Those Mean Old White-Haired Republicans!

Many Americans feel that Republicans are little more than a bunch of old, white-haired men and women who sit around all day counting their certificates of deposit and clipping their bond coupons. Of course, instead of trying to understand Republicans and other conservatives, it is far less complicated for those on the Left to simply put all these conservatives into a basket labeled “Sluggards Who Hate Those Different from Them.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most conservatives — even most of those evil Republicans — are millennials who are college graduates and get into businesses in a management capacity or even ownership. Certainly, there’s no exclusive on living such a life: anyone who desires can do the exact same thing. However, the diametrically opposite professional path seems to be chosen by a majority of those labeled as “Progressives,” though very little of the Progressive’s political agenda is progressive. It’s more like “regressive” in its nature and operations.

But back to today’s story.

Most know the name “Meghan McCain.” Meghan is the daughter of former U.S. Senator and former Presidential Candidate John McCain. Meghan followed in her father’s political footsteps. And she married someone who wears the same shoes: Ben Domenech. If you are a watcher of FOX News of late, you may have seen the bearded young guy filling in on the 7:00 PM evening show or even as a guest contributor on other FOX News shows.

Beside being conservative and Meghan’s husband, Ben is the Publisher of Federalist, a very popular conservative news organization. Ben is somewhat quiet, but when he speaks, he’s sounds authoritative without any edge of importance in his delivery. (I’m a radio guy so I notice that stuff!) Say what you will about him, he fits the picture of “Republican” mentioned above, except he’s NOT old, NOT white-haired, does NOT sit around counting CD’s and clipping coupons: he publishes a GREAT conservative news site. And living in D.C. in the midst of the Swamp as a young Republican journalist, he’s carved a niche for himself that is remarkable.

On Wednesday, his news outlet published a story “about” Ben but included remarks “from” Ben. I thought what he had to say in the context of exactly what Americans see playing out on our national stage fits perfectly in the process of answering the catcalls of the Left in the midst of extreme lawlessness, criminality by this administration in ignoring immigration laws, violence amuck, and the fear sown by Democrats and others regarding COVID-19.

Enough of this: let’s meet Ben Domenech:

    Meghan McCain and Ben Domenech

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech warned during Fox News “Primetime” on Tuesday that Americans must not sit idly by as power-hungry elites steal their freedoms and ruin their country.

“[Today’s elites] want to compel you into silence about all the wrongs you see, gaslight you into believing things that are not true, or make you out to be a hateful, ignorant bigot for believing things that are. The central question before you is: What are you willing to do about it?” he asked Fox viewers.

Citing John Ford’s classic western fable “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” Domenech emphasized the importance of law and order while celebrating the tough men required to enforce it.

“We have borders because they are guarded by rough men prepared to do what it takes to protect the lines that delineate a nation. It is meaningless to say that we have laws in our cities if we defund those Americans who are brave enough to enforce them,” Domenech said. “This may be repugnant to our nation’s elite, but it is essential to a civilized society.”

When Fox’s Peter Doocy recently asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki if the Biden administration is concerned that illegal migrants crossing the southern border aren’t being tested for COVID, Psaki avoided the question.

“Federal officials at the border are dealing with a historic surge of illegal immigration, and they have neither the time or the resources to test the thousands of migrants they apprehend on a daily basis,” Domenech said. “Testing is being done by nonprofits if it’s being done at all, even though many of these migrants are coming from countries where COVID is rampant and vaccines almost nonexistent.”

To make matters worse, such charities have been “ordered” not to report COVID positives, according to reporting from Fox News’ Bill Melugin.

“That means illegal immigrants, carrying a virus that represents a supposedly existential threat, are being released into small American towns all along the border, often without the knowledge of local authorities,” Domenech said. “Make no mistake, the Biden administration is now treating foreign lawbreakers better than the American people. Millions of lawbreaking … foreigners are now walking over the border and being given taxpayer-funded bus tickets and medical care and schooling, while American kids are being denied such things, as Democrats cement more lockdowns.”

