Anyone Else Think Trump Really Knows What’s Going On?

The TruthNewsNetwork previously posted a detailed article in which we looked at “possibilities” for what might be REALLY going on regarding the relationship between the President and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (The Mueller “Blockbuster” posted 8/22/2018) We received mixed responses and thoughts on our thoughts. But we are not the only ones who think President Trump is smarter than many think, and especially more clever than Mainstream Media pundits who seem to be driven by one thing and one thing only: to drive Donald Trump out of the White House. What’s oddest about that is the blatant unethical journalistic actions by the MSM who totally ignore any and all achievements by the Trump Administration in the last 18 months. They refuse to cover any “real news,” instead opting for “media fodder” that in most cases is nothing but gossip.

Here’s a perspective from one writer — a blogger that goes by “@drawandstrike” — given in a slightly different way. Please remember that we are always open to the perspective of others. However, we do NOT guarantee that their opinions are accurate and are just that: opinions.

Always remember our mantra at “Just because you believe something is true doesn’t mean it’s true. And just because you believe something is wrong doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”



Sessions didn’t do anything today he hasn’t done for a year and a half after Trump calling him out and complaining about him on Twitter. “I’m going to do the best job I can, I won’t let politics interfere in how the DOJ fulfills it’s duty to the country, etc. etc.”

Let’s go over how this supposedly real rift between the President of the United States, and the most important appointment he made in his entire administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, got started.

We were asked to believe Trump The Clueless had no idea Sessions would have to recuse himself from overseeing/directing DOJ investigations related to the 2016 election in which Sessions was a MEMBER of one of the campaigns in the election. Let’s see a show of hands: Who really thinks Trump was DUMB enough to not know Sessions couldn’t be in charge of or oversee the Hillary Email investigation or any of the other investigations arising from the 2016 election in which he was involved? Didn’t Trump see the conflict? We’re also expected to believe that before he recused himself, Sessions read some statute and suddenly realized “HOLY COW….I’M GOING TO HAVE TO RECUSE MYSELF!” and this happened immediately after he was sworn in. Sessions was so surprised to realize this, he recused himself immediately before giving Trump a heads up he was going to do it. Again: let’s see a show of hands: who thinks this is how it REALLY happened? After Trump won the election, & announced he was going to nominate Sessions to be his AG, what did the MEDIA spend weeks doing?

“Sessions is going to be Trump’s ATTACK DOG at the DOJ. Trump’s going to send him after Hillary & Obama.”

And the media spent weeks asking this question: “How can Sessions have control of investigations into the 2016 election when HE HIMSELF was a member of one of the campaigns? This can’t be allowed! Conflict of interest! The fix is in!”

Well, they were worried over nothing. On the surface, they saw Clueless Trump raging at Sessions over his sudden recusal, catching Trump completely by surprise. They all pointed their fingers at Trump and laughed loudly. “HA HA HA YOU MORON!”

While all THAT was underway, nobody noticed THIS GUY and what he was announcing. For weeks all the DOJ news was fixated on the feud between Trump and his now-recused AG. Trump was counting on Sessions and Sessions let him down!

Everything you know about the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ plot, the insurance policy, it’s ALL from Horowitz’s digging. He found it first and then he passed it off to Congress. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Bruce & Nellie Ohr. While he was digging, NOBODY WAS WATCHING HIM. What was everybody watching from January 2017 to October 2017, when Horowitz & his team of DOJ investigators suddenly broke the surface & began passing to Congress what they found?

They were watching these two guys ‘feuding’.

“I’m doing my job.”

Who found out where the Steele dossier really came from and who paid for it?


Who found the Strzok/Page text messages & all the evidence therein about insurance policies and CI’s cent to entrap the Trump team?


Who revealed Bruce Ohr, a guy having no official role in the FBI’s Trump/Russia investigation was inserting himself in the middle of it, backchanneling meetings with Christopher Steele/Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS to pass on info after Steele was fired?


Yet for 10 months the big news out of the DOJ is “OH LOOK TRUMP IS STILL MAD AT SESSIONS. Will these two ever get along?”

While all the evidence of the Crossfire Hurricane plot was being collected.

Everybody focused on what they were SUPPOSED to focus on. A very public catfight on social media.

