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An Opportunity That’s Free To Help Yourself Financially While Being A Giver!

Have you ever looked at your financial situation and thought, “How can I punch through and find a way to stop fighting credit card bills and bank fees and waiting for days for the money to post in my account?” Be honest: we’ve all had those thoughts for some time.

Here’s the problem: as long as big banks and financial institutions not only control the flow of money, dictate the terms for loans and credit cards, and look at you like you’re an invader from somewhere south of Mars, they are going to continue to make all the rules and make them ALL “lean” their way. We, consumers, are just “afterthoughts.” And they can certainly handle us “afterthoughts!”

About ten years ago I discovered Bitcoin. And my discovery was NOT for good purposes. My company’s computer network was quickly locked down when one employee clicked on a connected file in an email. BOOM! The entire company was locked down and we had an infected computer network that happened to be connected to dozens of our hospital and medical clinic and physician networks! You can imagine my panic.

To make a long story short, I walked across the street and my bank looked at the ransom instructions and how many bitcoins were necessary to “get out of jail.” I had to buy 10 bitcoins, I thought.” Later I discovered I had overbought by 4.

We paid the ransom, they released our network, and all was good. I had to put those bitcoins in a cryptocurrency wallet before I could transact. I had no idea what that was and didn’t care at the time. Those four bitcoins just remained in that wallet — for years.

I never gave them any thought…until bitcoin started to go crazy and head toward the $100,000 mark.

A  good friend of mine in a conversation asked if I had looked into bitcoin. I told him the story and when he heard that I had 4 in a wallet, he went crazy. At the time, bitcoin was around $35,000. You do the math.

Guess what: I still have 4 bitcoins in that wallet for which I lost the password to access!

That’s a story for another day. At least they’re in that wallet that no one can access — even me. I regularly spend time trying every login I can imagine. Someday I’ll hit the “big one” and cash them in.

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has taken off. The numbers out there are virtually uncountable: some are really successful and some stink. But there’s much logic I now understand about cryptocurrency that points to a really good and safe way to begin to move our banking needs out of our banks and into cryptocurrency. It’s far safer than bank accounts. It can be accessed from anywhere on Earth where you can get an internet signal. And it can continue to grow in value while sitting there — sometimes exponentially.

I was introduced to a new cryptocurrency: PhilCoin. I wouldn’t have given it a thought until I heard who are those involved at the top and the mechanics of PhilCoin.

Instead of pontificating about it, let’s just read their introductory information:


The philanthropic coin of the world, Philcoin, is officially launching on March 11, 2022, to a global community spanning Australia, the United States of America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Hailed “the people’s coin,” Philcoin is an award-winning philanthropic movement in the blockchain that supports the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It has a “Donate-to-Earn” model that will change the way giving happens.

There will be 5 billion tokens available to the public to use for staking, donating to charities, and peer-to-peer transactions.

With over 1000 charities soon to be onboarded to Philcoin’s website and app, PHILApp, people across the world can donate to causes they’re passionate about through a simple click of a button.

Philcoin will also be partnering with home rental companies surrounding Ukraine to help those displaced by the war to provide temporary homes, food, and safe havens.

The community will play a critical role in making this happen by donating tokens or sponsoring families in need.

Jerry Lopez, Founder and CEO of Philcoin says, “People have become more human and more conscious of the needs of the world. We need change. The way we give back needs to change. And that’s where Philcoin comes in. There’s never been a cryptocurrency purely focused on helping those in need until now. With all the natural disasters, civil and political unrest we’re seeing at this very moment – how can you contribute? With Philcoin you can make instant donations and charities can receive those donations to disperse to their communities. It’s a true blessing to be part of such a thriving philanthropic movement – something magical happens when you’re able to put a smile on the faces of those who’ve experienced hardship.”

Philcoin’s Donate-to-Earn model rewards those who put others before themselves. Users can earn more tokens, the more they donate; they’ll also receive rewards for referring and using the app.

It’s a model that generates wealth for all, regardless of where you are in the world and your economic status.


There are many differences between traditional cryptocurrency and PhilCoin. For those who have some knowledge, you’ll be pleased to know that it is “un-mineable.” Unlike every other cryptocurrency in existence, PhilCoin cannot be created: the initial number in existence will NEVER increase. There are numerous and very obvious benefits to this.

I happened to be introduced to one of the founds, a gentleman named Dunston Teo. He’s Asian now living in the Middle East. I had no idea who Dunston was until I mentioned to a friend that I was pondering investing in a new cryptocurrency. He asked for details and I told him the name “Philcoin.” He knew nothing about it and skeptically asked me for details. I gave him the above information and mentioned that I had spent several hours with a guy named Dunston Teo. My friend went bonkers! Teo is one of the original people in Bitcoin. And Teo is worth today billions of dollars. My friend assured me that if Teo was in its structure and organization, this would be a huge success.

As the introduction above states, PhilCoin will go live for all crypto consumers next Tuesday, April 11. But there’s one catch that adds to the safety and security. You will NOT be able to just buy it in the normal way you purchase crypto. Everyone MUST be referred by someone who is already a user. That person gives you their PhilCoin referral number that you use in your account setup. Once your account is opened and confirmed, you receive your own unique number.

That referral does NOT represent a multi-level marketing process or pyramid scheme. It just puts the “right” people who understand the differences of PhilCoin from other cryptos into this system.

There is a referral benefit, however. Everyone who refers a person who opens an account gets $5 of PhilCoin added to their account. Any time that person refers someone and they open an account, the original person gets $5 more. The referral process stops there — it does NOT go “deep,” it goes “wide.”

An initial “startup” program for PhilCoin has activated about two weeks ago. A small group of people — “founders” — were invited to open accounts before the go-live date of April 11th. Though no one could purchase or sell in the traditional fashion, word circulated, and apparently PhilCoin orders were placed pending closing next Tuesday. I was fortunate enough to be one of those people.

I won’t share exact numbers, but based on my initial purchase of PhilCoins, as of this writing, the value of my PhilCoins has risen five times.

Is this any guarantee that this will continue? NO. And no one who is interested that is not financially able to should NOT do so. If you wish to open an account and do nothing more but introduce it to others who open accounts, without a nickel of investment you will receive $5 of PhilCoins in your account and they will also.

They call that where I live: “Free Money!”

TruthNewsNetwork has never sold anything, never charged for anything, and we’re not in this to make money anyway. We’re in this solely to help other people: with facts, information, and warning as necessary to keep people from making bad choices without knowing the facts.

I want to do that here. I am posting my PhilCoin number below so that you can take advantage of opening an account. The account costs nothing and you don’t have to make a deposit! But when your account is activated and PhilCoin opens up next week, you’ll receive $5 of PhilCoin in your account.

When you use my number below to set up your account, you’ll receive your own specific number that you can share with others who you refer for the same opportunity.

What to you do if you’re interested:

Download “PHILApp” from your Apple or Android store to join this global giving movement and to set up your “non-custodial wallet.” What does “non-custodial” mean in this context? No one on the planet can access your PhilCoin account but THE person who holds that number — NO ONE!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at We’ll get your questions answered quickly.

By the way, it takes several days for an account to be completely set up and approved. If you’re interested in availing your opportunity to buy next Tuesday, you need to take action quickly!

Download the “PhilAPP” on iTunes Apps or Goggle Store. Open and follow instructions. When complete, you’ll be asked for a referral number. (when your account is accepted and open, you will receive your own referral number) To open yours, use mine below:


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