“Does it bother you that terrorist cartels are more competent at running the border than our own government, that babies and children are being drowned in the Rio Grande and trafficked into sex slavery because the ‘civilized’ party is back in charge?” he asked.

Last month, more than 200,000 migrants were apprehended at the border. “The last time we apprehended that many people crossing the border was more than 20 years ago,” Domenech noted. Meanwhile, the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border is surging.

“But if you raise any of this as an issue, if you question it, if you suggest this looks like chaos, chaos being exploited by violent criminals who seek to profit even as they harm America, you will be denounced as a heartless racist or worse,” Domenech reflected. “You are supposed to be comfortable with the government the elites give you, which will use emergency powers to keep you masked up, locked down, and prevent you from buying seeds, but will do nothing to stop the cartel-benefiting anarchy at the border.”

In the 1860s, the elites feared and despised the Wide Awakes, who were “a militaristic fraternity dedicated to human liberty.” According to Domenech, today’s elites similarly “fear and hate the wide-awake Americans of the 2020s.”

“Make no mistake, the progressive left today is the inheritor and continuance of the slave power of yesterday. It is the same aristocratic creed, the same enmity to the Declaration of Independence, the same fixation on the hierarchy of race and cast, and the same dread of Americans who rebel against them, the same horror at the possibility that an ordinary working man, regardless of his race, might wake up to the truth,” Domenech said. “That’s why they do their damnedest to keep wide-awake Americans suppressed, demonized, locked down, and for the rest, to keep them asleep and in the dark.”

“You know the playbook by now,” Domenech warned. “Americans who reject the woke and show they are wide awake are denounced by nattering elites and their media handmaidens as extremist, as dangerous, and — this is rich — as white supremacists. It’s a lie and no one believes it. Not even them.”

“Free speech, free soil, free men. It was the Wide Awake battle cry in 1860, and it’s the same today,” he concluded. “Because, you see, the stakes don’t change and neither does the enemy. Only the circumstances do.”

“On one side, you have the enemies of everything this nation has ever been and meant. And on the other, you have the patriots, the Americans, the men and women who will do anything to preserve it, because they know what civilization requires. You are the heart of a nation that has slept for so long, but now, at last, you are wide awake,” Domenech said. “So now I ask you again, what are you willing to do?”


NO ONE owns any political perspective. NO ONE owns righteousness, goodness, or the Truth. There’s a generation that is awakening today that are daily growing more and more angry at leaders that treat Americans as if they are stupid and have no right to determine the things necessary for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

Domenech made very clear this generation has had enough. How long are we willing to let the progressive left drive this ship with impunity for those with differing opinions?

At TruthNewsNetwork, we have asked for several years exactly the same question Ben asked in his last sentence: “So now I ask you again, what are you willing to do?”

It’s pretty clear what MUST occur if we want to turn the ship away from certain destruction for all of us on the ship. What are we willing to do and when will we do it?

It’s all on us.

2 thoughts on “Those Mean Old White-Haired Republicans!”

    1. Sue: thanks for looking-in and for your thoughts. One thing please DON’T do is get desperate! We’re going to be OK. It obviously is NOT going to be easy, but we’ll get through. There are too many like-minded Americans that daily are moving from where you are today wondering what can be done to taking steps to get in peoples’ faces and get some questions answered. For you, I suggest you start there. Reach out via phone, email, and mail to your elected officials. Make them understand (through constant efforts to reach them) that you’re not willing to relinquish your God-given Constitutional rights re: all things medical. Speak to everyone within your circle and explain in detail your feelings. Point them to REAL sources of true information. Be persistent and be consistent with your messages. We can’t expect others to carry this water. We’ve got to do it ourselves. While YOU’RE spreading the word, I promise you’ll interface with others in the same place as you. Join forces. Biblically we were told “one will put a thousand to flight, two ten thousand.” There’s tremendous strength in numbers.

      Anytime you might reach a point of desperation, don’t hold it in! Find someone with whom to share your heart.

      Thank you for reaching out. If you want to interface with us directly, drop me an email: We can put you in direct contact with professionals who can help.

      The Best is Yet to Come!

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