Nobody was looking where Trump and Sessions didn’t want them to look. A very quiet investigation that didn’t leak anything.

The *genesis* of the Trump/Sessions feud never made any sense. Yet people bought the cover story, which is exactly what they were supposed to do.

You don’t just fool your enemies with this kind of disinformation operations. You have to fool most of your FRIENDS too.

Now let’s look at a couple more points where the cover story is that Trump is clueless/helpless/outsmarted.

Seen the recent coverage of Trump *suddenly*, after a year & a half, deciding to yank a bunch of security clearances?

What’s the cover story there? After 18 months in office, Trump suddenly slaps his forehead and goes “Wait a minute: Brennan, Comey, Clapper…all these people are leaking and trying to hurt me! I better yank their security clearances! Wow, I shoulda done this long ago!”
Trump could have yanked these clearances at any time in the last 18 months. But we’re asked to believe he waited 18 months because he’s timid, shy, not sure of himself, or something.

Here’s another cover story we’re supposed to buy: Trump can declassify anything he wants to. FISA Warrants, you name it. He just talked about it doing it AGAIN in his Fox News interview this morning.

Why hasn’t he done it yet?

“He’s scared.” Or “He’s not allowed to.”

Trump’s all for declassifying the entire evidence of the Crossfire Hurricane plot but darn it, something, it’s not clear what, just keeps staying his hand. It’s sad, really.

How about this? Just consider it. He’s waiting for something.

There is NOBODY in the gov’t that could stop him from declassifying the Carter Page FISA warrant. So if Trump hasn’t done it yet, he’s got good and valid reasons and he isn’t going to tell me or any other yahoo on Twitter what they are until HE’S ready.

Let’s go onto another point. There’s a popular narrative that Trump came into office blind, having no idea whatsoever his campaign was being spied on & the target of a plot led by top fed. officials.

I never bought it, but hey, some people still do.

According to this narrative, after Trump came into office flying blind, he slowly became aware of the abuses and spying. This narrative says Trump only slowly began to take action to counter the plot.

This is how they explain way Trump supposedly blowing the two most crucial appointments he made when it comes to exposing/stopping the Crossfire Hurricane plot.

See, Trump didn’t know. So he appointed Sessions and Rosenstein. He blew it.

Well, I’ve seen plenty of evidence Trump DID know. Trump DID know his campaign was being spied, he DID know about much of the Crossfire Hurricane plot.

I’ll give you just one example. Suddenly moving his transition team to Bedminster NJ from Trump Tower.

After winning the election, Trump formed a transition team to get ready to assume office, reach out to people he wanted to appoint, etc.

It was based in Trump Tower.

On Nov 17, Trump suddenly makes an announcement he’s moving it. He moved his transition team from his Manhattan offices to his golf club in New Jersey. That looks pretty chaotic, like bad planning, doesn’t it? Win the election on Nov. 8, form a transition team, settle it down in Trump Tower, got all the logistics of that worked out and…not even 10 days later you’re suddenly shifting the whole team to another state.

Hmmmm. I wonder if….anything happened on Nov. 17, say, earlier in the day that might have suddenly prompted Trump to say “Wow, I’d better move my entire transition team, which just got formed & settled in here, to some other place!”

Well, golly lookee here. Turns out NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, completely unannounced, dropped in to visit Trump at Trump Tower on Nov. 17.

Look how the media covered this:

“Rogers Begs Trump For His Job”

Obama Is Considering Removing N.S.A. Leader
Top officials have urged the president to remove Adm. Michael S. Rogers, citing concern over his efforts to combat the Islamic State and guard secrets.

Yes, that’s how the media covered this. Mike Rogers, hat in hand, rushed to Trump Tower to beg…BEG…Trump not to fire him.

Here’s the real story:

Occam’s Razor – Did NSA Admiral Mike Rogers Warn Trump On November 17th, 2016?
So you know what the LATEST date possible is for Trump knowing his campaign is being spied on, all their phone calls, text messages, emails collected? It’s November 17th, 2016. So you can take that narrative that Trump came into office flying blind and not knowing fed. Intel agencies had been weaponized to target him and dismiss it. He knew. He came into office knowing.
IF Trump came into office knowing the DOJ/FBI/CIA/State Dept and other intelligence agencies had been used to spy on him during the campaign & were now going to be used to sabotage him in office, then the appointments he makes to the DOJ, CIA & other agencies are critical.
But you are now being asked to believe a narrative in which Trump, being aware of all this, blew the two most crucial appointments he had to make: Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General.

