An Idea

We’ve had a programming thought here at We need to share and get your opinion.

Our “new” stories publish once daily at 01:45 AM Central. Besides “TNN Live!”at 9:00-11AM Central — our streaming live daily talk show — you don’t hear from us until the next morning. And you go somewhere else to get your PM and early morning news.

What about one or two “Bullet Point” features daily Monday – Friday?

Here’s how the concept would work:

When you get up each weekday, you’d have a “Morning Bullet Point” story waiting for you that would fill you in on important happenings late the evening before and overnight from anywhere in the World that impacts us in the U.S. This is “option #1.”


Just before you go to bed each weekday evening, you’d have an “Evening Bullet Point” story you could catchup (in Bullet Point format) the happenings of the day. This is “option #2.”


”Option #3:”  We keep things just as they are with our daily story and “Saturday Bullet Points” early Saturday morning.

Note: Either way we’d still publish our regular stories daily along with the Saturday Bullet Points if so chosen.

Very Important: changing this will mean more work, more time, and more research. Of course, you would be getting more information here than you are getting now each day and covering all your “important” news time slots. 

I need to hear from ALL OF YOU! (well maybe not “All” but certainly many of you)

Here’s how I want you to reply very simply. Quickly email me at and write, “Option 1,” “Option 2,” or “Option 3.”

That’s all we need. 

Here’s a thought I already received a question about. What about “All of the above.”

That would be a great deal of additional and timely work for someone. To do so would require adding at least one research/writer. But, if we get enough demand for it, we’ll certainly consider it.

We’re always trying to get the latest and freshest important stuff to you daily as quickly as possible. Any one — or combination of the above —  would only serve you better.

Thanks for being a part of this. Make sure to reply quickly before you forget about it!



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