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Biden Sacrifices Texas To The Open Border Gods

Yes, that seems a bit extreme. But that title is certainly not clickbait. After all, I doubt a single American is not aware of the border crisis that has quickly escalated in the wake of President Biden’s “invitation” for Haitians to “come on over.” And the state of Texas is paying a massive price with very little — and sometimes zero — support from the Biden Administration. In fact, every measure the leaders of Texas implement to protect its citizens, businesses, and infrastructure the Biden DOJ goes to court to fight. It’s as if the President hates Texans and wants to punish the entire state for resisting his blatant suborning of federal immigration laws.

I thought his oath of office contained his promise to “preserve and protect…”

No one can fault the thousands of Haitians that are pouring into Texas for wanting to get here. In fact, no one can fault anyone from any other country who prefers to live in the U.S. over their home country. Regarding Haiti, what were horrible conditions before the most recent earthquake skyrocketed with a second earthquake. The island country was in horrendous condition from an earthquake ten years ago only to have another one rock the nation a few weeks ago.

I was shocked, however, when the major broadcast networks carried full coverage of the southern border crisis centered on Texas now because they’ve virtually ignored it almost entirely until the Haitian angle popped up. When I puzzled through the situation looking for an answer, the only one I could give credence to was that they smell a sensational story that will give THEM clickbait for days to come when it did not do that before.

In case you didn’t know, each of these network television operations bases every decision regarding news content on how it will impact viewers and how will each story draw in viewers. Everyday Central Americans and Mexicans flooding the border and overwhelming Customs agents wasn’t impactful to their audiences sufficient to make significant differences in viewership numbers. But add an earthquake-shaking Haiti in the story with hundreds of thousands of displaced black people and the southern border is certainly newsworthy.

The crush of Haitian migrants at the U.S. border pressured the TV networks to showcase the dramatic wave of illegal migrants who are accepting President Joe Biden’s loose border hospitality.

“All three evening newscasts ran full stories on the border crisis tonight, something that hasn’t happened in months,” media expert Rich Noyes stated on Friday, September 17.

“All portrayed the situation as extremely dire, but only NBC included any suggestion that the Biden administration was responsible,” said Noyes, who is the research director at the Media Research Center.

The TV networks are important because they are watched by roughly 22 million likely swing-voters who usually ignore the intensive political coverage on Fox News and MSNBC. So their display of Biden’s border chaos can push many voters towards vote-shifting “strong disapproval” of Biden’s wage-cutting, rent-spiking migration.

“The images are stunning,” said NBC’s on-scene reporter Morgan Chesky, who then introduced local Mayor Bruno Lozano. “This is setting the nuclear bomb alarm that this is no longer sustainable,” Lozano said in the two-minute segment.

ABC World News Tonight ran a segment lasting almost two minutes, in which their on-scene reporter, Marcus Moore, showed the migrant crowd. Moore also presented Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), who told the viewers, “This is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.”

Anchor Norah O’Donnell told millions of views watching her CBS show, “Well, tonight a humanitarian crisis at the southern border is growing worse by the hour. Thousands of migrants have waded across the Rio Grande, and in just a few days their numbers are grown sixfold — that’s right,” she said in a segment that lasted two minutes:

The sudden glare was a huge reversal from August when the three networks offered just 6 minutes, 28 seconds of immigration coverage as a record number of migrants flooded through Biden’s border.

On Saturday morning, after the networks revealed the border chaos, the administration rolled out a plan to block further migration. The plan promises to fly many of the Haitian migrants back to the countries they were living in before they walked across the U.S. border.

The quick-reaction turnaround on the policy comes long after Biden’s officials allowed at least 800,000 people through the border, legal and illegally, since January. In July and August, for example, 230,000 migrants were invited over the border by Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s pro-migration chief of the Department of Homeland Security.

Since March, the pro-amnesty groups have worked with government officials to minimize the TV networks’ coverage of the massive inflow of migrants through Biden’s borders. Numerous officials and activists have promised voters “a humane, orderly and safe immigration system” — even as they quietly opened numerous doors along the border to admit roughly two million legal and illegal immigrants during 2021.

The huge inflow is unpopular and will deliver about one legal immigrant or illegal migrant for every two Americans born during the year.

The poll-tested message — “a humane, orderly, and safe immigration system” — is intended to muffle possible opposition from the millions of voting Americans who now give Biden’s migration policies a vague “somewhat” level of approval or disapproval.

But the new flood of Haitian migrants into the United States threatens to flip those “somewhat” voters into the “strong disapproval” category.

Voters with “strong” opinions on an issue are far more likely to change how they vote.

Despite the P.R. tactics set by Biden’s allies and deputies, public opinion shifted 17 points against Biden from April to August.

An August 28-30 poll of 1,997 registered voters shows Biden’s immigration record with 55 percent opposition and just 36 percent support. In April, a similar poll showed that Biden had 45 percent opposition and 43 percent support on immigration.

The September data also shows that only eight percent of swing-voting, TV-watching independents still strongly support Biden’s immigration policies. Forty percent of independents strongly oppose those policies, 19 percent “somewhat” oppose his policies, and 14 percent have no opinion.

Many polls show that labor migration is deeply unpopular because it damages ordinary Americans’ career opportunities, cuts their wages, and raises their rents. Migration also curbs their productivity, shrinks their political clout, widens regional wealth gaps, and wrecks their democratic, compromise-promoting civic culture.


I don’t want to marginalize anyone who is seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Devastation as has been experienced in numerous third-world nations is something with which I cannot identify. So it’s impossible (and extremely unfair) for anyone who lives in the U.S. to say they understand — we don’t.

But what IS justified for Americans to feel is the disgust and anger that results from the incessant trampling of federal and state laws by this White House and numerous other government officials! Yet Joe Biden — and especially his Secretary of Homeland Security — daily with their unlawful actions regarding most of U.S. immigration laws.

And they are NOT held accountable.

What is our government going to do about this? Will Congress step up to stop this horror from creating a new crisis for our nation? Geez…we have COVID-19, massive inflation at a level not seen in decades, a thousand or more Americans caught behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, and forget about OUR money — we’ve run out of spending BORROWED MONEY!

And then there’s our southern border.

What is the root of all this? Don’t you think there’s some underlying objective or goal or plan which ties all these egregious Biden actions together?

Let me remind you of one thing we’ve continuously pointed you to regarding watching and listening to politicians. When a politician is screaming about something, waving an arm, sometimes with something in the hand for all to watch, almost always what’s “real” regarding the topic of the screams is really in the other hand out of sight behind the back.

What might Joe be hiding behind his back?

There are so many options from which to choose. Let’s do this: Tomorrow our story will detail one such option that Joe has hinted about throughout most of his career in D.C. — especially while serving as Vice President. And many other Democrats and leftists have promoted the same things.

Just keep watching the news. Watch and listen. Then “CONFIRM” everything!

See you tomorrow.



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