Everything we’ve discovered about the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ plot beginning in October of 2017, Trump knows too. In fact, he knew all of this LONG before we did. Is the narrative Trump is slowly discovering all this right along with the rest of us? Do you buy that? Trump doesn’t know any of this stuff until Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch or a Congressional Oversight Committee manages to pry it from Sessions & Rosenstein’s grasping fingers?

Oh, and Horowitz. From Horowitz’s hands too.

I don’t think Trump is undergoing a slow journey of discovery here, waiting with baited breath for that next Judicial Watch lawsuit or Congressional hearing. He’s already seen all the classified stuff. He knows exactly where this is going to end up.

Trump came into office knowing the SOB’s were plotting to take him out. He already knew. And he left Comey sitting RIGHT THERE thinking he was safe until May. Ponder that. One of these men thinks the other doesn’t know.

You think Trump letting Comey sit there as FBI Director for 4 more months knowing the entire time Comey was plotting against him is amazing? They left McCabe, Strzok and many of the other plotters in place for far longer than that. The cases against these people had to be built over time, the evidence carefully collected, no loopholes. These plotters are the people who investigate OTHER people. They know every trick in the book. To nail them you can’t leave any way to escape, make any mistakes.

What people are frustrated about is the PAYBACK. They want to see the plotters nailed to the wall. It’s starting to dawn on most people that the plotters had their fangs pulled long ago. Trump’s in no danger from these people.

Well nobody is more invested in paying these plotters back than Trump is. If he’s waiting to declassify stuff, if he’s taking the #SlowWalker approach and you don’t like that, you don’t understand his reasons, I can’t help that. It is what it is.

A lot of people are looking at this wrong. “HURRY UP OR THEY’RE ALL GOING TO ESCAPE! NOW! DO IT NOW!” You don’t understand. There IS no escape. That’s *why* Trump and Sessions are taking their time to do it right. There IS no urge to rush. Trump the showman will time this for maximum effect.

Look again at this President essentially giving Comey the kiss of death. “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.”

You think Trump isn’t enjoying watching the roaches scramble around trying to avoid the light when he knows exactly how this will go down and they can’t stop it?

This President was trading “Fat Little Rocket Man” jabs with Kim & the media was hysterically screaming at him for it the entire time Mike Pompeo was making visits to NK in total secrecy setting up that summit we had this year. Trump is FINE with a cover story like that.

The COVER STORY was that our insane, unstable President is trying to provoke the leader of NK into a war while Pompeo – taking NOBODY FROM THE STATE DEPT WITH HIM – traveled to NK in utter secrecy over a period of months. And nothing leaked & the cover story worked.

All of a sudden, presto chango! Trump and Kim are friendly and making real progress and the summit happens. The clueless media still hasn’t figured out while Trump & Kim were publicly trading barbs, stuff was happening behind the scenes.
You’ve all had PLENTY of time to learn how Trump operates. He puts out cover stories feeding chaos narratives to keep his enemies looking at the wrong things while he gets stuff done. It keeps them out of his way, distracted & wasting resources. The reason media people meltdown is because they HAVE to take everything at face value. Trump counts on them doing that to keep them running around lost, covering the wrong things. “OMG, HE TWEETED AT KIM JONG UN AGAIN!”

Trump also uses his Twitter to show people who ‘get’ what he’s doing where to look. He’s tweeted numerous times in the past 2 weeks about Bruce & Nellie Ohr. He’s trying to tell you something.

Of course, the media leaps to defend Ohr, some ‘nobody’ from the DOJ that Trump is picking on because Trump’s a mean guy.

So what people are melting down about is how long it’s taking and the cover story that Trump and Sessions are in a feud. That’s great. Time will solve most of this. The election is still over 2 months away. Mueller & Co. took their best shot. It fizzled.

Trump’s going to pull HIS trigger when it’ll inflict the maximum damage on the most people who are in his way. He knows the time. You don’t.

He’s a vindictive SOB but he’s *our* vindictive SOB.

I’m not worried & you shouldn’t be either.



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