simple answer for how to proceed.  This is a tough one even for a clever decision maker like Donald Trump.  There are many uncertainties about any of the military options to choose from.  It is almost a crap shoot to determine what to do.  Let’s hope having the generals he has at his disposal and their recommendations have already been made and preparations have put plans in place to act.  Let’s just hope that when the actions happen, they will NOT be the result of nor the initiation of a nuclear retaliation.

In any case, I am glad the past President is not the one to make those decisions.  No doubt we’d spend the next 3 years negotiating while Kim Jong-un finishes getting his nukes — all 2 dozen of them by then — loaded on intercontinental ballistic missiles each pointed at the major west coast U.S. cities.  I doubt this President will allow that to happen.


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